still one of the greatest games online


So many things happened at MAGFest. Basically Thysto and I stalked the Game Grumps to give them the truffles we made for them, Magic-doogies was MIA with pokemon battles, poor Parchedbat got sick and had to leave early, and Thysto had a beautiful heart to heart conversation with Dan. On the last night of MAGFest we finally got the chance to get autographs from the Game Grumps. I made a small picture for them to sign and they were very impressed, especially Egoraptor. Egoraptor himself asked for my Tumblr/Deviantart username, AND TO THIS DAY MY BRAIN IS STILL FRIED FROM THAT MOMENT. Overall the Game Grumps were really sweet guys, and Dan so flirtatious (why Dan, why). It was definitely the greatest two days of my life. 

So here are the autographed pictures! The first one is the original, the one below is the finished piece. I was lucky enough to show the Grumps the photoshopped version, and they liked it! Especially Ross. I know I refuse to post fan art online, but this is an exception, Ross really wants it. I fulfilled my promise Ross! Now enjoy it!

As for Suzy, she didn’t sign any autographs during Egoraptor’s signing. Though I did say hi to her!

basically a lot of shitty nerd culture in the USA is actually identical to the shitty mainstream culture they pretend they are a separated from or even make talk of rejecting - at a time when “geek” or “nerd” hobbies are more mainstream and popular than ever before, video games becoming one of the greatest money makers world wide - and respond to women, anyone who’s not white, LGBT people, and so on and so forth, with the exact same vitriol that the mainstream culture they imagine themselves cleaved away from do

some dude who’s still angry and sad about being made fun of for knowing a lot about breath of fire in middle school or getting picked last for kickball furiously stomps their feet online because the new ghost rider is hispanic or some shit

some dude who’s still all mad about “jocks” throws up a shitstorm because women are infecting his precious hobby