still pressed tbh

imagine season 2 of shadowhunters… simon casually mentions one of clary’s exes and then they say it… “she” clary’s ex was a girl and izzy visibly smirks at the comment… bisexual clary fray is confirmed and Izzy is intrigued!! Then, a few episodes later… Magnus makes a comment about being bisexual… bisexuals everywhere rejoice because finally someone said the forbidden word! Simon responds to magnus’ comment and says “same” as he looks at raphael… bisexual simon lewis is confirmed and bisexuals can finally rest… 

It's not me or the trip, it's you, boo.

As we all know with trips, experiences are shaped not only by the country, but also the company you keep. 

The Dominican Republic, home of my people, is beautiful, fulled with friendly and talkative (very talkative, too much so for this introvert, sorry), rich with history, and has many things to see and do. Unfortunately, I can only sum up my 7 day stay as, “boring as fuck.” Mind you, I was supposed to be in the DR for 18 days. That being said, that’s not the country’s fault – that belonged to the people I stayed with. You have someone absolutely new to this country, who has wanted to visit since the day she was born, and you decide to keep her in the house all day? From Wednesday night to Sunday (when I *finally* got to do something outside of sitting around doing nothing or sitting around listening to people talk), we did nothing. I’m new here, I’m looking at you to pave the way for things to see and do, so why am I sitting around twiddling my thumbs and grumbling under my breath so that I don’t ~offend~ you? 

Yes, I’m Dominican, but I’m American, too, and it was my first time visiting the country, ever. There is nothing wrong with indulging in touristy shit like visiting the Zona Colonial, Boca Chica, going to the Malecon on a Saturday night (who gives a shit about how crowded it is and how you’re over it, it’s not about you – it’s about showing your company a good time!), going to as many museums as possible, visiting the markerts, and stuttering in my non-existent Spanish. At the end of the day, the average tourist will never have my same experience because:

1. I did not stay in hotels – I stayed in the houses that my family owns.  

2. Um, it’s my culture. I have direct ties to this country. My family is from San Pedro, I stayed in the neighborhood that my family grew up in – what non-Dominican tourist can say that?

So, why were you thinking only about yourself, dear cousin no.1? It’s not like I can voice my true opinions to my family because they’re so damn sensitive, but shit, I should not be waking up in the morning and asking, “So…what are we doing today? Anything planned?” because I’m a guest. You should be telling me when I come down the stairs, “So, it’s pretty hot right now, but in a couple of hours we’re gonna go eat and then walk around the Malecon/shopping districts/etc”. I mean, damn. Let’s do something!

So, sorry folks. Not much to write about here that’s good. At the same time, I’d like to say thank you to cousin no.2 who actually said, bluntly, in ear shot of cousin no.1 when my grandma told him I wanted to leave, “So, you’re bored, huh?” With him, there was life in the house (thanks to the 3 boys running around), I felt like I could walk around and eat as I pleased, talk to him honestly, and since he got bored often, we would leave the house just because. He made the last three days worthwhile. 

The end.

Next time I go, I’m going with my mom.