still not the weirdest part of the series

My (biased) guide to Big Finish

If you’re a newcomer to Big Finish, it can be confusing and incomprehensible. So many audios, many of which very expensive, make the whole thing rather baffling. So if you want to stick to the very best arcs and storylines when beginning, here are my recommendations. I will only discuss audios that are very good in my eyes (hence the biased part) or vital to their story arcs, because I haven’t listened to everything (who has the time/money?) and don’t feel like typing everything out.

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ummmmmm I know Halloween was yesterday but I just had a weird little thing FREEZE MY BLOOD

We always keep our master bathroom door closed, because there’s a bunch of stuff on the counter in there that the cats might fuck with. I’m home alone tonight….. and just before I ate dinner I walked past the bathroom door and noticed I’d left the light on inside. I never do this, like, ever, so I paused and thought it was weird, but no big deal, opened the door again and turned off the light.

You guys I just went back there AFTER eating and the light was on inside the bathroom again. I don’t even think I. went back in there???? I mean I go in and out a lot admittedly and don’t keep super close tabs but when I saw that light glowing around the edges of the door I had a fight or flight response that stopped me in my tracks!! I’m typing this because I survived saying ‘OK???’ and opening the door and turning off the light again, but man. that freaked me ouuuut

Maybe the weirdest part is that I particularly remember the first ‘that light is still on?’ incident because I was just thinking about old spooky stories I’ve written and there was one about doppelgangers, and while reaching in to turn the light off I thought ‘lol what if there’s some me from another dimension still in there and she sees my hand creeping in to turn off the light and screams’


the weirdest part about this is i feel so empty now. like it didn’t feel like the series finale until the last five minutes and even then i still have no idea how to feel and all i can do right now is cry it out. i guess for some reason part of me didn’t want korrasami to be canon? (or anything really for that matter) and i feel like a shit person for feeling that way because i used to be so into shipping and everything and now that’s all just gone. and the fact that people are straight-up harassing others over that last scene is not okay. nothing’s okay right now.