still one of my favourite pics

jungkook thigh appreciation thread

like i am a slut for jungkook’s thighs 

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dAMN hE tHICc Af

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jungkook in white pants daddy choke me pls 

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not a thigh pic bUt OfFicER jEon pLeaSE SpaNK mE

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this is changing into a sexy jungkook thread not that i’m complaining ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) 

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mother i have sinned 

i’m going to show y’all one of my favourites jungkook gifs prepare your panties

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he looks so manly shoot me

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Why does even still not have an Instagram 😩 like can you imagine what it would be like

Plssss right now he would keep posting aesthetic pictures of the new flat,the view,the neighbourhood but also of isak doing homework (withthe caption “nerd.💚”) and unboxing and u can be sure he would’ve posted a pic of isak defrosting the freezer with a damn spatula like “ i don’t think this is what that’s for” with one of the tongue emojis,, also pictures of their feet tangled together while lying on the bed.. pictures of isak in the window in the early morning (“my favourite view (him)”) and let’s not forget about the cute selfies where its either him kissing isaks cheek or where isak is hiding his face but even is grinning at the camera,…..


So I’ve had a few questions in the past asking how I colour my pictures and I’ve FINALLY got my ass into gear to create this post showing how. I’m pretty sure those with better equipment and more experience with digital may well cringe at my technique, but I sadly have to make do with what I’ve got and, at the very least, it gets the job done.

The example I’m using for this is my Phantom of the Opera Batjokes pic which can be seen properly here

1. So the program I use is GIMP. If you’ve not heard of it, it’s free art software that works like a basic version of programs such as Photoshop and can be downloaded online to pretty much any computer.

Once shaded, the drawing is scanned and opened up in GIMP. Now for this picture there is a lot of black and it looks messy as Hell and once upon a time I would’ve coloured all the black in with pencil but, to be honest, its just easier to colour the black in digitally and it saves my poor little 4B pencils from having to work quite so hard.

2. I'm very particular with the order of how I draw my pictures and colouring is no different. The first thing I colour is always the skin and it’s literally a case of putting the opacity level down pretty low and then just colouring over the section. It’s basic but it works :D

If I want a picture to be particularly vibrant I’ll adjust the opacity but generally I stick with keeping it quite low so the detail of the shading underneath isn’t lost.

3. Then it’s on to the Batsuit, which is usually coloured a pretty blue, because it fits in with the comics pretty well and I just like the way it looks, really. Of course my main go to reference for the suit is from The Dark Knight because I just frikkin love that Batsuit! Although, for this picture I’ve made the nose of the cowl more pointy because I thought it would fit in with the period feel more.

4. Now for Joker, it’s actually kinda hard to see any colour on there, but if you look carefully between this pic and the previous one you’ll see a difference:

The reason I use the turquoise for his skin is because with everything else coloured in, his skin kinda looks dull and lifeless if left untouched. But the hint of colour gives it a nice almost metallic effect that I really like. Of course the opacity is extremely low, because anything more would leave him looking like a Smurf and I think even J would struggle to pull off that look!

5. Now it’s on to the hair and eyebrows for J. I don’t have a set green I use, it differs depending on the kind of J I’m using and pretty much how I feel at the time. I do often go more towards the bluish hint with the greens though, cos dat purdy.

With the hair it’s usually one layer of colour, before highlighting a few strands just to make them stand out more. I don't often make the eyebrows as vibrant as the hair because it’s a bit much for the face otherwise.

6. And now one of my favourite bits to do! J has messy make up in this pic (which I always enjoy!) and instead of the normal paintbrush tool I use for everything else, I go for the airbrush one, just to make the smudged lipstick more realistic and to keep the edges soft.

For his eyes, they’re green but I add yellow highlights to make the green seem more acidic, cos J’s eyes ain’t just any ol’ green!

7. And then it’s colouring in J’s suit and, yeah, he may be the Phantom, but he still likes purple! It’s exactly the same process as the rest, just slapping the colour over the top.

8. So, with all the colouring done, it’s time to adjust the contrast and shading. I use the burn tool for that and just generally go over the entire picture two or three times until I think it looks right.

9. And then I fill in all the black sections…

10. …before colouring in the background and then using the burn tool again just to go over any parts that I think need a little extra adjustment, mainly around the eyes and the hair, just picking up the shadows that need to be a little bit darker.

11. Aaaaaaand we finally get to this! The finished product!

I’m just gonna take a moment to squee over how happy I am with the mask! I was worried at first, but after shading it looks ok woohoo! 

So I hope that was interesting and now you finally know all my arty secrets! (They’re absolutely not all that secret and pretty simple and basic but *shrugs*). If there is anything else you wanna know feel free to ask and as always thank you, thank you, thank you for all the support and kindness, it means the world to me. Y'all gorgeous!!!!


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favorite face accessories (like freckles and band-aids if that makes sense lmao)

i’m begging you right now PLEASE CLICK FOR THE BIGGER VERSION HERE otherwise you’re gonna have to squint real hard to see this omg

  1. mac-cosimetics’ cupids bow highlight - makes a small yet big diff
  2. simreaper’s apricot freckles
  3. tamo-sim’s eye bag set - for your sleepy sims plus this one i used in the pic reminds me of korean aegyo sal
  4. imadako’s face mask (cheek)
  5. servobride’s bandaid - the first few times i saw this i was like “nah i don’t need this” fast forward this is now one of my favourite pieces of cc i will NEVER part with this

other lists I’ve done can be found here, I think I’ve covered the bulk of everything I could possibly do, if there’s still one not there that you want - go ahead and hit me up :’-)

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Heyyyy luv your blog! I finally found the one who prefers top!draco and bottom!harry just like me lol. YESSS I ABSOLUTELY AGREE WITH YOU THAT HARRY WOULD BE A PERFECT BOTTOM AND DRACO WOULD BE A PERFECT TOP :) ummm can u suggest me any drarry fics in which Draco is being such a prick and hurts harry's feeling. thanks~

hello!!! yayyyyyy hehehe top!draco & bottom!harry ftw!! for those of you who don’t know, i do still love all sorts of drarry fanfics but seriously there are just way TOO MANY bottom!draco fics like uh huh how can that hot piece of ass (aka Draco) be dominated?! i just wish there were more fics of top!draco. let me know if you’re up for top!draco fics :D 

anyways~ here are some of my favourite pics where draco is a prick:

Misunderstanding - they both are kinda being a prick

Worth It (Non Magical Setting) - where draco was a prick but he didn’t really have a choice

Once A Fool - draco is a giant prick

The One Where Ron & Hermione Find Out

Desperation - Urgh feels

Another Misunderstanding (Not a continuation from the previous one and might have a little Mpreg)

And I Know The Spark - Quite a dark fic but love it so much (not so much being a prick but Draco kinda doesn’t have a choice)

Touchstone - damn feels

(The Piece) I Was Missing All Along

Packing The Flat - So much feels

My Own Worst Enemy - they’re both giant pricks

enjoy reading! x


Wrap Up Challenge: Day 4 - Top 10 off-ice moments

(These are not necessarily top 10 – but I chose them because I like them and because a trip down memory lane beyond my absolute favourite pics is a good thing.)

1.  They’re back, it’s real!!

2.  Usually we comment on their two chairs looking like one.  Here it is clearly two chairs, and Scott is taking advantage of both of them.

3.  They are so, so excited to be back, except when Scott is falling asleep in press conferences, the bane of his skating experience.

4. Snazzy and ready to mingle.

5.  I thought it was cute that they were ‘two’, and decided to symbolize it that way.  But maybe they were just throwing up some peace signs as they do and SC went with it.

6. Okay, I don’t know what the mark is.  But the conversation it sparked entertained on here for days… and it’s presence still lingers.  Thanks guys.

7. Typical.

8.  Hanging out, watching the skating.

9.  That time they looked like celebrities, with their swag, walking the red carpet.  Okay there was no carpet.  But look at them.

10.  I resisted putting up all the huggy pics.  That was hard.  I had to give myself something, and that something is this gift of a picture, in which the universe shrunk down to just them, talking to each other, while in the middle of a ceremony.

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okay this one right here is one of my all time favourites like i love it no #1 for real

and this still right here is amazing i will forever love fighter choreo so its #2, also i’m minhyuk in the bg

this i cant tell you how much i searched for a video or a hq or something other than this but i’ll hold on to it for now. everblooming pls give me salvation and release a vid of this moment bc. anyways #3

and then we have this one no #4 which gives me all sorts of bfs on a date vibes i love it and i loved that day and i demand another selfie like this if they go on that bicycle ride in may. we can only hope

and finally this one no #5 which makes me laugh bc its not even a kiho pic per say but it is a kiho pic bless whoever captured this