still one of my favorite villains okay

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what are your top five favorite seasons of survivor and why? i started watching it two seasons ago and want to watch older ones!

OH MAN okay

1. Micronesia- Parvati is my all time fave so it just makes sense, plus there are so many other good players. The Black Widow Brigade is also the best alliance ever. I won’t spoil it, but there is a move that happens late in the game that is SO iconic and I’m still shocked that it happened.

2. Heroes vs Villains- SO many good returnees and I love the theme (i would sell my soul for another HvV or a Big Brother HvV). Courtney, Sandra, Parvati, and Cirie are enough to make an amazing season. JT makes a dumb move that was so shocking at the time.

3. China- TODD HERZOG, he is my DAD and one of my favorite players of all time (it is a CRIME that he’s only played once). I’m in love with Courtney and Amanda too. The Todd/Courtney/Amanda trio is also one of my fave alliances. There’s an AMAZING blindside that happens and one of the best final tribal performances of all time.

4. Tocantins- This might be an unpopular opinion but I loveeee this season. JT and Stephen are such an iconic duo. They played an incredible game and I loved seeing them together. Don’t go in with the idea of JT from Game Changers bc he’s a totally different player in Tocantins. Plus his accent always makes me laugh. There are so many other funny players too, like Coach and Tyson (again, that’s probably not a popular opinion, but I found them so funny). Also, Taj was <3 and I just felt bad for Sierra. AND I’m still in love with Erinn and I’d love to see her play again. I just really loved the idea of the whole “first impressions” thing. There’s a comp where something happens to JT and it’s still so funny lksfjksdjfkldsf. 

5. Pearl Islands- Growing up, this was my favorite season. I remember watching the scene with Fairplay and GAGGING at how iconic it was. It’s Sandra’s first season so you can’t go wrong, plus people like Rupert and Fairplay were fun to watch for the first time. I LOVE how they made them start out too, it was so interesting to watch play out. 

sjfsdlkfjsd i didn’t mean to write you an essay in response but I love Survivor so much