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jfc that gifset of jane and michael and her saying she wanted them to grow old together!!! leave me here to die. its so cruel to jane for the show to kill him off. :'( they were just talking about having another baby soon too! and for what reason? what storylines could they not tell by having michael still exist? idgi at all.

I get exactly how you feel. I can’t even watch their vids on Youtube or see gifsets without full on crying or getting teary eyed. The whole thing is cruel and STUPID. I’ve been checking the tag the last two episodes to see if it’s actually worth watching and from the look of it, it isn’t at all. I’ve probably said this a million times now, but it’s so clear they’re going the Jafael route and that’s the only reason Michael died. Jennie wrote herself into a corner when she got them back together and let them get married, and there was no way we’d ever fall for a storyline which ended in them getting a divorce, so Jennie killed him instead of finding another way to shake the show up. Why? Because she’s a lazy writer!

Even if love is full of thorns, I’d still embrace it for I know that in between those thorns, there’s a rose that’s worth all the pain.

It’s the first Once Sunday of season 5, and it’s also my first real Once Sunday as an OUAT fan.  I didn’t discover OUAT until the hiatus between S3 and S4, and I had to wait a day longer to watch episodes on Hulu throughout S4 because I lived in Japan for three years.  Putting aside my disappointments from last season and my trepidation over what might happen this season, I’m thrilled to finally watch OUAT episodes at the same time as everyone else in the US.  And that excitement is one of the reasons why I wanted to commemorate the season 5 premiere with a special fanart.  It’s Rumbelle, of course, because I’m Rumbelle trash and always will be.

I’m aware that Belle’s hair isn’t nearly that long (nor is Emma’s, haha), but sometimes it’s fun to draw fanciful embellishments like this. :)

I want to enter this one in next week’s #OnceFanartFriday, but I’m still not sure of how that contest works?  Do people vote via retweets and faves, or does the OUAT staff choose the finalists and winners?  I tried going as far back in Adam Horowitz’s twitter as I could to the first one, but twitter wouldn’t let me browse that far back. :(  Either way, my goal is to be a top 10 finalists at least once this season.

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so now that a lot of people have had time to catch up with the show and fall in love with all the characters and their connections, I was wondering whether it would be worth trying to come up with some ‘official’ tags for things? i’m not really sure how to go about that though, but here’s some things i was thinking about?

there’s the obvious tagging characters with their full names (though capheus doesn’t have a ‘real’ one so his is still up for debate) but there’s also ship names that no one really agrees on. i know everyone has their preferences, but as far as tagging goes it’s always easier when there’s one that is universally used!

ship tags i use are: 

  • blueski - will x riley
  • kalagang - wolfgang x kala
  • linando - lito x hernando
  • nomanita - nomi x amanita

i don’t really have any for my brotps though which i still want to come up with some for. 

so does anyone use any different ones to these or have any suggestions for other ships so i can get an idea of what the best ones to use would be? 

Full-color commission of Momnar/Allegro-Designs’ beautiful OC Satoko Arishima from her story Cybergem!  Doing the biomech limbs took a long time but the designs were great and the ref was clear and it turned out looking awesome, so all in all totally worth it. :D  

I know it’s still a WIP, but I feel like the Reylo shippers need something to lighten up their day. They are a wonderful community full of talented and creative writers, artists, and just all-around awesome people, and I’m glad to spectate everything you do for the fandom. So even if this contribution of mine is small, I hope it’s worth something, even if it only brings out a smile. Again, y’all are amazing, and no hate of any kind could ruin my love for you and this ship. <3