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Love the music month, but whoah do I get tired of it being one man after the other. Don't women sing in Switzerland? It might be an accurate picture of Swiss music scene, I don't know. Still it gets a bit grating after a while. Please give us some more female musicians.

I queued everything up before February even started (so there won’t be any changes in programme, also bc I do have an internship rn and I’m too tired and have too little time to do any kind of project thats as big as this one)

On the other hand, here is a list of amazing female Swiss musicians/all-female bands/bands with female singers:

I think that Schlager, 90s/00s Pop-Rock and modern (Indie Pop) are probably most common for women to be somewhat known for in Switzerland… Anyways, there are a lot of female Swiss musicians and I’m sorry if some got lost in my series, but I won’t change anything for now as I don’t really have the time. The list above is just a small selection so add on in the comments

(Also the next four Month of Music posts will all be about women and one female fronted band and her solo project)

im tired of seeing pictures of furbies with like cigarettes or joints in their mouths but im still into seeing furbies with knives 



and it just gets even funnier since hE ACTUALLY TAKES THE PICTURES AS WELL, they didn’t just play that line as an empty joke

I will also have endless gratitude for the fact that in YoI a male character can call another male character sexy and compared to the line above it’s not put there for the laughs either but rather as an observation completely freed from the tired no homo cliché 


they are both so pure and good while still maintaining the complexity of their relationship intact. We have been blessed ????

Well, you’ll break his heart and he’ll break yours. But you won’t forget each other, even if one day you walk past him and neither of you acknowledges it. That’s the thing about first loves, you never forget them, they are the only person who gets your whole untouched heart. They get all the love you’ve saved up for this moment and they get to keep it forever. You may never speak again but you can guarantee that you can still picture his eyes looking into yours as he said those three words, the way he kissed you afterwards and couldn’t stop repeating those words over and over until you were both too tired to speak. However you’ll also always remember the last time he said those three words, and told you that he was going to come back for you, the way he made you believe that a happy ending did exist for both of you. Those memories will come back to you in waves, all the firsts and all the lasts, the good and the bad, but what’s important is the fact that your first love is just that, the first but not the last.
—  from me to you

BTS Social media AU: Tumblr version

Where Jungkook takes too many photos of his dancer boyfriend, Yoongi still insists that he’s not Taehyung’s sugar, Namjoon asks Seokjin to take too many “aesthetic” pictures of him and Hoseok is just TIRED™ to be the only one single in this crazy bunch of lovebirds


@rookbodhi hello! I swear those are dumplings, even the one speared on Jyn’s sole chopstick. I also have no idea how to link your post to this, so I’m going to reblog that in a sec. Extra rambly text under the Keep Reading!

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Head cannon about Junkrat, Roadhog, Reaper, Soldier76, Zenyatta, McCree, Genji and Hanzo raising babies/children?? That was a lot of characters, whoops.

~I only do up to 5 characters so I’ll just do the first five. Feel free to send another request for the others/more. 


  • Their first word was ‘Boom’ Junkrat was ecstatic. Roadhog wasn’t. 
  • Junkrat is the baby’s uncle. Roadhog didn’t have a say and doesn’t particularly mind. They both have a lot of energy, if he can tired them both out together it’s killing two birds with one stone.
  • There’s definitely pictures of the baby sleeping on his stomach. Junkrat took thousands of pictures of them.
    • The baby’s first bomb: It’s only a toy that lets out confetti but Roadhog still looks terrified.
    • Their first steps: Toward Roadhog. They landed in his arms.
    • The day they created their first weapon: It’s an older model of Roadhog’s hook in a launcher. It was modified to shoot the hook and to shoot bombs on another setting. Junkrat and Roadhog are proud of the kid’s ingenuity.
  • The fridge is overloaded with their drawings and grades. In the later years, he stores the older ones in the attic. The attic is full of memories. 


  • His baby’s first language is Spanish because it’s the language he speaks most often. Their first word was Mío (Mine). They quickly learned the word ‘No’ after that. 
  • One of those parents that hand makes their kid’s Halloween costumes. 
  • The teachers fear him. If his kid is in trouble, he’s down at the office immediately ready to raise Hell. 
  • The PTA Mom™. He’s got the whole place on lockdown. He doesn’t get along with anyone but no one dares to try and tell him he’s wrong about what’s best for the children. 
    • Makes the cookies for the meetings. 

Soldier 76: 

  • Their first word was ‘da-da’ He cried when they said it. 
  • He’s got billions of home movies of his kid. They’ll be embarrasing blackmail later but honestly, he just likes filming their smiles and laughs. 
  • He’s tired. Someone give him a nap. I can only imagine him with the most hyperactive child to counterbalance him. 
  • He’s not the best when it comes to emotionally connecting to his kid because of how gruff he can be but when it comes to expressing interest, he’s got it down to a science. 
    • His kid likes this new thing? He knows all about it in two days. 
    • New TV show they’re obsessed with? He’s all caught up. 
    • New video game? He’s not good but he can play. 
    • New sport they want to try? He’s at all the games. 


  • Zenyatta’s baby took a while to speak. He started getting worried. They said their first word in Zenyatta’s garden. It was ‘Flower’ He melted.
  • He lets them ride in his lap and loves to hear them giggle as they float around. They fall asleep in it often too. He loves to feel their heartbeat against him.
  • A big fan of fluffy onesies with animals on them. He likes to play with their little feet. 
    • Also a fan of overalls. 
    • and footie pajamas when they get a little older.
  • They remind him of how wonderful humanity is. The world is still full of surprises for him and double the amount for them. Watching them learn about the world and seeing their wide awe filled eyes is easily his favorite thing.


  • Their first word was ‘uh oh’ when they caused a big mess and McCree couldn’t even get upset about it. 
    • They’re a clumsy kid in general. They had a lot of bumps and bruises all the time. A few scars here and there. Nothing major. 
    • McCree is constantly scrambling to keep up with them. 
  • He’s the parent that always leaves his baby in a diaper and just let’s them run around without anything else on. 
  • 9 out of 10 times when he’s missing his hat, his kid has it. They like to dress up as him. He has pictures. 
  • A family cook out kind of dad. Makes the best burgers and plays sports with them if they like to. The cook outs have everyone over and the kid gets to sees the other overwatch members and play with their kids. It’s a fun time for everyone. 

(Requests are open!!)


Din Has Chosen - 2007 vs 2016! 

Term just ended so I thought I’d bring you all some End of Term Ganondorf (while also making myself feel better about my growth).



I got through 7 of them and i’m already tired bahaha. I‘ll count this as a round 1, that’s all for tonight folks! (stream is still going, just done with these doodles)

Featuring SciSet, Rarijack, and… Twi…Light? What even would I call a Twilight/Twilight picture

Because I have nothing new to show I present you some old stuff.

I made this around a year ago, but I am still so proud if it. Drawing in the style of Alfons Mucha can be tiring, but is also a lot of fun, and it’s such a beautiful art style o.O

Midna is my forever and always favourite character out of all games ever.

I am planning on doing some more Art Nouveau-ish pictures in the near future~

That one picture of Orsino made me think about how cold a lot of places in Kirkwall have to be during the colder season, and do you know where else it’d be really cold? At Anders’ clinic. He can burn fires and braziers all he likes but the fact is, that place is not built for retaining heat, and it’s right next to the massive openings to open air so. 

PLEASE darling feathermage go do whatever important reading/writing business you’re doing someplace warm like, say, in front of Hawke’s fireplace. <3 

How they’d text you [BTS]

Disclaimer: Of course this is just my personal opinion but enjoy.

I feel like Jin would not use predictive text, although he wouldn’t be completely punctual he wouldn’t shorten words unless he was tired or a little busy. He’d definitely be a regular texter, though, mostly sending you funny pictures or jokes he’d come up with. If something particularly funny happened that day you’d be the first to know. He’d definitely send you little cheesy paragraphs when he’d particularly busy and felt as if he needed to remind his princess/prince he’s still thinking about them. Also anything you said that he found cute or funny would most likely be shared with the boys, whether you liked it or not.

Yoongi probably isn’t big into texting and certainly wouldn’t be one to start a conversation, I doubt he uses predictive text either. He’d probably only text you to ask you to come over or to grab him something while he’s busy and even then he’s more likely to call you than text you because he loves to hear your voice, not that he’d ever admit it. He’d text you asking about your day from time to time when he’s really busy and remembers that somewhere his significant other is on their own probably thinking about him too. So to show he cares he might on that occasion send a text first. Definitely not afraid to doubled or triple text you if he’s not busy but is 100% a slow replier either way.

Hobi, on the other hand, is probably big into texting, if he hasn’t seen you that day he’d want to know absolutely everything about how you spent it. He’d ask for pics of what you got up to and would definitely send random selca’s because he knows you like to see his bright smile when you didn’t get the chance to see it in person. I can completely see him as the person to send you links to websites he found interesting or funny because he wanted to share it with you, and when he’s finished with a dance he’d send you a video so you can see what he got up to whilst he wasn’t by your side. Unlike Yoongs he’s probably a speedy replier.

Namjoon is the type of person to leave you on read for about five minutes before actually replying, or will by typing for ages only to respond with a few words. Will, 100% send you good morning texts every day because he’s awake before you and wants to remind his Jagi that they’re loved and appreciated, they’re the first thought and the last thought. At random points, usually late at night, he’ll send you deep questions and although you’re tired you’ll always enter long debating sessions with him because he’s not always the quickest responder so you use this opportunity to get speedy replies. Plus deep joon always brings out sides to him he usually leaves in the dark so no matter how much you think you know him, 2 AM texts usually make you reconsider.

Jimin is the one guy to respond within seconds of you sending the message until you’re actually texting him something important, then it’s Russian roulette with the read recipient. When its been about two minutes and you’re still standing in the shop waiting for a response to your question of whether he wanted a bag of sweets or not it’s then that you have to call him and hope he’s not in the middle of dance practice. Chim is the go-to guy for selca’s though because he’ll give them to you before you’ve even asked, most mornings will start with a sleepy Jimin selca and a good morning to which you have to respond with your own pic otherwise he feels it’s unfair. He’ll be the guy to send a million x’s and be pouty if you send even one less than he did.

Tae is probably the most frequent texter out of all of them, emojis are a must and even if he’s got nothing to say your phone will be blowing up with pointless things that make you smile. Your chats are like an Instagram feed as you get sent pictures of his food, outfit of the day and of course sleeping members. If something funny, bad, good or even low-key boring happened within the last few minutes he’s typing the ordeal into your chat. He’s probably like Jimin, replying within moments and when you’ve failed to do the same unhappy emojis will cause you to do so. Heart emojis are usually sent after most texts but he always forgets to so quickly sends one after he remembers and you’re probably the one to say good morning because you know he squeals and gets all happy about it. Will definitely text you even when you’re sat right next to him.

Kookie is probably the laziest replier of them all, he loves texting you though because when he’s on tour or not with you for longer than he thinks necessary he’ll pull up your chat and scroll through all your old messages. He’s probably got millions of screenshots of conversations between the two of you that he had meant to send to the rest of Bangtan but got distracted and never got round to it. He’s got the first texts he sent you still saved in his phone and has a special folder for the cute things you’ve sent just in case they’re too much effort to find. He definitely sends you multiple pictures he found funny or relatable and will only send selca’s when you ask for them. Will be super sassy over text but in person, he’s a little shyer around you because you make him turn into a little school boy all over again. 100% will use the ‘send nudes’ meme to try and get them out of you.

But You Didn’t (Home)

Broke up a year ago, our suitcases got swapped and why do you still have a picture of us together?

Frosting war and now we’re making out on my kitchen counter


Uh. Yeah so, I’m just now kinda going through a breakup. I don’t really feel sad about it? Cause it was beginning to become very one-sided and. I’m just so tired. I was tired of him always ignoring me, blah blah blah. So yeah. This is gonna be sappy and angsty as all hell so. Woo.

And a message to every living breathing person out there. If someone is treating you like shit, is treating you like they don’t care about you, talk to them. Figure out what’s going on. Sometimes, they’re truly not doing it on purpose. Sometimes, they’re not the one. And I know that hurts to say, but you will date people who are not the one.

Quite like this asshole who I was with. So yes. If you’re with an asshole, like I was, run, run far away.

Anywho, onto the Finnegan

Tags: @moxtiel and @nickysmum1909 bc THEY REQUESTED THESE IDEAS AND YEAH I COMBINED THEM as per-usual, sue me. And tagging @hardcorewwetrash @fuckyeahbulletclub and @darlingkatrina MY FRIENDS, MY PARTNERS IN CRIME, MY LOVELIES, YES ILOVE THEM. Also tagging @helluvawriter @imagines–assemble @alexispoo @caramara3 @itsaminionthing  AND ANYONE ELSE WITH FINN FEELS. Just shoot me an ask or message if y’all wanna be tagged in my stuff. 

Me: *Is 2 pages in* 

Also me: *Sobbing uncontrollably.*

Admittedly, I am slightly intoxicated as I write this, I will fix my mistakes through editing, but if I miss something, ya know. Ya know why.

Warnings: It’s gon’ be sweet, sweet love making. That’s right ladies and gents. I’m writing smut. That isn’t rough. I know, it’s a shocker. A real brain teaser. DO YOU KNOW HOW LONG IT TOOK ME TO ACTUALLY WRITE SWEET SLOW LOVE MAKING WOW OKAY I HAD TO BACKSPACE HAIR PULLING ABOUT… Okay, more than I probably should have. But yeah. Yeah. I DIDN’T WANT THIS TO BE DIRTY, DIRTY SEX (my subconscious did but I did not let it win.). It’s beautiful and supposed to make you cry. (But Finn is def still in charge.) Yes. I DON’T THINK I EVEN USED ANY CUSS WORDS IN THIS, THAT IS HOW MUCH FINN LOVE MAKING MEANS TO ME, OKAY ANYONE WHO KNOWS ME KNOWS I HAVE THE MOUTH OF A SAILOR.


You couldn’t breathe. You didn’t want to have this dream anymore, you didn’t want to remember.

“Why can’t ya ev’r just say it,” he spoke, his words filled with malice. “I can’t deal wit this forev’r, ya know dat?” It was the same fight. The same fight you had every night since he had told you. Tonight, it started when Bayley, bless her soul, brought up why we weren’t living together yet. You simply said you weren’t at that point in your relationship yet.

Those three words, three words that ruined every little piece of happiness you had. You wanted to love him, you really did.

But you couldn’t let yourself be hurt again. You couldn’t let yourself be vulnerable with someone. You had been hurt enough by your own father, a flurry of step-fathers, and a few ex-boyfriends here and there.

“Finn, I’m tired,” you spoke, tears threatening to spill from your eyes. You loved him. You did. But you just couldn’t take getting hurt. “Can we please, please,  just take a break from this tonight?” You mumbled out, standing from your spot on the couch to go to your shared bedroom.  His hand reached out, gripping onto your wrist.

“I can’t keep waitin’ for ya to one day, maybe, fall in love wit me,” his voice started to crack. You could see the look in his eyes, the way the sides of his lips twitched, his eyebrows furrowed with despair. He didn’t deserve this. He deserved someone who loved him.

“Then leave,” you whispered, pulling your hand away. His eyes bore into yours, looking, waiting for you to take it back.

The next few minutes was a flurry of silence and him grabbing his things, staring down at the shirt you had on your body, his shirt, before grabbing his keys. He stood at the opened door, waiting for you to stop him.

But you didn’t.

You shook yourself awake, tears threatening to spill from your eyes. Normally you were alone, normally you were allowed to cry yourself back to sleep. You couldn’t exactly do this on a plane. The oversized plane had already begun its descent. You looked around you, eyes landing on Finn. You heart clenched in your chest, before your eyes flicked away.

Since the breakup, you had avoided him like the plague. Which was very hard to do considering you worked for the same company. You leaned your head back against the seat, closing your eyes, telling yourself that he didn’t want someone who couldn’t say they loved him. But you do. Your eyes shot open, ignoring the thought.


You shifted your feet, as you watched the baggage carousel go around for a second time. You huffed, patience wearing thin. You heard a chuckle behind you, your body immediately tensing up at the sound.

“Still as impatient as ev’r,” you missed the sound of his voice. It echoed in your ears, your eyes avoiding contact. You threw a quick ‘mhm,’ his way, your eyes straining for anything that looked like your bag. He huffed out a nervous chuckle. “How’ve ya been?”

“Good,” your voice cracked, this being the first time the both of you had talked in a year. You could feel your heart breaking, his mere presence feeling like home. You told him to leave. This is your fault. You cringed as the thoughts came exploding from every direction. “How about yourself,” this time spoken quieter, as to hide the obvious break in your voice. Your eyes wandered his way, immediate regret filling you as you got a glimpse of his face up close.

God, he was beautiful.

He scratched at the back of his head nervously, ducking his head a bit, before looking back over towards you. “Been doin’ okay. Survivin’,” Every nerve in your body was screaming for you to just be honest, stop being stubborn. You weren’t okay, you weren’t happy without him. Your eyes focused on the familiar black bag making it’s way around, you reaching forward to grab for it. Finn went with you, an almost identical black bag next to yours. You could feel the tears threatening to fall, retrieving the bag quickly before almost running away. He called your name once or twice, pleading with you to turn around and just look at him.


You threw yourself onto the hotel bed, hands gripping at your hair as you held back a wail. You weren’t sure if  you could survive another day of this, another day of seeing him. You wiped angrily at your eyes, before standing and moving to your suitcase. Whenever you had gotten like this, you put on the shirt he had left you in, the scent on it gone.

Your eyes widened as you opened the bag. Your breath stopped. This wasn’t yours. This wasn’t your bag. You didn’t even have the heart to search through it, your tears pouring down your cheeks.

Your heart was breaking. You didn’t care about your clothes, any of that. His shirt was gone. Along with the pictures you had kept hidden, the best year of your life, gone in an instant all over again.

Your knees curled up into your chest, before leaning your forehead against them, as you tried desperately to catch your breath.


I sighed, annoyed with myself for letting her get away before I could just talk to her. Ya’re the one that walked away, ya knew she ‘ad been burned in the past why couldn’t ya just let it go? I groaned, wanting nothing more than to just go to bed. I ripped open my suitcase, surprised when it was filled with bras, panties, and well. Clothes that would probably be a bit small on myself.

I dug through the bag, hoping to figure out the true owner and hopefully switch with my actual bag. In one of the pockets was a worn envelope. It had a few tears, and what looked like a few water stains. I pulled it out gently, my heart stopping as I looked at my name, written in her handwriting.

I practically ripped the envelope open, pictures falling out as I did. My hands were shaking at this point, as I plucked one of the pictures from the floor. My palms grew sweaty as I picked pictures up one after the other, each having a small message scribbled on the back. One picture remained on the floor, I let out a shaky breath before picking it up.

It was a shitty polaroid I had taken. She had been sleeping, and god, she had looked like an angel. I had wanted it to just be her, but the grip she had on me, I was forced to be in it with her. It was the moment I had realized I loved her. It had been another day on the road, another hotel room bed, a few more days before we had a week off. Her presence made it better, made it worth not only the good days, but also the draining days. I remember writing ‘Home is where the heart is,’ chuckling a bit as I saw it scribbled on the bottom. I flipped it over, expecting there to be another message like the others, something she had missed about me. My heart dropped as I looked it over.

You’re my home.

My breath hitched in my throat, my eyes floating over the words again and again and again.


Your phone buzzed next to you. You released the hold of your knees carefully, before seeing a message from Bayley.

What room are you in?

Your eyebrows furrowed in confusion, before you texted back a quick, ‘207, gimme a few minutes before you come up.’ You waited a few seconds without a response, before throwing your phone onto the bed, standing up to look over yourself in the bathroom. You groaned, pulling on your cheek a bit, your eyes now red and puffy from crying. You splashed some cool water on your face, before grabbing your makeup bag, applying a bit of foundation to hopefully cover the fact you had been upset. You sighed in defeat, the sound of knocking filling your ears. You moved towards the door, pulling it open with a smile.

One that quickly faded as you saw Finn standing there. “I tink we switched bags,” Your eyes flickered towards his hands, seeing the familiar black bag. You threw him a small smile, before falling back into your room in order to get his. He followed after, closing the door behind himself. You were doing a good job of keeping it together, zipping the bag back up, before handing it to him.

His fingers grazed your hand gently, before both bags were dropped, his hand pulling on your wrist. Your eyes focused on the hand holding your wrist, eyes widening. You made no attempt to pull away, but you refused to look up at him, knowing the dam would break the second you did.

Please just look at me,” you could hear his voice breaking, your eyes slowly moving to meet his. His eyes shook as he stared down at you, the grip on your wrist tightening a bit.

“Finn, let go,” it came out as a half-hearted whisper. He shook his head a bit, fingers moving to catch any fallen tears coming from you. You bit down on your lip, moving to look down at you, before those same fingers rested gently on your chin, forcing you to look up at him.

“Listen to me,” he spoke, refusing to break eye contact. “Ya’re it for me,” while his voice was quiet, it was firm, as if he was stating a well known fact. “Ya are tha one I’m going ta marry, ya are tha one I’m gonna start a family wit, ya are the one and the only one.” Your heart was beating a mile a minute, as his eyes flickered to his pocket, pulling out a picture. You gasped a bit as you stared at it, before going back to look at his face. “Ya are it for me princess, ya’re my home,” he began tracing gentle circles into your wrist, waiting for you to pull away. “I know ya scared. I’m scared too, I don’t need ya to say it, I can wait forever if I have t-”

I love you,” you whispered, worried your voice would give out at any second. Every voice in your head that had been screaming at you suddenly vanished. He stared at you, processing what you had just said, before his lips were pressing against yours. You could feel them shaking as he pulled away, forehead pressed against yours as his eyes beamed into yours. “I’m so sorry,” another whisper as the tears became uncontrollable. His hands wrapped around your cheeks, as he shushed down your tears with small whispers of ‘it’s okay.’

“I’m sorry for leavin’ ya,” he whispered, placing a small kiss against your lips before you could interrupt him. “Ya weren’t ready, I shouldn’t ‘ave gotten mad at ya for not bein’ ready. I was the arse,” You let out a small laugh, lips finding his again. God, you missed this. You missed him. Your body immediately reacted to his touch, arching into his form.

“Finn,” you begged in between kisses, watching the way his eyes darkened as you continued. “Make love to me,” heat ran to your core as you spoke, that being the first time you had ever called it that. Love making. He groaned against your lips, before backing the both of you towards the bed. A deep blush passed over your cheeks when all the urgency from earlier kisses stopped. He tugged his shirt over his head, before slowly bringing yours off.

After you had tugged your own pants off, he stared in awe. His breath hitched in his throat as he slowly pulled you closer to him, rubbing his hands slowly up the small of your back. Slow, shaky kisses were placed on your collarbone, as he whispered small ‘I missed you’s,’ into your skin. Your fingers traced down the back of his neck gently, taking in the feel of his lips against your flesh.

You gently  pulled his hair, forcing his head back to your lips. A whimper escaped your throat as his hand snaked its way into your panties, rubbing small circles into your clit. His name bounced off your lips as he snuck a finger into your heat, relishing in the sounds of your quiet noises. He groaned against your lips as he sunk another finger in, your pussy already clenching down on his fingers from the lack of attention it had gotten in the past year.

“Don’t ya cum yet princess,” he muttered against the small of your neck, placing small, loving kisses to the now reddened skin. “Gonna cum wit me like a good girl, aren’t ya,” another whimper as you held your ground, refusing to let the bubble already forming burst. You nodded your head quickly, biting down on your lip when he pulled his fingers from you. A deep groan left his throat as he sucked on his fingers, missing the way you tasted.

His hands pulled your panties down slowly as you worked on removing your bra. His lips immediately latched onto your breasts as you revealed them. He leaned himself up as he removed your panties, sucking in a deep breath as you lay nude in front of him. He quickly stripped himself of his boxers, looking at you for approval. A small nod was the only answer he needed, as he pushed himself into your heat, groaning at the way your pussy wrapped around his cock.

Your fingers dug into his biceps, adoring the way he filled you. Your eyes snapped shut, as he stretched your walls. Your name tumbled off his lips as he commanded you gently to look at him. You opened your eyes, the second they were fully open, his hips bucked into yours, a surprised moan leaping past your lips as he started his thrusts, slow yet deep.

“Still take m’cock so well,” he groaned out, a bead of sweat forming on his head as he tried to control his thrusts, wanting to stay in this moment for the rest of his days. You whimpered out a small, ‘no one else,’ before your words turned into noise, and begging for him to go faster. “Yeah? No one else could touch ya like dis, make ya feel like dis,” he huffed out, a small smile forming on his lips as you began to unravel under him. “I love ya,” he spoke out, a small breath passing his lips as his eyes bore into yours.

“I love you,” you spoke back, your head falling back into the pillows as his hips began to thrust into yours at a faster pace. A deep groan echoed against the walls, before his lips found yours again in a sloppy, heated kiss. Small commands of ‘say it again,’ were pushed against your teeth as your tongues clashed together. “Finn,” you moaned out as his kisses drifted against your throat. “I love you,” you felt him smile against your throat, small nibbles being placed there.

His thrusts grew erratic, the bubble that had long been forming ready to pop at any moment, any moment he commanded. Hot kisses were peppered onto your chest. “Now,” it came out as a grunt, your nerves tingling as you did as told, finally letting go, his name ripping itself from your throat. Strings of cum filled you, his hips stuttering as you clenched around him.

He pulled out slowly, almost instantly taking you in his arms as he lay beside you. His pressed kisses onto your forehead, cheeks, nose, every piece of flesh he could reach without you moving away from him. His lips finally found yours, love being poured into it. His forehead rested against yours, the kiss slowing down. His fingers traced your face slowly, tucking a piece of loose hair behind your ear.

“‘m sorry for leavin’ ya,” his voice was filled with grief as he spoke, fingers trembling against your skin. You leaned into his touch, placing a gentle kiss to his palm. You shook your head, reminding him it wasn’t his fault. Your legs tangled with his, a small yawn leaving your lips as you rested your head against his chest, placing a gentle kiss in the skin covering where his heart was.

Your eyes drooped shut as his fingers traced gentle shapes into your hips, a small ‘I love you,’ tumbling from your lips before sleep finally overtook your senses.


A light hum bubbled in your throat as you turned the beater, mixing the few ingredients together. You pulled the cake from the oven, placing it on the counter to let it cool as you finished putting together the frosting.

“Should it be a blue cake? Or a red cake?” You spoke aloud, wanting an opinion. You smiled as you felt arms snake around your waist, a gentle kiss being placed on the side of your exposed neck.

“Why not a yellow cake,” he muttered against your neck, resting his head against your shoulder. You scoffed out, turning in his arms, beater still in hand.

“We can’t have a cake the same color as the house,” you muttered, kisses the tip of his nose lovingly. “Too much yellow,” you dabbed his nose gently with the beater, a trail of frosting being left behind.

“I like our yellow house,” he pouted a bit, reaching a finger down to the bowl, before wiping it on your cheek. You giggled out, now taking a handful, before smearing it across his face, moving to run, before his arms wrapped around your waist, pulling you back into him as he placed playful kisses on your face, frosting smearing against you. You giggled against his lips, as he picked your body up, placing you on the counter. His lips moved against yours in a heated kiss, your frosting covered hands tangling in his hair. You groaned as you felt his hands on your chest, before he moved his head down, licking the frosting from your now exposed chest.

“Finn, people are going to be here in an hour,” you whimpered, as he moved his hips against yours. He chuckled into your breasts, before whisking you away, towards the bedroom.

“Better get ya cleaned up, ay?” He chuckled, shutting the door with his foot. Your laughs filled the air, mixed with his deep chuckles, cleaning yourself off, before sneaking back to the kitchen, leaving a breathless Finn behind. Everyday was a blessing to him, always worried when the commitment would become too much and you would leave.

But you didn’t.