still not sure if this format is good but

tips 2 win a skin contest (that have nothing to do with drawing)

I’ve gotten 5 skins that have won contests since starting FR (and since I don’t enter every contest by a long shot and even took a hiatus for a year, take that as you will). The thing is, after a certain point, there are PLENTY of artists that are equally skilled and produce results where there is only subjective superiority, not objective.

Basically, art gets so good that there isn’t a clear winner and it’s anyone’s game. Stack the odds in your favor!

Here are all the things u need 2 know to have a pretty good chance at winning that don’t actually have anything to do with drawing

1. Follow the rules

You can only have two entries, and each need to be transparent 350px by 350px formats. You cannot alter the shadows or lineart, so make sure they’re there and still present. This should be self explanatory, but so many people do not do this? Ridic.

2. Make it a skin

Of the 17 pages of entries for this festival, only 37 entries were skins that cover the whole body (and some of those are from the same artist, or are very similar in design). Less than two pages worth of entires, and half of the festival winners will be skins. Would you rather try for top 7 of 37 entries or top 7 of 300? Not to mention, accents typically sell much better than skins when selling privately, and many top-notch artists hedge their bets by making accents for the festival so if they DO fail, they still make lots of money and get good advertisement by posting to the submissions thread. The skin competition is both dramatically smaller and less attractive for quaity artists to enter.

3. k. i. s. s.

Keep it simple, stupid! Don’t post a brillion detailed shots of the 300% zoom version of your work. It may look cool, but people just aren’t going to be able to see that in the final result. It doesn’t really matter. Focus on making it look good when it’s being WORN, meaning make sure to zoom out if you work with a bigger canvas so all those details you might add don’t end up looking like muddy garbage because they end up too small and blurry!

4. Minimize gimmick

Transparent sections, body and texture mods, clothing aditions etc- these are a few of the things staff typically do not look for. Can and will they get accepted? Absolutely! Is it the common winner? No, they tend to favor marking-type art, not things that push their “breed must be recognizable” additions, or art that horn in on their potential festival apparel. If you give your imp skin a pretty flowy cape and the festival item is a pretty flowy cape, good luck.

5. Small quality tips-

this miiight be drawing related, but it doesn’t actually require any drawing to do. First, don’t forget to color the lineart and tint the shading! They’re small things that you can do with a mouse if you’re smart about it, but it pulls a picture together nicely, and it lines up with the site’s style (especially not having hard black lines). Just make sure that the lineart is dark enough!

6. Observe the competition

if 90% of the skins entered are imps, don’t do an imp (unless you have a REALLY AMAZING PERFECT DESIGN THAT YOU HAAAVE TO DO because passion can go a long way in quality). Staff aren’t going to pick more that three of one breed for a festival, and even more than two is usually pushing it.

that’s it. Basically just make life easy for the staff and minimize competition.

@servampzineteam omg I was supposed to post this earlier but I realized I forgot a spot LIKE TWICE. x___x and this file was so big tumblr wanted me to resize it but then it change it’s mind when I changed the file format?? I don’t know. But hey it’s all done!!! I HAVE TASTED DEATH. 

I choose Alice in Wonderland~ or “Alicein” Wonderland (I was never sure if it was Arisuin or Alicein) but the wordplay was too good for me to pass up. Also after seeing “Red Queen” Tsubaki and Heart Sakuya designs in that official art, (charm thingies? I think) for the dvd I was like “WELP I CAN’T CHANGE MY MIND NOW” I gotta do it. I still tweaked the outfits though. I also wanted to have more characters but I couldn’t because: 

1.) I only had so much time in my messy schedule to finish. TRAGIC

2.) Since the file was big IT WOULD LAG. The sai program lagged and stressed me out, cause I have NEVER had this problem before.ahh  so I had to go a bit more simpler and stuff than I wanted… Cause the more I added the slower things got. 

Also roles here:

  • Red Queen Tsubaki(he would get a kick outta beheading people let’s admit it)
  • Mad Hatter Mikuni. (Do I need to say more? He already had tea parties with Abel, drawing a super tacky outfit was fun) 
  • Rabbit Mahiru (mostly cause I just wanted Mahiru with bunny ears, but I thought this would give this universe it’s own little twist instead of having a cowardly rabbit he’s more brave?? I dunno I could explain more)
  • Snow Lily is the Caterpillar but now a Butterfly! 
  • Heart Sakuya Servant(paint the camellias red Sakuya! Hahahah~ it’s all red paint on him. I SWEAR. I wanted to have the other Melancholy members as Diamond, Spade, etc. But I had to save time and space booooo.) 
  • Also tiny Cheshire Cat Kuro. (if you can see him, haha meant to draw him in a human form but I had to settle for normal cat form ah well) 
  • and of course “Alice” Misono~ (he outfit was fun to make up. Probably my fave part!) 

Hi, Star here, dead tired and not exactly in the mood to write a good formatted post about this theory (i’m sorry lotor)

I recently found out that Zarkon killed Lotor’s mother in a comic? I’m not sure what comic but it happened, and i lowkey hope that it’s still kinda the same now bc i don’t wanna think about haggar being his mother, but instead another altean woman who escaped with Lotor as a baby and tried to raise him on her own so that he knows love and care as a child growing up. Zarkon finds out and creates a search for her because if that’s his child he’s gonna raise them to be like him because if he ever meets his maker. he’s gotta have a #2 on handy

so like, zarkon eventually does find lotor and his mother, kills his mother, takes lotor to be raised by galra woman and trains him to become a leader like zarkon (except he probably ends up being a better one) and like… lotor doesn’t end up like what his mother had hoped he’d become

i’m… really bad at this stuff, please don’t… judge me. here, have a picture i got from a friend of child lotor watching zarkon kill his mother with his bare hands

Legacy Deck Tech: Food Chain

[you can see every deck tech here]

Hello & welcome to this weekly deck tech! This week we’re exploring part of the Legacy format with a very spicy deck that is fairly well known: Food Chain. The deck relies on a very powerful & popular EDH card that lends it’s name to the deck; it’s super sweet combo deck that is filled with value & protection. The deck does fairly well in the Legacy meta ever since it’s creation a few years ago and can be somewhat cheap, if you don’t count the dual lands. Let’s jump right into it and see what the deck is all about!

Name of the Deck

Food Chain is a very very powerful card that can easily be abused. You get to exile a creature and generate mana equal to the creature’s CMC, plus one. In EDH people abuse this card alongside Prossh to usually win on the spot for example, since it return to your command zone. In this deck the goal is to go infinite and use all that mana for really spicy things. The only downside is that the mana generated can only be used to cast creatures, so no burning your opponent’s face, sadly.

Going Infinite

This is the combo. That’s it. Deck tech’s over. With this card, you can exile it with Food Chain, gain 5 mana, cast it again from exile, exile it again, etc. You get 1 mana each time out of the deal, essentially gaining you infinite mana. It’s a really simple combo to be honest and it gets around Swords to Plowshare, which is the most popular removal spell of the format.

Going Infinite, Again

With this new addition from Eldritch Moon you can bring up your combo piece to 5 or 6 instead of 4. I don’t really see people play the full 8 since you really just need to resolve 1 of them to win. Usually people play 3 Griffin & 2 Scourge, that way, if someone plays Nevermore or something similar, you have a back-up creature. I’m not sure why Scourge isn’t played in more numbers, since it’s CMC is lower, but I think it’s mostly because Food Chain costs 3 so you’d rather be on curve with a 4cmc Griffin the next turn or something like that.

Mana Hungry Mama

This is your main pay-off card. You just slam down Emrakul, take your extra turn and crash it with that big Annihilator trigger. There is usually nothing your opponent can do about this. Plus, playing this in your main deck provides some great match-ups against Show & Tell since you’ll often just be able to cheat yours into play as well and you’ll get to attack first, meaning they’ll screw themselves over.

These Ballistas are Made for Walking

With a brand new addition from Aether Revolt, this card just does exactly what you want it to do. It adds a well needed win condition to the deck since you can just cast an essentially infinite/infinite Ballista and shoot down your opponent with it. With this card you have 2 angles you can win from and that’s usually plenty. Just get a bunch of mana and win, the deck is fairly simple right?

Early Mana

From the previous cards, you could imagine the deck being a Mono-Blue combo deck with some back-up counter that just splashes Green for the Food Chains, and while that could technically work, it’s not the best way to go. There has been quite a few iterations of the deck but what seems to be the best build is Sultai. You get access to Deathrite Shaman who generates good early mana, as well as get rid of pesky cards from graveyards. Oh, and if one of your creature gets killed you can exile it from YOUR graveyard to cast it again. What a good synergy!


You can to scour through your deck to find your pieces. First thing you need to assemble your combo, so you need to find a Food Chain & one of your creatures; then you need to find one of your payoff cards. What is essential is to dig through your deck as efficiently as possible to find those cards. Brainstorm provides that early digging to find everything you need, plus with fetches you can just shuffle away anything you don’t want. You can also run some Ponder if you really feel like it.


A card that probably only sees play in this deck, in which it’s amazing. For only 2 cmc you get to grab 3 of your much needed creatures from your deck & exile them. This means you’ll have 3 chances at trying to combo off. Plus you draw a card, so that’s cool.

Digging & Digging

Even more draw & value, this mean little bird provides some great blocking potential as well as replacing itself, drawing even deeper into your deck to find what you need. There is not much else to say about this card, it’s just really good.

Digging Even Deeper

Now this is starting to look like a Shardless Sultai deck list, which to be honest so of does. Shardless Agent is just soooooooooooo good, you get to really dig and find what you need, getting you some extra value out of it and keep drawing cards. The deck is essentially trying to get a whole lot of value out of cheap cards until it can combo, and it does that so well.

Please, Use Protection

You’re running a combo AND you’re playing blue…you need Force of Will. Come on, you have to be able to protect your stuff. If you really want to you can also run a couple Misdirection to avoid Abrupt Decay & such, but that’s entirely up to you. But there is no way around it, you need to protect your cards.

Does it Look Infected?

Since you’re playing Sultai, you sort of need to play Abrupt Decay to deal with whatever is on the other side of the table. It was really good against Miracles since it passed through the Top+Counterbalance lock, but since Top is now banned I’m not sure that Miracles will still be around that much…In any case, Abrupt Decay is still amazingly powerful in the format and is a MUST if you’re playing those colours.


That’s it for this week! The deck is fairly simple, being a value-packed Sultai deck with a sweet combo. The deck can be fairly cheap if you’re not too picky on the mana base, like without the dual lands it should be around 500$ which is very cheap for a tier Legacy deck. It’s not a SUPER popular deck, so don’t expect to face it that often, but it is putting out great results and is often seeing top 8 finishes. Anyways, I hope you guys enjoyed this deck tech as much as I did, if I missed anything let me know! I’ll see you guys next week for an EDH deck tech!

Last week I did a series of smiles and I posted a few of my favorite John Reese smiles (here and here), but there are a couple I wanted to make a special post for.

This one. It’s a tiny smile, and it’s not as much aimed at Carter as a simple reaction to the story she’s telling - giving birth to her son. And John has that look of wonder on his face as he listens to her talking about things of her ordinary life. Giving birth, the making of a family.

And this is typical John. Despite everything that has happened to him, despite years of CIA formatting, John never lost this part of innocence, and his true care for humanity and people. It would have been easy to become detached from the world, and cynical. But John is not. Oh sure, he handles sarcasm like no one, but he’s not cynical. He sincerely believes in the good in people and that the world is worth saving. He believes everyone deserves a second chance. And he still marvels as the simple tales of ordinary people’s lives.

And that is what (among a few other things) makes John one of the most beautiful heroes.

Imagine Ivar VS you (Part 4)

Summary: After a week of marriage … you still can’t stand your own husband despite he maked you feel different. But approaching battle could just change all of that.
Words: 2223

Marriage … you hated marriage. He got under your skin and you got under his. One way or another you got each other angry more often than you liked. Playing it for the people was harder than you suspected it to be. But now you where both preparing for battle you didn’t had to show off to the people like you had to do just after you married. Ivar manipulated you in ways he always got the better of the deal and it wasn’t always something you truly regreted. But being married to a viking, certainly when it was Ivar The Boneless, had his perks. At least you had one common ground, you both loved to go to battle and when you both where together discussing battleplans your advisors started to accept him as the king of this kingdom. Offcourse Ivar had to get that on point every day again and again. After a week of marriage nobody liked him, not even you and he still acted like the spoiled brad he was when you captured him … maybe you should kept him down there and worked out something else to safe your kingdom.
‘Let me guess, you are thinking of ways to kill me.’ He pulled you out of your thoughts. You lifted your chin from your hand and looked aside to him, his amused grinn annoying you.
‘Something like that.’ You murmured, looking back before you, waiting for the scout to come back, or for someone who could safe you from him and this dress.
‘And?’ He asked curious, leaning in on you from out if his chair. You turned your head, looking into those sharp bleu eyes who closed into you.
‘I didn’t decided,’ you felt silence, the corner of your mouth slipping up a bit. ‘yet.’ You followed. Taunting each other half the time make dit mostly barable to be around each other.
‘Hmm.’ He looked down to your lips before gazing back up to your eyes.
‘You don’t want to kill me?’ You asked him right back. He tilted his head as an reaction.
‘Why would I want to kill my wife?’
‘Maybe because you want to take over my kingdom?’ You suggested. It was like that idea popped up for the verry first time, his eyebrows got up and he looked back at you surpriced. After a week you could tell when he was lying or not, now he faked it all.
‘Maybe I just like the way you act around me.’
‘That’s just it,’ you closed a little more in to him. ‘an act.’ You wanted to get up but he wrapped his fingers around your throat, pulling you back in your position earlier, squeezing it tight. You clenshed your teeth together, frustrated about his dominance. But it had something else to it to, something desirable. You looked over his face, feeling his warm breath temping your skin. He didn’t force you, he just maked that ultimatum again. You passed those last few inches and kissed him. No tender, no love, just a raw heated kiss.
‘My queen.’ Somebody announched. You pulled away and turned around to the scout hessitating in the doorway of the throneroom.
‘And your king, or did you miss the fact I’m sitting here.’ Ivar pointed out. You rolled your eyes, smiling more friendly to the scout than you ever would do for him.
‘My king.’ He greeted Ivar not so enthusiastic like he did for you.
‘What news?’ You asked. The scout looked away from Ivar, pointing all his attention to you.
‘The army is approching.’ He announched. You nodded and looked back aside to Ivar.
‘Suit up prince charming, you got a war on your hands.’ You faked a smile before getting up, facing this threat as the queen you father wanted you to be, with a sword and an army.

You felt like your old self again, before you got that crown, before your father died. You felt invincible when you suited up with that armor, shoving your sword in your belt. You felt confident, ready for battle, ready to win that kingdom of yours his freedom. When you walked over the courtyard it was a mess of soldiers between vikings. Ivar crawled up to his chariot, all serious and concentrated. When his eyes fell on you he frowned, surpriced, impressed, drawn to maybe, by how fierce you looked. You commander approached and bowed for you.
‘Do we have a plan of attack?’ He asked you. You looked shortly over to Ivar who stilled looked at you, focused about what you were talking about. You gestured your commandor to follow you to the chariot. This wasn’t a game to play, there wasn’t any time to taunt him by keeping some secrets. You needed to work together, for the first time since you where married.
‘They don’t know I’m married.’ You began.
‘Surly somebody will spilled that detail through.’ Ivar reacted. You looked up to him and shook your head.
‘Our kingdom is builed on growing his own life supports, we don’t need to trade. The only ones leaving this kingdom are my scouts.’
‘Our?’ Ivar asked, a little surpriced.
‘You are king, right?’
‘Yes but … nevermind.’ He shook his head, a little satisfied before he went further on the subject.
‘If it is true, and nobody know we can take an advantage of that.’ Your commandor noticed.
‘I attack from the front, you from behind, get them surrounded and win.’ You suggested, looking up to Ivar who nodded slowly.
‘Nice thinking woman.’
‘You aren’t the only one with a bright mind a many victorious tales.’ You reacted on his little sarcasme.
‘You really turn me on with all of this.’ He pointed out your heavy talk and nice outfit. You chuckled, not really meaning any of it.
‘Can you bring your men around that army without being noticed?’ You asked him. His smiled darkened and he nodded.
‘I will, blow two times when you are attacking.’ He gave you a horne and you took it over, looking down to it.
‘Good, than go. I see you on the battlefield.’
‘I will ready our men.’ You commandor said, walking away to prepare your army to marched out. You looked after him before you turned back to Ivar.
‘Don’t get killed on that battlefield.’ You advised him.
‘Is that your way of saying I need to be carefull?’ He joked, leaning over the egde of his chariot towards you. You closed in, placing your lips on his.
‘I want to kill you someday, so, just be safe now.’ You whispered, lips still lingering over each other. That devilish grinn came on his lips when he pulled back.
‘You to my queen.’ He said, more sencere than he ever was, before he kicked his reins against his horse and it started to walk, his man following him into battle, your battle.

The battlefield strechted out before a forest. The enemy was large, larger than the army you had of your own. Knowing that Ivar his man lurked from behind those trees you weren’t that afraid of losing anymore. You horse couldn’t keep still while your men formated behind you. ‘You shouldn’t be here.’ Your commandor advised you. You looked aside, pushing your helmet on your head.
‘This is my fight more than it is yours.’
‘You’re the queen, what if you get killed?’ He asked. You gazed over the army, to the calvalry of your enemy standing ready for attact.
‘Ivar will take over then.’ You reacted.
‘You can’t believe he is giving about that kingdom?’
‘No, but I’m sure he will be fierce in defending it. A kingdom that doens’t fall keeps living. Ivar lives for fighting. You will be in good hands.’
‘I hope you won’t die then.’ He signed. You chuckled amused, taking the horn in your hand when you started to see the army moving towards you.
‘Let’s pray for the best.’
‘God be with uss.’ The commandor said, making a little cross over his own heart. You leaded your horse away, canter by your army that stood awaiting orders while the enemy approuched.
‘Corner them up, surround them, we don’t die today because tomorrow will be brighter.’ You yelled for all your men to hear. They baldered and you brought the horne to your mouth. Do you were afraid that Ivar wouldn’t react on those two blasts? No, one week of marriage gave you just enough to trust him. But more than else you trusted his rage more. You sounded that horne to time before you drew you sword and pointed it to the army.
‘Attack!’ You commandor shouted out. Your horse reared a bit before he started to move. And when you army started to move you saw that forest came to live, vikings running out of it while you leaded the left side of your army to the left flank of the enemy while the commandor did the same at the right. The closer you got to that army, the more you felt the adrenaline take over your body. Your horse his hooves catched more ground, in front of your army you were the first on to kick into the enemy. Your sword got his first taste of blood. The horses clashed in to each other, sounds of iron against iron heated this fight with his first deads. You got your horse through the cavalry, your sword chopping into the enemy. And when you past the riders you came in contact with the soldiers on foot causing your horse to tremble his way over them. The vikings approached from the other side, causing panic within the enemy as that wall of shields kicked in. His white horse caught your eyes, Ivar looked more dangerous than you ever saw him before. You ducked underneath a spear, grabbing it and pulling your enemy from his horse on the ground, killing him with his own weapon. Everything turned in between, the red signature flags of your army combined with the green onces of your enemy. Ivar his men ruthless cutting their way through all the green there was to find. In the little overvieuw you got you knew … you would win this battle. When you turned your horse around you saw how the enemy caught up with the multitasking Ivar needed to do. It was different fighting for him than it was for you. You kicked your legs in the flanks of your horse, pushing him forward. Withing your gallop you reached for a spear that stuck out of a dead body on the ground. You pulled it out, turned it in your fist and trew it to a soldier planning on killing that horse of Ivar so he wouldn’t have a change of moving again. You took your sword in your right hand and past his chariot, taking all the men with you on that side. You turned around a little futher, pulling out your helmet so your light braided hair fell over your shoulders.
‘Wife.’ He greeted you. You killed a soldier aside you and jumped from your horse, kicking your hand against his butt so he would run of to safity.
‘Needed some help there?’ You asked him, panting. Ivar trew his axe, hitting somebody right between the eyes.
‘I can handle myself.’
‘Sorry for asking.’ You began to fight again. Being a girl gave you a certain grace into battle, making the killing looked swifter, almost dancing. You killed more than he possible could from on his chariot. You kicked a soldier down, placing your swordtip on his throat. You looked over your shoulder to Ivar who was looking at you in a way you never saw him looking before. You smiled darkened in the same way his did when your pushed down your sword, killing the enemy underneath you feet. And that was, after minutes, hours the end of it. You pulled your sword out and looked over the battlefield covered in bodies. Not only the enemy but also  vikings, your men. You tried to steady your breathing while you shoved your sword away in your belt. The commandor approached, pulling a man behind him and you recognized him in an instant, the prince of the enemy. You gave Ivar a short glare before looking back.
‘My king and queen, the prince.’ The commandor announched, trowing the prince at your feet.
‘You married a pagan?’ He spitted blood on the ground.
‘No, I married Ivar The Boneless.’ You reacted on that. Ivar wasn’t any viking, he was lickely the best of them.
‘Never underestimate a woman, or better, a queen. It could get you killed.’ Ivar said on a low promesing voice. You pulled your sword, turning it to Ivar who still sat on his chariot.
‘You want to do the honors?’ You asked him. He smiled and shook his head.
‘All yours my queen.’ He said. Something changed in the looks you changed with each other. You gazed into his bleu eyes before turning to the prince grabbing him with his shoulder.
‘By my god and the gods of my husband, I sentence you to death.’ And you slitted his throat, followed by the balder of your reunited armies. Not only did you win this battle that endangered most of your childhood, but you won also a new alliance. But more than everything, you won the respect of the great and powerfull Ivar The boneless.

The End

anonymous asked:

I want to start doing the JPLT's starting from 5 of course. Over the summer I plan to buy the first Genki set and make use of my Lang-8 account. I found some glossaries of kanji/vocabulary and whatnot you should know for 5 online, I was wondering what else you would recommend in preparation for it and how long approximately it would take to prepare oneself for JPLT 5. Thank you!!!

Definitely practice tests. They sell an official one that has the exact number of questions as the actual exam has, but I’m sure there are others out there. Tests are generally a lot less stressful when you know what format to expect.

Past that just make sure you’re studying as broadly as possible. The lists for what to know are based on the tests given before 2010 when they used to release that kind of information. In the current format there’s no way to actually know what words they’ll be using. The Genki series is a good start on that, but I do think you should still learn from the N5 vocab lists just to add that little extra in there. If it’s not too much in your schedule you could probably do a memrise vocab course as well

Generally people can pass the N5 after finishing Genki 1, although I’m not sure how great of a score they pass it with. However you only need a 44% overall and about 30% in each section to pass the N5. So basically if you started in the next few weeks you could probably get a decent score on the December exam. When it gets around to the registration period you could take the JCAT, it’s a free online exam. On their scoring page they compare the scores to the JLPT so you’ll have a general idea of where you are and you can decide if you do want to take it or wait until the next time around.

If you haven’t already you should go ahead and start learning Hiragana and Katakana, since there are a lot of resources online for them there’s really no need to wait until you can get the textbook.

Good luck with your studies~

The Essential Everlark

A few months ago, I saw a post where someone asked for a list of essential Everlark blogs. So, I decided to make one. These are the Everlark blogs I follow, and consult, on a regular basis, but I know there are many more out there. Please, feel free to reblog and add your own essentials.

Let’s make this list as comprehensive as possible.

Automated AO3 feed for Katniss Everdeen/Peeta Mellark. The perfect place to discover new fics and authors.

Weekly prompts for Everlark drabbles. 

Use their tag search to find your next favorite fic.

Spreading joy through the THG fandom, one drabble at a time.

Keep reading

(A table of contents is available. This series will remain open for additional posts and the table of contents up-to-date as new posts are added.)

Part Two: Key Formatting Points

Dialogue is generally constructed of words and sentences spoken by individuals. The way it gets formatted in literature varies according to what language you’re writing in and the country you intend to market the book in, so I don’t really want to go over it in too much detail. If you’re unsure if you’re formatting correctly in your language, take a look around the internet for resources–there are lots! For our purposes, I’d like to focus on more general formatting.

New speaker, new paragraph.
Dialogue tags can only get you so far when trying to identify who’s speaking. You definitely don’t want to give dialogue tags to every single piece of speech. It’s exhausting to constantly read them, so the clearer you can make things, the better. One of those ways is making sure you follow the basic format of creating a new paragraph each time someone speaks. It’s very tempting to want to leave it all in one chunk, especially when characters’ lines are only a few words, but remember that your readers don’t automatically hear the characters’ voices in their heads when they read the lines like you do. They didn’t write it, so seeing something like:

“Where are we going next?” they said. “I think she went into the store.”

reads as having been said by the same person. The tendency with dialogue tags is to put them at the end of a piece of speech, where there’s a pause, action, or description. Even if you did put a tag with the second line in the example, the audience doesn’t know that second piece of dialogue is spoken by someone else until they’ve already read it and assumed it to be the first identified speaker. Clarity is important, and so is making sure you give the respect due to each person who speaks by giving them their own paragraph, no matter how long or short their dialogue is.

New subject, new paragraph.
Just like with narration, you can choose to break up your dialogue with new paragraphs, even when it’s the same individual speaking. In English, it’s done by leaving off the “closing” quotation marks at the end of a paragraph, and starting the new paragraph with opening quotations:

“I searched and searched through the desert, over hills and within the shadows of the great cacti that dwell in that forsaken place, but I found nothing.

“Four days later, a ramshackle house loomed from the horizon, sun shining through its slats. When I peered inside, the dog glanced at me without bothering to lift her head. She knew I was there, but she didn’t care.”

What’s happening in terms of formatting above is one speaker describes their experience; we leave the first paragraph open (without its closing “) to indicate that the speaker hasn’t stopped. The second paragraph opens with quotation marks to indicate quickly to the reader that the following is still being spoken and isn’t description. The second paragraph closes with its finishing set of quotation marks, indicating the end of the speech.

Separating long sections of dialogue is just as important to keeping reader fatigue at bay as it is in narration, so don’t be afraid to break things apart if you think the change in subject warrants it. Just be sure that you format and indicate the continuation of dialogue correctly, or your audience might suffer mental whiplash trying to reorient themselves to what’s happening in the story.

Dialogue tags are important.
It’s up to your intuition and stylistic sense to decide whether “said” is good enough for you. Regardless of where you stand in the great Said Is/n’t Dead battle, it’s still important to utilize tags. Dialogue tags are specifically one part of a larger sentence. “He said” is not a sentence on its own, but gets added onto a sentence of dialogue (”Turn left,” he said.) or a descriptive sentence (He said they needed a lever to get the door from its hinges.) that makes it complete. Those tags can be any kind of word that describes how something is said, and are used to help identify speakers. Of course, remembering not to be redundant in your tags is important, but it’s just as important to know when you need a tag and when you don’t.

There are a couple of situations where you can get away with not having a tag. If a conversation occurs between only two people, you can set up at the beginning of the scene who’s participating, who starts it, and then by virtue of the new speaker, new paragraph formatting, your audience can easily pick up that a new paragraph will be whoever wasn’t speaking in the last paragraph. They’ll be able to flip back and forth between the two characters with ease. One caution: If a conversation continues for more than one page, consider sprinkling in a tag or two to help keep a reader on track. It’s easy to get lost when reading a lot of dialogue, and harder still to remember where you left off if you put a book down. Do your readers a favor and put in a tag if it’s been a while.

You can also get away with omitting tags if the conversation is fast-paced and who says what is unimportant. This can be particularly true with arguments between groups of people. The amount of tags you include changes the pace of your story. The more tags, the slower the pace because the more words your audience has to read. If you need a scene to speed up, consider ways to remove and slim down the use of dialogue tags. They’re padding words. Necessary sometimes, but padding all the same.

Emphasis formatting is a thing.
Emphasis formatting is when a writer italicizes or bolds words within dialogue to signal the stress someone might place on a word when speaking. I’m not going to tell you not to do it. Sometimes it’s important. But I do think it’s overused, even by myself in my posts. I get it. Just… just be conscious of it and think about whether it’s really important to specify that or not. Whatever your style is, being aware of things is half the fight to being intentional in your writing.

Next up: Story impacts of dialogue!

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here’s a really lovely mockup of 1989nk’s title animation for the promo video/animatic series i commissioned from @requinamour !! its really simple but i hope it gets you guys as potentially excited as i am!!!

its in fullscreen 4:3 format to be accurate to the “80s anime” theme. i’m very tempted to keep it this way, unless i’m given a really good reason to switch to widescreen.

this isnt the final final version - i can’t really decide if i want to keep it with the white background or add some color+pattern to the background. the finished video will have vhs/crt filters as well.

i’m still working on the artwork to be used in the rest of the intro. i’ll be posting more drafts and works in progress as they are completed!

be sure to follow for more development updates  💕
Copy of Copy of Dan and Phil Survey idek (Responses) - Google Sheets

we always intended to make everything public, so you all could see what we were working with and Play with it yourselves if you liked. It was supposed to happen at the end of this all, before we started a new one, but because the correlations are taking so long and I am thinking of starting another survey (stay tuned), I wanted to make this public now. 

If you want to play around with it, feel free to download it as an excel document. If you want to use this for business or professional purposes, please contact us first.

a few notes about the document:

  •  It’s gargantuan. It will eat up all of your memory. It will freeze. It’s got 2 million cells, and over 25,000 responses. Be patient with it
  • Not all of the reponses are there. Although we received about 30,000 responses (technically 30,002-oops) -and were able to use those in our graphs fully- there are only about 26,000 there. It’s because we broke google forms with the number of cells of data; and then google deleted our original document-so all we were left with was out backup copy. Still good data, just less of it.
  • There were some questions where the format made it impossible to properly tabulate/ correlate. This survey was a learning experience. We won’t be making the mistakes we made with those questions in the future
  • The comments and time stamps columns are missing. some people put comments that could identify them, either irl or online. because of that, we thought it was best to delete it, to make sure everyone was safe. We deleted the time stamps column in case people took them together with their friends and didn’t want them to figure out their answers.

Thank you all for all of your support and patience as we slogged through this all. We appreciate any help that you have given us, truly.


(I will be continuing to post the correlation requests that we received already. I’m just putting this out early because I felt bad)

socialanxietyblues  asked:

To publish your book, did you use a literary agent or did you hunt down publishing houses by yourself? How does this work?

I started out looking for agents and publishing houses, but for my purposes, self-publishing just fit me better, and I’ve stuck with it for most of my writing career! It’s helped me learn how to format and market books, while also letting me keep my own style. I think it gives a more authentic experience – but self-publishing also means you need to make sure your book is extremely clean in terms of structure, typos, etc etc, which I’m still somewhat trying to comb through for all my work (but most readers, and even some professional reviewers, I’ve found, haven’t had major issues! So that a good sign!)

You need to be willing to hold yourself accountable and put out a quality product, instead of just throwing stuff out for the sake of calling yourself a published author, basically.

If you need help querying, read this post. Please note, as it’s been a while since I’ve kept up with that blog (my old blog), if you try to visit other older pages on the blog, you’ll need to switch the URL to “salexmartin.blogspot,” instead of “salexmartinAUTHOR.blogspot.” Sorry for the inconvenience!

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fave tumblr moms? ~~~~~

this is a question i would never expect 2 see in my inbox weiufjwf but hmm okay i don’t have tht many!!

woop, well obviously @mihgyu or maya bc she’s empathetic n very very soft i’ve known her for so long i feel like i can tell her anything. she always gives me lil reminders too. hhhfhfff she’s not on tumblr a lot rn bc she’s in korea i rlly miss her :((((

also @94wnd (emmy) she gives a lot of good advice n shares my essay format chat, she’s so creative n down 2 earth n also has a very comforting/relaxing aura!!

uwrhfehrf @hansolmates​ not sure if this counts but camille is like my fun vodka aunt, the kind tht lets u have dessert before supper n brings uno for the long car ride. she is always boppin n still manages 2 fic, i’m shookt!


Black-Blue (Dimir) Mill Package

I love mill. I don’t talk about it nearly as much as I want to. It is, put simply, the best mechanic without a keyword in the game. I’m calling it now. Quote, Max - 2016.
For those who are unfamiliar with this beautiful mechanic, the premise is to systematically remove cards from your opponent’s libraries causing them to lose when they try to draw from an empty library. Now, I hear you, isn’t that extremely difficult in EDH? Isn’t having 100 cards in a deck plus having only a small pool of cards to select from working against you? The answer is yes. But that doesn’t mean we can’t try! With that, I introduce to you the 1x8 package based around Black and Blue mill.

Note: For the sake of simplicity every time I refer to Grinding what I mean is “Reveals cards from the top of your library until they reveal a land. Put all cards revealed this way into their owner’s library”. It is a colloquialism I use.

Phenax, God of Deception - I’m starting here with a legendary creature for two reasons. 1: He can be your commander. 2: He doesn’t have to be. He is an enabler to the mill strategy that can work as both a backup in your 99 or leading. Additionally, when he’s a creature, that 7 toughness helps to make himself an excellent miller.

Consuming Aberration - My personal favourite card of all time, if your deck is going well, Aberration will be a powerhouse of a card. It’s power and toughness equal to the number of cards in all opponent’s graveyards, in multiplayer that will always be incredible. Additionally, with the ability to grind each opponent whenever you cast a spell, thus enabling itself further, it on it’s own can be extremely powerful. Especially if your deck is on the control side. It also has synergies with Phenax.

Traumatize - Plain and simple. 5 mana, target player mills half their deck. Incredible.

Mindcrank - Turns any damage dealt to an opponent into incidental mill, thus giving your the option to change your strategy around as you need to. It might not do anything as soon as it enters the battlefield, but there are very many creatures that can use the number of cards in a graveyard to be strong.

Keening Stone - It might not seem like a lot at first, but will only get better with time. More useful as a final blow-out technique or as a timed milling trigger than methodical, even turn, milling. Also, combos with Traumatize.

Memory Erosion - Featuring the talented actor Nick Cage, Memory Erosion punishes your opponent for doing… well… anything (except play lands). What Consuming Aberration is to your spells, Erosion is to your opponent… except it still hits them. A solid card against your friend who plays storm (yes, we all have one).

Mind Grind - This card only gets better with age. While I don’t usually like to play cards with variable costs, it’s hard to deny their raw power. Mind Grind, allowing you to grind X gives decks that run lots of mana stones, or ways of generating lots of mana the ability to rip through someone’s deck. To any other deck, all you need is 37 mana to simply win. Sure, that might be a stretch, but it’s EDH, it’s meant to be a little janky.

Mind Funeral - A bit of an uncertain card. Extremely powerful in formats like Modern, Mind Funeral won’t be quite as powerful in EDH. More lands, less effect, however I believe that the card is still very useful. More powerful than Mind Grind by default, it can be a cheap method of milling quickly.

Quick round of honourable mentions and the reason they were cut. They are a good place to go if you want to start evolving your deck:

-Nephalia Drownyard - Not a spell, a little too slow.
-Tunnel Vision - Strictly a buildaround card. It’s great if you know your opponents deck and better if you can seal a card to the bottom. Otherwise, could easily do nothing.
-Glimpse the Unthinkable -

I rest my case
-Nemesis of Reason - I would argue that Phenax is a better card, but if you disagree that’s cool. It’s also $10
-Sphinx’s Tutelage - I really don’t have a particularly good reason. I believe that it just relies on your drawing than on them milling. However, it’s a good card.
-Grindstone - Really not too crash-hot in EDH since Painter’s Servant is banned. Too slow and taps itself. Worse than Tutelage in this case

Please excuse yet another long post. If you would rather shorter articles, please contact me directly

— Max, @commandtower-solring-go

'Fix You' pt. 1

This is kinda based on the prompt I got from @5sosmukefan2015 that basically wanted sick Luke with ot4-friendshipy goodness that morphed into something I wasn’t expecting lol. I still haven’t finished it completely but I’ll be posting the next part in a few days!! Sorry for the poor formatting, I wrote and edited it all on my phone.

Michael wasn’t sure he’d ever seen Luke like this. And he’d seen Luke in plenty of compromising situations before, that’s for sure.

As he stood at the foot of the hospital bed and watched his friends chest rise and fall raggedly, he wondered how the hell he was going to explain this to Liz and Andy. A couple years ago he’d promised them he’d take care of Luke when he turned 18 and Liz went back to Australia and even though Luke was a grown man, he still felt obligated to uphold that promise. 

Looking back, he thinks he probably could’ve done a better job.

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Pardon me for asking, but how do you feel about the story and plot of conquest?

This is really a complicated question with a whole lot of different factors pulling together to make up my impression. I probably won’t get to all of them, and it’s gonna be another messy brain dump, and y’all probably don’t have time to read a manifesto anyway, but I’ll try to at least summarize or gloss over a lot of what I have.

Up front I have to tell you, I’m going to be super hard on Conquest. I feel like it started with a fantastic premise and then scrambled all of its parts into a questionable slurry. While Birthright is far from perfect itself, Conquest actually frustrated me while I was playing the game. I’ve got a fairly strong sense of being able to enjoy and play through a game without being bothered by very many trite details or plot stupidities while in the midst of it all– I got pretty into Awakening on my first playthrough, and have since then steadily picked it to pieces– but man did Conquest give me some problems.

So here we go.

Short answer: moral discord, lack of agency, questionable character narratives/elements

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You may or may not remeber some time back (read: a million years ago) I posted half a list of quotations about the appearances of the characters in good omens blah blah blah

well anyway I’ve finished and its here. There’s a really good reason behind the huge gap of time between posting the two halves and that reason is I’m a terrrible person

You may also remebmer the last post was full of horrible typos and sarcastic commentary from me and im sure you’ll be happy to hear they have been gotten rid of. well you’re just going to have to stay unhappy then because they’re not only still there there’s more of them now. also i fucked with the formatting a bit

Same as last time I probably missed a few partly because I got some of them from the first edition which is missing some of the paragraphs that were added into later editions and partly because i have the attention span of a fly.

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Any advice on writing and publishing RPG books? I've got a lot of ideas but I'm not sure what to do with them. Should I write a basic dungeon adventure first just to start out?

Originally posted by versaillesprincess

Here’s some prior advice.  And here’s some more. Read this especially!

My advice to people who are passionate about tabletop games and want to self-publish a game or adventure is two fold:

1) Make something unique to you!

Don’t write a “basic dungeon adventure” first. Don’t write a “basic” anything. That sounds boring as fuck. Write and create something you yourself would really want to play and buy.

D&D and Pathfinder and the adventures published with them will probably always be there to outsell/outperform you when it comes to bog-standard generic inoffensive fantasy. They’ve got that part of the industry locked down. So why not do something different? Like, really different!

Write a game or an adventure that’s weird and outlandish and personal and strange. Fill it with your darkest desires and your intrusive thoughts. Write something that you think you and you alone will like, catering to your specific tastes in games, both in tone and mechanics. Don’t censor yourself or hold back in any regard (that comes later, in editing).

Why? Because I guarantee you are not alone in these tastes, and by making something geared to them you will serve an audience that’s hungry for it. Whatever you do, don’t be generic or bland or make something that apes the style of a successful (but generic) game. Making something unique helps you stand out amongst the thousands of other games out there that are generic.

See Fire on the Velvet Horizon. See Yoon-Suin the Purple Land. See BREAK!! See A Red & Pleasant Land. See Día De Los Dinosaurios Muertos. See Slumbering Ursine Dunes. All of these are fantastic adventures and games that have roots in generic fantasy (read: D&D), but do incredibly unique and interesting things with them. Often things that haven’t been tried before.

You are your own unique person with your own preferences and tastes. Trust them, and make a game/adventure that’s true to that!

2) Make your game/adventure LOOK good!

So you’ve made something unique. Something crazy and new and personal and weird. Great. Now you need to make it look good, and make it easy to read/use.

See before how I was all positive, encouraging, and uplifting? This is the advice I give to bring you back down to earth. A unique and interesting new game doesn’t count for shit if it doesn’t have enough art, if it doesn’t have compelling art, or if it’s hard to read and use.

I’ve said this before somewhere that I think that art is one of the most important (and undervalued) aspects of TRPG design. To successfully sell a unique idea to people, especially if you’re not already an established creator in the TRPG community, your book is going to need art. Lots of art. Lots of good art.

The old adage “A picture is worth a thousand words” is especially true of TRPG design. Art can be used convey the following kinds of information (and much more) far faster and easier that paragraphs of text can:

  • Character appearance
  • Character personality
  • Location details and complexities
  • Tone and atmosphere of a setting
  • Intended tone of the game as a whole
  • The specifics of certain mechanics (movement, actions, attacks, spells, etc).

So few TRPGs do this, and even fewer get it right. It’s understandable why so many books don’t do this (custom art is often expensive, time consuming to produce, and arguably more difficult to make than just using text), but it is still inexcusable to not do it.

Something that goes along with this is having good layout and graphic design. This doesn’t just mean making sure your book looks ‘pretty’ (though that’s important too), it means making sure your book is easy and quick to USE, not just read.

This involves map placement, map design, indexing, hyperlinking, random table and stat-block placement, how columns of text are formatted and placed, and designing a useful table of contents. Your goal should be to ensure the following:

  • That the reader understands the ‘gist’ of your adventure and what might happen in it after the first couple of pages.
  • That the reader doesn’t have to swap back and forth between rulebooks when using your adventure.
  • That at no point should the text take longer to parse and convey that it would take the reader to just “make something up on the fly”.
  • That the reader doesn’t need to constantly be flipping back and forth through your book to get to the information they need.

TRPG books aren’t novels or magazines or even instruction booklets. They are a special kind of reference document which is meant to be used in the moment, NOT memorized entirely beforehand. Good graphic design and layout can make all the difference in this regard.

Just look at some of the thought and design that went into these LotFP books:

These useful tools are absent from almost all of the big TRPG published books where they are needed the most. As an indie publisher, they’re worth considering and will definitely make your book better.

If you want your game book to stand ahead of all the others, these are some of the best and most needed ways to do it.

I wish you all the luck in the world.

Originally posted by dallis