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Can you give us a hint on what your next theme for Inktober will be. Because your inktobers are INCREDIBLEEE

Thank you!! Posting this public ‘cause I wanna hear what you guys think~

I’ve actually had a couple ideas I’ve been tossing around. A lot of people want me to do DCtober, but my DC knowledge is pretty limited so I’m not sure. Hamilton, Star Wars, Marveltober Round 2 were also on the list. I also kinda want to do one that’s just Netflix themed, so I could do multiple shows like Voltron, Stranger Things, Marvel Defenders, maybe Trollhunters. And actually TAZtober has been growing on me…I’ve been bingeing The Adventure Zone and I LOVE IT, and designing everyone would be a nice challenge~

I don’t know, there’s still a lot of time til then. Thoughts? :)

Well time for another date story haha. I went on a date with an amazing guy two days ago. Everything went awesome ! We get along really well. We went for coffee because he had to get out of town for some business and i was meeting my friends, but even if the date was a bit rushed it was amazing. We talked since then everyday and he even mentioned that he wants to introduce me to his mom. And today i get a text that he wants to go to the beach with me for spring break (where i live it’s on may 1st) for 4 days. Now…the thing is that i really like him and we get along great, but to ask me to go with him on a trip after just one date seems a bit crazy…and i’m sure he’s gonna expect sex and i’ve never slept with anyone. The trip is a month away, but i think it’s still pretty soon. What do you guys think about it ?

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Did Kazuichi and Alter Ego end the New World Programme for Hina? I hope she will wake up soon with this...

Yosh, this should be okay. You ready too?

Yes !

*turns toward the FF members* Everything is ready. I just have to push this button to start the processus.

I see…

*looks at Hina* She really do looks like she is just sleeping and could wake up at any moment…

If you ignore all the cables around her.

A-Are you sure this is a good idea? M-Maybe we shouldn’t do it after all.

We need to have hope Fukawa, I’m sure things will be fine.

D-Don’t adress me so familiarly, I still haven’t forgiven you, you traitor…

I-Is that so?

Hmm…Sorry to interrupt you but what do I do then?

You can do it.

Okay. Alter Ego, I will monitor everything from here but you will have to do most of the work. So be ready.

Good luck Alter Ego, once again you are the one coming to our help. Thank you.

You are welcome ! I won’t be able to communicate with you all a lot when I will be inside the Neo World so I will see you later ! *waves before slowly disappearing as Souda starts the Neo World*

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also i hate how they hav already given him HUGE standards to live up to like everyone is saying how his music WILL SURELY sound like the queens,david bowie,70s folk music etc. n now everyone is gonna judge n criticize his music based on THESE standards which is very hard to live up to especially when he is still discovering his music style ugh

yeah, the wrongest thing they can do is saying things like ‘he’s like david bowie but also queen but also the biggest artists you could ever think of’ cause first, he’s not there yet, he’s great potential, great talent, great writing skills but nobody can be compared to big artists like those. they can be models, inspirations, but saying that harry is like david bowie is weird imo especially because he’s not established as solo singer and nobody knows what kind of music/ persona he’ll go for. Again, all this could be controlled, especially the narrative about his band members which bothers me way more than comparisons with justin timberlake or queen. We’ll see if once the music is out, they’ll change the narrative or at least leave the rest of the boys out of it. 

I think people need to understand the difference between not enjoying something and having a “fanboy rage” (or fangirl rage) over it.

When someone says “If you don’t like it you don’t have to see it” they probably are not meaning that in a way of “You should only go watch things you are 100% sure you will absolutely love and see no flaws in”

They probably mean it in the way of “If seeing this thing will just piss you off and make you miserable and rage, you probably shouldn’t see it”.

I won’t even frame it just in terms of others attacking DC.
Like I’ve mentioned I no longer enjoy the Marvel flicks like I used  to in large part due to the fandom.

To me, a lotof the stuff that I presume Marvel fans still see as positives I find as flaws and frustrating as hell.

Every time there’s a scene that someone or a lot of people should have been killed or injured and it’s just glossed over or ignored? That to me is a flaw and pisses me off.

Making awkward jokes that are meant to draw laughs from awful things (Example: “He’s my brother” “He killed 80 people in 2 days” “He’s adopted” To me that’s no longer funny, that’s laughing about murder. And yes some can say I’m taking crap too serious, but is that that really any more nitpicking than people upset about color coding on DC’s movies?)

The fact most of the villains actions tend to exist only to make the heroes look good. (Ultron ignores the body he wants to kidnap Widow for no reason other than to let the heroes get to his hideout before he has his body. Ronan just stops dead because someone is dancing. Aliens that don’t care about human life kindly avoid hitting buildings and causing damage)

Now, what would me going to say, Spider-Man: Homecoming accomplish? Especially since I, in particular, hate Peter Parker as a character and am sick of him as a teenager.

I really doubt I’d put together some critique  that’d actually change the minds of anyone, most would just write it off as hate from someone who would never enjoy the movie anyway.
And  they really wouldn’t be wrong.

The only thing it’d accomplish is pissing me off, giving money to something I don’t like, and at absolute best pissing off fans of the thing I dislike during a time they should be allowed to enjoy the stuff they like.

And I’m just someone who no longer likes the MCU, I’m not someone who actually believes it shouldn’t exist, I’m not someone who thinks people who do enjoy it are mindless drones (at least, not most of them), the just enjoy different shit than I do.

So how much worse is it for those who genuinely hate something so much they hate that it even exists to go review something?

pls ignore the shitty graphic i’m still learning and cba to try and make a pretty banner okay

Okay, so i recently hit 100 followers which is !!!! Amazing to me. This blog isn’t very old, and it usually takes me about a year to hit that milestone. Ganymede was created on a whim, and I wasn’t sure how successful he would be, because I’m pretty sure there are other Ganymedes that are FAR superior to my smol son. So the fact that so many of you like him is… it means so much to me.

So here’s a thing. If you are reading this and you are on this list, it is because I admire you. Maybe you are somebody I call friend, maybe we only talk minimally ooc, or maybe we haven’t interacted at all, ooc or ic. Some of you may interact with me on other blogs(mainly bringerofruin), and some only know me here.

But no matter how much or little interaction we’ve had, and no matter if I’ve been following you for a short time or a long time, I want you to know that I admire you. All of you have vastly different characters, and writing styles, and all of you are amazing. I am happy to see you on my dashboard, and I am humbled that any of you would give me a chance to write with you. And I truly mean this, because I hate false compliments, and I suck at giving them. I appreciate all of you. I am glad you exist and that, no matter how big or small, you are part of my roleplaying life here on tumblr. 

And I’m going to stop gushing now before I start crying, and actually list the amazing people who bless me with their existence. I will list multiple blogs that belong to the same person, because I am not organised lol. I’m sorry if I miss anybody, because there are a lot of you, but if we’re mutuals and I didn’t list you, this still applies so like.. drop me a line if I do miss you because I didn’t mean to. ANYWAYS. ONWARD TO THE LIST.

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'fire' was the first video i saw and jin rlly stood out to me!! tbh it was his lips that caught my attention; i remember thinking nobody could actually have lips that big lmao. but he didnt become my bias until i watched the elevator prank and he was the only who asked the girl if she was okay and im like hes so sweet?? his dad jokes basically sealed the deal, he is my ult.

i totally get that… his lips are surreal

i’m still not over this photo and i don’t think i ever will be

seokjin is honestly such a sweet, attentive, and caring person - he can always sense how other people are feeling?? bea reminded me of how seokjin practically ran to namjoon after they pulled that ‘solo or bangtan’ prank on him for ‘4 things show’, making sure he was okay.. a truly good guy

and his dad jokes really are fantastic…. never fail to make me laugh

tell me about the moment you fell for your bias

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I'm drawing like almost every homestuck character. i only have six done. Art is hard. how do you art so well

making art is hard. its hard and nobody understands.

well i’ve been drawing for like 18 years, and taking that into consideration, my improvement isn’t really anything to marvel at. But its still fun, even if I might be stuck in Mediocre Town for the rest of my life.

all the luck with your project, though. i’m sure you’ll finish it eventually.
i’ve been drawing that one beta-trolls picture for at least 4 weeks and i’m still not happy. worst thing is, by the time i lined everyone, i realized that my style changed and I had to start over again. i might even have shed a tear, but nobody saw it so it totally didn’t happen. plausible deniability.

THE CIPHERHUNT PUZZLE: Two steps forward, one step back (again).

Above: previous time on the left, yesterday’s progress on the right.  (All previous installments here.)

Yesterday we had 6 people working on the puzzle, for 3 hours (total 37), and made 140 connections (compared to last time’s 126).

Like, on the one hand, you can see the progress. We at least FEEL like we have completed more of the puzzle than not?  (I don’t know if that’s true.)  On the other hand, you can see that even more of the fucking border has been disassembled.  Although we are PRETTY SURE of the parts that are still done that are connected to interior pieces as well.

This time, we had with us a friend who just has happened not to be able to make it before.  He’s the one mentioned in previous installments who has been giving us low-level shit for not having finished this thing yet.  So it was particularly satisfying to have him sit there and actually try to do it, and witness his descent into Yellow Puzzle Hell Despair.

At one point, he was just like, “Are we SURE that this isn’t basically an ACTUAL manifestation of Bill Cipher?  And that’s why it’s so evil?”

No.  No, we aren’t sure.

but yeah as far as a “in a world with magic, disabled people don’t exist” argument goes, i just don’t buy it at all. sure magic can remedy some things, but like. with or without magic, people still find a way to live. sometimes it’s more practical to get a prosthetic that uses a lil bit of magic than it is to shell out the ridic amounts of money it would take to get a full 100% heal on something

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I'm losing a friend today and I'm hurting... He got kicked off campus so now I won't be able to see him for a long time and I just need some encouragement or I'm going to break down in tears. Gundham, Sonia, who ever you see fit.

I’m really sorry to hear that…I’m sure he is a really important person for you and suddenly losing him must be really hard.

But do not fear. If he is that important then I’m sure you will be able to stay in contact. Sure you won’t be able to see him as much as before but it’s still something.

You can use tools crafted for these kind of problem.

Exactly ! If just hearing his voice isn’t enough then use skype or things like that ! But courage, you can do it !

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Imagine being on a date with Harry but it's still early on in the relationship, like the 5-6th date or something and you've noticed that Harry's started to remember little things about you like "oh she asked for no onions m'am, I'm sorry" when your waitress brings your food out and harry knows your too nice to say anything. Not like a controlling/possessive thing but like a caring gesture

He definitely is the kind of guy to remember things, I’m sure of it. And it’s not even on purpose, he’s just being so attentive he can’t help but get caught on those little things and then remember them later. And damn you if it doesn’t make you feel that extra bit more special, because of it were any other boy, you’re quite sure they wouldn’t pay as much attention as Harry is… because that’s just who he is.

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I feel terrible! I'm a Larrie, but I'm also a Louie and I just can't be excited about Harry's projects because I know the moment his single drops everything is going to be about him and is just not fair. It sucks to see Louis is still stuck in all this bs and the minute Harry's back I feel like everyone's going to forget about the other 3. I really feel bad because I KNOW is not Harry's fault but he's not doing anything to change that perspective. Am I bad fan? Because I feel like I am 😞

I’m not sure why so many people are asking for reassurance today, and I really don’t know how being frustrated with the state of things makes anyone a “bad fan”. The way I see it, as a Larrie you HAVE to believe that Harry and Louis discuss this sort of thing. They support each other. They are the ones who have the full picture, not us. So if Harry is agreeing to promote himself in a certain way, assuming he has at least a good amount of control over what is going on with his image, then we have to assume that both he AND Louis think it’s the best way to proceed. There is no way in the world that you could believe H/L are in a long-term, committed partnership and also believe they would do anything that would fundamentally hurt each other. And, frankly, given what all four of them have been through together, I think all of them are doing what they can to support, advise, and encourage each other. AND there is only so much they can do because at the end of the day, even if they have a lot of control, none of them can say to their record label, “hey, don’t release my TV advert because my significant other is playing a music festival that day” or “don’t release it because my good friend is announcing the birth of his baby that day”. You know? There’s going to be give and take from all of them.

AND, I totally get where you’re coming from. Harry news, no matter how small, will dominate everything for a while. And Louis (even with the shitty team he’s got - at least, publicly) knows that. My thought is the other three would sit back and wait for the frenzy to die down before launching anything new. I would imagine other artists would do the same - the industry knows that solo Harry is going to make a huge splash. It’s the same with movie releases. No one wants to release their film on the same weekend the super hyped blockbuster is being released -unless it appeals to a completely different audience. 

As I said before, I take a wait and see approach to these things. I’m not in the music industry, but I trust that OT4 have the best teams they could get at this stage and that those teams know what they’re doing. It doesn’t mean we have to necessarily like it all, but my assumption is that they’re going for industry longevity while doing their best to keep true to themselves. As for Louis, I do think he’s got people advising him besides the terrible “team” he publicly is working with. And he’s whip smart. I truly do feel it will all be OK in the end AND I feel you completely that it sucks terribly that he has to go through all of this bullshit before he comes out on top. But I have no doubt he’ll come out on top at the end of this shit storm.

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hi! you totally don't have to answer this of you don't want to but i've seen a lot of jewish people using "gd" or "g-d" and stuff and i was wondering if you're christian could you use it for like to-not-take-the-lord's-name-in-vain situations, or is it like Just a jewish thing?

hm ok i am NOT an expert on this but in terms of judaism, its not totally about not taking the l-rd’s name in vain? like i know lots of ppl who will still write “oh my fucking g-d” or whatever. (im sure for more conservative/orthodox jews this wouldnt really be acceptable but yeah)

basically censoring g-d’s name in english comes from the jewish tradition of respecting holy names for G-d in hebrew and not writing them down on paper where it could be destroyed/ thrown away/ generally disrespected (some scholars also have said that this suggests we can reduce g-d down to a single means of human definition, which is not true, bc g-d is much more complex). ultimately it’s a sign of respect if that makes sense. there’s debate about whether or not english names for g-d should be censored, so it’s usually done more out of tradition and history. sorry if this is confusing lol but afaik censoring g-d’s name is a pretty jewish discussion/issue and carries a lot more history and nuance than simply not taking the l-rd’s name in vain? like again i am not an expert but i really dont think it’s as much of an issue in general christianity if that makes sense (like i have never seen discussion over censoring sacred names for G-d; like a lot of christians will say YHWH and stuff?)

so like, semi-ranty thing

as someone who has just started writing fanfiction for iasip after being here in the fandom for about a year and a half and having watched the whole series about a dozen times (maybe? i’m really not sure how many times. a lot, though), lemme just say that getting the characters right is still challenging. i’ve read pages and pages of meta and hundreds of fics for these characters and i still worry that i’m not getting their voices right bc they are very complex.

i think it’s really easy to reduce a ship like macdennis to a generic slash narrative if you’re not careful, esp when the fandom tends to erase some of the major flaws and personality traits of the characters. the whole trend of get together fics where dennis proclaims his love for mac at the end and they live happily ever after doesn’t really fit who these characters are, but it makes sense if you’re treating this like every other slash ship.

the thing about macdennis (and all the sunny ships really) is that the relationship is inherently incredibly dysfunctional, even abusive. these are characters who take pretty much every available opportunity to screw each other over and that’s what makes the pairing interesting. there is also tremendous, toxic codependency at work. mac tries his best to be “the sheriff of paddy’s” and keep dennis and the rest of the gang safe a lot of the time, but deep down he is as selfish as his friends. mac got dennis drunk enough that he was raped. mac left dennis in an alley to get mugged. mac was going to let dennis die in the hostage situation in order to save himself. mac is complicit in dennis’s sexual assault and abuse of women. mac was indifferent to the possibility of dennis’s suicide in “the gang broke dee.”

and dennis, dennis belittles mac. dennis has said he hates mac on multiple occasions. dennis has sexually assaulted mac. dennis has hit mac and scratched him on multiple occasions.

don’t get me wrong, even through all this, there is still a compelling quasi-romantic narrative about how these two terrible men have been stuck together for 20 years, but it is not a loving, caring one.

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What if in the series Aunt Cass gets overprotective of Hiro because he's the only family she has left? Not to the point to make Hiro feel like running away, but the poor woman wouldn't want anything else to happen to her nephew and she'd sometime be a little invasive into his life, especially if she's not aware about his superhero life and FREAKS OUT when she learns.

She would be though! She wouldn’t realize how overprotective she’s being at first; she just wants to keep tabs on Hiro and make sure he’s safe and cared for. I think if Hiro still hasn’t told her about his superhero identity in the series, she would feel a little hurt that he’s keeping things from her. Lying about where he’s going at night (yeah, “studying with friends”) or keeping secrets about the villains he faces. If she had to find out on her own, she wouldn’t know whether or not to feel proud that he’s helping the city or disappointed/furious/scared that he didn’t tell her and that his safety is at risk. At the end of the day, she just doesn’t want to lose another nephew. 

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(Same Jasper anon) How do you think her corruption would be fixed? I mean, corruption is synonymous to mental trauma of some sort and Jasper obviously has it because of what happened to Pink Diamond. I just wonder if it could be fixed by them talking it out somehow like therapy of some sort?

Well teacher you’re still putting tricky questions!!!, that wasn’t even in the book!

Now but for real, jokes aside again… I… have no clue?

I mean I am not part of the crew (that would be a dream tho), and I don’t know what they have in mind for like… corruption, it sure isn’t a physical illness and its confirmed that Steven’s spit / Rose’s tears won’t work on them… 

I mean how to get them fixed is a complex thing ya know? like… I have my own theory about how the whole corruption happens and I’ve wanted to share it but… like… you know, Idk if people would like to hear it.

I really can’t answer, sorry! 

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hey this isnt really a question but i kinda wanted to share my feelings with a fellow suga stan.. im so proud of him i cant put it in words but no one supported him and he still followed his dreams and he is so so passionate about rap....when they peformed cypher live on the tour he just went crazy and let out his passion and i kinda felt how much fun he was having while rapping im just so amazed andcaptivated by his passion.. (1/2)

im not 100% sure if being an *idol* is the rightest thing for him (since in my opinion idols are way more than just musicians, almost like products, not necessarily bad though) but as long as he follows his dreams and is happy by doing music i will be happy as well. my feelings will probably never reach him but i just want him to know that we are all so so so proud of him :-) thank you for this amazing blog and your hard word, i really appreciate it <3 (2/2)

First of all, @nemui-oiji, I’m sorry for not sharing this to the world earlier. You’re feelings deserve to be shared. And for this being belated, I apologize. Here, accept my heart.

Second, I think you do not need to worry about whether being an idol would have been the best for Yoongi. If there was any group that could ever surpass what being an idol used to mean, I believe that would be Bangtan.

Not to say that they are above being idols, No. What they did? They used the idol industry as a platform to share their stories, their truths and speak their mind. They have gone beyond what they are allowed to share and what they are allowed to show. Of course, there are still limitations and expectations within the industry that they have to follow (major one is probably dating, coz that would hurt us apparently, plus other stuff that might hurt the public’s perception of the group). But for now, to reach the pinnacle of their capacity and to make a lasting impact in the music industry in general. I believe Min Yoongi made a smart move. I mean, look at him changing and affecting our lives one lyric at a time.

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How good is the new Mass Effect game?

I’ve enjoyed it so far, except for that huge glitch I encountered that set me back like 6 and half hours, but I haven’t seen anyone else having to deal with that so I’m still not sure what that was all about. 

There’s the usual bioware missteps. Weird facial animations and odd walking glitches seem to be their trademark. But the combat is smooth and I love being able to jump and dodge (that roll from ME3 was so clunky and hard to control) I’m reserving any opinions about the plot/story itself until I actually finish the game though. 

Honestly all the little things that bug me are made up for by the existence of Vetra. I paid $70 for the deluxe version of a turian romance simulator and I have no regrets.