still one of my favourite pilots ever

“we had a lot of conversations with a lot of people who like listening to music or using music to get through tough times. if anything, I think josh and i learned… everyone’s the same, everyone feels the same issues. so it’s kind of a way of getting on the same level as these people and telling them, in a sense, we understand what you’re going through.” -Tyler Joseph

so let me explain why I got this tattooed on me (no one ever asks why so I’m just gonna write it here so people can choose to ignore my story if they want to)—
This is one of my most meaningful tattoos, at least to me. When I was in 7th grade I began cutting myself in hopes that I would kill myself. Later that year I discovered Pandora, which introduced me to a band called Mayday Parade. I began to discover artist after artist that wrote music that actually described how I felt on a day to day basis. I discovered that I wasn’t alone in hating myself, feeling constantly miserable, and not wanting to go on in life.
music became my life. when I had no friends, I could connect to my music. after having a bad day, music was always there for me. music gave me hope that things would get better. music let me lean on it the way I had never leaned on another person. while I was suffering in silence, music knew what was happening and what I was going through. music didn’t judge me. music lifted me up in a way no other person has ever been able to do.
so in 2013 when I discovered twenty one pilots I knew they understood me. their music describes my suffering in such a way that it gives me more hope for the future and it gives me hope that even though I’m broken, I can still be like every other normal person. they quickly became my favourite band.
so I got their logo as a window looking onto a sunrise because as they say in truce, “the sun will rise and we will try again.” around the outside of the circle are the lyrics from lane boy, “if it wasn’t for this music I don’t know how I would have fought this.” because if it wasn’t for music, I would have forever thought I was alone. I never would have understood that this perpetual feeling that lingers in my mind occurs in others minds. and I never would have known that it’s not my fault for being broken, it’s just my brain chemistry.


Well, here’s the thing. I wanted to go to Twenty One Pilots’ concert bc it’s been my favourite band since 3 years ago and when blurryface came out i was like the happiest girl ever (still i am). But as i supposed they didn’t come to Barcelona….. but they were going to Paris omg. I convinced my parents to go and i got everything but i couldn’t buy the tickets from here. I literally moved the whole earth to search for the tickets, on the internet, going to the capital city (Barcelona) but nothing. Finally i talked to blanca-sometimes and she helped me bc she knows the thing and i could find the tickets online. But there are not aviable anymore bc paris is sold out and i don’t have tickets. If you’re still reading this and only if you want can you please reblog it? If you know someone who sell a ticket for twenty one pilots in Paris in November tell me pleaaasee. You can send an email to or tell me in my ask :) So much thanks for helping me great person

My mini haul for going back to uni!! I still need to get folders, post its and some highlighters though!

- a4 europa notemakers // these are my favourite notebooks ever! the paper is so so smooth and such good quality. they’re usually £4 in our student shop but i managed to get 10 for £22 on ebay! i use one for each subject (organic, inorganic, physical and materials/analytical) and then one for tutorial work, plus a matching coloured folder for the notes provided in lectures.
- a red, a green and a black pilot g2 // i loooooove these
pens! i use 0.5mm because my writing is so tiny that it’s difficult to read using 0.7 haha!
- ‘quit slackin and make shit happen’ weekly planner // i bought this from etsy seller ninjandninj. the layout is perfect for me. there’s a full month view and then a week to a page. i like to have everything written down for my day but if i assign everything to an hour slot like in a daily planner it stresses me out! also came with a cute blue ninjandninj pencil ☺️
- sticky page tabs // again these were from etsy, they were too cute i couldn’t resist!