still peeing my pants

how I peed over a random guy in the bus

Okay so I’m a girl, I was in one of them buses with toilets in them, this was a two hour trip to a different city, my whole class was there. I needed to pee and proceeded to go to the toilet but since I have claustrophobia I hate using the lock thingys to close any toilet. I just shut them close. Anyway I was there peeing AND the fucking bus took a curve. It was a very curvy curve too, then it hit a bump and the fucking turbulence expulsed me, I hit the door, it opened and I fell on top of a guy who was sitting next to the toilet, I was still in the middle of my pee stream, pants down and I peed on him, the poor unaware dude. I went back to the toilet and cried all the way to the city, I wouldn’t come out, I actually used the safety lock this time so no one would come see me and that’s how I became ‘Golden shower’