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hi!! i was just wondering, as someone who writes a lot of (really good) kagehina, do you think that the ship is dying fic wise? i've seen some people comment that people have gotten a bit tired of kagehina, but others think that it's still going strong :o thanks for your input!

Hello (and thank you for the compliment)! Hmmm before I answer this… disclaimer that I’m pretty out of touch with the non-KageHina segments of fandom! Or like, everything, really… I’ve mentioned before that I only follow about 30 blogs (which are pretty much all low post count, mainly kagehina), because I get overwhelmed otherwise. 

So I’m not too sure of what other people are saying, but I don’t think the assumption that the ship is dying is accurate. That seems drastic, given it was on the top 20 list of 2016′s most popular Tumblr ships (and was the only HQ ship to be on that list). 

It’s perfectly valid to not be into the ship, or feel tired of it, but I think most people who like the ship already like it because of the characters and aren’t suddenly going to get exhausted by them… I mean, they’re just, like, two kids trying to live their dreams, they don’t really have aspects to them that seem fatiguing to me - they both consistently show character development and improvement, they’re both good people, they have a strong relationship. Maybe people find that boring? But I don’t~ Anybody who is tired of them is of course going to go off and ship and create other stuff, but HQ is a pretty big fandom! There will always be those of us who love KageHina. 

HQ is also now in its 5th year of existence, and it’s probably going through some normal fandom growing pains, as well. Some people who were here since the beginning have started to move on, new fans are coming in and getting the lay of the land - also, HQ does focus on a LOT of different teams and characters now, where before, at the start, it was almost solely concentrated on Karasuno and KageHina. So there’s a lot more directions for people to go in, in terms of fave characters and content creation. And we’re between anime seasons again, where there’s always a lull (I’m still betting the next season will be Nekoma/Fukurodani, so I’m sure that section of fandom will be really bustling, while the others may quiet down a bit). 

Still, I don’t think KageHina will suddenly become a rarepair or anything, but even if it does… *shrug* I’ll still love it the most, and anyone who feels the same is free to continue to join me over in this corner!

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Harry wrote Army, Just A Little Bit Of Your Heart, Happily, fucking If I Could Fly, and surely more we don't even know about. and. people. still. think. he is. alone. even. a fucking. womanizer. what the hell. wake up wake up. Harry. is. in. love. and. screaming. it. in. what. matters. the most. for him. his. S O N G S. what more do you want him to do honestly? ffs

lol me

> Peek through peephole in door (do you have one?)

Yes you do have one of those apartment peepholes. They’re a necessity around here for not accidentally opening the door up for robbers and other people who would none hesitantly take your sofa, the last piece of luxury you still have in this hell hole.

> steady your eyes  
You steady your eyes and stop rhythmically bouncing them about to get a clear view of the hall…

Okay who the hell is this guy?
You watch this stranger for a bit and it just seems like…he’s practicing reading a script? What the fuck you ask yourself in the silence of your room, making sure he doesn’t hear you.
You start asking yourself a shit ton of questions as to why he’s awkwardly standing in front of your door. Is he an undercover cop you wonder to yourself, breaking into a cold sweat. 
The amount of paranoia in your system increases just a bit more than you’d like it to.

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I recently came out to my parents, my mom is doing good about calling me my name and pronouns. However, my father is trying to push me to be more feminine and is still using my deadname and unwanted pronouns. I'm not sure what to do, as he wont so much as listen to me.

Hey! I’m glad that you have your mum on board with you, maybe if you get her to talk to your father about it he’ll be more inclined to listen to her. If she explains the impact it has on you then it may be help you a bit. 

If anyone has any advice please add it!!



Well… she did know how to open it… (Anna and Remington (my ocs) and 2017) Happy New Year!


tfw yuri is a fucking pillow 

awwwwwwwww :3

“this is getting R-rated” but oh my gods vic is NAKED #clingydrunkvictoriscanon 


oh my GODS




how are they not together yet



lol that’s alright yuri you still have victor <3

NOT PICTURED: the backhug (I can’t seem to find it D:) and “MY YURI” <– this bit I just CAN’T

(I don’t want to talk about Chris that fucking… I don’t even know what the fuck that was)

(Also Pitchit is my son)

(Also Yurio with a BRAID)

Until the flowers bloom (AO3)

                   until the days of the spring 
                   until the flowers bloom
                   please stay, please stay there a little longer

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Shower Fun

Reader x Klaus Mikaelson


Imagine: It’s Elena’s birthday and Damon is insanely mad with you because you are running late. You try to rush things up, but your boyfriend Klaus shows up. Let’s just say things get steamy. 

*Requested smut, read carefully. :) 

Word Count: 1784

Y/N, we scheduled this so many times and you’re still late.

“Don’t worry, sweetpie, I’ll be there. I just need to take a shower. I’m sure Elena will get if I’m little bit late.”

“You have exactly thirty minutes to be here.”

“That’s more than enough.”

Be here!

“Bye, Damon!”

It was Elena’s eighteen birthday and everyone was buzzing about it, since Damon had been working very hard to throw her a surprise party. Of course you loved helping him organize everything, but, heck, sometimes he was so freaking annoying you thought about murdering him in a very slow pace, so he would suffer more. Like today, you spent the whole afternoon alongside Caroline and Bonnie trying to find a great dress for Elena to wear tonight, as the vampire asked, and he calls you to tell you are late. “Well, guess why I’m late, sucker”, you thought, letting out a huff.

You took a deep breath and went upstairs, back to your bedroom. You left the pair of bags you brought from your shopping by the door and started undressing, very swiftly and leaving a small mess to deal with later. You went to your closet, picking up Elena’s gift and your ravishing blue dress. As you placed them in the bed, you thought if you were not already taken, God, you would make a mess in that baby. You chuckled and bit your lower lip, remembering the last time you had seen your boyfriend. The way he touched your body and kissed your lips. One of these days that man would drive you completely insane.

“Missing me, love?” A deep voice said, making you jump out of fear.

“Klaus! Can’t you knock?”

“Well, I didn’t think I needed.”

“Of course you have to. I could be…”

“If you’re going to say naked, don’t forget you already are.” He smirked and you rolled your eyes. “Aren’t you going to give me hug? And a few kisses too?”

You smiled, rushing to his arms and enjoying the kind of warmth only his hugs could provide.  His arms wrapped your body and squeezed you against his chest, which made you sigh, closing your eyes, and feel overwhelmigly satisfied by his presence.

About six months ago, you and Klaus Mikaelson began dating. The first couple of months, both of you thought it would be best if nobody knew. Especially because he had just tried to kill Elena and murdered Jenna. You were perfectly aware you should hate him for every single bad thing he had done, but you could not help it. The Original Hybrid had stolen your heart for good.

Eventually, your friends found out about your relationship. It was brutal, for they did not want to accept the fact you were in love with their enemy. Damon thought you were compelled, so Klaus could use you as leverage, and he convinced the others to lock you up. Just to buy enough time for Bonnie to find a spell that could release you from the compulsion. Obviously nothing worked, for you were not under any kind of magic. You just loved him.

“Where have you been all this time?”

“Taking care of some things. Don’t worry about that. Now, are you trying to tease me?”

“Why?” Suddenly you noticed your lack of clothes and blushed. “Oh!”

“You don’t have to be shy, love, I told you I love your body by all means.”


He slowly touched your form, making your skin burn at any place his hands reached. You gasped and put your own hands on his shoulders, pushing him off a little.

“I, um, we can’t do that now, Nik.”

“Why not?” He questioned, nuzzling on your neck.

A small moan escaped your lips and you mentally cursed yourself.

“I have to go to Elena’s birthday party.”

“Can’t you be just a little bit late?” His hot breath on your neck made you bit your lip several times, as a way to hold the sounds that insisted to come out.

“Only if I want Damon to rip my heart out.” He stood straight and looked at me, frowning. “It’s just an expression, Nik, he’s not going to literally rip my heart out.”

“Only if he wanted me to kill him so slowly he would beg for his death.”

“Oh God, you’re so sexy when you’re playing tough.” You chuckled. “I have to hit the shower now, darling. I’ll be right back.”

You pecked his lips and went off to the bathroom. The sight of the cosy bathtub made you let out a frustrated grunt, for you did not have time to enjoy an actual bath. Shaking your head, you put your hair up, so it would not get wet. Finally, you started the showering process. The water was so deliciously hot, you saw yourself almost numb out of relaxation.

“You look so good in there, love.” You smirked and glanced over him, rubbing your body with a sponge.


“Of course.” Klaus walked slowly towards the glass made doors. “Although it gets me wishing you needed my help.”

“I believe I do. I mean, you can rub my back, right?”

He nodded and you opened one of the doors pulling him in for a kiss. Klaus let out a genuine laugh, after he saw how wet his clothes got. The Hybrid striped, quickly, and soon enough he joined you. His large hands firmly placed on your hips, squeezing strongly and making you moan instantaneously. He cornered you against the fogged up glass and made his way to your neck, kissing the delicate skin, his tongue swirling around and playing with your sensations.

“Oh, Klaus!”

“I love when you call me in that tone.” The Mikaelson stated, speaking against your skin. “Can you scream my name, babe?”

“Only if you make me.”

“I’d be delighted to.”

Klaus cupped your breasts, using his thumbs to stroke your nipples. A small gasp crawled out your lips. He smiled and kept descending, his hands slowly massaging your waist, hips, until he finally got down on his knees, finding a throbbing core which desperately needed a touch. If you were wearing any panties, they would be soaked by now. That man knew exactly what to do to get you wet.

“Please, Nik.” You hissed, feeling your breath become more and more irregular.

His blue eyes looked up, finding yours. You could see the mischief within. Klaus always had a way on making you crazy, this would not be the first time. His hands squeezed the inside of your thighs and you involuntarily gulped.

“What do you want me to do, love?”

“I want you to eat me out.”

“How badly do you want me to?”

“I’m dripping, so I’d have to say pretty badly.”

Klaus chuckled and placed a single kiss in your pulsating clit, which sent shivers down your spine. You moaned, thrusting your hips against his face, claiming for more. It did not take long for him to be kitten licking your vibrating core. You arched your back, feeling his tongue against the soft skin and groaning out loud.


“I want to hear my name, love.”

“Come on, Nik, don’t stop!”

Klaus stood up and kiss your lips softly. His hand, though, kept working on your swollen nub, circling small figure eights on it. You sighed against his plump lips and he took that as a sign he could move forward.

“Shit.” You wrapped your arms on his shoulders, as he lifted one of your legs, teasing your entrance with his cock. “Klaus, don’t do this to me, just…”

The hybrid did not allow you to finish the sentence, giving you a sharp thrust. Your walls clenched around him and he grunted, tightening the grip on your thigh. The pleasure he provided was immeasurable. You gasped, screwing your eyes shut.

“Oh, my… Klaus!”

“That’s it, Y/N, cum for me.” His voice was merely a hiss.

The only sound that could be heard at the bathroom was skin clapping skin. You desperately tried to breath, though only a couple of strangled moans came out. Luckily enough Klaus was holding you, otherwise you would fall off on the floor.

“Shit, I’m so close.” You whispered.

Klaus sunk his head onto your neck, giving you sloppy, open-mouthed kisses. His thrusts so fast and hard on you that you were sure the next morning you would be sore. It felt so good, though. You stuck your fingers on his curls, pulling it a little and feeling the tension building up on your stomach. Somehow the original managed to find a sweet spot inside of you, it barely touched, but it was more than enough to send you over the edge. Your toes curled up and dug your nails into his shoulders.

“Oh, God, Klaus!” You yelled, seeing some colourful dots on your sight. The pleasure fulfilling you completely.

His thrusts became more sloppy and you knew he was close too. As you slowly came down from your orgasm, you clenched your walls even more harder around his length.

“Damn it, Y/N!” Klaus grunted. “I’m going to cum.”

“Inside my pretty pussy?” You teased and he growled, nodding.

“Yes, right inside your pretty pussy.”

You felt his grip around your waist and thigh increase, realising, also by his moan, he had had his orgasm as well. When Klaus’ breathing came back to normal, he kissed you and giggled.

“I guess you will be late after all.”

“I don’t care, it was worth it.” He let go of your leg and you felt like you had no strength to stand up by yourself.

“Well, I think you still need my help.” He laughed. “Are you okay?”

“Yes, my legs are just a little bit weak. I’ll be fine.”

“I think a fucked you too hard.”

“You did! But I liked, so don’t worry.” Klaus nodded, smirking.

He turn off the water and came back to pick you up, bridal style.

“Oh, look, my hair is ruined! I’ll have to fix this and Damon will kill me for being awfully late!”

“Do you want me to take care of that?”

“Nah, just give me my phone and I’ll face the beast myself.”

As Klaus placed you gently on the bed, throwing a fluffy towel later, and going off to find your phone, you could not be more thrilled to be with him. Unlike what everyone said about him, he was, without a doubt, a complete gentleman. Also a caring and lovable person. You just had to go through his shell, to get to know the real Niklaus Mikaelson. Among other reasons, heck, you could not help but be in love with him.

Wolfstar visiting Andromeda
  • Andromeda: Baby Nymphie has been looking forward to seeing you, Remus!
  • Sirius: And me? What about Uncle Sirius?
  • Andromeda: She has her little crush on Remus, though.
  • Remus: Still?
  • Nymphadora: *running* WEMUS!
  • Remus: *nervous laugh* Oh, hey Nymphie!
  • Nymphadora: Me miss you.
  • Remus: Oh, me too. You've grown so big! Didn't your hair used to be blue?
  • Nymphadora: It wed now.
  • Remus: I can see that!
  • Nymphadora: Me mawwy you?
  • Remus: Maybe when you're a little bit older Nymphie.
  • Sirius: Excuse me?
  • Nymphadora: UCKLE SIRIS!!!!
  • Sirius: Hey, little one.
  • Nymphadora: I MAWWY WEMUS WHEN I BIG!
  • Sirius: Er, yeah... sure...
  • Andromeda: Let's let poor Remus breathe, darling.
  • Nymphadora: *jumping on Remus's lap and hugging him tight* ME HUG WEMUS.
  • Remus: *to Sirius* Help. Me.
Business and Pleasure - Part 11

Summary:  Bucky AU. After a major deal falls through, your father’s business almost falls apart. In a desperate attempt to save his livelihood, he seeks the help of his oldest friend, George Barnes, who happens to be the CEO of one of the most influential businesses in New York. He agrees, but on one condition. You have to marry his son.

Word Count: 1,776

Warnings: Swearing, smut, lots of detailed smut

Originally posted by complete-fandom-trashhh

After that, the rest of the evening seemed to pass by in a blur. Sure, you were concerned about Bucky leaving for his business trip. Your relationship was only just beginning to heal. Who knew what the extended time apart could do. It had the potential to be extremely damaging, but it also might help. Nevertheless, you felt strangely calm. 

The conversation flowed easily over dinner, and by desert, you found yourself laughing and smiling again, the nervousness now gone completely. You were still a bit shaky after Bucky’s earlier confession, but that discussion could wait until a more opportune time. Slowly, the Bucky you knew and loved was beginning to come back.

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Signs that an Aquarius isn't interested in you anymore

• They stopped caring. Stopped making sure you were okay when you seem even the tiniest bit off.
• When they come back from being distant, it still feels like they’re being distant. (Meaning coming back from a term of isolationism, they return and keep you at an arms length).
• Stops talking to you about their philosophy
• Lots of Aquarian’s lose interest because they feel or are scared the other is losing interest. Make sure you aren’t putting out that vibe.

  • vax: canonly bisexual, liam’s used the word explicitly
  • vex: canonly bisexual, laura hasn’t used the word explicitly but has said as much on twitter
  • keyleth: canonly has a thing for vax AND vex according to marisha on twitter - marisha isn’t sure exactly what keyleth is at this point because keyleth’s still trying to figure herself out, but she likely isn’t 100% straight
  • scanlan: canonly not-straight, sam hasn’t used any exact label for him beyond that but scanlan matches up with pansexual pretty well and has alluded to encounters with women AND men before
  • percy: has talked about how kash was attractive and how kash’s odd eyes “work just fine for [percy]”, likely on the bisexual spectrum/not-straight
  • grog: clearly has a preference for women but has a bit of a crush on groon and he wasn’t opposed to the attention kerr gave him (his sexuality is literally “people who can kick my ass”)
  • pike: hasn’t talked much about romance outside of her mystery crush and developing feelings for scanlan, but she was described as “flushed” when vex hugged her naked, so ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

Came home from school and found a very familiar cat sitting on our front porch, looking at me with a very put-off expression as if it wanted to You let me wait.

As soon as I saw the familiar black fur and the annoyed green eyes, I sighed. “Buddy, we talked about this – you don’t live here, remember?”


“Yeah, yeah,” I opened the door, letting the cat stroll into the apartment, and went straight for the phone to call my mum’s co-worker and my psychologist. “Uh, hey, Manuela. I found your cat again…”

“What?! Oh for the lord of… honestly, I still don’t know how he knows where you live. I’m so sorry for this rascal.”

“You’re laughing, though.”

“Only a bit. Can I come pick him up in an hour or so? I will be on lunchbreak then…”

“Yeah, sure,” I looked to the side, where Charly – that’s the rascal’s name – was sitting on the table, wiggling his tail while he aimed for my shoulder.

“Don’t you dare,” I muttered over at him.

“Sorry, what?”

“I was talking to your cat. Eh, an hour, you said. I will feed him something and we will wait for you, no problem.”

“Sweet! Thank you.”

I said goodbye and had barely time to put the phone down before Charly basically slammed into my shoulder from behind, claws digging into my sweater as he climbed upwards to perch on my shoulder.

Huffing, I shot him a look. “Happy now?”

Big green eyes stared back at me. “Meow.”

“You’re a handful, I hope you know that.”

I only got purring as an answer.


Short explanation – as I said, Charly is the cat of my mum’s co-worker who also was my psychologist for a while. He’s quite picky when it comes to humans, and his owners had always trouble finding someone who could watch over him while they were on vacation. Not because there weren’t people who volunteered, but because Charly bit and scratched and went completely wild whenever a “stranger” tried to enter the house to feed him.

When my mum’s co-worker heard that I like cats and are pretty good at handling them for some reason, she asked me if I could try feeding Charly for two days while she was on a business trip.

Well, long story short – Charly hissed and spit and went wild as soon as he saw me. He was a bit dumbfounded, though, when I just ignored him, walked past him and filled his bowl with his favorite food. Then I sat on the ground cross-legged, a few meters away from him and the bowl, pretending to be engrossed in a book that I had brought with me.

There was a long pause, before a very confused but curious cat started sniffing at my knee carefully, twitching away as I looked up for a moment. When I didn’t react further, he relaxed and went to eat.

Somehow, that had gained me his respect. The next day, he didn’t even try to fight me, prowling around me while I filled his bowl and purring contently all the while.

You can only imagine how dumbfounded I was when a few days later (my mum’s co-worker had already arrived back home) there was all of sudden a very familiar cat sitting on my front porch, meowing at me when I opened the door to see what was causing such a noise. Charly had come to visit me, entirely too content with strolling through our apartment and claiming my bed for himself. It took his owner coming over and picking him up that he left again.

Funny thing is – he lives at the other side of the town, and nobody knows how he found out where he had to go to see me.

Since then, that stubborn cat comes to visit me every two weeks or so, patiently waiting in front of my door until I come home from school. It’s as if he knows my schedule, always showing up exactly when it’s time for me to be home.

That damn cat adopted me for some reason. XD

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da:o companions react to finding out that the Warden is the Herald of Andraste

Alistair: Is floored. All that time together, and the Herald of Andraste was right by his side? He’s amazed…and honestly, a little bit unsure. Did they know about Andraste? Did they just not trust him? He reassures himself that it was just never the right time. If King: Will assist them in any way he can with the resources Ferelden can spare, and immediately organises a strong alliance with the Inquisition. He also suspects that the title may be more of a political play than anything, but a part of him does still wonder. If romanced: His self-doubt is still the same, but he also cannot help but wonder if this rumour and title might not be true. Surely the Warden would have told him something so important, especially after he told them his secret. He decides to put his faith in his love and find out the truth for himself. 

Oghren: Doesn’t really understand the significance of this. He assumes it’s just another fancy title for them, and hey, they deserve another one, so who is he to disagree? The moment he hears about the actual danger the Herald is in, he practically barrels his way over to the Inquisition because there is no way that the Warden is facing this bullshit without him by their side.

Sten: He disapproves of the Warden if they accept this title, as he obviously doesn’t particularly care about the human’s beloved god. If he only hears of this as a rumour, he dismisses it immediately. He knows that the Warden is more logical than to think that they were sent by a god. He does make sure to have a discreet conversation with the Ben-Hassrath about their safety, clearly because the Warden holds the fate of the whole world in their hand again and their safety is very important.

Shale: Like Oghren, they don’t understand the significance, and quite frankly, they don’t care. They haven’t managed to keep up with all of the squishy Warden’s accolades, and just assumes it’s yet another one of them. When the danger of the Breach becomes obvious, Shale pretends that they don’t care, but over the following weeks, finds themselves travelling closer and closer to the Inquisition. Eventually, they’ll appear at the gates of the Inquisition and announce that they are here to “make sure that the squishy one doesn’t do anything foolish.”

Zevran: Zevran would likely understand that the title was a political play, and would be more concerned with how the Herald was coping with the new social pressures, especially non-Andrastian Heralds. Gradually, he would make his way towards the Inquisition’s base, sussing out the political landscape and trying to make sure that there was no way his former associates could sneak a knife into the Herald’s back. He would eventually join up with Leliana and help to protect their old friend. If romanced: He rushed back to their side the moment they were captured, and had to be stopped by Leliana from sneaking into the cell and busting the Warden out. He stays at their side through the entire events of Inquisition and helps to protect them from would-be assassins and assists Leliana.

Leliana: She obviously already knew that it was just something that the people had been saying, and that the Inquisition had been encouraging. She had been mortified to see her old friend injured and hurt at the Conclave and adamantly defended them against the remaining Chantry clerics’ accusations. She made sure to post guards outside their cell to make sure that nobody could sneak in. After hearing the Warden’s story about what happened in the Fade, she couldn’t help but wonder about the woman who was with them. Somewhere deep inside herself, a part of her dared to hope it was Andraste looking over them once more. If romanced: Doesn’t leave their side until they wake. She has already lost so much to this disaster, she is not going to lose her love as well. She constantly asks the Warden about the mark on their hand, and is upset at how much pain it is causing them. She wishes there was more she could do. 

Morrigan: When she heard that her friend was the Herald of Andraste, she laughed. The lengths that foolish religious folk would go to justify something they could not possibly bring themselves to understand. She pitied the Warden for having to be so heavily involved with the Chantry, particularly if the Warden is non-human and doesn’t care for the Chantry. She is much more fond of the title of Inquisitor and finds it much more appropriate for her old friend (though it brings up bad memories of traipsing through Orzammar to find nugs). She makes sure to try and influence the empress to be more open to the Inquisition. When she is assigned to the Inquisition, she is glad to be reunited with her old friend and speaks with them frequently. She would even say she begins to feel nostalgic. If romanced: She won’t be Chantry-affiliated and join the Inquisition at the beginning, but she will aid the Warden however she can. She tries to help with the pain of the Mark as much as possible, and is frustrated when nothing seems to be helping. 

Loghain: Understands immediately that the title is a political play, and he rolls his eyes at the thought of the Warden being subjected to the games of pompous nobles. Again. He continues to flee from the Wardens but would likely make his way to the Inquisition to meet up with his old companion. He is sure that they would understand the clarity of the Wardens’ situation, and would shelter him from the rest of them. He knows that the Warden would already have a rocky relationship with the Warden-Commander of Orlais after what happened during the Blight, so he would feel somewhat safer behind Inquisition walls for a time. Besides, while he’s there, he can help keep the Warden safe from harm, and probably oversee the Inquisition’s commander’s work and offer some…discreet advice here and there. He was not known as the Hero of River Dane for nothing, after all. 

Wynne: On a day when the Warden was doubting themselves, Cole suddenly appeared next to them and said, “Gentle, warm, so very kind; she watches over you. She remembers; flashes of a campfire, a healing hand, a dragon circling overhead. She knows you. She wants you to know: “I’m here. I have faith in you. There is nobody else more capable of defeating this evil. My old friend…believe in yourself.””Cole smiled. “She is kind, like a mother, a teacher. I like her.”

Dog: Is right by the Herald’s side. He really doesn’t like the glowy mark on the Warden’s hand because he knows that it is hurting them, so he tries to lick it to make the pain go away. He doesn’t get along with Chancellor Roderick at all and once tried to tear off the back of Roderick’s Chantry robes. For some strange reason, he tends to growl at Solas quite a lot.

Smooth and Shy; Sherlock x Reader

Requested by Anon and miacnuk:

Could you please do a sherlockx reader imagine, when the reader is very shy and Sherlock actually makes a good job making her feel comfortable? Love your blog btw.

Hey, could you please do a sherlock imagine, when reader and Sherlock just met and he (Sherlock) surprises everyone by being very smooth and good at flirting? I love your writing so much, by the way 😉

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Think of the prospects of fahc kdin rn guys. Just. Just think about it.

She comes out by making an offhand comment over coffee one morning about how the girls are still outnumbered, even with her now. There’s a small pause as everyone processes what she just said. Jack is the first to speak, asking if she would still like to be called kdin or something else. Lindsay is next, wanting to make sure she’s still comfortable rooming with the rest of B Team. Meg, Mica, Jack, and Lindsay offer to take her shopping for some new clothes. Meg and Mica are thrilled to teach her about makeup sometime.

After the initial round of questions (Were you scared to tell us? No, just had to be comfortable with myself first. Would you like me to set up an appointment with Caleb to discuss hormone therapy? Maybe in a bit. I can refer you to my surgeon. That’d be great Jack.) things settle down just as quickly as they started up.

Kdin is still reckless on the rare times B Team is called into the field. The only real difference is now she can do it in a dress or skirt without feeling self-conscious about it.


we still don’t know a lot about keith actually… how did he meet shiro? how did he become an orphan?? how was his childhood? it’s a bit au-ish since we’ll probably know it soon… it’s canon divergence i guess? well any excuse is okay to make a keith centered comic

also their relationship is NOT romantic. this is just a story about a kid trying to find himself or smth. i would love to draw what happens next but i’m not sure if i have the skills nor the patience

TFHC and I
  • Me: *enters the living room in a tinfoil hat*
  • Family: WTF is going on?
  • Me: behold for the TFHC nothing can fool us.
  • Family: I don't understand
  • Me: You should put that on a T-shirt.
  • Family: Still don't understand.
  • Me: and there's the back of the t-shirt.
  • Family: would you stop the sarcasm and explain?
  • Me: *explain's TFHC*
  • Family: You seem really sure but It sounds a bit unreal!
  • Me: TFP being real seems Ridiculous but no, not this.
  • Family: don't be so sure about everything you'll die if it didn't happened.

anonymous asked:

The pic from 2x07 where Alec is giving the gift to Magnus.. Look where they are standing! And that one particular lovely pic where they're just about to kiss Alec is still standing IN THE SAME SPOT.. So does that mean the kiss will be initiated by Magnus? Yes please! 😍 Idk if this has already been noticed I was few hours away from tumblr and when I came back.. You probably know

OH MY GOD, ANON! I haven’t paid attention to this detail yet but I checked when I read your message. And now I am dead. I mean I kinda sure he does move a little bit forward towards Magnus but his position didn’t change that much. When Magnus definitely moved closer to Alec, right? Right???

So does this in fact mean that Magnus initiated this (thank you) kiss? Because if it does, I think I will be dying even more. This is everything I want! BYE!

Love Confession Headcanons

Originally a prompt from @thesherlokidwhovian, who was kind enough to help me out after I buggered up the reply. ;) All of the Cup Noodles for you, hun!

(。’▽’。)♡  Noct Reacting to Prompto  

Noctis would probably react with a little bit of shock and modicum of hesitation, at first anyway.

I mean, even if he’d thought about this exact moment a thousand times before, in a thousand different ways, he would still want to make sure it wasn’t just in his head- some throwaway comment that he’d heard the way he’d wanted to instead of what had been intended.

Love the lighting! Aw, man, I love these kebabs- love this song! Love you, man.

How many times had he caught himself just staring without realizing it at the back of Prompto’s head in class, just watching how his friend would absently chew the end of his pencil as their teacher droned on about the economic climate?

How many times had his heart done that weird flip-floppy thing in his chest when he’d see Prompto meander over to his locker after gym, still sort of insecure about getting changed in front of the other boys?

How about those times their hands accidentally brushed at the arcade, and Noctis could feel himself instinctively curl his fingers before they each pulled away? Or when the two of them were wedged in together, a sloppy, giggling mess in the back seat of the car after a night out partying… hell, even just walking side-by-side through a crowded Lestallum marketplace at twilight when the air was rich with spices and the kind of heat that felt made you wanna-

Yeah, he would have to be sure. Which meant a little bit of wide-eyed, mouth-hanging-open wonder, and a whole lot of breathless pause. Poor Prompto would have to, you know…“Uh…say that again?” before Noct would allow himself to hear it, really hear it. And damn, if he wouldn’t almost miss it for how his heart pounds in his ears.

And then, with it just hanging there between them, enticingly magnetic and terrifyingly unfamiliar by turns, Noct would find himself unable to contain his smile. It would just stretch across his face, taking fine features wholly hostage into the most embarrassing grin until Prompto would start to wonder if he’d really messed up.

Except the most shocking thing about it- the big, toothy grin and the way he’d then quickly cross that crackling- fucking electric- space between them to just grab Prompto, his Prompto, and pull him in close… would be the fact that it felt like some sort of homecoming. Like finding a favourite, forgotten sweater in the back of your closet and finding out it still feels really good on.  

Hell yeah, he loves him too. He could tell him at last, finally trying the actual words on for size. Turns out that too is a perfect fit.

(。’▽’。)♡  Prompto Reacting to Noctis 

Prompto would definitely have to struggle with his own daemons when it comes to this. He would be at once eager- desperate even- to hear this, feel this, for himself, and at the same time… there’s always this nagging feeling like he just doesn’t deserve it. Not him. Especially not from-

But with Noct just…coming right out and saying this, just looking into him with his stupid-pretty eyes and being all… there… with his gods-damned ‘touch me’ bone structure and perfect lips… Prompto would be at a loss to respond with anything more than an awkward giggling sound at first. He’d go against his very nature in avoiding the prince’s gaze save for a few quick peeks beneath sandy, downcast lashes.

He might even try to self-sabotage, achingly laughing as he offers back a “Yeah, me too, man!” and a casual slap to Noctis’ shoulder, because he’s Prompto, and how could he just accept that something he’s wanted so badly, in the depths of his darkest nights alone in his room, his life, is being offered up so easily in Noct’s captivating, velvety timbre?

He’d want to cry. He’d fight so fucking hard not to cry, but tears would be there, ready to roll in warm, fat droplets down his freckled cheeks.

He’d be 12 again, suddenly, working so hard every day just to make himself just a little bit better, at least on the outside, so that maybe- if he was really, really careful- he could be someone worth hanging around. A friend, to a prince who really needed one.

He’d be 15, sitting in Noct’s room on the last day of exams, cross-legged on the floor and strangely at home as Noct curses and sifts through the piles of empty water bottles and dirty socks. There’s this one hoodie he’d left there a couple months back, and they’re pretty sure it made its way into Noct’s closet.

He’d be 19, red-cheeked and sticky-hot as they spill out onto the street, a mess of limbs amidst too many stares, still somewhat bouncing around in their ridiculous lack of rhythm without a care in the world. Except for this one, not-so-little thing.

Just one more selfie together, c’moooon!

He’d be…fuck. We’re talking sappy song-lyrics and cheesy movie-monologues here- for his best friend. But I mean…it’s Noct. It’s them, right?

“No…Prom. I mean it.”

The truth of it hangs heavy in the air, heavy in his chest, and it’s achingly present in those oh-so-blue eyes of Noct’s.

And all of a sudden it’d be all Prompto can do not to send them both tumbling backward as he slings his arms around Noctis- arms that are still lacking in tone, but he can’t even care because they’re actually just right for locking around this one person’s neck. Pulling them both into this amazing closeness he never really allowed himself to crave. 

And his face is wet, and he’s laughing again, but the words are there, ready on the tip of his tongue, even as he’s seeking out Noct’s lips with his own.

Noct…I’ve always loved you. And he always had.