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honestly… some of y'all aren’t aren’t bothered when it comes to relationships and love and that’s awesome for you. but at the same time… some people do wanna be with someone. it’s a completely natural human desire and allah literally made us to feel this way, he created us in pairs and all that. everyone’s hearts are different and some people don’t care about that kinda thing but others do feel lonely and yearn for a companion. there’s no need to shame or mock people for wanting something just because you personally don’t want it! you aren’t superior or more mature because you don’t care about marriage. it’s something that is halal and is even encouraged in islam, jus let people be mushy in peace lool


i still can’t believe it??!? i was so nervous and anxious since i got the information i may not make it because i was on reserve list. i couldn’t sleep, i couldn’t eat, i was so stressed out. the final results were supposed to be out today/tommorow and just a moment ago i saw that the recruitment page updated and i i got in???!? i’m so happy and relieved

huge thanks to everyone who helped me get through this stress i love you


Number request for anon for Seb - 51 “I’m your husband. It’s my job.”

Fluff. Fun. Marriage. Surprise. Happy ending (you all know me so well). Feedback is always welcome and if you have a one shot request, storyline/character/real person or numbers request then please read here. Thanks for the request and enjoy!  My Masterlist is here. :)

You had been married to Seb for nearly a year now but you had been dating for a good six years before then so he knew pretty much everything about you and he especially knew when you were upset or stressed. Like that one time in the gym where you pretended to have a sore arm just so you could get out of weight lifting, the real reason was that you were petrified of not being able to lift them and inadvertently dropping the weights on your new shoes.

This morning you had gotten up early and went through your normal morning routine. Get up, eat some breakfast, get ready, go to the gym for two hours, come home, shower and wake Seb so he can get to filming on time. It had all been perfect until lunchtime hit.. and so did the nausea.

You work as part of the creative team for Marvel. Your based in New York which is great when Seb is filming here because this is your home, this is where you two had settled after the first two years of dating. You left your dingy country life for the big city in a heartbeat when Marvel offered you the job. It’s also how you met Seb so everything so far was going to plan and working out.

Just not today.

You walk into your office with a hand held to your forehead and see your creative team working hard on the poster for the new Marvel film they were currently filming. Setting yourself at your desk you don’t hear the sound of your best friends footsteps approaching until her naturally loud voice snaps you out of your nauseous state.


Turning to face her you put on your best fake smile. “Hey, what’s up?”

“Nothing.. I’m just curious as to why your in late and why you look like hell?” She says, placing herself on the seat in front of you. “You do look like hell.”

“I don’t look like hell! I’m just tired and don’t feel too good.” You reply, rubbing your head as the nausea and headache take over.

“Well to me you look pale and like you haven’t slept in weeks. Come on. Is it you and Seb? Are you having problems because I always didn’t like him and the way he seemed so overly obsessed with his hair. He must spend more time fixing it than on you..

“Just stop.. please. We are fine. My head is just splitting and I feel like I’m going to be sick every five seconds so can you just please be quiet for a minute?” You whisper, resting your head back onto the cushioned headrest of your chair.

You hear your friend sigh before her hand rests on your head before she pulls away again. “Your really warm too. Maybe you should just head home. I can cover and at least whatever is working on you can be sorted with some sleep or something.”

“Are you sure?” You ask, pulling all of your things into your arms and nearly running for the door. “I promise I will make this up to you!”

“Just go! We will be fine here.”

Once you get home you automatically go into the kitchen and pour yourself a glass of water. It’s in that moment that you get a notification that changes everything.

Your period is now late by six days.

Damn! You hadn’t even thought about it. You had been so busy with work and with life that you hadn’t noticed that your period was nearly a week late. It would explain your symptoms if you were pregnant but how the hell were you meant to explain this to Seb? Both of you hadn’t even mentioned kids throughout your time together plus he seemed more against the idea of kids right now than he was for them. He’s so many films to film and promote that it would just be down to you. What if this pushes your marriage too far? You don’t want to be bringing a child into the world when one parent may not even want it right now or when your marriage has only just begun.

This certainly won’t be fixed with some sleep, you think as your friends words come back to you.

You keep your phone on you as you make your way to the local chemist, buy two pregnancy tests and rush home.

Taking them out of the box you pee on both and wait for ten minutes which honestly feels like the longest ten minutes of your life. You weren’t even this nervous on your wedding day. Once the ten minutes are up you grab your phone and the tests.



You let your phone fall to the ground as the realisation sets in. Your pregnant. Pregnant!

The rest of the day feels like a blur. You wash clothes, hang them out on the line in the sun, hoover and try to keep the nerves, and nausea, at bay at least until Seb comes home.

How will you tell him? Should you make it romantic and do some dinner or should you wrap the tests up like an early birthday present? Just like magic he comes strolling through the front door with a frown playing on his features.

“That loud woman in your office told me you went home early.. well she actually said she sent you home early. What’s wrong doll?” He asks as you glance towards the pregnancy tests on the kitchen table.

Looking back up at him you weakly smile. “Nothing. I just felt a bit sick and she said I was pale so I went home.”

“You should have came and talked to me before you went.”

You can see the worry in his eyes as he sits on the sofa beside you, wrapping an arm around your shoulders and placing a kiss on your forehead. “I didn’t want you to worry plus you were busy filming.”

“Nothing is as important as you..” He whispers into your hairline and it makes the nerves in your stomach do backflips. “As for the worrying.. I’m your husband. It’s my job.

“Thanks. At least your here now.” You say, unwrapping yourself from him and going into the kitchen. You lift the pregnancy tests and make your way to the bedroom. “I think I might cook us something nice tonight. What do you fancy Seb?”

“Oh I love your Irish stew!”

“Irish stew it is then..”

A few hours later you dish out dinner and set a small rectangular box on the table between you and Seb.

“What’s this?” You hear him ask and you can almost picture the goofy smile he has on his face.

Looking up that is exactly what meets you. That lopsided goofy smile of his. “It’s a present.. for you.”

You watch him take the box between his hands, gently open it and gasp. “I-I..” You can almost see the tears well up in his eyes which only causes you to involuntarily smile. “A baby? Our baby?”

Nodding you make your way to his side of the table and sit in his lap. “I’m pregnant. I still need to see the doctor because it’s our first pregnancy but yes..” You say, taking his free hand and resting it on your flat stomach. “Our baby.”

After a few minutes of silence Seb speaks up first. “I’m going to pull out of some films this ye-”

“Don’t you dare Seb!” You exclaim, cutting him off in the process. “You love acting and anyway all I’ll be doing for the next few months is either being sick or looking like a whale and to be honest, I don’t want you to witness either of them too often.”

“Well I can at least start making dinner more often when I am home because I can’t wait for you to look like a whale.” He replies and you can hear the mischievous undertone in his voice.

“I bet you can’t.”

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so the lastest dwm has a long fact of fiction feature on the eleventh hour & apparently there's a cut scene which implies amy had a fling w/ the firewoman who the doctor stole the firetruck from (i mean you can also read it as just amy has a history of getting around & this woman is aware of it but given it's steven moffat i think it's not unfair to go for the girl/girl subtext there) so long live bisexual amy :)


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ive literally been watching the moving out vid on repeat for the past hour crying we are the same

it will always make me emotional. the fondness. the happiness. the tour of the flat. the little memories. the jumping competition. the fondness is their voices as they ask about memories. “you look half fetus-y.” “remember when we moved in?” the fond look right after phil asked that. the clip from the wardrobe. um. can you tell i’m emotional. 

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TBH I'm sad Alien Queen was shit down as Mina's hero name. She IS my queen.

Tbh same????????? Also because Pinky is a terrible name in comparision????? Just let the queen call herself Queen come on Midnight why must you be like this