still one of my favorite jokes of all time

the 99 squad as john mulaney quotes
  • Jake Peralta: I have had a very long day. I am very small... and I have no money... so you can imagine the kind of stress I am under.
  • Amy Santiago: Occasionally you get that one person that says "I really like that one part of this joke" and you go, "Oh thank you that's my favorite part too." But no, in order for it to be authentic hopefully you have jokes that everyone can just get on board with and then you have a few things for yourself.
  • Charles Boyle: The more you do stuff, the better you get at dealing with how you still fail at it a lot of the time.
  • Rosa Diaz: Some babies will point at me, and I don't care for that shit at all.
  • Raymond Holt: When I was a little boy, I was more like a 67-year-old gay man that's kind of over it sexually.
  • Terry Jeffords: Everyone get out of my way! I just want to sit here and feed my birds.
  • Gina Linetti: I look like I was just sitting in a room in a chair eating saltines for like, 28 years, and then I walked right out here.
  • Kevin Cozner: I'll keep my emotions right here, and then one day, I'll die.
  • Cheddar: Why do people shush animals? They've never spoken.

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I need more Host headcannons please! He is my new favorite ego <3

sure! i should start keeping a proper list of all the ones i have lmao. but here are a few for you! ❤️

  • he absolutely loves listening to classical music. it’s one of the only times where he doesn’t narrate and just sits and enjoys the music. he may utter a few phrases such as “the piano then starts”, but that’s about it.
  • he loves when his s/o tells jokes. although he already knows the punchline, he’ll still smile and chuckle at them.
  • after he became the host, he immediately removed all the mirrors out of his house. although he can’t see his reflection, it makes him feel better to not have them around.
  • i feel like he’s secretly sassy. like when he senses kids starting at him, he’ll just lean in like ‘this is what happens when you smoke.’
  • actually adores animals and seems to get along with every animal he meets. the egos had an owl problem at one point and host just walked right over and narrated the bird before stroking its feathers and taking it home. he named it athena.
  • has such a soft spoken voice. never once has his risen his voice or gotten angry, no matter how hard the other egos try to piss him off.
  • next to his wide collection of books he’s written, host also takes pride in his collection of just little knick knacks he finds at antique stores or garage sales. he says they’re symbolic.
  • there are times when he lays in bed and holds his hands over his eye wounds and cries, part of him wishing that things could go back to the way they were.
  • if his desperation gets worse, he ends up tearing up some of his books that he’s created, only to collapse to his knees on the floor with his face in his hands. 

Inspector Gadget!

Nick Valentine is one of my all-time favorite videogame companions EVER. I wish there was a bit more interaction with him and the Sole Survivor. You can only imagine the sort of pre-war stuff they’d talk about and the inside jokes they’d have that no one else in the Commonwealth would get save for a few ghouls who still remember. He’d be a great travel and camping buddy and probably has a lot of stories to tell. 

(Also dropping this into my Nicky V. backstory fic because I can.)

Check out @artskls for another E3 Countdown doodle!

voltron bob’s burger au i’ve been talking about with @vodka-aunt-coran

  • allura is bob
    • this is because she’s probably better at cooking than shiro (remember that one official poster they released a while back where they all made cookies and were wearing hunk’s headband? her cookies were much better than shiro’s)
    • this is also because because she’s not exactly the maternal type but all the kids still love her and have more fun with her
    • allura’s burgers
  • shiro is linda
    • he says inappropriate things at the wrong time (”my wound is great! getting bigger all the time”), makes jokes that no one laughs at, and while he deals with the kids more one-on-one, allura is still the favorite “parent”…tell me how this man isn’t linda (besides how he doesn’t sing)
  • keith is tina
    • originally i was going to make lance tina but nah
    • they’re both awkward
    • i hc them both as autistic
    • while tina has a thing about horses and butts, keith has a thing about cryptids…and also butts, probably
  • hunk is gene
    • and no this isn’t because they’re both the food guys and tbh bob’s burgers handles gene being fat better than voltron does with hunk. who knew an adult swim show would be less fatphobic than a “”progressive””” children’s cartoon :))))))
    • this is actually because they’re both my favorites
    • also because??? they’re both so positive. the life of the party. everyone loves them.
    • also i can see older gene’s humor being closer to hunk’s
  • pidge is louise
    • they’re both crafty lil gremlin girls
    • need i say more
  • lance is jimmy jr
    • reasons:
      • the dancing
      • the butt
      • keith pining after him
  • coran is teddy
    • aka allura’s friend that comes in everyday and eats a burger and sometimes gets involved in her and her “family’s” personal life
    • “uncle teddy” = “uncle coran”
One Hell of a Lucky Guy

Steroline (sort of?) AU future fic - prompt what if Caroline meet one of Stefan’s doppelgangers in the future. Chapters: 1

Chapter 2

Caroline paced around the main entrance of her school trying to make sense of the events from two days ago while downing her third cup of coffee that morning. Besides the needed caffeine intake her appetite was insatiable. She’d eaten a three egg western omelette, five pancakes, three waffles and more bacon then she’ll ever admit to. She knew she needed to chill, this was a completely normal occurrence after all, well “normal” being relative to the balance of magic and nature creating doppelgangers of the first original immortals, but normal none the less. This wasn’t even the first Stefan-ganger she’d encountered, thinking back to poor Tom Avery who ended up being a sacrificial lamb to the travelers decades ago.

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So since I’m bored, I might as well write my review of Infinite’s Come Back Again.

(And yes, I am giving my full 100% biased feelings towards this :) )

I’ll mainly be talking about the dance practice version of this because it’s my favorite one and the one I always go back to watch because it just gets me nostalgic for some reason, even if I wasn’t in the fandom back then.

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HI YES, ABSOLUTELY, I’m kind of extra on fire about spideypool right now because I finished going through all 106 pages of completed fic and I’m starting to dip into withdrawal SO. HELL YES, HERE ARE MY RECS (lifted directly from my ao3 bookmarks) This is the fic that sealed the deal for me all those months ago when I was thinking to myself “Huh, spideypool seems like something I could get into if I had the time”. Turns out I had the time. My bookmark for this one says “ I loved this so much I read it twice in a row, no joke” and it’s 100% true The sequel to the twice-in-a-row fic bookmark note: “how are they so perfect and so in love it’s UNFAIR” ok THIS ONE. THIS FIC. It’s probably my favorite spideypool AU and I literally think about this fic every other day because it has one of the BEST Wade characterizations of all time… I let myself reread it for the first time not even 10 minutes ago and it still hecked me up. Also, Wade gets a cat and now every single cat I interact with reminds me of this fic. So. bookmark note: “Hi I’m dead this is amazing” precious beautiful slow-build spideypool, bless (slow-build is regrettably rare in spideypool, I cry) this one ties really REALLY well into all the current comics (which I’m obsessed with) ANOTHER BLESSED AMAZING SLOW-BUILD, plus who doesn’t love a good 5+1 bookmark note: “hello I am on FIRE” a sign of good things here’s the deal, the tags for this beautiful fic include “slow burn” and “peter parker’s size kink”, what more do you need (I have. a need for peter with a thing for wade’s muscles.) bookmark note: “This was cute and they’re in love.” THIS ONE. As previously stated, I’m obsessed with the comics, and this beautiful fic was a MASTERFUL AU, so well-written, and made about 100 references to the comics and I LOVED IT. I also cried real tears from happiness. Holy frick. bookmark note: “I had to sit and bask in this fic for a while after finishing, it was so good” this is true, I remember doing this bookmark note: “ I love………… Them……….” I really, really do.

……………this got really long, sorry… I hope you enjoy them, this is the product of months of my suffering. Feel free to talk to me about spideypool at all times. 

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Tagged Rules: Answer these 92 statements and tag 20 people.


1. Drink: Blackberry and blueberry smoothie

2. Phone call: My mom

3. Text message: my dad

4. Song you listened to: Woman by Kesha 

5. Time you cried: This morning because I’m sick with strep throat and it really hurts.


6. Dated someone twice: like after breaking up with them, dating them again? Nope

7. Kissed someone and regretted it: Yes.

8. Been cheated on: No

9. Lost someone special: Yes

10. Been depressed:  I have clinical depression so yeah lmao

11. Gotten drunk and thrown up: One time, I threw up all over my boyfriend in the middle of the night, and then he and my roommate helped me into the shower while we were all still very drunk.

12. Blue
13. Purple
14. Green


15. Made new friends: A few

16. Fallen out of love: Nope

17. Laughed until you cried: Yes, mostly at my roommate’s jokes.

18. Found out someone was talking about you: A bunch.

19. Met someone who changed you: quite a few

20. Found out who your friends are: Realized my ex best friend was an abusive bitch :/

21. Kissed someone on your Facebook list: my boyfriend?


22. How many of your Facebook friends do you know in real life: All of them, just not closely

23. Do you have any pets: Kind of? My family has 2 cats, a mouse, and a gecko and since I only moved out a year ago, I still consider them mine. Right now I’m boarding a cat for 2 months who is very cute.

24. Do you want to change your name: Nope I love it.

25. What did you do for your last Birthday: lost my virginity

26. What time did you wake up: 7:30 am

27. What were you doing at midnight last night: sleeping, hopped up on Nyquil

28. Name something you can’t wait for: my next birthday

29. When was the last time you saw your mom: a month ago

30. What is one thing you wish you could change in your life: the fact that I have strep throat right now (i’m so dramatic lmao)

31. What are you listening right now: the office

32. Have you ever talked to a person named Tom: Yes, my boyfriend has a friend named Tom

33. Something that is getting on your nerves: my throat

34. Most visited Website: youtube


35. Mole/s: nope

36. Mark/s: two scars on my hands from stabbing them, scars on my left wrist and arm.

37. Childhood dream: to be a ballerina (chronic injuries got in the way of that)

39. Long or short hair: long

40. Do you have a crush on someone: my boyfriend

41. What do you like about yourself: I am very empathetic.

42. Piercings: I used to have my ears pierced but was too lazy to ever wear earrings so they closed

43. Blood type: No idea

44. Nickname: Miri, Mirmir, Daisy

45. Relationship status: Taken

46. Zodiac: Leo

47. Pronouns: She, her

48. Favorite TV Show: Dollhouse, Red VS Blue, How I met your mother, Firefly, Buffy, the office, arrested development, The Guild

49. Tattoos: no
50. Right or left hand: right
51. Surgery: never had it
52. Hair dyed in different color: I’ve dyed it bright pink a bunch but it is not dyed atm
53. Sport: ballet.
55. Vacation: New York 
56. Pair of trainers: what does this mean

57. Eating: parsley
58. Drinking: water.
59. I’m about to: watch more of the office

61. Waiting for: my strep throat to go away
62. Want: less pain
63. Get married: hopefully in the next 7 years (not in general, just because I want to get married to my boyfriend)

64. Career: terrified to have to pick a route in the field of psychology

65. Hugs or kisses: hugs all the way

66. Lips or eyes: eyes.

67. Shorter or taller: a little bit taller than me (which isn’t that tall)

68. Older or younger: older but not that much

70. Nice arms or nice stomach: what does nice mean? I like chubby stomachs but I never really like people on looks

71. Sensitive or loud: I am both, so both

72. Hook up or relationship: Relationship def

73. Troublemaker or hesitant: hesitant

74. Kissed a stranger: Nope
75. Drank hard liquor: Yes
76. Lost glasses/contact lenses: Don’t wear them
77. Turned someone down: Yes

78. Sex in the first date: God no.

79. Broken someone’s heart: Sadly yes.

80. Had your heart broken: Too many times.

81. Been arrested: No thank goodness

82. Cried when someone died: Yes

83. Fallen for a friend: All the times I’ve fallen

84. Yourself: So much
85. Miracles: Nope
86. Love at first sight: No
87. Santa Claus: I’m Jewish lol
88. Kiss on the first date: nahh 
89. Angels: my roommate Olivia

90. Current best friends name: Robert, Olivia, and Matt if my boyfriend counts
91. Eyecolor: hazel
92. Favorite movie: Serenity

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Frat Boy Pt 2 - Harry Styles One Shot

part 1

It’s finally here! Part 1 isn’t absolutely necessary, but it’s one of my favorite things that I’ve written on here and it involves drunk cuddly harry so… enjoy babes!

You called him once.

One time, that was all you’d allow yourself.

You expected to tell him off for lying and setting you up or to maybe make a joke of it all, even the rational part of you was making excuses saying you were only calling him to ask if he knew of anyone who had the actual notes.  But you knew it wasn’t true.  You couldn’t deny the electrified buzz that was still coursing through your body, and the slight tingle on the pads of your fingers that still felt hot from touching his butterfly.  His toned stomach… Each ring made another knot in your own, but instead of hearing a British rasp at the end of it you were met with an automated recording and you hung up before leaving a message.

You really tried not to think about it too much.  Like, really tried.

This was it then, you thought.  This was just a fun joke.  Frat king Harry was bored and must have made a bet with himself to see if he could get the average girl in class to come to a party and he succeeded and now that would be that.

But it wasn’t over just yet.  You still had to see him tomorrow and you still had his binder…

What if the number wasn’t even meant for you?  What if he had just put it there, or what if that was an old hookup’s number?

Or…the stupid nagging voice was back.

Perhaps he was avoiding your call on purpose.

Maybe he was balls deep in another girl right now.

Because that’s what you were to him, weren’t you?  Just another girl.

When you woke up this morning you didn’t have any messages from Harry.

Overthinking was your enemy and your vice when it came to boys, and this is exactly why you tried not to think about it too much.  But the same pesky thoughts swarmed through your head with a vengeance as you stood at the entryway of the lecture hall, trying to buy as much time as possible before you’d have to sit in front of Harry.  Your palms were sweating, and you haven’t even faced him yet.  It would be weird if you switched seats this late into the semester, right?  Right.  He’d suspect something then.

Not that there was anything worth suspecting because no harm was done by calling him, you reminded yourself.  After last night a phone call was nothing.  It was child’s play.  Harry’s own version of child’s play flashed in your head, your shaky hands slightly lifting off his shirt, his slow, unhurried drawl…. Should tell mummy you’re defiling her baby.

No.  No harm was done by calling him.  You had to stop punishing yourself.  After last night a phone call was nothing.  This was just Harry after all.  You snorted at your poor attempt at consolation.  Just Harry.  Wasn’t that the understatement of the century.

“You going in?”

A dark-haired brown-eyed boy was looking at you curiously, probably wondering if you’d turned into a zombie or had fallen asleep with your eyes open or were about to cry.  After tossing and turning all night, you wouldn’t be surprised if you did all three.

“Oh, uh, yeah, sorry.”  You cringed at your apology.  You really needed to stop doing that.  You shuffled away before he could question your sanity further and your pulse immediately heightened when your eyes drifted over the hundreds of people in lecture hall and spied the back of him.  He was leant back, laughing at something one of his mates just said, and shaking his hair back with an effortless toss of his hands.  He was wearing those black Ray Bans and for a moment you wondered if he owned anything that didn’t come in the color black.  You worked your way quietly through the aisles and felt the burn of his stare when you had to walk directly in front of him to get to your seat.  It almost hurt not to make eye contact, but by the way your skin prickled and he instantly quieted, halting in the middle of his conversation, you knew he’d seen you.

His binder might as well have been burning a hole through your backpack.

Of course Harry had seen you.  How could he not have seen you?  He’d been on the lookout all bloody morning probably looking like a schizo as he stumbled over to class, whipping his head around each time he thought he saw a glimpse of you.  Who the fuck decided to place the frat houses on the edge of the Earth anyways, but for once he’d actually felt energized getting out of bed this morning because in some weird way he was excited to see you.  Would it be different?  He sure as hell hoped so.  But when he entered lecture hall, and stared at your empty seat for what felt like ages, he actually started to wonder if you were going to show up at all today.  You were usually always on time, hell, you were always earlier than Harry.  So had he done something?  Were you regretting last night?

Why weren’t you looking at him now?

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Sick of the Jokes - Avengers x Reader One Shot

Summary: Avengers x Blonde!Reader Dumb blonde jokes… they aren’t all that funny, and sometimes, they hurt

Word Count: 1826

A/N: I’m a natural blonde, but I dye my hair. I have heard every dumb blonde joke there is, and yes, they do sorta hurt my feelings still, kids can be cruel.

Not my gif

The monthly shopping trip, no one’s favorite task, but you’d go every time. Not because you wanted to go, but because you needed something in particular, and you didn’t want to explain it to the others. Most of the time you would make the trek alone; being that you were the team member that was the least in the public eye, but occasionally Sam or Clint would come along. When that happened, you made didn’t pick up your necessities. You tried to make sure that you had more than one to spare, but this month, you were out, and you needed it. So of course, Sam and Clint tagged along.

“Ready to go?” you asked, pulling a beanie over your head as you walked out of your room.

“All set,” Clint replied.

“What’s with the hat Y/N? It’s not cold outside,” Sam asked loudly, walking up behind you.

“Bad hair day,” you muttered, pulling out of his reach as he lifted a hand, undoubtedly to remove your hat. It wasn’t far from the truth really. Your hair was fine, except for the blonde stripe of your roots showing through the dark dye you’d been covering it with; it was time for a touch up. Sure, you could go to a salon, you could afford it, but you didn’t want anyone to see you. You may have been the least visible of the team, but you were still recognizable.

Neither of the boys brought your attire up after you left the tower. You made several stops on your outing; a small grocery for Nat’s favorite chocolate and Wanda’s special paprika, a specialty leather shop for Bucky and Steve’s jackets, a metal shop for Sam to get some pieces for Redwing, and a drug store. Those of the team who weren’t super-soldiers needed to stay stocked up on allergy meds, it also afforded you the opportunity to grab your dye.

You tried to be covert, you were one of the sneakier people on the team really, but Clint was there. Even if Sam was oblivious, which he usually was, Clint was one of the most observant people you’d ever met, and he would, no doubt, point your movements out to Sam. Which is exactly what happened. You had tried to ditch them at the car, tried to tell them you’d “forgotten something” so you could duck back in alone, but they stuck to you like glue.

So there you were, in the hair dye aisle, trying to ignore the two loud men behind you. You chose not to answer any of their questions, but the longer you stayed silent, the more insistent they became.

You exited the elevator on the common floor, and they were still badgering you.

“C’mon Y/N! Just tell us!”

“You don’t and we’re gonna make assumptions!”

“Well you know what they say about assuming,” you hedged, trying to slip away.

“No, what?” Bucky spoke up from the kitchen. You hadn’t seen him there, but he was at the sink, a glass in his hand, Steve was across the counter, Nat beside him.

“Makes an ‘ass’ out of ‘u’ and ‘me’,” Tony responded, entering the room from the hallway, “who’s assuming what now?”

“Y/N bought hair dye and won’t tell us why,” Clint whined.

“Who cares,” Nat spoke up, walking around the counter and up to you, “you get my chocolate sestra?”

You smiled at her and handed her the package, you could have kissed her for that, but her attempt to divert the boys attention didn’t work.

“Hair dye? Why’d you wanna change your hair Y/N?” Steve asked, seeming genuinely curious.

“Pfft, real question is why are you doing it yourself? Go to a salon, get a professional, hell I’ll make you an appointment myself,” Tony snorted.

“Seriously guys, leave it alone. I don’t ask you for every detail about your lives,” you snipped.

“Aw c’mon Y/N, we wanna know! We’ve got super spies on the team, we’ll find out eventually,” Sam chided as he slipped up behind you and rubbed the top of your head, jostling your beanie. Panicked, your arms shot up and readjusted it, yanking it back down.

“And what’s up with the hat kiddo,” Clint added, “we’re inside.”

“Back off you guys.” You spun around and pushed Sam back, but Tony had crossed the room, and pulled your hat off.

You froze for a moment, then reached back and yanked the beanie from Tony’s hands, too late.

“What’s with your hair Y/N… Wait a sec, are you… you are!”

“What?” Bucky had walked away from the kitchen now, Steve in tow, and was standing just behind Tony, arms crossed over his chest.

“Our Y/N is actually a blondie! Aw why you hiding that from us Y/N, no shame in being a blonde.”

“Right, none at all,” you growled, trying to leave, but Sam cut you off.

“Seriously, why you hidin’ Y/N.”

‘“Oh we got another blonde!” Clint and Tony made eye contact, and smiled. You rolled your head back on your shoulders and groaned, “Here we go…”

“We have been missing out on so many opportunities!”

“So many jokes, so little time.”

“You tell one more dumb blonde joke and I will systematically take apart all of your Iron Man suits and hide all of your arrows,” you growled so low you could feel your throat vibrating. It wasn’t an idle threat either, you knew how to dismantle Tony’s suits, and where Clint kept his arrows, but neither of the men seemed perturbed.

“Aw c’mon Y/N, they’re just jokes! Don’t take ‘em so serious.”

“Really, just jokes? I’ve been listening to them since I was 5 Tony! 5! You think I haven’t heard them all already? And no Clint,” you cut him off when he looked about to speak up, “I don’t give a shit that you heard a new one the other day. I am sick of them.”

“Really Y/N, they don’t bother Spangles, don’t be so uptight.”

“Just cause they don’t bother Steve, who I’m sure has heard enough of them as well, doesn’t mean they can’t bother me. And while you two may not think they’re hurtful, they are, kay? Fucking drop it.”

But no, of course that wasn’t the end of it. Clint had now crossed the room to be in your line of sight, at least he looked slightly chastised. “Y/N, I just wanna make people laugh, what’s so bad about a couple of jokes?”

“Is he for real right now?” You stared at him, blinked twice and then slapped him across the face.

“I am not dumb. Steve is not dumb. Hair color has no goddamn control over a person’s intelligence level. But ya know what? Kids don’t know that. You know how hurtful those fucking jokes are as a kid? You know how shitty it is as a kid, who’s already freaked out over having powers they’re not supposed to, to have to hear that they’re dumb? Really shitty. SO shitty that hearing people they like tell those jokes, year later, and not understand how shitty they are, still burns.” You back away from Clint then, looking over at Tony, whose face is slack, shocked. “And you, the genius, to whom everyone else is stupid. You know how awful it is to hear those jokes from you?”

You could feel your eyes welling up with the pent up frustration of years. You left the room then, stomping away from the silenced group.


A few hours later, someone knocked on your door.

“I don’t care who you are, go away,” you mumbled forcefully into your pillow. You were splayed out on your stomach, ignoring the world. But whoever was at your door, came in anyway.

“Y/N?” It was Steve.

“You okay?” And Bucky.

You groaned in response, not bothering to turn over as one of them shut your door. They both sat on your bed, one on either side of your torso.

“What’d’ya want?” you asked into your pillow.

“Just checkin’ on ya,” Bucky spoke soothingly, placing his metal hand on your back and rubbing small circles.

“‘M fine.”

A moment passed, then, “I never really understood the jokes,” Steve muttered. It sounded like he was facing away from you.

You turned you head in his direction, Bucky still rubbing your back.”I don’t think they meant to be hurtful really,” you said softly. You didn’t want Steve to think the others thought badly of him.

He turned to you and smiled a little, “I know, I know Tony and Clint just mean to be funny. They’ll pick on anyone. They don’t mean anything by it.”

You nodded. You knew that too, but words could still hurt.

Another moment passed.

“It still means a lot that you’d speak up for me when I didn’t know to.” You met Steve’s gaze then, tilting your head a little.

“He didn’t realize the jokes could be hurtful, so they didn’t hurt him, but you spoke up for him anyway,” Bucky smiled and he stopped rubbing your back but rested his hand there still, “it was sweet of you Y/N.”

You turned your head and met Bucky’s eyes and smiled back at him. Steve rested a hand on the back of your head.

“I’d like to see your real hair color Y/N.”

“Me too, I bet you’re even prettier as a blonde,” Bucky agreed. You snorted, closing your eyes, but then replied,

“I’ll make an appointment tomorrow.”


It took a few treatments to remove the dye you’d been using, but you were back to your natural color. You’d gone to the appointment alone, but apparently Tony had gotten his A.I. to tell him where you were going, and had paid for your treatments in advance. He was several hundred dollars into working his way back into your good graces.

Smiling to yourself, you walked back to the tower, and into the elevator.

“Hello Miss. Y/L/N, where would you like to go?” the A.I. asked.

“Where is everyone at F.R.I.D.A.Y?”

“Everyone is in the common room but Mr. Stark and Miss. Romanoff,” she answered.

“Would you call them to the common room for me?”

“Of course Miss. Y/L/N, would you like to go to the common room?”

“Yes please,” you laughed lightly.

When the doors opened, and you stepped out, Sam’s was the first face you saw.

“Damn Y/N, blonde suits you!” You gave him a smirk and a half hug.

“Thanks Sam.”

“Holy shit!” That was Clint.

Tony came in and almost dropped the robot arm he was carrying, but gave you a megawatt smile. Nat, who was right behind him shot you her trademark half-smile and a head nod, “Looking good sestra”.

Bucky and Steve, who were across the room, were giving you warm smiles, equal parts proud and pleased.

I dunno where this came from, humor me

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Right????? He was my favorite Grump and one of my favorite YouTubers for years and a major inspiration for my own content, and I kinda feel like he personally broke my heart by getting into this awful white nationalist stuff. All his jokes like "Cars? Caaaaars?" and "I'm being strangled by the man in the mirror" are still in my brain and every time I'm reminded of them I Remember. :c

i still occasionally quote like, Early On GG’s when jon was still there and then i’m like /: oh wait i can’t enjoy this bc Ur Opinions R Shit Jon

also whats ur content dude gimme a link i wanna support the FUCK out of you

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Nickname: Chichi~ recently I’ve been going by Chai with my friends as a joke~

Gender: Female

Zodiac Sign: where my Capricorn squad at???

Height: 5′0″ I am a smol human and proud

Hogwart’s House: Hufflepuff. Fun fact my patronus is a basset hound

Favorite Color: not a specific color but i love all pastels~ also, you know that extremely light shade of blue that looks almost pure white but still has that slightest tint of blue? that’s one of my favorite colors hehe

Time Right Now: 2:45 PM I’ve been on tumblr since I pretty much woke up *cries*

Average Hours of Sleep: during summer vacation it’s around 10-12 hours of sleep (i love my sleep heh) but during school it’s more like 6-7 hours of sleep

Lucky Number: there’s not a specific one~i just choose numbers that feel nice to me…if that makes sense. like 7 or 52 or 21 huehue

Last Thing I Googled: “paradise millic” BTW it’s a really good song. 10/10 recommend if you like rap/khiphop

Blankets I Sleep With: never just one.

Favorite Bands: BTS, BigBang, Day6, Winner, K.A.R.D., Hyukoh, Epik High <333 (there are so many solo artists that I love too tho)

Dream Trip: in the process of planning a trip to Korea with @itisntanobsession (((: i would also love to travel to every continent one day except probably Antarctica lol (i hate cold). Also hoping to travel with @the-word-nerd, a tumblr mutual, one day! ^^

Wearing Right Now: a loose pastel pink top that is really comfortable tbh and black skinny pants. (they’re not jeans idk what they are haha).

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Following: 377

Posts: 500. welp~ that’s gonna change soon heh

What I Post About: funny language posts that I reblog and then recently I’ve been posting pics of my weekly spreads from my bujo~ I also reblog a lot of helpful resources for learning languages (mainly korean, french, and chinese). I also started posting my own flashcards with vocab words but I kind of got sidetracked ahh haha~ dw I’ll get back to it!

When Did My Blog Reach Its Peak: who knows. maybe it’s passed or maybe it’s yet to come. one can dream. 

Origin of My URL: I was originally a-narwhals-korean because 1) I really liked narwhals for some reason when I created this blog and 2) I was focusing on learning Korean at the time. I recently changed it to non-exieris-vie which was inspired by the Latin phrase: non desistas non exieris which means never give up, never surrender. Since someone had already taken this I just took the second half of it and added vie which means life in French. I wanted to convey the meaning of not surrendering to the challenges in life but rather overcoming them and to continue living and fighting. Learning languages isn’t easy but if you give up you will most likely regret it so don’t and keep fighting! I’m cheering for you! <3

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Stay happy my friends~

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Funny story, so me and my younger sister love How I Met Your Mother and one of our favorite episodes is the one with all the Barney Stinsons from the future that make the legendary joke and so one time on New Year’s we decided to say “Legend-wait for it-” and then we waited until the clock struck 12 the New Year’s after that to say “-dary” and now it’s a running joke that we do it every year on New Year’s and I’ve probably never been that committed to anything in my life

Common Misconceptions About: Spain

I giggled when I saw this request inmy inbox—Spain, he’s not portrayed as a Uke or a psychopath. But his is the simpler, more insidious mischaracterization.

Rather like Veneziano, Spain is portrayed as one of the dumbest mother fuckers on planet Earth. Spain is depicted as always happy and carefree, but without the suicidal issues Veneziano is given.

The reason Spain is portrayed this way is to put up with Romano. Romano is misportrayed as caustic and abusive, so Spain has to balance him out. Since Romano is always angry, Spain is always a happy, giddy idiot.

Spain, surprise, actually gets upset when Romano treats him terribly. In the beginning strips, Spain tries to trade Romano for Veneziano. He later realizes that Romano tries his hardest, and that he isn’t the best at connecting with people.

But think about it: if someone cursed and taunted you all day, you’d probably get a little pissy. Spain is no different—he has all the same emotions you do. So, if Romano fights with him and insults him, Spain is going to get upset. If Spain has a lot of work to do, he’s going to get grumpy. Just because Spain is happy a lot doesn’t mean he can’t get stressed or annoyed.

Another one of the common fandom tropes is that Spain has this Pirate! version of himself. Obviously, this stems from the fact that Spain was just as much an empire as England was. However, people don’t want to mess with the happy-go-lucky Spain in their adorbs SpaMano, so they have this split personality. You’ll have Pirate!Spain being all moody and bad ass, and then you’ll have normal, stupid, goofy Spain.

My question: why not both?

Seriously, you guys, why can’t Spain be happy most of the time, even as he does evil things? Why can’t he like dominating people while still making goofy jokes about the cat? Why are there only two versions of this Spain, on their own both so terrible, but together so good? Spain, probably like England, misses being so powerful, having the world at his fingertips. Now, he’s a broke nation.

One of my favorite headcanons is that Spain gets a thrill out of being bad. It puts him in a cheery mood, and he chats animatedly with anyone nearby as he bashes in people’s kneecaps. Of course, that’s more for an AU, but still. Being happy and being one-hundred percent good are not mutually exclusive.

Also, he apparently gets scary when he’s drunk, enough to scare Sweden. I’m just saying, Hima seems to hint pretty heavily that Spain isn’t as happy as he seems.

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Seven x MC: Without You

Requested by an anon:
“hi can you write a fic like seven starts pushing mc away again and one day he say he doesnt love her and she decide to left but she suffer an accident and get an amnesia at first he thinks its better for her but he realizes he cant live without her”. 

You’re making this hard for me anon. Seven is my bias and now I have to write an angst for him. /cries/ Jk~ LOL! Hope you’ll enjoy this.

✉ ✉ ✉ ✉ ✉ ✉ ✉ ✉ ✉ ✉ ✉ ✉ ✉ ✉ ✉ ✉ ✉ ✉ ✉ ✉✉ ✉

I shouldn’t have done that. I shouldn’t have said all those cruel things to her. I shouldn’t have been so selfish. It was all because of my selfishness that she had to suffer now. When we started getting together, I realized that selfishness inside me, and I forgot as time passed by. All I was focusing on was helping Saeran recover. Even though he was the other half of me, still, I shouldn’t have neglected MC and left her all alone. To top it off, I got angry at her a few times because I was stressed about Saeran matter. She just stayed quiet and accept everything, waiting for me. That wasn’t what I wanted at all. It was not. I loved her with all my heart, yet I let other issues get the better of me and I mixed them altogether, causing things to get messed up unwanted. I was so stupid. Now that Saeran had recovered and turned back to his old personality, my goals were still incomplete, because instead of keeping MC beside me, let her help me, I shooed her away, thinking that it would be better for her. Now what? I sighed as I opened the door to a certain room at the hospital.


“I don’t love you anymore. Please leave MC…”

I said turning my back to her. My hands clenched into fists. I didn’t want this to happen, but this maybe the best for her. She may find someone better than me who always buries himself in work and his twin brother’s matter. I couldn’t find the time to spend with her anymore. So what’s the point of all this?

“Saeyoung..Y-You’re joking right? This isn’t funny anymore!”
“Do I sound like I’m joking to you? Can’t you see from the situation!?”

I snapped and she flinched in surprised. She took a step back with tears filled her eyes and started falling.

“I don’t believe this is your true feelings Saeyoung. I’ll wait for you.”

She said then left hurriedly to hide her puffy eyes and her sobs.

A few days later, I received a called from Zen. He sounded urgent as he spilled the words out.

“Luciel! At least come visit her.”

I couldn’t reply. The world got blocked out and I muted out all the sounds, noises around me. My brain couldn’t register the information that Zen just told me. MC…got into an accident. How? Why? The person who should be suffering was me! Not her! Was this a punishment for me from the God?
After that, I went to visit MC and found out about her conditions. Amnesia. She forgot all about me and everyone in the RFA, as if she didn’t want any memories that related to us to be in her mind. I felt like I lost everything. However, that was when I remember her words: “I will wait for you”. That’s right. She said she would wait for me. She promised. So now, I would take her place and keep that promise.

Flashback ended.

“Ah! You came again~ Hey do you bring honey budda chips?”

She smiled brightly with sparkling eyes the moment she saw me. She still hadn’t remember me yet. Though she got used to me coming to visit and the other RFA members too. I was glad that she at least was cheerful and trying her best to recover. The more she smiled, the more pain I felt in my heart. Her smile was still the same, yet why was it so different?

“Hohoho! Beg for it in Arabic.”

I hid my true emotions as I faked joking with her. Uh oh…she was making that puppy face again. She’s so sly.

“That trick won’t work this time MC.”

She fell quiet, still pouting and had big puppy eyes. I could felt my resolve weakened when…


She meowed as she tilted her head a little to the side. ‘That’s not fair! That’s…one hit K.O!!’ And with that simple trick, she got me again and I handed her honey budda chips, her favorite. For some reason, after regained consciousness, obviously she forgot all about us, but the only thing she remembered while didn’t even realized was that she loved honey budda chips, my favorite which she also came to love after meeting me. God, this meant I could hope right? I could keep waiting for her and hope for her to return right? I asked questions that didn’t need answers because deep down in my heart, I knew that I would never give up on her. I would never leave her and force away again. I succeeded bringing Saeran back, and this time, I would definitely succeed bringing MC back, for sure. Because…after all, life without her was impossible, and we hadn’t had our wedding at the space station yet.

‘MC. I will wait for you, no matter how long it’ll take, I’ll be right here.’

✉ ✉ ✉ ✉ ✉ ✉ ✉ ✉ ✉ ✉ ✉ ✉ ✉ ✉ ✉ ✉ ✉ ✉ ✉ ✉ ✉ ✉

I’m sorry for making you wait anon! I hope you enjoyed this~

One Last Night

// In which, Justin doesn’t think it’s too late to fix their problems but, Y/N thinks otherwise //

Can you pls do a long imagine where you catch jay cheating on you while youre married, so you try to pack your things and leave him and you also tell him that you want a divorce but desperately tries to make you stay?

Based off of Bittersweet Poetry by Kanye West.


I packed the last my clothes into in one of the many large boxes that sat on the floor of my room. I was able to pack u most of my things in day. I mindlessly packed all day yesterday with my intentions in mind. I couldn’t do this anymore. I couldn’t continue to say in a house with a man who I no linger loved. It hurt packing up the stuff that made up so many of Justin and I’s memories but, I had to let it go. Justin didn’t know, but tomorrow I planned on leaving him. I shook away my tears and pushed all the pack boxes into my closet before going down stairs.

“Good morning, babe,” Justin greeted me. He stood in the kitchen shirtless as he prepared an elaborate breakfast for us. The smile on his face made me so mad that, I merely pushed passed him to grab a bottle of water out the fridge. Today, I wasn’t having Justin’s shit and after tomorrow, I wouldn’t have to deal with him ever again.

“Look, babe. I’m sorry,” Justin apologized for the millionth time, as he fixed a plate for both of us. No amount of apologizing could override how much Justin has and continues to hurt me. Last week, we got into it again and it still makes my heart ache.

“Please, I know you don’t love me anymore,” I rolled my eyes as I sipped, at a ten thousand dollar bottle of wine I popped oven to drink by myself. Justin stood over me angrily and I watched Housewives if Atlanta reruns.

“And I know you only stick around for the money,” Justin sneered before snatching the wine bottle out of my hand and cutting off the tv.

“Justin, do not confuse me with your mother. Just because she only fools with you when she needs money, doesn’t mean I do the same. Although, it would be quite tempting to get the little money you have left and leave you in the dust,” I laughed before standing up and reaching for the wine that he swiftly held over over his head.

“Don’t talk about my mother, bitch. And how the hell would you con money out of me? With the non existent child support I pay? Bitch, you can’t even have my kids, you’re lucky I bother keeping you around,” Justin yelled at me. His face turned red and his jaw clenched as he waited for my response.

“Fuck you,” I spat at him. This is just like him to blame me for something I have no control over.

“I haven’t done that in months, and even if I did, you still wouldn’t get pregnant,” he laughed before taking a sip of my wine.

“Give me my drink back.”

“Have you ever thought that maybe, you can’t have kids because you all you fucking do sit around in this house all day and drink like a fucking alcoholic?”

“I have to drink to even look at you. But even when I am drunk, you still disgust me.” I shoved him back into the wall.

“Don’t fucking touch me,” Justin snarled back.

“Or what? What will you do? Hit me? Go ahead and hit me. Go ahead and try me, see how fast your ass will be in jail,” I challenged him.

“I hate you so much,” Justin pushed me back and grabbed his car keys.

“Yeah go ahead and run off like the little bitch you are. Go off and fuck one of your whores,” I yelled after him.

“I fucking will,” Justin slammed the door shut behind him. The power of his force shook the whole room and the glass door shattered. The breaking of the door mimicked the breaking of my heart as I collapsed on the floor in a puddle of my tear.

It’s been a week since then.

It’s been a week yet, I still haven’t gotten over the words we exchanged. I thought I would love Justin forever but now, I barely even knew who he was. When we first go married, our life was any couples’ dream. We had so much in the beginning but it withered away as our problems began to close in on us. Justin’s flopping career and my lack of childbirth were the roots of most of our problems. To cope with our hardships, Justin no longer stayed faithful to me and the only thing I ever cared about was whatever drink that occupied my hand.

Three days after the argument, Justin no longer stayed out late. He came home to me that night and told me that cut off all the girls that he fooled around with. He said that he only wanted me and that nothing else mattered. He wanted us to work through this but I on the other hand, I was done. I couldn’t count the amount of times we’ve been in the toxic circle of hurt. I was tired of it.

“Babe, I planned a whole date for us. I want to spoil you, today,” Justin informed between the bites of his pancakes. I nodded in acknowledgement I was a lot easier to got with the flow for one more day than to disagree with him. Justin smiled happily at me as though I was excited for what was to come when, the only thing I could think about was the stack of papers I already signed.

After breakfast, Justin had his driver escort me around town to the many luxurious appointments Justin booked for me today. After my massage, I got my nails done then, even had time to get my hair done before going home. Laid on the bed of my bedroom was a gorgeous Yves Saint Laurent dress and a new pair of shoes. I slipped into the dress and tapped away on my phone until, I heard Justin knock on my door an hour later.

“Y/N, can I come in?” Justin asked. I granted him access as I slipped my shoes on. I looked up to see Justin wearing an all black suit and looking at me as if there was still something between us. “You so beautiful,” Justin complimented before nervously kissing my cheek. I mumbled out a  thank you and walked out of my room with him trailing on my tracks. I opened the newly fixed front door but didn’t see Justin’s driver parked out front.

“Actually, I set up the date here,” Justin put his hand on my lower back and led me outside where the canopy was draping in twinkling fairy lights and a servant awaited us. We walked to the table and Justin pulled my seat out romantically before sitting down himself.

“Babe, I know you’re under a lot of stress and that I’m the reason for most of it so, I just wanted to plan something nice for you. I love you more than anything and I’m begging you to give me a chance to show you what you mean to me,” Justin said sincerely, grasping my hand. For the first time in days I smiled. It was a tiny smile but, it still counted. If Justin wanted to do all of this for me, without me asking, he must really mean what he said this time. I owe this one last day to give him one more chance.

For the first time in months, I found myself enjoying Justin’s company. We laughed and joked and retold old stories as we ate all of my favorite dishes, course by course. For the the first time in forever, I felt our old spark again. Even though we’ve changed so much over the years, Justin convinced me we were still the same couple that fell in love and, fought for our love when we felt the world was against us.

After dinner we moved to the set of lounge chairs and Justin serenaded me with a new song. It meant so much to me because not only had Justin not produced any music in years but he’s never shown me something so raw before. His voice cracked multiple times during the song as he perfectly described our relationship through melodic lyrics. Bit by bit, I found myself softening up to him. This night felt so perfect and different before that, I felt as through we could actually get past our troubles.

“God, I love you. I feel like I’m falling in love with you all over again,” Justin confessed after he finished the song. The only thing I could think to do in response was kiss him so, I did. Over and over again. I finally felt the burning passion again as our movements got rough. Eventually, Justin wrapped my legs against him and carried me inside without breaking the kiss. Just as Justin threw me onto the bed of our old bedroom, the ringing of a phone interrupted us.

I watched as Justin gulped while reading the the contact name.

“Who is it?” I asked. The phone kept ringing but he didn’t pick it up or answer my question. My eyes blurred in tears once, I gently took the phone out of his hand and saw who it was. I stared him in the eyes as the ringing stopped but a moment later, she left a voicemail.

“Justin, baby? I know it’s only been a few days without you but I miss you so much. Please leave her like you promised me you would. I can’t do this without you. I’m sorry for everything and I know what you love her but, there’s no way that you don’t feel anything with me anymore. Justin, you mean so much to me. I just can’t let you end us the way that you did. Please call me back, Justin,” Selena’s cracking voice radiated through the speaker.

“I though that when you were coming home late every night you were hooking up with random girls at the club,” I said numbly.

“Y/N,” Justin reached for my hand but, I pulled away before he could touch.

“Let me finish, Justin,” I said, sternly before continuing on. “I thought all of the girls you hooked up with meant nothing to you which is why I didn’t trip as hard as I am now. Infidelity with random whores is bad enough but, for you to be hooking up with your ex girlfriend behind my back? That’s the ultimate betrayal. I’m done with this and I’m done with you. I left the divorce paterson my desk. Sign them and sent them back to my lawyer,” I instructed him as I readjusted my dress and walked past him.

“Y/n, please,” He grabbed my wrist while I was still within his reach. I looked back at him to see tears overflowing from him big hazel eyes.

“Please what, Justin? There’s nothing left for me here. I gave you my everything and opened up to you more than I ever have with anyone. I gave you my heart and all you did was crush it over and over again. I was giving you one last chance but, this is the final straw,” I tried to shake him off of me.

“I promise you she doesn’t mean anything to me anymore. There’s a reason I cut it off with her. I love you and I only want to be with you. Fooling around with Selena-”

“Don’t say her fucking name,” my voice shook.

“Being with her only reminded me of why I love you, why I want you. When we were having issues, I’d run back to her and it would remind me of why me and her could never work. She’s a good fuck but, she can’t compare to you on any scale. I love you and I won’t be able to live without your love. Please don’t leave me, Y/N. I love you and I can’t do any of this without you. Please,” Justin croaked as he was now on his knees crying to my fabric covered thighs.

“Justin, get off of me,” I tried to free myself from his embrace.

“No I cant let you go. I can’t. I can’t. I can’t,” his whole body shook as he cried against, seeking for nonexistent forgiveness.

“It’s not up for you to decide anymore, baby boy,” I ran my fingers through his hair one last time before, I kiss the top of his head. “It’s over, Justin. Its over,” Justin became weak against me allowing me to walk out of his house and his life.


y'all got me in my feelings now. i’m taking requests - drea💛

Deep Search: Wes Anderson Inspired Looks On A Budget

Next up in my series of pulling shit from closet that kinda sorta looks like it was from a movie is the Wes Anderson catalog. I’ll be pulling from a few different films but today I did a few of my favorites (and the easiest ones for me.) 

The Life Aquatic

Sweater - J. Crew Factory Lambswool ($40)
Shirt - Gap Modern Oxford ($35)
Cap - Red Watch Cap ($8 on Amazon)
Trousers - Levi’s 511 Commuter Trousers ($45)
Shoes - Adidas Samba ($50 plus the cost of modifying)
Sunglasses - American Optical Aviators ($50)
Watch - Orient Blue Ray on NATO ($150)
Book - 20,000 Leagues Under The Sea ($8 on Amazon)

Total - $386

This was a very easy one for me. This is one of my all time favorite movies and I’ve gone as Steve Zissou for Halloween more than once. I’m a Scuba Instructor (as is my father) and I’m originally from Louisville, KY so there are a lot of jokes that really hit close to home.

BTW last time I looked that sweater was on closeout for around $20 and they still had quite a few sizes left.

In the film Steve wears a Vostok Amphibian (dubbed the Zissou if you are trying to find one on eBay.) This is probably the best bang for the buck out there as far as automatic dive watches go. This Russian made dive watch  can usually be found on eBay for less than $100. I’ve had one on my wish list for ages but I have not had the chance to pick one up yet.

My wife and I as Steve and Eleanor Zissou for Halloween last year.

Moonrise Kingdom

Jacket - St. Johns Bay ($40)
Shirt - Merona Flannel ($25)
Sunglasses - J Crew Factory ($12)
Gloves - AEO ($13)
Boots - St Johns Bay ($50)
Watch - St Moritz Momentum Square One ($200)
Watch Cap - AEO ($13)
Socks - J Crew Factory ($8)

Total - $361

This one is pretty far from the film. A lot of the looks in Wes Anderson films are hard to pull off because the clothes are extremely bold, distinct and in many cases made for the fim. However I try to match something that gets the vibe right. I wish I had a pair of duck boots to go with this. LL Bean’s are of course back ordered for the next century. However, I’ve found a pair of Sorel’s that look pretty tempting.

Bob Balaban can rock grey sweatpants with white socks. I cannot so I replaced them with trousers. I can definitely see myself hiking around a New England Island in this outfit.

Sweater- Banana Republic ($45 on clearance)
Shirt - Old Navy LS Waffle Tee ($10)
Jeans - J Crew Factory Driggs ($45)
Boots - Clarks Desert Mali ($140)
Socks - J Crew Factory ($8)
Watch - Timex Weekend on Lakehouse Leather Strap ($40)
Hat - Target ($10)

Total - $298

Blanket - Pendleton ($100)
I listed this separately because it’s not really a part of the outfit.

I noticed this outfit in the film because it’s pretty much what I was wearing when I went to see it for the first time. I threw the in because it’s leather strap is the closest thing I have to the shoulder straps and it works well together.

The blanket I consider frugal in that it will be something that I can pass down to my grandkids someday.

anonymous asked:

Can you help me out? I'm having a major headscarf Harry thirst...

Listen. I am too. Everyday. Of my life. 

Look at this angel baby. 

an actual Botticelli angel. 

Dad shirt wearing, headscarf sporting rock star. 

Little blue boy! Little blue boy! (this is an inside joke but I had to, for Cassie)

Remember 1D day harry? what a day. what a look. 

I LOVE this one. Might be my favorite. 


Pirate prince. 


He supports america! 

more 1d day. All the one 1d day. 

What a DAY. I’m pretty sure this is a shirt he’s rolled up and tangled into his chocolate curls purely for my torture. 

Polka Dots! 

Kissey Kissey!

Not technically a headscarf but still…

AGAIN with the military green shirt. 

Only harry would wear a suit AND a keith richards type headscarf at the same time. Like he’s going to his first communion followed immediately by a Rolling Stones concert. 

Love this.


Put that away, harry. 

This was another look and a half. 

Drinky drunky headscarf harry. 

Smiley little cherub. 



Who else could sport this look at pull it off? No one, that’s who. 


and finally the best gif of all time every in the known universe. 

I need a nap, now. 

*none of these pic or gifs are ours, if you want credit let me know and I’ll update*