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Robert Pattinson Knows What You Think, but He Can Work With That

By MANOHLA DARGIS MAY 28, 2017 for the New York Times


About Cosmopolis:

It was, however, “Cosmopolis,” the 2012 dystopian fantasy from David Cronenberg, based on the Don DeLillo novel, that effectively set Mr. Pattinson’s career path.

“I think it was the first time when I worked on something that was quite complex,” he said. “Cosmopolis” was, he added, essentially the first movie he made after he finished the final chapter of the “Twilight” series. “I especially love the fact that it came out really at the height of my popularity,” he said. Cast as a master of the universe who endures a spectacular, increasingly violent and humiliating fall, Mr. Pattinson sees the movie as “the big turning point for me — I just realized that was what I wanted to do.”

Mr. Cronenberg had made a movie without a mold, and his star became eager to follow suit. “I think it’s so rare for something to break a pattern,” Mr. Pattinson continued. “I feel like almost everything in the world is designed to be predictable.”

About transfiguration and transformation

It’s common for stars to obscure their looks, pop on a fake nose and fright wig, of course; it’s less common for actors to wholly embrace the irredeemable and risk the audience’s love.

“Anyone can look ugly,” Mr. Pattinson said. “It doesn’t take much.”

In “Good Time,” the ugliness he taps into goes beyond Connie’s greasy hair and torrents of flop sweat, and seems to exude from his very pores. Mr. Pattinson, who conveys a warmth and openness in person, conceded that it could be a problem when audiences confuse actor and character. But that hasn’t happened to him, which is why he is, he said, “pretty blasé about it.” If anything, he seemed happy at all the “revolting parts” he has coming up.

About his future projects

Looking further ahead, he would love to work with the German director Maren Ade, whose “Toni Erdmann” played big at Cannes last year. During this year’s festival, it was announced that Mr. Pattinson would star in “The Souvenir,” an ambitious movie from the British director Joanna Hogg that Martin Scorsese will executive produce. Mr. Pattinson also hopes that this summer he can start on a project (“High Life”) that he and the French director Claire Denis — he counts her film “White Material” among his favorites — have been working on for three years. (“That, to me, that’s kind of the biggest thing I’ve got. I literally still can’t really believe it.”)

About his past work

“I think one of the best things, basically, about being a bit of a sellout,” Mr. Pattinson said, is “if you’ve done five movies in a series, you’ve had to accept some responsibility for playing the same character.” He didn’t sound regretful, just matter-of-fact. Working on the “Twilight” movies, he said, was “an amazing luxury” and it was “amazing luck, as well, to just have fallen into it with the group of people I worked with on it.” They were kids in it together, kids who rebelled or tried to, and felt emboldened to act out. He even came close, he said, to being fired on the first movie, until his agents flew in to straighten him out. “I didn’t have to kiss anybody’s” rear end “the entire time,” he said. “I don’t think I did, anyway.”

Mr. Pattinson seems entirely at peace with “Twilight” and has clearly found a way to harness its legacy, which includes going dark and making the kinds of art films that find love at Cannes. He says he always thinks he’s terrible in every take. “I can’t say that about anyone I work with,” he added. “I’ve never seen anyone give themselves such a hard time. I’m beating myself up afterward. And I think there’s some weird perverted energy that comes out of when people criticize previous work or think you represent this certain thing; it gives you this energy.”

Maybe that sounds disingenuous, but I believed him. He was on a roll, though, and soon added that he was “almost scared of anyone saying anything I do is good.” He then laughed, perhaps a touch self-consciously.

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anonymous asked:

So according to some Larries Sophiam never broke up. Well I guess technically you'd have to be together to break up so...

That’s such an odd headcanon. And I say headcanon because it sure ain’t a theory. There’s nothing to back that idea up. Ironic that some adult fans who go through all things Larry with a fine tooth comb would naively take Sophiam at face value and believe they were/are legit. How about no? That just goes to show you Hollywood smoke and mirror’s effectiveness is proportional to how much you’re actually paying attention.

However, there’s things bubbling right at the surface of this headcanon that should give even people who don’t much pay attention to Liam pause.  

  • The common belief among Larry supporters is that 1DHQ is bad news. Yet some believe Liam would willingly allow his great love Sophia to get mixed up with them in terms of stuntin’. Because she has been stuntin’. She threw shade at Cheryl and then shade at presumably all of 1D by gyrating to Pillowtalk. Do they think he’s that big of a dullard? That shady? That disrespectul? That thirsty? Really? That’s the ugly, insulting pov of people who don’t have a handle on Liam’s character. But friendly reminder from ya boy, Liam is NOBLE among other things…
  • If some Larries think Sophia ISN’T on 1DHQ’s payroll, then they must believe she is participating voluntarily. Which means she’s a bit of a shady thirstbucket herself. How about taking the high road since she’s under no obligation to take the stunt road? Is that who they think Sophia is? O rly? Interesting…
  • Specific to Cannes, there’s a whole lot going on there and people turn up for various reasons. Also, there’s no evidence that Liam is still there or has been for the past several days. Also, note the timing of Liam’s disappearance conveniently dovetails with Zayn’s Wango Tango performance. And, as Ziam watchers can tell you, this is a pattern that emerged shortly after Zayn left 1D. When one of them is doing a thing, the other disappears. Why is that ESTABLISHED pattern of behavior meaningless but ONE incident of Sophia possibly being in the same city as Liam a big huge deal? Fuzzy logic.
  • People are looking for something to explain away Liam’s stuntin’ with Cheryl other than Liam’s sexuality and (possibly mutual) bearding (with a huge helping of Cheryl promo). He just can’t be queer right? Because Duck Dynasty and “I may not be gay but…” and Attitude, right? But aren’t these the people who always say grain of salt in terms of the media (both social and the press)? That only applies to Harry and Louis, though right? They are the most oppressed mammals on Earth, right? Save the Larry, right? Their bandmates couldn’t possibly be suffering from similar oppression at the hands of the same people, right? Another friendly reminder, not-on-the-payroll Sophia wrangled a b-day message for Liam from Duck Dynasty AFTER he got a ton of bad press about it. That message re-opened that wound. What a supportive, thoughtful girlfriend. #relationshipgoalz  These LGBTQ champions of the fandom buy all of this as legit but are also happy Sophiam are allegedly still going strong?? A pair of thoughtless homophobes? Do I have to say it again? Ok: Fuzzy logic.     
  • The Zayn factor is also feeding into this lack of critical thinking. Even though some Larries don’t think well of Liam, they certainly don’t want him with Zayn. Some buy official narrative Zayn, who is often presented as a douchebag. And some think of Ziam as competition for Larry and there can only be one. This is where certain Larries head-up-their-own-asses attitude comes in, as well as the fetishization of Larry. Because Larry has been so deliberately erased for so long, it actually has the net effect of elevating Larry to mythical proportions. Nice job, 1DHQ. Nothing and no one else is allowed to touch the legend, logic be damned. So then the Ziam erasure happens. The same people who can recognize what’s been going on between Larry should be able to recognize what’s going on between Ziam. If RBB was Larry’s secret message to the fandom, then why wasn’t Ziam’s Instagram twinning seen as a secret message to the fandom as well? There’s something else at play here, isn’t there?

Welp, those are just a few things off the top of my head that anyone who intends to consider this reasonably and fairly should think about. If not, you’re no better than the Antis with their “LOL that didn’t happen” attitude of ignorance and denial. And we all know how Larries feel about that.