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What do you think about what people are saying about Harry planning this from years and Louis being the victim? Because they think Louis is stuck in the shitty position so Harry can be a star and that's not true the Azoff were helping him as Angela said lot of time in the past years. You can answer in tags. I'm B. Thanksss

Hi, B! :)

Well, I think that Harry had been planning to give his career a chance on his own when the hiatus started. Same as Niall and Liam (and Louis, even though the road appears to have been pretty bumpy with him, for multiple reasons), and I personally see nothing wrong with that. Quite the opposite! They haven’t been straightforward about it (neither with their fanbase nor in general), but what’s straightforward when it comes to this band? Also, the circumstances were very probably even more complicated than we imagined back then.

About Harry and his team purposefully keeping Louis stuck in the mud we see him in, well…Obviosuly we can’t know what’s really going on bts, we’ll never get an exact or maybe even accurate idea of what looks like a very intricate and dirty mess there, but if you ask me, my answer is no, I don’t believe that’s what’s happening at all. I’ve been supporting these boys for a long time, I’ve been loving H&L in particular with all of my heart, how can I believe that Harry would be ok with doing that to Louis? Using his awful position to…what, exactly? Nothing of what’s happening to Louis has been helpful to Harry, in my opinion. The huge and very active group made up of Larries would have actively given Harry a lot more support if they were happy about Louis’ situation, too. Antis, hets and whatever, as long as louis was kept away from Harry, they wouldn’t have cared. And Louis could have had his own promo, with nothign to do with Harry, as if they barely knew each other, no need to keep him in the terrible position he’s been kept in for so long. They were mostly able to have them publicly live two separate lives while in the same band, in the same tiny space of a stage or a couch, imagine how easy it would have been with two separate careers!

My point is, I’d find Harry doing that to Louis or even just letting that happen to Louis to be a very vile, bad person EVEN IF I didn’t think they were a couple. Your bandmate exploiting your disgrace of a contractual position to walk on you and gain from it wouldn’t be a person I’d be here to praise or respect, let alone blog about. I’m a Larrie, I could never think that. I might be wrong, who knows, but so far I don’t think this is the explanation for what we’re seeing. At all. I HAVE questions, I AM confused and I’m not a fan of Harry’s promo and some developments around the boys. But that’s very very different than saying “I think Harry’s team is happily making a use of Louis to let their star shine”. That doesn’t make sense to me, neither morally nor professionally.

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netflix-and-anxiety  asked:

Hi, I have a question. If I'm a trans guy who passes in society, don't I have the same male privilege as cis dudes? Because you can safely assume that the Starbucks barista or some cashier doesn't know what's in my pants, and will most likely treat me as the man I am. Also, what is your opinion on trans men who like men calling themselves gay? If someone who doesn't know I'm trans asks, why would I out myself? I'd rather just say I'm gay and like men, don't you think?

Please know two things before I answer this: First, this blog is in semi-hiatus and if this is an old ask I apologize for not getting to it before now. Secondly, this is not a personal or discussion-type blog. I’ll answer this, but I won’t respond to further inquiries; don’t worry, I’m sure someone else will offer perspective. OK.

If I’m a trans guy who passes in society, don’t I have the same male privilege as cis dudes? Because you can safely assume that the Starbucks barista or some cashier doesn’t know what’s in my pants, and will most likely treat me as the man I am.

No, you wouldn’t. Lets forget appearances for a second. I mean, hell, I’m a woman who’s gnc sometimes and when I get mistaken for male on public transportation, I feel safer. All that male privilege, right? Yet I’m still biologically female. I can still be forcibly impregnated though rape. Many medications aren’t tested on biological females so I have no clue how they might affect me. I’m a 25 year old woman who’s been telling her obgyn that I don’t want children for 6 years and I still can’t get my tubes tied, while my male friends can get vasectomies much younger. Biology does matter, and occasional treatment as male doesn’t erase misogyny. People who see you in passing may treat you as male. Others will treat you like the biological female that you are. 

Also, what is your opinion on trans men who like men calling themselves gay? If someone who doesn’t know I’m trans asks, why would I out myself? I’d rather just say I’m gay and like men, don’t you think?

No. Just no. Picture this: A gay man is discovering his sexuality in an era where AIDs is called GRIDS. He is terrified by the supposed consequences of his sexuality. No one is doing anything. People are dying in spades. He grows up and starts to accept that he’s attracted to males and tries to feel that it’s ok. There are conversion therapy camps that would force him to try and be sexually  attracted to biological females. Depending on who he is, they may be part of his life or not. Then one day the time comes where he means someone he likes, someone he perceives as male, and when things get heated he find that the person is in fact, female. He’s not attracted to that person anymore. 

Is he:

1. A transphobe

2. A bisexual man

3. A gay man 

Is this situation not ok because he’s the way he is? Or because someone lied about being biologically male? 


Per the words of a lesbian woman:  It’s not the responsibility of gay people to dissolve the definition of who we are to make another group comfortable

anonymous asked:

So my partner is ace and aro. We make love, hang out, are monogamous, and talk about very serious topics. He says he loves me, but not in the romantic way. Can you describe that kind of love for me? I am romantic and I don't understand.

Hey allonon, you came to the right place c: I’ll also link you to other blogs you can check out to look more into this stuff if you want to, but that’ll be at the end.

Some people say that even though aromantics don’t experience romantic attraction, they can still love someone romantically. Since he specifically said he doesn’t love you in a romantic fashion, then my next guess is he loves you in a platonic fashion. This might not fit, though, because he may feel something that isn’t platonic or romantic.

Personally, I believe there’s a love that is different from platonic love but isn’t necessarily romantic love either. There’s kind of a restriction when it comes to how we talk about love. Love is very difficult to define because it’s present in so many ways and there are so many types of love. There tends to be the three examples “how you love your family, how you love your friends, and how you love your romantic partner” but that isn’t all there is either. There’s a spectrum of love, just like gender and orientation. You can love one friend a certain way and then love another friend a different way, but you still love them equally.

Take a look at this:

External image

[ Image description: a green equilateral triangle with the points labeled “Liking - Intimacy”, “Infatuation - Passion”, “Empty Love - Commitment” and the sides labeled respectively “Romantic Love - Passion + Intimacy”, “Companionate - Intimacy + Commitment”, and “Fatuous Love - Passion + Commitment”, as well as the middle of the triangle labeled “Consummate Love - Intimacy + Passion + Commitment” ]

This is based off of Sternberg’s triangular theory of love, from this article. You’re free to read the article itself but it can come off as super amatonormative so read with caution (esp aro followers who are reading this).

For the most part I’ll talk about what the article says here, but hopefully in a way that isn’t as amatonormative.

There are three main components of love, which are…

  • Intimacy – The feelings of attachment, closeness, connectedness, trust, and bondedness
  • Passion – The excitement of the relationship, which is often connected to limerence (infatuation), attraction, and arousal
  • Commitment – The decision to stay with this person and continue investing in the relationship by sharing decisions, experiences, and adjustments

These are the points of the triangle in the picture above. Depending on which components are included in your love for someone, it can be called different things. The article I linked above contains a list of labels for the different combinations, but I would say it’s up to debate what they should be named. These names are the labels on the triangle sides and middle.

Your partner may love you in a fashion that does not possess the arousal or limerence of the passion component of love, but does contain the commitment and intimacy components. This is still extremely valid and as much of love as any other combination is, unlike how the article makes it sound.

For less “technical” ways of talking about this: consider the type of love felt toward a best friend. While there is no romantic or sexual attraction to them, you still are pulled toward them in affectionate and emotional ways. You may express your feelings in different ways, some even traditionally romantic-coded ways such as cuddles and hugs or loving tones and consideration for them. 

Now imagine wanting to step up and commit to being with that best friend and making it a special relationship that you do not share with others. You may have at first felt platonic attraction toward them, but now that you’re already this close it’s replaced by this warm emotion that reads as love. You are not romantic, you are not just platonic either. You love each other in a way that you don’t love other friends.

I’m not saying you do not have a romantic relationship with your partner, but this is my best way around explaining it to you and avoiding romantic attraction.

For more resources, here are some other places to check out:

And more blogs:

This is about as much as I can do to help you understand, allonon. I’m really glad you came to us to ask this, and I hope I’ve helped at all. If not, you can always keep asking us about this on or off anon, or you can contact one of the above blogs for more information as well.

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