still practicing my coloring

‘Reflecting’ on an infinite universe.

I can imagine Pigde’s adventure starting to get to her. The more space she explores, the more her universe expands, and the more places where her family isn’t. A game with chances of a thousand-to-one becomes billions-to-one, and she keep losing. The amount of  space between her an her family just keeps getting bigger.

Also the transparent looks good.


(please don’t mind the bg (or lack thereof) i was lazy) (but at least it’s transparent so here u have a transparent killua leaning on your blog)

Day 1 - Favorite Character

November and #ROTGmonth is almost over, but I’m gonna pretend it’s not because I was sick for more than 2 ½ weeks and unable to properly draw stuff.. 
First drawing I’ve done & colored (and actually finished) in ages– 

When I first saw the trailer and concept art to Zootopia, the first thing that popped into my head was Blacksad, so I made a fun little doodle of these two and decided I’d finish it up before I go see the movie! 

I’m the princemarxfucker of Lon’qu-thirsters. Make no mistake. I will fight anyone who thinks of Lon’qu as anything less than thE BEST husband I will fight you regardless because I get embarrassingly jealous over Lon’qu  I   w i l l  f i g h t