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@servampzineteam omg I was supposed to post this earlier but I realized I forgot a spot LIKE TWICE. x___x and this file was so big tumblr wanted me to resize it but then it change it’s mind when I changed the file format?? I don’t know. But hey it’s all done!!! I HAVE TASTED DEATH. 

I choose Alice in Wonderland~ or “Alicein” Wonderland (I was never sure if it was Arisuin or Alicein) but the wordplay was too good for me to pass up. Also after seeing “Red Queen” Tsubaki and Heart Sakuya designs in that official art, (charm thingies? I think) for the dvd I was like “WELP I CAN’T CHANGE MY MIND NOW” I gotta do it. I still tweaked the outfits though. I also wanted to have more characters but I couldn’t because: 

1.) I only had so much time in my messy schedule to finish. TRAGIC

2.) Since the file was big IT WOULD LAG. The sai program lagged and stressed me out, cause I have NEVER had this problem before.ahh  so I had to go a bit more simpler and stuff than I wanted… Cause the more I added the slower things got. 

Also roles here:

  • Red Queen Tsubaki(he would get a kick outta beheading people let’s admit it)
  • Mad Hatter Mikuni. (Do I need to say more? He already had tea parties with Abel, drawing a super tacky outfit was fun) 
  • Rabbit Mahiru (mostly cause I just wanted Mahiru with bunny ears, but I thought this would give this universe it’s own little twist instead of having a cowardly rabbit he’s more brave?? I dunno I could explain more)
  • Snow Lily is the Caterpillar but now a Butterfly! 
  • Heart Sakuya Servant(paint the camellias red Sakuya! Hahahah~ it’s all red paint on him. I SWEAR. I wanted to have the other Melancholy members as Diamond, Spade, etc. But I had to save time and space booooo.) 
  • Also tiny Cheshire Cat Kuro. (if you can see him, haha meant to draw him in a human form but I had to settle for normal cat form ah well) 
  • and of course “Alice” Misono~ (he outfit was fun to make up. Probably my fave part!) 

anonymous asked:

How would the rest of the group react when MC and whichever guy she's with announce that she's pregnant? (Ex, if she's with Zen then how would the rest react, if she's with 707 then how would the rest react, and so on)

Hey!!! We actually aren’t really sure how to format something like this? It’s a really good request that we’d love to write but it’d the formatting would be tough for us, I’m sorry bby! ~ Admin 626

Overall, I’m sure they’d all be really happy for the two of them!!!! Because like, hello?? BABIES???? It’s their best friends having cute lil babies and that’s basically the whole thing <3 ~Admin 404

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