still one of my favorite villains ever

Handsome Jack :)

Here is an older one of mine hahaha, but I don’t think I’ve every posted him here :) This is Handsome Jack (pretty sure most of you know haha) And he is one of my favorite video game villains ever! Anyway this is still a WIP, believe it or not.. I don’t know when I’ll ever finish him. (I am know for not finishing paintings..bad, I know haha) 

Thank you guys for your support, please enjoy your day! :D

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I chose Everneath by Brodi Ashton because this book not only is really good but has one of my favorite villains ever. It has been years and I still remember details of this book and I still don’t know if I love or hate him (mostly I think I hate). It’s also a hangover. After I finish it could not stop thinking about this book, and the same happened of the sequel. I had to wait a whole year to know what happened. It’s definitely a #mustread.

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One of my favorite thing is that Close is still a fully powered up and hanging around somewhere. Flora didn't purify him, she just talked him down and they both left on separate terms. Has that sort of thing ever happened to a precure villain before

If I’m not wrong, it indeed never happened! Go!Pri dealt perfectly with its villains, they may lack of backstories, but they all have different behaviors (Lock’s was the most well-written imo, way more than Bell in Doki Doki since also him wanted to become no.1 if I remember right) and ends. Close’s is by far one of the most interesting in the whole franchise (I’m sorry if something like that happened in the first generation, I forget almost everything of it, but I’m pretty sure nothing like that happened since Fresh, all the remaining villains are redeemed), bc yes irl you don’t always reconcile with your former enemy, BUT you can debate with them. I read tweets like some people didn’t understand why Close left the battle, it’s just because both of them understood that there was no point to continue. Much better than the whole “love always won the world is sparkling and full of happiness”, I appreciate how Toei subtly matured the season, and create this touching happy end… Sorry I might have talked too much :’)

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1. Favorite animal: Probably the lion.  I think I can really relate.  I mean, not necessarily the courage thing, but they just lie around and eat all day, and I think that’s pretty great.

2. Favorite video game: I CAN’T pick just one so uh.  I’m playing assloads of Fallout 4 lately, I still love the Dragon Age series, favorite JRPG is both FFVIII and Lost Odyssey (which is majorly underappreciated), AND OF COURSE I love Borderlaaaaaannddss~

3. Favorite character from anything: Lmao no way I can pick just one here.  Obviously Zell.  I have his tattoo.  And Anders, I have a tattoo for him as well.  Handsome Jack is the best villain ever.  And my fave literary character is Edmond Dantès.

4. Do you prefer night or day: Night, idek know why.  I guess ‘cause nothing is going on and it’s easier to be lazy?

5. Favorite pokémon: Arcanine, with Ninetales as a close second.

6. Do you prefer being active or relaxing: RELAXING.  I’ve been ticked that I’ve been gaining weight recently, but dear god do not make me run pleaaaaase I guess I’ll just sit here and be fat.

7. Coffee or tea: Hm, depends.  Maybe tea because I can taste the differences in tea more than I can with chocolate.  And there’s so many different kinds of teas, fruity teas, green tea, white tea… I can drink some teas straight up, but coffee I always need cream and sugar.

8. Zodiac sign: LEEOOOO, of course such an awesome person as myself would have the best sign~

9. Favorite season: Summer, because my birthday is in summer and I really don’t mind hot weather.

10. Favorite song: AUGH again, so hard for me to choose.  I’ve always been fond of “The Show Must Go On” by Queen and “Behind Blue Eyes” by The Who, because swallowing your emotions is always the best way to do things.  Yep.

11. Pets: I have a scruffy little pug mix named Vader that I post on here all the time (tag is “my Vader”).  I also have a ball python named Morrigan.  My roommate has a papillon named Quorra and a pitbull named Grendel, plus she has an older gray cat named Huey.

I taaaggg…  anybody who wants to do this!!  Idk.  Uh.  If I’m in your top 4 fans, then I tag you.  Haha.