still peeing my pants

"Answer Honestly!" A fluffy Ricky Horror Imagine :)

A friend of mine requested for a cute and fluffy Ricky Horror imagine, so I shall do it. Here it is:

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how I peed over a random guy in the bus

Okay so I’m a girl, I was in one of them buses with toilets in them, this was a two hour trip to a different city, my whole class was there. I needed to pee and proceeded to go to the toilet but since I have claustrophobia I hate using the lock thingys to close any toilet. I just shut them close. Anyway I was there peeing AND the fucking bus took a curve. It was a very curvy curve too, then it hit a bump and the fucking turbulence expulsed me, I hit the door, it opened and I fell on top of a guy who was sitting next to the toilet, I was still in the middle of my pee stream, pants down and I peed on him, the poor unaware dude. I went back to the toilet and cried all the way to the city, I wouldn’t come out, I actually used the safety lock this time so no one would come see me and that’s how I became ‘Golden shower’

let me tell you something about Wendy Marvell

So little Wendy Marvell went from this

to this 

and if you still think she is useless, remember she can heal people

she can call spirits of dead Dragons

she can fight like a boss

like wow how is so much magic coming from such a small thing

she is able to stand for her guild, for her friends eventhough she is like 12 (I was probably still peeing my pants at that age)

and she is fucking amazingly adorably cuuuuute don’t tell me otherwise

and now, did I tell you about how she activated Dragon Force by.. erm, her own will? Like even Natsu can’t do that! Dragon Force is a freaking badass level strong ass magic type! 

Now, I’m so proud of Wendy. She no longer is the shy, clumsy child she used to be. She is a Fairy Tail Magician, a fighter, a true Dragon Slayer and if you still think she is useless, please go far away from me or I’ll “Sky dragon” punch you in the face.