still on vacation!


I haven’t gotten any better at pacing stories bUT IT’S BONUS TIME!

Stuff that didn’t make it in to the final product incluuuuuddee

The ending where Drawcia Dies.

 A cute little mini arc involving Yin Yarn almost deleting the blog.

And an April Fools joke in which either Yin Yarn would draw out all the asks in crayon, or it would focus on the Waddle Dee and Soldier that are on their honeymoon in the paint dimension.

Fun Facts:

Claycia and Elline are, in this blog, in a romantic relationship.

Yin Yarn is the adopted brother of Paintra, Drawcia, and Claycia.

Drawcia knew that the spike was behind her the entire time. She was silently panicking while trying to calm Paintra down so she wouldn’t get them both killed.

Adeleine never showed up in this arc because she’s still on vacation on Ripple Star. She sent a postcard.

Originally, I had an ending planned in which Dark Crafter was going to jump in front of the spike and sacrifice himself. I scrapped it because I like Dark Crafter too much.

If you have a keen eye, you’d notice that Paintra turns into Paintra DX under Dark Mind’s spell.

Drawcia doesn’t remember anything from when she was Drawcia Soul.


Helloo everyone! I wanted to tell you yesterday that i was going on vacation but i forgot to do that so i’m telling you all now. I’m in Greece at the moment and I’ll be staying here for 9 days, i’m now on my second day. The wifi here is alright, at first it didn’t work, but luckily it does now. So that means i’ll be able to answer some of the questions you guys have left in my ask box. Also, i don’t know if i’m going to feel motivated enough to do this, but i could try to make some aesthetics too. I don’t know though, i’m still on vacation and everything so i don’t know if it’ll come to that, but we’ll see :)

For the ones that have vacation too, i hope you enjoy it very much! for the ones that don’t, hope school/work isn’t too hard on you.

Thanks for reading this, have a lovely day/night ❤

(Ps. Maybe i’ll post some more updates on this blog, if you guys are interested in how my vacation is going, hahaha)

What we know so far about bts’ new song/comeback: 

 - its “crazy” and “so good”

 - when we hear it we will say “Jin?? Jin!!" 

 - the best comeback/song yet according to people who worked on it 

 - will catch the attention of not only the fans but the general public as well 

- namjoon himself just said “there are so many people who will listen to our album after it comes out”

- its called either “Spring days” or “Not today” its both probably

 there might be more but just this info is making me hyperventilate already idk how we will even survive

When your SUPER HANDSOME BOYFRIEND™ is also really cute and won’t let you go to work 🐤


Sergio loves playing with Iker’s ears. Pass it on.

“This is the story of when stars meet the ground. This is the story of when Plant boy Phil met Space boy Dan”

Here you have, I did a thing. I just love this AU so much!!! And I have like this huge plot with this AU maybe one day (after I finish all those requests) I’ll develop it, who knows.

Well, it’s late here for me so im gonna sleep.

Love you all, bye!


Whether you celebrate it or not I hope you all have a good day!