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I'm really sad about something I don't understand and was hoping you could explain. Why do people block without giving a reason to? I don't why it first seems like it's all going so well then the next you're blocked and you don't know why or what you did or said wrong? It's happened twice now and to say it hurts is an understatement.

Oh, my precious Kabby babies.  Circle up, it’s time for some firm but gentle life advice from Mom. 

First of all, unless I personally am the person who blocked you (which I’m obviously not since we’re having this conversation!), in a very real sense the short answer to this question is that you know I can’t actually answer this question.  You’re asking me to tell you why a person I don’t know did a thing for which I have no context, and for which there could be a thousand reasons. So in a concrete, specific sense, my answer is: I do not know.


(You knew there was going to be a however.)

Social media is a deeply personal avenue for self-expression and it’s also a world where many of us spend a great deal of our time, which means that we have the full and free right to customize it into exactly what we want it to be.  The things that you post are personal reflections of you, which is  why it bums you out when someone mutes or blocks or doesn’t follow back; it feels on some level like a personal rejection.  But the space you curate is also a personal reflection of you.  You have the right to post anything you want and other people have the right to choose not to see it.  Both of those rights are equal, even though you’re only on one side so naturally the other one feels like it’s in some way “wrong.”  

I’m speaking with zero context for what your preexisting relationship with these people was beforehand (like obviously if it was a close friend and they blocked you out of nowhere, you’re going to have to sort that out with them directly, I can’t advise you there), but it’s important to remember that there may be no “right” and wrong” in this scenario.  It’s fully possible for both of these things to peacefully coexist at the same time:

1) your absolute right to feel a little bit rejected and hurt that a stranger on the internet made the choice that they didn’t want your social media sphere to overlap with their social media sphere,


2) that other person’s absolute right to say “if something or someone makes me feel even the tiniest bit ‘nope’ I am purging it out of this space so it is exactly what I want and need it to be.” 

They don’t need to have a reason.  That sucks, when you’re on the receiving end of it, which all of us have been - it truly and genuinely sucks - but it’s also reality.  One of the hard truths that incidents like this make us sometimes have to face - and we don’t want to face these things, because they can feel really icky and vulnerable and ping all the little gremlins in our brain  - is this:

nobody on the internet owes you their time or attention for anything you do or say.

This sounds mean and brutal, and I don’t mean it to be, because you know mom loves you, but it’s incredibly important, so I’m going to say it again to make sure that if nothing else, this gets through:

nobody on the internet owes you their time or attention for anything you do or say.

The celebs you stan don’t owe you a response to your tweet, just because you want one.  The people you tag in meta don’t owe you reblogging it to continue having that conversation with you forever, just because you want to prove you’re right.  The fans of the fic you write for your most popular ship don’t owe you crossing over to give you hits on your rare-pair fic if they don’t feel like it.  Nobody owes you a certain number of followers, nobody owes you a response to every anon you send them, nobody owes you finishing that fic you like in time for them to read it when they feel like reading it.  We owe each other one thing and one thing only: basic human decency.  That’s it.  Everything else is freely offered to the world, and freely taken by the people who want it.  It’s not a transactional exchange.  If you make art or write fic and you put it out there into the world, you’ve done a cool thing, and whether it gets ten hits or thousands it was still worth doing.  There will be people who aren’t interested, but if you get hung up on feeling rejected by that, it will paralyze you.

Social media is personal. That’s unavoidable.  It’s an extension of ourselves.  When someone is cruel to you or to one of your friends on the internet, even if it’s an anonymous stranger, it feels shitty.  When you express an opinion about something and a ton of people reblog it and the tags are full of “OMG YES THISSSSS”, it feels great.  We all experience that in different ways.  Society has always selected arbitrary measures for young girls and women to live up to in order to feel like they’re popular or they’re approved by the cool kids, and right now it’s things like “how many followers do you have” and “did you get an RT from a celebrity” and “how many likes on your posts”.  So on a primal level, maybe having someone you thought was a friend block you on Twitter or Tumblr hits you in the same deep core place as having the cool kids not come to your birthday party.  That feeling is super real!  It brings up alllllll that deep stuff we try to hide and pretend that we’re above experiencing, but we all have those squishy vulnerable inner selves that just need the cool kids to like us and we feel bad when they don’t.  

I had this exact conversation with my therapist a few weeks ago when she was giving me a hard time because my book has 60 reviews on Amazon, of which like the majority are 5 stars with two negative ones, and I have both the negative ones like memorized.  And she was like “CLAIRE.  WHAT THE HELL.  WHY DO YOU DO THIS?  58 POSITIVE AND YOU CANNOT QUOTE A SINGLE ONE.  TWO SHITTY ONES AND YOU KNOW THEM VERBATIM.  THAT IS NOT HEALTHY BEHAVIOR.”  And I was like “… . okay fine when you put it that way, yes I do sound like a crazy person.”  So like my advice to you – advice which I have just proven I am absolute garbage at taking myself, so like I may have just eroded my own credibility in my efforts to help – is to remember that you probably have a lot more than two followers so honestly this is probably not a bad collective ratio, and there may be lots of people who are very interested in what you have to say but you’ve focused a lot of your energy on these two people and it’s worth giving some thought as to why that is.

My question for you is this: what is the net negative impact of having these two people block you on social media? Like in an actual, concrete way, separate from those sort of core gut “I feel unloved in this moment” feelings, what is the effect on your life?  You might be surprised.  It might be zero.  In which case, let yourself feel those feelings, experience them as valid, and then breathe through them and move on and keep on doin’ you. 

I’m pushing back on you a little bit here very gently because it feels, reading this anon, like you’ve made a determination of hurtful intent on the part of the person who blocked you, or at the very least a certainty that this choice that made was about you and not about them.  That the fact that things seemed to be going fine and then they blocked you means you were somehow intentionally misled or mistreated.  Be really, really, really careful about deciding the cool girl didn’t come to your birthday party because she’s a bitch who wanted to make you feel terrible and is sitting somewhere cackling at the thought of your sad lil’ face waiting by the front door; maybe she didn’t come to your birthday party because she has depression and it’s hard for her to leave the house sometimes and she knew your party would be loud and wild and crazy and too much for her brain to handle right now. Be careful about presuming negative intent with no proof it exists.  The internet makes this so easy, the internet conditions us for this, and it conditions us to respond in kind. The worst thing you could do here is to, like, make a callout post or subtweet in the hopes that it will get back to them and they’ll feel bad, or to sic your other followers onto them, because that turns this into a situation that really does have a right and wrong; and since you don’t know if they were trying to make you feel shitty, or just went on a big block/mute purge to whittle their list down for mental health reasons that are totally their own, once things escalate you can’t put the horse back in the barn. It’s too late.  Now it’s A Thing, when maybe it never really needed to be A Thing.  And in almost all situations for almost all people in almost all ways, Kabby Mom’s advice is going to be, “please think carefully before you make this A Thing.”

This got long, I’ve been having a lot of thoughts lately about the conversations I’m always having with fandom folks the way we let social media permeate and shape our sense of self, in good ways and bad, so I apologize for my verbosity but also not really because that’s how things roll over in Kabby Mom’s Advice Corner.  But I will sum up in bullet points for those of you who have been skimming, to bring you up to speed:

  1. Everyone has the right to curate their own social media space however they see fit, and they don’t have to explain their reasons.
  2. They aren’t obligated to include you in that space even if you want them to.
  3. None of that is an objective measure of your worth as a person or a sign that you should stop being you on the internet.
  4. Your feelings of rejection come from a real place and you get to feel them, as long as
  5. You are striving to move through them without permitting them to paralyze you, and finally
  6. You never use someone else’s choice to curate their social media sphere as a justification for treating them like crap.

Focus on your positive interactions instead of negative ones – your friends, creating stuff and putting it out into the universe – whether it be art, fic, opinions, a podcast, gifsets, crackposts, whatever – and your social media world will be a better place.

In the immortal words of the great Michael J. Fox, “What other people think of me is none of my business.”

Sins of the Father

Pairing: Finn Balor x Reader

Warnings: brief sexual content (fantasy), mild language, maybe a little sacrilege (if you squint)

Word Count: 976

A/N: Hello hello! Normally, I write fics for Supernatural. However, I’m also a huge fan of WWE and love reading the works of that community as well. After reading some brilliant pieces from - and chatting with - the amazing @devitt-club, I got inspired to write a fic featuring one of my current favorites: Finn Balor. Apologies in advance because, this being my first foray into WWE fanfic (and alternate universe at that), this will probably suck. Still, it’s worth the risk. ^_^

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In your opinion, who has the most/least daddy issues in VC



The MOST = CLAUDIA. By far. Hands down. The clear winner. Y I K E S

The LEAST? Probably Pandora? Maybe Quinn?

Anyway I think this is a really interesting question/concept within VC because of the overlap between DADDY ISSUES / MAKER ISSUES, and the symbolic connection between makers and parents. And I don’t think there’s a general rule because some makers/fledglings have more obvious relationships as lovers, and it gets pretty Freudian pretty fast LOL, but that’s one of the themes of VC anyway, that love transcends blah blah and none of these labels or restrictions matter anymore. So on a case-by-case basis you could argue that some maker drama fits the mold of DADDY ISSUES but I don’t say so as a rule. Mostly imo it’s based on the dynamic between their age differences or how much respect they show each other, etc. Like Marius/Pandora isn’t a daddy issue to me, Marius/Armand is. Lestat/Louis isn’t, MAYBE LESTAT/DAVID IS??????? (WHO’S THE DADDY BTW, WHAT A FUCKING MESS.) Hard to say. Each relationship is a unique shitshow dumpster fire but. Hey.

BUT LIKE BEFORE I GET INTO THIS, LET’S ALSO CLEAR THE AIR? I don’t think “Daddy Issues” are really a thing LOL. I mean, they are! Certainly! But you’re not gonna find DADDY ISSUES in the fucking DSM, okay? To me, “Daddy Issues” is a SYNDROME if anything, and you most often see it used in the context of diminishing the behavior of women. LOL SO SRS. But honestly like, it’s usually something that some bro says to be dismissive of someone’s actual psychological hurdles. So if you break it down to what’s traditionally/stereotypically thought of as “Daddy Issues”, it’s like, what do we got? Abandonment issues? PTSD? Promiscuous behavior? Basically anything that can come as a result of shitty relationship with your dad, and keep in mind that it could constitute varying levels of trauma. Like, everyone in the world experiences and copes with a wide spectrum of trauma in a wide spectrum of ways. So having a shitty relationship with your dad could fuck you up in a multitude of ways, and sometimes it just means that your dad was kind of a douche, sometimes it’ll mean that he was flagrantly abusive, sometimes it just means that he wasn’t there at all. AND ALSO keep in mind that I’m using this all as an argument for the traditional use of the term “Daddy Issues” and I’m not at all saying that it’s cool to just blame someone’s relationship with their dad for any/all problems they have cause that’s ignorant as fuck lol and it goes back to what I mean about how you GENERALLY hear this term used to be dismissive of people and without actually caring about why they are the way they are or why they’re doing the things they’re doing.

ANYWAY LOL GETTIN HEAVY IN HERE, SORRY I WANTED TO GET THAT OUT OF THE WAY JUST TO PUT WHAT I’M ABOUT TO SAY INTO CONTEXT. And btw just for the record, I am in no way salty or offended by this question personally even though I wanted to acknowledge the potential for this topic to be rude LOL. But enough IRL garbage, VAMPIRES YEAH!

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the five comic book character tag tiers

god tier: your fave comic book character is a fan favourite who rarely attracts drama, meaning the tag is normally full of good posts, edits and art

good tier: your fave comic book character isn’t that popular and there could be more content but you’re generally satisfied with the few posts a week you get

ok tier: your fave comic book character’s tag gets clogged with porn or ooc interpretations a lot but it’s worth it for the edits and art

bad tier: your fave comic book character has a bad or ooc live action/animated portrayal and this is all you see when you go into the tag

shit tier: your fave comic book character isn’t popular but still manages to have a tag clogged full of porn, people arguing and ooc interpretations 


Hi there! I wanted to pop in and let everyone know that due to it being finals for most of our blog admins, this blog is going to be a little inactive for the next few weeks. You can still tag us in your fics, and apply to be in our directory, but it’s going to take awhile for us to update. We’re all full time students or workers so we appreciate your patience, and hopefully it’ll all be worth it when we come back in the summer with a few fun activities and a better system for running this blog. 


-Admin Rae

Nathalie Sancoeur Fic Recs

Let me guess, you love everything about Nathalie, but all these fic writers tag her on AO3 when she DOESN’T EVEN APPEAR. Well. Let me provide a list of good Nathalie stuff for you. 

Listen, I just waited through 13 pages and this is what I’ve found. 

Heartless By Design by @667-darkavenue - Nathalie leaves Gabriel and starts a fashion house in direct competition. The characterization is on another level. 

A Witch’s Familiar by @metawohoo - The Longest Nathalie-centered Fic in the Fandom. Top Shelf Stuff.

Psyche by @gabriel-fucking-agreste - I feel weird recommending my own stuff so here’s the summary. “If Hawkmoth is a hurricane, Nathalie Sancoeur is the eye that he surrounds.” 

Hearth and Home by @bounemr - Nathalie sticking her neck out for Trans Adrien and it’s lovely. One-Shot.

Causality by @krzed -  Oh my god. You have to read this twice, it’s cleverly done! Without spoiling much, it’s about Nathalie taking care of Adrien. One-Shot.

A Grain of Truth by @mirime-kisarrastine - The summary is “ Nathalie loves Adèle. Adèle loves Gabriel. Nathalie doesn’t care (it’s a lie).” and it’s from Nathalie’s perspective and it has a great style and I re-read it regularly. One-Shot.

Honorable Mentions - Nathalie Stuff that isn’t Fic, but it’s Worth Your Attention.

Chatalie by @thewonderfulwizardofass - A character design that turned into a full AU, what happens when Adrien suffers and injury and Nathalie takes up wearing the ring. (also just check out Jay’s nathalie tag here in general it’s all great shh)

@awomansoheartless is a lovely Nathalie Sancoeur RP blog run by the incredibly talented @sinfulmarinette

Feel free to add more stuff!

TalesFromRetail: That's not how a credit card works

This was a few years ago in a touristy town (which makes for quite the diverse group of crazies) at a discount retail chain. This particular day was going just as usual. I.E. Doing my time on the register while browbeating customers to sign up for rewards card disguised as a credit card carrying a 27.24% interest rate with little “rewards” involved.

Meanwhile this seemingly friendly and polite middle aged woman approaches my counter.

Me: How are you doing today? (Notices a large, full crumpled up bag hanging from her hand.) I see you have a return for me.

Her: Yes. I purchased all of this about a year ago, I’ve never worn any, but they’ve all got their tags still attached.

Me: That’s perfectly fine, we’ll still return it all for you on a merchandise card for its current value. (Which after one year’s time these items are worth less than $10 a piece when she originally paid more than $300 for this bag of clothing)

Her: I don’t think so, I purchased this on your rewards credit card, I want it returned back on my card.

Me: I’m sorry but under these circumstances, this is what our return policy allows me. I can only return this on a store card. If you found your receipt, I could give you its original worth. But it would still be returned on a store card.

Her: This is ridiculous. (Slams credit card on my counter.) Cant you just take my card and look up my purchase history?

Me: Our registers do not keep track of any card’s history because our clients care about their privacy. It would take hours for our manager to look up a transaction from yesterday. I’m sorry, but finding your transaction is not feasible.

Her: I shop here all the time and spend more than enough money. I don’t care about your return policy. Whats the point in me having a rewards card if you cant do something so simple?

At this point I’ve done what my job allows me and arguing with a customer will get you nowhere. I stare blankly at middle aged lady for a second, turn and give the CSM this cocky half smile which translates to “Boi, do you see this?” CSM steps in and reiterates our policy.

Her: Fine! I’m never shopping here again and I hate this rewards card. Do you have a pair of scissors?

Me: (Really fucking confused. Did she suddenly realize she had a loose thread on her shirt?) Of course, here ya go.

Middle aged, see ya next Tuesday then proceeds to slowly and awkwardly cut up her credit card in front of God and everyone. She slams the scissors on the counter, picks up the crap cut pieces, throws them in her bag of shit clothes, and angrily marches her way to the nearest exit. The CSM and I share a stare and we never speak of it because that’s all the discussion we need. If anything, I saved that lady from that atrocious 27.24% interest rate.

TLDR Customer brings in a no receipt return from a year prior, gets upset because it’ll be issued on a store card. She then cuts up her rewards credit card.

By: RoyalHambone

Tag game


This is for your candy. Fill with what your candy could answer.

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Aye dude anybody who sees this I dare you to do it.

Full name: Zariah Dreamer

Gender: Female

Zodiac sign: Gemini

Crush (and why): Lysander. He’s proven to me to be a great friend, and someone worth loving. I don’t like to think of it much at this point, but he helped me in a important moment and– well… I’m still alive thanks to him.

Favourite color: Purple… blue… pink… I really like anything in that range, light or dark ^^

Favorite band/singer: Hrmm… That’s really tough. I like a lot of music… Uhh… Maybe Skillet?

Favorite Food: Cake (all cakes btw, I will eat them all!), doughnuts, spaghetti, curly fries

Last movie watched: Pirates of the Caribbean

Describe yourself in five words: Utterly and completely a sweetie

First Kiss: *Blushes* It’s a secret!

Make a Wish just for yourself: Please let yourself open up. I know it’s hard, given everything that’s happened, but there’s room to change and grow for the better. Your friends care about you, despite what you may believe.

Today’s clothes:

I’ve sort of off-handedly mentioned this before, but I’m adding it to the hc tag to make it official.

During the ten years spent under the influence of the curse, the crew’s aging process was interrupted. Thus they would truly be doomed for all of eternity, unchanging, should they fail to get all 882 aztec coins back.

Once the curse was lifted, those ten years worth of aging still didn’t show on the men, who retained the same appearance.

And so, while Koehler possesses the biological body of a man in his mid 30s (though his harsh lifestyle makes him look older), he is actually in his mid 40s.

Choice || Conor

Conor masterpost found here

Word count - 848

Summary - The one where the hate gets a bit much.

(S/N) means ship name


Being the Conor Maynard’s girlfriend wasn’t the easiest thing in the world. You had been dating for a few months and really cared for him, but sometimes, you wondered if putting up with the fans was even worth it. They were always nit picking every flaw you had and constantly made up nasty rumors. Obviously Conor never believed any of them, but it still got old seeing your Twitter feed full of lies.

One day, you tweeted out that you would be going through the (S/N) tag on Tumblr if anyone wanted to post something they’d like you to see. You were good friends with a lot of YouTubers, so you had quite a big following yourself. Usually the posts on the (S/N) were kind, so you often went on there to escape an exceptionally rotten day.

Today, however, was different.

The tag was full of nasty things about you. It ranged from everything from a horribly photoshopped picture of you edited to be far larger than you really were, or another nasty rumor like you were cheating on Conor with Jack (again, that was a common one). Usually, you could look past it. You could close the app and focus your mind on something else like a book or film, but today, you couldn’t. Today, your eyes were glued to your phone screen, soaking in all the hate and telling yourself that everyone was right.

You finally locked your phone and walked over to your full length mirror. You stripped down to your bra and underwear and stared at the figure in front of you. Your belly stuck out a little and you were convinced you had unflattering hippo hips. Surely Conor could do better than you. Why did he stick with you after all these months?

You hadn’t even realized you had started crying until you felt a tear roll down your nose. You sat down on your knees and put your face in your hands, allowing yourself to cry as your tears rolled down your arms. “(Y/N)?”

You looked up when Conor said your name. He was standing in the doorway to the bedroom, looking at you with worry filled eyes. “Sorry,” you said, trying to wipe away your tears quickly. “I’m fine. Sorry.”

“Babe,” Conor said gently. Your lower lip quivered and your eyes pooled with tears again. Conor quickly closed the bedroom door and came to sit beside you, pulling you onto his lap

“No,” you said, trying to crawl off of him, “I’m gonna squish you.”

“What on earth are you talking about?” he said, urging you to sit close to him again.

“Conor, why are you with me?” you said. “You could do much, much better than me. Surely you know that.”

“(Y/N), what’s gotten into you?” Conor asked, brushing some hair away from your face. “You know I think you’re beautiful.”

“Your fans hate me,” you said, your voice shaking. “They keep making up rumors and photoshopping nasty pictures of me. They constantly tell me I don’t deserve you and honestly everyday I wake up and think they’re right. I’m too big and, and I cry about everything- like this. Why am I crying? It’s not- I’m making this such a big deal and it’s not a big deal. Conor I’m not good at anything I do and there’s got to be someone out there better for you than I am. Why do you suffer through being with me?”

You were still crying and no matter how hard you tried, the tears kept falling. “I’m being stupid,” you said for what felt like the thousandth time. “I just need to accept that fact that you should be with someone else and I should let you go so you can be happy.”

“Hey, look at me,” Conor said gently, pulling your hands away from your face. “Babe, I am happy. I’m so happy. There’s no one out there who’s better for me than you are. I don’t suffer through being with you. I chose to be with you. I don’t want to be with anybody else. Yeah, you have flaws, but so do I. Do you know when the last time I showered was?” You laughed and he smiled and said, “Well, neither do I. I’m disgusting, but you still chose to be with me. That’s the thing (Y/N), it’s choice. Everyday, we chose to be together. We’re not stuck being together and we don’t suffer through it. We wake up every morning excited to be with each other. We ignore what everybody else says and we keep loving each other.”

Conor swiped his thumbs under your eyes, ridding them of any fallen tears. “It’s not going to be easy,” he said quietly. “It’s going to be really hard sometimes. I can’t stop what other people are going to say. All I can do is assure you every second I can that I’m going to keep loving you. Is that okay? Is that enough?” You sniffed, gave Conor a small smile, and nodded.

“Yeah,” you whispered. “Yeah, that’s more than enough.”

@ the sense8 fandom

so now that a lot of people have had time to catch up with the show and fall in love with all the characters and their connections, I was wondering whether it would be worth trying to come up with some ‘official’ tags for things? i’m not really sure how to go about that though, but here’s some things i was thinking about?

there’s the obvious tagging characters with their full names (though capheus doesn’t have a ‘real’ one so his is still up for debate) but there’s also ship names that no one really agrees on. i know everyone has their preferences, but as far as tagging goes it’s always easier when there’s one that is universally used!

ship tags i use are: 

  • blueski - will x riley
  • kalagang - wolfgang x kala
  • linando - lito x hernando
  • nomanita - nomi x amanita

i don’t really have any for my brotps though which i still want to come up with some for. 

so does anyone use any different ones to these or have any suggestions for other ships so i can get an idea of what the best ones to use would be? 

anonymous asked:

Dear Sonja. Hope you had a lovely trio. Why between now and between October and November.

thank you i did!

and okay, so this goes back to something i’ve been thinking for a while (that i know a number of other people have been thinking) that babygate/all the stunts were supposed to end in march but that simon found a way to fuck them over and extend certain contract clauses for a longer period of time.

mitam came out on november 13th, 2015. because things are still dragging on in the stunt department and because syco still clearly has control over their image rights (the most recent proof of that just dropped today - syco’s got new one direction merchandise coming out in october despite the fact that simon’s been screaming about the band being over for months blah blah blah).

my current thoughts are that syco contracts are incredibly biased in simon’s favour rather than the artist’s and that it’d be easy enough for him to find a contractual angle that benefits him (i.e. arguing that the mitam promo period actually extends for a full year rather than 6 months). in that case, the band would be stuck in limbo for as long as simon technically still has ownership over their individual images and the image of the band. they can plan things behind the scenes but they can’t counter anything simon says publicly (yet).

i’ve talked a little bit about this before here (and if you check my sunset clause tag you’ll see other posts from other people that delve into things a bit deeper too [my this is war tag is worth a look at too imo]) but tl;dr if we’re right and whatever contract clauses are in play all expire one full year from when mitam came out, that would mean that simon’s nasty claws would finally be forced to retract from the boys in or around early november of this year. in that case, it would be at that time that his control over their images would end and when they’d finally be free to undo the damage simon’s created and announce their plans moving forward as a band/end the stunts/have control over their own lives again publicly etc etc.

Masterlist of the Winter Soldier ficlets (so far)

On the twelfth day of Christmas, BC gave to me… A WINTER GIVEAWAY!


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✦ If this post gets more than 500 notes, I will give you guys a sneak peek into the mystery box. At this point in time, the box is worth over $30, but it will probably go up because I’m enjoying stuffing it full to bursting. 

Full-color commission of Momnar/Allegro-Designs’ beautiful OC Satoko Arishima from her story Cybergem!  Doing the biomech limbs took a long time but the designs were great and the ref was clear and it turned out looking awesome, so all in all totally worth it. :D  

10 Health And Fitness Tips (For Beginners)

I have to admit, I don’t work out that much. I’m just one of those lucky girls who can eat whatever she wants and still look soft-tummied and fleshy. However, this year I’ve realized I do have some aspects of my body I want to, ahem, “tweak,” and am willing to work to get them to change. This is very weird and very new for me. (TW, HERE) ..

In my recovery of both disordered eating and a really unhealthy bout with extreme workouts, I’ve finally come to the point in my life where I realize that wanting to change my body doesn’t have to be unhealthy or stem from a place of body-hate. Wanting to lose weight or get toned doesn’t have to mean I’m spiraling downward into the oblivion and back into old habits. Wanting to lose some pounds and get some definition STILL can mean you are happy with your current body, and it also can mean you are willing to put fitness and health a priority, rather than just a hottie bootie. These are very important facts to reconcile with, and I finally feel at the point where I can say “hey, I love my tum but I’m planning on wearing a hot-pink mini-bikini this summer and I’d like to feel even more confident than I already am in order to do so.” Believe me, this is a very exciting development for me. I can want to lose weight while maintaining a positive body image? Awesome! Listen: I’ll never have a six-pack or a completely flat stomach. That’s just not the body I want, and I’m more than happy with some pushy soft parts. But I do want to get healthier and shape up/tighten a bit. I want to make this meat machine I’ve been gifted go as many miles as it can possibly go. Problem is, I don’t have many HEALTHY tips to go with this newfound feeling, just really damning and horrible ones. I want to be happy.

Enter Kristine! Kristine has been a friend of mine for a couple of years and is a total Brooklyn Bambina with great hair and a stomach you could serve a cheese platter on. She’s got a sharp wit and a really toned, awesome body which she puts a lot of healthy and dedicated work into. She’s a great example of being fitness-heavy while still going to brunch and livin’ life. I asked her for her 10 best fitness/health tips for beginners, and she was more than happy to write them up for me (first guest post in ages)!

If you like what you read, follow her on her tumblr and Instagram @kristineckubat. And remember, be healthy. Live long. Feel good in your boom boom booty. Kris’ tips are below:

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Happy Valentine’s Day, bellamyblcke!


It had been a mild winter so far. Or at least, that’s what the Grounders said. But for Bellamy and the other Arkers, nothing about that winter felt mild. The carcass of the Ark, which had once been perfectly adequate protection against the emptiness of space, turned out to be complete crap at fending off the biting winds and driving rains of Earth. Drinking water froze overnight and had to be broken open with hatchets every morning. Frost made the ground hard and killed off edible plants. And more often than not, the hunting parties came back empty handed.

In fact, if it hadn’t been for the Grounders, most of us would have been dead. It was a strange thought, Bellamy mused as he walked across Camp Jaha. Strange, but true. Not long after the battle at Mt. Weather, the temperatures had plunged. It was the Grounders who had taught them how to turn trees into cabins and how to make reeds into thatched roofs and stuff moss and mud between the logs to block out the winter weather. It was the Grounders who taught them how to turn animal skins into clothing and where to find plant roots under the frozen soil. Now, most of his people at least had shelter and food, small though the rations were.

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4. U Down To Ride

You run yo mouth you get knocked off that’s the fuckin game
- Lil Boosie


Keenon started up the car just as a knock rang out on my window. I opened the door and looked at Esse. She held up the same duffel bag that Jermaine dropped at the venue earlier and put it in my lap.

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