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zoella: Whenever there is a photobooth I will want to use it! I have so many of these with @pointlessblog from the past 4 years I could make my own giant collage but I still love them & continue to grow our collection! 💗There was a third strip of photos which was the “derp” face selection, which got stuck in the machine so hopefully it didn’t pop out hours later for someone else to see it 😂

Adrianne Palicki Wants a ‘Friday Night Lights’ Spin-Off Centered on Tyra and Tim!

Step aside, Coach Taylor – It’s time for Coach Riggins to take the field!

We recently sat down with Friday Night Lights alum Adrianne Palicki, and the 33-year-old actress confessed that she’s got the perfect spinoff plan in mind for the beloved NBC football drama.

“I think it would be great to restart the show, but instead of you know, Tami Taylor and Coach Taylor, [Tyra and Tim] are the new Tami and Coach,” she spilled to ET’s Katie Krause during a live Facebook interview last week.

Be still our Panther-loving hearts – that sounds amazing!

Palicki continued, “It’s gonna be a little more crazy because he’s still gonna be Tim Riggins and I’m still gonna be Tyra Collette.” The brunette beauty added that the high school sweethearts would be married by now with “too many kids,” and they both would’ve followed in the career footsteps of the Taylor family.

“I’m a counselor, he’s a football coach, he’s still a little bit of an alcoholic,” she described. “That tension, that dynamic – wouldn’t that be an interesting story?”

So what’s it going to take to make this Dillion dream into a reality? “Call [Friday Night Lights producer] Pete Berg and [tell him], 'Yes, this is what we’re doing!’”

You can watch the video here:

Grace and truth came through Jesus Christ. – John 1:17

Guard your heart, but yet still, with grace and truth.

Jesus knew the Old Testament. He knew The Law. He knew what was written. He knew the truth. Why? Because He was the truth (John 14:6). And He was also grace.

When Jesus walked this earth He had a way of speaking to people that was both grace and truth. He didn’t hold back from talking about sin or calling out what was wrong…but He didn’t throw stones either. He didn’t turn his back on the unclean, or the tax collectors, or even the people that wanted Him dead…He did the opposite. Even to the death of the cross. He didn’t fight against it. He didn’t call on angels to save Him from the crucifixion. Instead, he bore the weight of a world that was filled with sin even though He had never even sinned himself.

That’s grace and truth. And this is our example even when it comes to the matters of our broken hearts. Even when it comes the people that have hurt us. Even when it comes this world that constantly seems to be challenging a life of righteousness everyday. Even when it comes to people who talk about us behind our backs. Even those that betrays us. Jesus didn’t put up walls to block himself for those that wronged them. He stretched out His arms and still loved them, giving the very worst of sinners access to the Heavenly Father.

So who are we to keep putting up walls? I know, it’s hard. There are some reading this who have endured some unbelievably difficult situations. Some of you had your innocence taken away. Some of you were bullied so much to the point that you thought you’d never be able to trust a friend again. Some of you have had your heart so broken that you’re uncertain if you’re even capable of loving ever again.

Whatever it is, we don’t have to downplay what we’ve gone through or what others have done to us. But we can pray and ask the Lord to heal our hearts and to help us in moving on His way. We can pray and ask the Lord to help us to be more like Jesus everyday…less walls, more love. Continuing to guard our hearts, yet still, with grace and truth. -

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I’m not putting a period on our little story instead I’ll just replace it with a colon. We may have ended but I believe our love will still continue. Maybe not this day but sooner. Let’s see.

I still have a lot to tell you

Your stories unheard

Our conversation is not over yet

There are places we still haven’t visited

A wishlist still remains

Innumerous songs we need to sway to

Our mixtape unfinished. 

Bring me a lifetime, the next time you visit

We have things we need to do. 

You and I need to make up for lost time 

Pick up from where we left.

Get surprised by how our love is still unchanged 

Continuing our journey 

A whole lifetime of memories to create.

-K.// (Unfinished.)

Get Back

You were that ray of sunshine, I was glad to call you mine. You gave light to my dark nights even though you’re no knight.

You were a simple guy who plays the piano; every time you hit the keys, my heart goes from andante to allegro. It was real nice to have you.

I got tired of your childishness not realizing it was your own kind of sweetness. I broke your heart, will I be able to put back every part?

Will I ever see you smile again to me? Because I regret letting you go, honestly. You were the song that filled me, now I feel so empty.

Will I ever hear you sing to me again? Or shall we call it an end? I want to get you back, can we still continue our story of love?

I Love You, But...

Joe’s POV

I sit on the end of the bed, a letter held loosely in my hands, staring so long at the words that they’ve blurred together.


That was the first word I noticed, and after quickly skimming the rest, I realized what it was, and it broke my heart.

She had told me she was rejected. That she would have to go somewhere around here.
Why did she lie? Is all I can think, as my eyes skim the words once again.

I look up as I hear the front door opening and closing, with one last glance down at the letter, I fold it up and stuff it into my back pocket as I walk out to meet her, a smile placed on my face.

“Hey babe!” I greet her, and she looks up from the stack of mail in her hand, a smile gracing those lips I had kissed countless times.

“Hi.” Stepping forward, she kisses me quickly, then carries on to the kitchen, still shuffling through the envelopes. “How was your day? Did you get that video edited?”

“Yup. Got half of another one done too, and was planning on another video I may film tonight, or might wait until tomorrow.” The letter felt like it was burning a hole into my pocket. “Anything good in there?” I nod at the pile of letters she had just placed on the counter.

“Unless you count bills as anything good, then no.” Shaking her head, she goes to grab a glass of water, my eyes following her movements.

“No word from the university yet then?” Because I’m watching her, I notice the brief moment when her shoulders tense up, before it disappears and she turns around to look at me.

“No, but like I said, its probably just a rejection letter coming. They would have sent an acceptance letter by now.” I’m too aware of that exact letter in my back pocket right now, and my mind tries to place the emotion I sense in her voice. Guilt? Hard to tell.
“What do you want for dinner?” She changes the topic, turning to open the fridge and look inside, but I’m not listening. Instead my mind is racing at the decision I’ve made.

I have to. It’s the only way.

“Y/N.” I start, and she looks over her shoulder, but there must have been something showing in my face, because she closes the fridge again and faces me fully.

“Joe.” She replies, and silence falls over the kitchen as my eyes search her face.
Just tell me, please. We can make it work. I silently plea, hoping that she might come clean suddenly. A few minutes pass, and all she does is raise an eyebrow.

I let out a sigh, running my hand through my hair, before making the final decision in my head.

“I love you.” I start, staring into her Y/E/C eyes. “And because I love you…” I take a shaky breath before saying the final words: “I have to leave you.”

Her sharp intake of breath, the shocked look on her face, the tears I can see filling her eyes, it all feels like a punch in the gut to me.

“W-what?” She manages to get out, and I flinch at the emotion in that one word. Instead of saying anything else though, I pull the acceptance letter from my back pocket and place it on the counter, the words staring back at her.

I can see her eyes scanning it, they widen ever so slightly as she realizes what it is, what I found in our room. Her secret.

“Joe…I can explain.” But I shake my head. I’m not mad. I can’t be. It is a great opportunity, I’m more mad at myself because I know I’m the reason she didn’t tell me.

“You don’t have to. But I know you won’t go, because of me.” She opens her mouth to try and explain, but I beat her. “No, please. I love you, so much, but you can’t not go because of us.” I gesture between us, and she bites her lip as she listens. “We both know long distance won’t work, it’s exactly why you never told me in the first place. But I don’t blame you.” I walk around the counter, closer to her. “Y/N, I love you, and will continue to love you while you are away at school. And when you come back from America, with your degree, then we will see where each other is at. And when we realize we both still love each other, we can continue our lives together. But this is one thing that we can’t do together, as much as I would love to.”

As the tears began to fall from her eyes, I pulled her into a hug, breathing in her scent.

“I’m sorry, Joe. I’m so sorry.”
“Don’t be, love. I am so proud of you for getting into that school.”

We stood in the kitchen together, clinging to each other as tears fell from both her eyes, unsure of what our future held.

Being human is beautifully painful. I have a few friends who have had a parent pass recently. My heart aches for them as I too have lost those I love. Changes such as this are difficult even when our loved one may be suffering with pain. It doesn’t matter that if I believe our energy continues on… I still miss the one I love.

As we navigate through this experience called Life, we get to mourn with those who mourn and give comfort to those who need comfort. Each blessed because of the experience. As I look at my father, I know that one day, it will be me that needs the comfort.

What a beautiful experience.

I don’t have much to contribute for the 50th. I’m not exactly good at art and I’m writing way too many things at the moment to start writing a fan fiction. What I can contribute is this; I am so thankful to have found myself within this community. I am so thankful to have found people that understand and care about me and relate to how much I love this goddamn franchise. I started watching Star Trek when I was 11. Before then I didn’t have friends, I didn’t have a good life. I was moving to a different state. And that’s when I heard about this ‘Star Trek’ at a convention. I went home and started watching it and thus I grew up on this show, these characters, fell in love with every aspect of it. If people made fun of me for it, I didn’t care. I had found something that I could connect to deeply. And then the new movies were coming out, and waves of nostalgia hit me like a brick. There is just so much the fanbase has done over the years. The Star Trek franchise is alive because of us. Because we still love and will continue to love our heroes. The show that made us believe in humanity, believe in peace, believe in diversity and acceptance of sexuality. It made us realize a woman could be so much more than someone who takes orders. And it shows a world without hate and prejudice. Not everyone has to like Star Trek, but you can’t deny the impact it’s had on so many lives, whether they are new trekkies, or whether they were watching from the day it aired. I’d like to thank every single one of you for showing your love for this beautiful creation. Thank you Gene Roddenberry for giving us a dream of the future. And honestly just thank Star Trek for still running strong after 50 years. I love you so much and you got me through so many rough patches. I know that sounds cheesy but it’s true. Star Trek to me is so much more than a show. Happy 50th Star Trek

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This just made me more convinced that the sterek fandom really is a very powerful one! <3 (Nevermind the fact that our otp is not canon, we still love them) 

Let’s continue to support sterek AND TEENWOLF through and through ;) 

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I need someone who objectively tell me that this has happened before, that other groups have been so played so trampled as Super Junior in awards and respect because i just entered to kpop this year and i can't with all this bulls#it and unfairness towards sj and their hardwork (and elf's too tbh) xX

yes. it happened before. GDA 2010. for fck sake we all know that it was SMent who chose snsd to be the winner over SJ. All their albums that they released that year was counted on their total sales, while there was SJ who only got one album in that year and only versions a and c sales were only counted……..  

and now it happened again. 

ELF’s are not angry because the reason “We won the voting, but oppars don’t get awards?!?!?!”. We are not illiterate people. We read that it’s only 20% of the total scores. 

We know MAMA is famous for ‘no attendance. no award.’ >_> BUT.

Why do you think SJ didn’t attend MAMA? When they’ve been saying they want to come…. there was an incident on SS6 Hongkong when Kangin asked ELFs to support them on MAMA (here. at 5:55 part: kangin: are we going to mama? teuk: yes we are. kangin: you’re going to support us right? ) see. they actually did think they would be going. 

Actually, they were not really busy yesterday for them to not attend. Kyu had fansigning event, Wook had radio and Hee ‘apparently’ had filming sched and also there was Siwon just having his lunch on a hotel in Hongkong lolol The point is, if they had plans for SJ to come, they should had cancelled their schedule for that day long before. Which they actually did not because they didn’t have plans at all. And also other members beside KyuWookHeeSiwon, didn’t have schedule yesterday, they were available to come to get their awards. like Hyoyeon and Seohyun at last year’s mama….. they came to be the representative of their group. SO WHY CAN’T SJ??? because, again, they chose their other artist over SJ. 

DO YOU ACTUALLY THINK IF SJ COME, THE SAME ARTIST WILL ALSO BE THE WINNER??? you are just all lucky that this fcking company is in favor of you. 

…album of the year. like srsly. 50% of the total score is record sales….? the source is GAON???!

well look here.

(the sales on Oct. and what more this December? when This is Love and MAMACITA are still continue charting..) btw our ver. b hasn’t yet included in that sales… 

//so there’s no reason for you to be proud tbh

This has been in my heart since New Year’s eve: It’s not about the year. It’s about God’s continuing faithfulness. I’ve been reading a lot of posts about getting new planners for 2014; I never get planners like that for myself. The leaves of my journal aren’t yet filled, and the 2014 is already here. There is no ‘new beginning,’ I guess, for this part of my life.

As I wrote on my journal in the first few minutes of January 1, there was a phrase that struck me: continuing faithfulness. Then God told me, “It’s not about the year it is, beloved. I’m still faithful and true. I have not changed.”

I’m glad that it’s the new year, yes. I’m glad that we are going to hear new 'prophecies’ about 2014, but whatever they are, God is still the same. God’s way of dealing with us and providing for our lives never increases or decreases depending on what year it is. He’s still as great as ever. He’s still as loving as ever.

So if we’re afraid that this year may not be as great as last year, or it may be something bad, I hope that we won’t be. We don’t have to be. God’s still great, He’s still loving. Our adventure with Him continues. His love and grace and intimacy with us still stands.

You know why each year seems to be different? It’s because we are changing. It’s us who are being transformed as we see more and more of Jesus and experience more and more of Him. The opening of 2014 is just the opening of more opportunities to experience Jesus more. And it’s going to be great!

"It hurts to love someone when

we can’t tell them what we really feel because sometimes we get hurt without them knowing. We get jealous even if we have no right to feel that way. We want their time even if we are not in the position to demand for it. Although our hearts are breaking in silence, we still continue to love them because somehow in this hurtful love there is still hope of having simple moments with them even if it means being just a friend.“

I’m still hoping for us to happen. I’m still hoping that one day we’ll bump into each other and at that time, it will be the continuation of our love story. I’m still expecting that we’ll end up together and that you’re the one for me. It’s still you. It will always be you. Even if we hurt each other. Even if we ruined the happily ever after that never had a once upon a time. I still find myself imagining my happily ever after with you. And up to this day, I still see myself not falling in love with anyone else but you. You did not hurt me, i hurt myself and i won’t blame you because of this pain of not being with you. We were almost there but i wonder what happened. It was a fairy tale that never happened. A fairy that i will soon tell my daughter. An ending without a happily ever after because of not having a once upon a time. Such a beautiful love story but sounds so heartbreaking.

565 words for captainswanapproved:

“For my prompt I would like Killian flirting with Emma, despite the fact that they are running from the giant snow monster. :)”

“Frozen?” Emma couldn’t believe what Leroy was telling her, “It’s only been 10 hours since our last crisis!”

 “Sorry, sister.” the former (current?) dwarf shrugged, “Nothing attracts weird like Doc’s Miata, though, and that sucker is COVERED in ice right now.”

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[King of masked singer]  ‘Magic castle’* VS ‘failure’ Round 1 - Still Our Love Continues

* Yesung’s nickname is 마법의성 and it means Magic Sung (Magic Castle). He kept the 'Sung’ from his name (©)

I’m back a day early, yay!! I had a LOT of fun with the bears and the mountain lions and the mosquitoes, but I’m glad to be back!

Here’s the gist I’m getting about what I’ve missed:

  • Bellarke Shit™ (iconic, really.)
  • Bob apparently bailed on Comic Con??? This saddens me, but tbh I don’t blame him one tiny bit. This fandom is out of control.
  • JRoth emphasized that Clarke is BISEXUAL and will MOVE ON to another romance eventually. (As if this wasn’t obvious, but SOME people were saying otherwise, so yay?) Also, it seems like he’s thinking to end it in Season 5? Can anyone confirm? If so, I expect bellarke angst in s4, and a final resolution for them in s5.
  • lol Eliza who?
  • (in all seriousness, there’s no need to send her hate, guys. She could be a little more respectful when it comes to talking to fans, but just… w/e at this point. She has her opinions, and we have ours. I still love, and will continue to love bellarke. ET has no say in where the writing goes. Her job is to simply act it out. DO NOT send her nasty messages. After that slip-up, she’s probably already been told by the creators/PRs to watch what she says when it comes to fans. She KNOWS. Will she do it again? Maybe. But that doesn’t mean we have to jump up her ass any time she says something we don’t like.)
  • and LOL @ the writers saying “she said ship,” immediately trying to do damage control. I AM CRYING!! XD XD that was QUITE the screw-up there, babe. Even the writers of your show are trying to cover for you.
  • That sizzle reel was BELLARKE AF. They tried not to make it obvious, but COME ON. A voice-over talking about hope and freedom while SHOWING the Bellarke hug from s3????? Dude. Transparent.
  • and apparently Clarke doesn’t want to tell anyone about the reactors, but her FIRST instinct is to trust Bellamy with that info? Yeah… That doesn’t mean ANYTHING at all. Nope. Not at all. Nothing to see there.

Overall, I know some of you guys had a rough weekend. Just remember, ET said herself that she doesn’t ask JRoth to change anything about her character or the story to suit her opinions/needs. And she said MANY times that she wished JRoth would tell her what the heck was going on in s4, which shows that at the time of her comment, she hadn’t seen ANYTHING about s4. She just recently read episode ONE. And that’s all so far. She is ONLY talking about her opinions, and those opinions CHANGE based on what she reads in the script, and that’s OK. (Remember when FINN was the “love of her life” and she “couldn’t see Clarke forgiving Le.xa” before she read the s3 script?? Because I do! lol) I have a feeling she’ll change her tune once the CL debacle blows over and they start building even more tension between bellarke.

BELIEVE IN BELLARKE, GUYS! It’s right there in the text. Social media is a game of opinions and hype. That’s all. Watch the show. See where it takes us.