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I AM SOBBING OVER THIS “these legos are chic. they’re simple but i love them. pls love them too” my baby ;; who gives all of his love to absolutely everything, no matter how small. especially if it’s small and doesn’t get enough attention. especially if every one else thinks it’s unimportant. who praises those who don’t hear enough of it. who rewards everything that others succeed and always remembers to pat himself on the back and cheer himself on. this actual baby whom i love with all my heart ;^;

“it didn’t go as i planned but i put my heart into it pls forgive me” i’m !! i am literally crying over legos here pls praise this baby his lego clock is a masterpiece

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Yes jins thighs. Those rip jeans at the airport killed me. Also sadness he probably is quiet dom but I want more sub jin in my life haaaaaaa

oh my god he would let you be dominant too. because oh my god nothing turns me on more than the idea of a sub Jin. Panting underneath you as you hover over his rock hard length that you've purposefully neglected for the past hour. Him whispering, almost whimpering a plea to get you to move. to touch him. to do anything, because even tho you've barely graced his length, the anticipation and build up is too much and needs his now painfully hard length inside of you now. But even when you sink down on him, his head thrown back in pleasure and pain at the sudden movement, its bittersweet because he knows he’s not allowed to cum until you do too. So he desperately clings to the sheets to hold himself back, moving a hand up to your clit to get you there faster because he cant hold back any longer. And when he finally feels the pulsing of your walls around him and his name leaving your lips in a moan, he releases inside of you with a deep and satisfied moan.

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(and you bet your ass I’d make him wear that choker while I ride him, seeing his adams apple bob underneath it as he swallows to keep himself from cumming all over me before he’s told) 

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I find it interesting that you are getting more praise for speaking out against racism in the Dragon Age Fandom then an actual POC. It shows where the DA fandom is at right now I think.

tbh ur right, the da fandom is racist af & thats not surprising to anyone at this point i dont think

if i am getting more praise then im rly sorry about that; its particularly bad if one message is more praise than actual poc get & that really sucks. i obviously appreciate any support i get bc i do get hate for what i say, so im grateful for ppl who arent racist douchebags lmao.

but as u said, it’s fucked up if i, a white person, get praised just for doing what tbh every white person should do. its my responsibility to educate ppl & call out racism when i see it & while, as i said, i appreciate support, i don’t expect praise, or even want it. im doing the bare minimum here, im basically just meeting the standards for ‘not an actual piece of garbage’ (hopefully) so ur absolutely right that to get praise for that is definitely off.

idk what to do to fix this, bc obviously im not gonna stop talking abt this stuff. but @my followers: ur support means a lot to me, u just being here & not unfollowing the moment i mention this stuff means a lot to me, thank u for ur kind words but pls recognise that im literally doing the bare minimum & seeing me as praiseworthy for that is all kinds of messed up