still not sure if otp or brotp but whatever

Hello, youthful Naruto fans and Team Gai lovers! Do you ship Rock Lee and TenTen with flaming passion? Maybe you just admire their incredible development through the series and their friendship? Or could it be that you sense a strong brotherly aura from them? … IT DOESN’T MATTER. Ladies and gentlemen, I’m very happy to announce the very first LeeTen BR/OTP Month in this website – an event for everyone who loves Rock Lee and TenTen, along the bond they share, whether romantic or not!

The celebration of Team Gai’s comedy duo will take place in November, so you have far enough time to design, elaborate and upload your projects.

As most of you like to work with prompts, each week will focus on one (that way, there will be less pressure for artists or writers). Yet, you can post your artwork whenever you want.

The prompts are the followings:

Week 1 (1st – 5th November): Never losing sight of our dreams.

Week 2 (6th – 12th November): Secret admiration.

Week 3 (13th – 19th November): We are stronger than yesterday.

Week 4 (20th – 26th November): I won’t let that happen again.

Week 5 (27th – 30th November): Glowing with cool.

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ RULES ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

General rules:

1.       Each week of the even will be dedicated to a prompt meant to inspire you in one way or another. When uploading your posts, make sure to make a reference to the year, week and prompt related to each entry.

2.       Even though it is meant for you to publish on the correct week, don’t worry if you don’t make it in time. You can still use the past prompts in the following weeks.

3.       All kinds of posts are welcomed: fan arts, editions of the source materials (manga, anime, novels, covers…), aesthetics, moodboards, fanfictions, headcanons, meta/analyses, cosplay, handcraft, etc.


1.       You can use whatever tag you want for your posts (though we recommend the ones related to TenTen, Rock Lee, brotp, otp, team Gai, and LeeTen… duh). Also, please tag all your entries with leetenmonth so they can be tracked and reblogued in the official page.

2.       Please, use the nsfw, ecchi or gore tags if necessary. Some users appreciate not seeing certain types of content or being warned about it.

3.       It would be hard to precisely separate the platonic and romantic content, so for this event we’ll be using other two tags along with the usual ones: romanticleeten and platonicleeten


1.       No plagiarism – stealing will not be tolerated. It’s ok to use the official material of the series, but not to use other fan artists content, unless you have permission to do so… if this is the case, please note that out in the description.

2.       No bashing or anti-content of any kind. Either romance or platonic supporters should be respected and that also goes for their artwork. Disrespectful comments or anti-LeeTen fanwork won’t be tolerated.

3.       No Rock Lee/TenTen ships other than LeeTen. You are allowed to add any other ship to your fanwork (NaruHina, NaruSaku, SasuSaku, SasuKarin, SuiKarin, KibaTama, KibaIno, SaIno, ShikaTema, ShikaIno, GaaMatsu, NejiHina, ChoKarui, ChoIno, etc…) as long as it doesn’t include Rock Lee or TenTen being with other characters (in a romantic way).

Poster by @dragonpinata