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Are you going to make anything else Justicykes related? I thought that with SoJ would bring more of my fav ship! You don't have to make more stuff, I just wanna know if it's ever going to show up again...?

Oooh man, that’s some old ship you are digging up…!
AA SoJ was a really good game! I really liked it, it had few cute justicykes moment I really enjoyed! But eeeh, it’s very unlike that I will go back to post a lot of them like I did years ago…

But here, just because, have something old I redrawn in my actual style:

they are still super cute tho ~


Top Ten Females from Summer 2015.

So here is the thing I mentioned this before but my Top 5 Females, I considered all of them number ones. If they had been in another season each would have easily been number one respectfully. So this list will be 6-2 Followed by 1E-1A.

6. Tomori Nao (Charlotte) I see a lot of people in forums who hate so hard on Nao and before the show even started I said to myself “I guarantee she’s the worst girl” just for the sheer fact that she was the main girl (Which 95% of the time, I hate the main girl). I did like the way she looked so I figured I’d give it some time, but I really enjoyed her style. Her video tapping was her thing and I liked that. She had a goal to protect students with special powers and I liked that a lot. She then gained the catchphrase “Such a turn off” when Yusarin was introduced and I thought it was hilarious. What won me over though was that she got clobbered TWICE and took it like a champ. She’s a tough chick and definitely deserved to make this list.

5. Naoki Miki (Gakkou Gurashi) The outsider of the group, even though they were in the same school. Miki just had a look that just stuck with me. I find her to be adorable as hell. Her relationship with Taroumaru was rough but they ended up loving each other in the end…(still wiping away tears) Her taking out Megu-nee though was the key for me, that was a great scene.

4. Umaru Doma (Himouto! Umaru-chan) Umaru in normal mode was super hot, Umaru in UMR mode was hilarious and I was definitely digging the style with the hat and mask, and Umaru in chibi mode, while annoying at points was precious as hell! She had a love hate relationship with Onii-chan but I liked how they worked together and just made the show better to watch.

3. Kirie Motoba (Himouto! Umaru-chan) Adorable is the word I could use for Kirie, I dig girls are are super shy like Kirie. She ended up being comfortable around Chibi Umaru which I liked and she was hilarious. Especially when she was baking cookies. She had me rolling hitting Bomber with that Bokken.

Okay I’ll say this now I was a Little biased towards Rachnera and Papi mainly because I own the manga and have read a good portion of it before the anime.

2. Rachnera Arachnera (Monster Musume) Rachnera is just…god even for a Spider extremely sexy. Her eyes are hypnotizing and that body is…well something else. When I finally heard her voice I feel in love with her even more which made my choice even easier.

1E. Papi the Harpy (Monster Musume) Papi…what an ASS! I mean she’s the closest one with a full human body. Yeah she is a bird brain but she’s a good girl. She looks out for her friends and her “Boss” The egg laying scene is what got me with Papi…enough said lol.

1D. Akane Sakurada (Castle Town Dandelion) Did I not mention something about shy girls earlier? I think Akane takes the cake for a girl who is severly shy, I mean her goal was to become King to abolish security cameras from following her lol. I loved Akane she was just super cute. Another bird brain in all honesty, who rips their skirt and just keeps underwear on?! haha. Her voice actor played a plus as well, I love Kana Hana.

1C. Rory Mercury (Gate) This was such a difficult choice. Rory seriously drove me crazy at points in this anime, and I am pretty sure I dubbed her as a possibility for best girl of the year. She is the definition of Dangerously Beautiful. Her voice was just so damn sexy and her style, well it’s hard to beat Gothic Lolita, especially when they are of age. I still love you Rory.

1B. Ayame Kajou (Shimoneta) I have been flip flopping with these two. I seriously made the choice after filling out everything first. Ayame did it for me with her body. I know a lot of people liked Anna more but Anna’s body was just too much for me at times. Ayame had a little weight to her and her boobs are the perfect size. Plus she was a girl in glasses, and Ill be dammed if a girl with Glasses is not at least top 5, especially one so good looking in Ayame.

1A. Fremie Speeddraw (Rokka no Yuusha) Fremie Speeddraw, what can I say I fell in love as saw the cast. Her outfit is just prefect and she is adorable as hell. She’s had to overcome so many hardships and blame that how can you not fall in love with her? Being half Kyouma makes her even more awesome! It sucks she started off as the Brave killer but quite frankly I liked that even more about her.


a/n: i’m still continuing my freaky obsession of binge watching nct life for hours and i’m studying all the members detail by detail so i rly hope this is somewhat accurate :3

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  • honestly such a sweetie!1!!11
  • like when he first meets you he wants to show a good first impression but he’s so awkward, constantly giggling and thinks he messed up so he’s all like ‘well there goes my nugget’ but you think it’s just too adorable of him
  • once you guys become closer though he’s super caring?? he’s like an older brother that you’ve never had (BUT HE DIGS YOU)
  • at first when you guys get used to each other it’s from ‘nice weather we have today’ to ‘can i send you my meme collection now’
  • 0-100 real quick right there
  • then after getting lots of moral support from the other members cause dang he always talking bout’ chu 
  • he finally asks you on a date but it’s kind of like
  • yep that’s how it goes
  • he gets super jittery and nervous during your date and you hold his hand like ‘doyoung, it’s just me stop being such a dweeb’
  • eventually he starts calming down and it’s suddenly been months since you have dated!!
  • he likes holding your hands a lot 
  • the little dreamies especially haechan lmao taking doyoung’s phone to text you and expose your boyfriend c:
  • “he’s always talking about you and doesn’t know when to stop but i guess i can’t blame him cause ;)))))))))))))”
  • he’s always saying super cheesy stuff but it doesn’t seem cheesy at all because he’s just pure honey in general;;; and then there’s the other members like 
  • gagging
  • he’s so tall wtf boi 6ft that’s about 3948702193847 heads taller than me ha!! ha!! ha!!!!!! ;(
  • clinging onto you a lot naturally because he enjoys the WARMTH that your body RADIATES
  • what the heckaghagahgajhajhajh
  • i’m sorry it’s 12am right now i don’t know what i’m doing
  • he’s such a thoughtful and kind soul (rip seoi) and he’s always asking ‘so what do you want to do today?’ then you’re like ‘anything you’d like to do!’ and he nonchalantly says, ‘anything that makes you happy’
  • wait can we talk about his smile tho
  • PURE
  • cooking/baking for you often: let’s just take a moment to imagine him in the kitchen preparing dinner for you guys i’m softue
  • tbh i feel like he’d never go on his phone when he’s with you cause he wants to spend quality time with no distractions whatsoever
  • after his practices and all that good stuff he visits with ice cream or something
  • but sometimes you guys spontaneously end up eating ramen on the floor of your living room and then you cuddle for a bit and he leaves to the dorm
  • little bunny doyoung will know how to be the most amazing boyfriend ever and would try his best to give you what you deserve aka his LOVE and CARE ♡♡♡
How Andrew J. West Is Living His Own Fairy Tale on 'Once Upon a Time'

[…] On Once Upon a Time, West is living a different type of childhood dream, telling familiar fairy tale stories as Cinderella’s handsome prince. In a way, Once creators Kitsis and Adam Horowitz say it was the next natural progression in his career. While playing the aforementioned cult leader Satanist on their Dead of Summer, they realized he would be perfect for the new version of Henry they were planning for season seven of Once.

“I think we’re very confident in telling you that Andrew is not a Satanist, but within that we saw his ability to play all these different things,” Horowitz says. “He had incredible talent and just getting to know him we realized just how perfect he was for Henry so that when time came to cast the part he immediately came to mind. We called and asked if he’d be willing to do it, and we were just thrilled he was willing to come aboard and take on the role.”

Says Kitsis, “What we loved first and foremost was how talented he was and also he just understood the rhythm of the show. He just picks up where [Jared Gilmore, the original Henry] left off and he really inhabits someone who makes this show real. When we’re watching him we’re always with him, and that’s what we loved about him. No matter what he was saying, we were always with him.”

West was familiar with Once so he knew who Henry was, but he had no idea about where the storyline would go when he signed on. A week after accepting the role, he flew to Vancouver to film the season six finale.

“I’m shooting a scene where I’m with my daughter in fairy tale land in a cave, and something’s chasing us. Nobody has any idea what’s going on. The director of the episode, nobody really knew. They were just like, ‘We’re just playing like something’s going to kill you guys and we’ll figure out where this is going later.’ It’s tricky, but super exciting. Then when we found out that the show got picked up for season seven, we all came back up here a few months ago and that’s when we started to dig in. But still a lot about this character and about the storyline is just getting revealed week to week as scripts come in, too.”

Both he and his wife are series regulars on TV shows this season, though Stevens West’s sitcom Ghosted films in Los Angeles while Once is in the so-called “Hollywood North” of Vancouver.“

We’ve definitely had to spend a bit of time apart because one of us is working on location somewhere. That’s come up a lot over the years,” he says. “This is the first time that we’ve both been series regulars on different shows that are shooting in different cities. Luckily it’s Vancouver-Los Angeles and those cities are pretty close by plane, so that makes it a lot easier.”

He continues, “Amber and I have a strict three-week rule, where even if it’s just for a night or two, we’ve got to just get back and be with each other. At the same time it’s exciting, because we both are getting to work on these shows that we love. It’s fun to get to share that.”

West is fully on board for future seasons should Once continue past season seven, but in the meantime he’s happy to enjoy the experience. While he’s seen plenty of fellow actors skyrocket to fame, he’s happy with his continued upward trajectory.

“I’ve been so lucky to make a comfortable living doing what I love to do for such a long time that if it had worked out differently, that’s sort of scary in a way,” he says. “I can’t imagine it working out better. For my own sanity and my own disposition, this is the trajectory that is right for me. Whether it’s right or wrong, or whether it is what you want or what you don’t want, I think you have to take a step back and just ask yourself, 'Am I happy? Am I satisfied? Am I content with the work that I’ve gotten to do, the work that I’m doing?’ Professionally in my career, I absolutely am. That’s all you can hope for. That’s the ultimate. I just feel lucky to really feel that way, when I take an honest step back and look at all of it up to this point.”


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Hi! If this hasn't been asked yet can you do mc being over protective with the members of rfa + v and saeran please? This blog is great btw 😊

Of course anon! I’m not sure to what extent you meant as in “being over protective” so I’m sorry if this wasn’t what you had in mind. :( Anyways, thanks so much for the request!!


-Yoosung had convinced you to go to another one of his “nerd events”

-You didn’t mind them

-it’s just every time

-There was this girl that would walk up to Yoosung

-and flirt with him

-Yoosung is of course WAY too dense

-and thinks she’s just nice

-You always try to keep cool



-she was flirting so much it was obvious

-even people in the nerd fest got the memo and moved away

-she whispered something in Yoosung’s ear

-and ohhh did that boy turn red

-you too

-could also feel yourself turn red

-yes red


-before the poor baby had a chance to explain

-you marched up to him

-and hugged him

-and then

-you whispered in his ear

-“Yoo-suuuung lets gooooo…I’m lonelyyyy

-he turned to you

-red like tomato head Saeyoung red

-“Ah… ok MC..”

-you dragged him outta there HELLA QUICK

-as you left

-you didn’t stop holding onto his arm

-He wasn’t complaining

-but he didn’t understand why you were so clingy today

-you unintentionally glared at every passer-by

-when you got home

-you sat right next to him

-followed him everywhere

-stared at him


-he asked you about it

-“MC, what are you so mad about?”

-“I’m not mad about anything.”

-“Yes, you are.”

-“No, I’m not.”

-“Yes, you are.”



-the childish war continued on

-At last

-Yoosung gave up and pulled you into a hug

-“Alright, MC. You win.”

-The rest of that day was spent watching sappy romance movies together

-yes of course there will be cuddling

-and snuggling

-and kissing

-and other stuff ;)


-“I’m sorry, MC, I have to go to work.”

-you frowned

-“MC, I’ll come back for my break, ok?”

-Ok. Oh, and let me know if another one of those guys flirts with you.”


-“Is Jumin being over bearing again?”

-“Not more than he already is. Oh. I have to go before I’m late.”

-“Are you eating enough, Jaehee?”

-she smiled

-“MC, I’m fine.”

-She gave you a hug before walking out the door

-Little did Jaehee know

-when she got home

-scented candles were everywhere

-you had Zen’s plays and movies all layer out on the coffee table

-and Jaehee’s favorite dinner for two

-“I was afraid you were over working yourself so-”

-before you could say anything else

-she wrapped you in a hug

-“You’re the one over working yourself. I’m perfectly fine. Still, thank you.”

-she was smiling from ear to ear

-the rest of that night was spent laughing while watching Zen’s videos

-now she takes off work a little more to spend time with you


-Let’s just say

-Zen was getting a little more than what you would call “unwanted attention

-Wherever Zen was

-that fan was

-Whenever Zen was signing autographs

-or taking pictures

-she was touching him

-you finally had had enough

-and just when she was about to touch him again

-you grabbed her hand

-you had to control yourself so you didn’t start twisting it

-and gave her the scariest glare you could

-and of course


-He was literally covering his mouth so he didn’t laugh


-so now

-you’re not only glaring at this chick

-but also at Zen

-which made him want to laugh more

-you felt a vain pulse

-but before you could do anything

-you felt a familiar hand pull you away

-into the nearest private place

-he’s still laughing

-“Aha..sorry MC..”

-suddenly your being pushed against a wall

-“But you should remember..”

-he smirked

-“You’re mine… and I’m yours..”

-And then guess what?

-He kisses you

-his hand at the small of your back

-hips digging into you

-oh ya he showed you he was yours ;)


-“Ju-Ju-Ju-Ju-Ju-Ju-Ju-Ju-Ju-Juuuuuuuumiiiiiin Haaaaaaaan!”

-you were jamming out to another one of your made-up

-super annoying

-super effective


-“Ya, he ain’t Ban, but I’m his Elaine…” ok pls anyone get this reference

-he sighed

-“He knows what to do with all that, he claims..”

-he’s gonna pretend he didn’t hear that

-“MC, I’m going to work.”

-“Jumin wait…..”

-he turned to you

-“what if one of those girls touches you again?”

-“MC, what are you talking about?”

-“All those girls who want your money.”

-“Everyone knows that you are my beloved girlfriend.“  Oh Jumin

-"Come home soon, ok?”

-“Of course.”

-When he finally got home

-lots of kisses

-he knows you you’ve kind of gotten restless

-so he totally spoils you more than he already does


-He was spending more and more time hacking

-less and less time with you

-“Is God Seven eating enough?”

-“Seven you aren’t over working yourself are you?”

-“You want me to go make you some dinner?”

-“Seven is that a cut?”


-finally he turned around

-MC! Please! I’m trying to concentrate!“

-"Seven, I’m worried, are you getting enough sleep?”

-One look at you and he got up out of his chair

-He picked you up and sat with you on his bed

-“MC. You need to get some sleep.”

-“Seven, I’m fine your the one-”

-“Look, you have dark circles under your eyes. Stop doting on me and get some sleep.”

-just as he said

 -a few minutes later you were out

-“You really are ridiculous sometimes, MC.”


-“V, I’m afraid your eye might get hurt. I don’t think you should go.”

-V is a bit over protective himself sometimes, too

-so he knew somewhat how to deal with you

-“MC, It’s fine. I’m fine. You can come with me too, if you want”

-You couldn’t argue with that

-Through out the whole photo shoot you doted on him

-“MC, really, I’m fine.”

-Later he hugged you and gave you extra attention

-including many photographs


-“MC, would you stop touching me?” liar you know you love it

-“Sorry Saeran, I wanted to make sure that girl didn’t come over here to talk to you.”

-“Oh, sorry.”

-“MC, why do you keep bumping into me?”

-“Oh, nothing, I just wanted to make sure that that girl doesn’t take you away.”

-“My bad, sorry.”

-Saeranknew something was up

-“MC. Tell me what’s going on.”


-“N-nothing! Nothing at all!”

-he frowned

-“MC, you know I hate it when you leave me in the dark about these things.”

-“No, really. It’s nothing. Nothing at all.”

-“MC.” oh shit he’s glaring at you

-you sighed

-“Well, I don’t know. I just get really anxious whenever some girl walks by..”

“MC, don’t be stupid. I won’t ever leave you. I love you.” Awwww Saerannn

-he’s secretly smiling though.

-he thinks it’s adorable that you get over protective awwww Saeran

Wahhhhh thank you soooo much for the request!! I’m glad you like our blog!Also~ I’m so sorry I’ve been mia lately. I’ll definitely get to posting more often. Keep sending in those requests!!


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Okay, like that last post you made with Rex, Echo, and Fives in bed, as parents, boyfriends, and so on but with Kix, Jesse, Hardcase, Wolffe, and Cody please?!?!?! (That is such a good head cannon idea!!!!)

The post the sweet anon is referring to is this one here <3


In bed: I think he’d be very mindful of how comfortable you are during the whole experience. Being a medic he’s used to paying attention for any pain or discomfort and making sure you’re enjoying yourself adds to his own enjoyment. In short his consideration makes for a very sensual/tender time in bed~

With kids/as a parent: If I remember correctly @clonewarsimagines had a headcanon about Kix keeping candy in his med pack and handing some out to kids and I 1000% agree with that idea! He’s pretty good with kids in general and he would consider having kids of his own a blessing, specially if he got to raise them with the person he loves.

In a relationship: He doesn’t like the fact that he can’t always give you the time and attention you deserve and you may have to repeatedly remind him that you understand his duties are important. When he knows he’ll have a couple days to spend with you he’ll plan some romantic dates to show you yes he does love and care about you. He proposed to you in the med bay after he himself got injured in battle. It was a bloody conflict and it made him rethink a lot of his life so he asked you to marry him, saying he doesn’t want any regrets if something happened to him.


In bed: He’s big into whispering into your ear before and during the act. He likes being on top but he doesn’t mind switching every once in awhile. He also likes to go for a second or third round if you have the time, gotta love that enhanced endurance ;)

With kids/as a parent: He not bad with kids, but he isn’t necessarily great with them either, at least not at first. Once he’s around kids more he’ll get more comfortable and know how to respond to them (also he’d probably ask his bff Kix how he’s so good with the kiddos). As a parent he’d just kinda ease into the role and quickly pick up on how to be a good dad.

In a relationship: While he isn’t really the type to plan fancy dates or anything, he’s romantic in his own way. By that I mean stuff like: you two could be curled up on the couch and a fun song comes on, he’ll get up and start dancing with you. If there was one point/one thing that made him realize “wow I’m in love with you” he’d incorporate that into his proposal. Like reenacting that moment and telling you that’s the moment he knew he loved you and now he knows you’re “the one”.


In bed: He likes things fast pace and will often like to change things up. He likes to ask you what you like (partly because he has a dirty talk kink) and will incorporate that stuff easily. Sometimes you really do have to tell him to slow it down a notch because come on dude sometimes slow and steady wins the race.

With kids/as a parent: Kids love him and he’s always making them laugh. He’d be that dad who makes a mess of the house while watching the kids and when you come home he’s literally getting chanced by little ones wielding water blasters or foam light sabers!

In a relationship: You’re one of his closest friends as well as his S/O so he loves doing fun stuff with you in general. Maybe his dates aren’t super romantic or conventional but he still shows you a good time. He’d be super nervous about proposing to you and constantly question if you’d even say yes or if his way is the best. He’d ask his closer brothers for advice and constantly be taking deep breaths while down on one knee.


In bed: First off I’ll mention that he is a bitter. He often nips at your ears, neck and shoulders and sometimes even digs his fingers in. He also has a kink about you whispering/moaning his name and will ask you to do just that in the heat of the moment. He also has a tender side and once he knows he can show that to you he’s far more comfortable in a lot of ways.

With kids/as a parent: Kids unfortunately find him to be very scary most of the time. He actually doesn’t mind kids as long as they aren’t in the way/constantly annoying him. He’d secretly be worried about not being a good father when it comes to his own kids and have mixed feelings about bringing them into such a dangerous galaxy. But he’d make a vow to protect them and be the best father possible.

In a relationship: He’s always worried about your safety and can be on the paranoid side, you often have to reassure him that everything is okay.  He’s very privet so going out on the town type stuff really isn’t his scene, he prefers to stay in and have some very privet alone time. He probably wouldn’t plan on proposing, if he did it would probably happen as you’re laying in bed and he’s thinking about just how much he loves you. While getting caught up in those thoughts is when he asks you.


 In bed: He’s a great charmer and he likes a good mix of starting things out slow and picking up the pace when the time is just right. He’s big into touch and outside stimulation like running finger through hair, gripping thighs, kissing necks, etc.

With kids/as a parent: Cody is great with kids and they usually take an almost instant shine to him. As a parent he’d be a fun dad who still lays down good ground rules and such. He’d also be the champion of bad dad jokes. Like most of his brothers he’d be very protective of them and be a little nervous about being a good dad, even though he ends up being quite good at it.

In a relationship: He likes showing his affection in small ways, bringing you little gifts, remembering special occasions, etc. He’d not super big on fancy dates simply because being a clone commander demands a lot of him time but every once in awhile he can manage a good date. He’d pop the question in a very old fashion way, planning a candle lit dinner with romantic music and a nice suit.


Send me requests!!

Request: 13 with Ash

You yawn and rub your sleep-encrusted eyes as you sit up on the bed, the boy next to you still sound asleep. You stare at him a little bit, a warm feeling blossoming in your chest as you see him catch up on his much-needed slumber.

Ashton’s been over-working himself. They all have, what with their second world tour and the writing of their next album and the dropping of a new single, but it’s hit Ashton the hardest. He’s always the one who updates the fans, sending them sweet videos and mails, and he’s the one fixing the mistakes whenever one of them fucks up.

And despite what he might say, it’s taken its toll on him. He’s stressed and tired and even though he insits that he is living his dream, you know that sometimes he feels guilty because he wishes he could just take a break. A real one.

So that’s what you try to give him, everytime he comes back to LA. You’ve only been dating for a few months, and half the time he’s a world away, but you haven’t cared for anyone as much as you do for the dimply-smiled hazel-eyed idiot. You admire him so much: his talent, his optimism, his dedication, and the way he always speaks up about the important subjects. He honeslty melts your heart.

You stand up from the bed, grimacing slightly at the soreness between your legs because yes, the saying is true and drummers do it harder, and get dressed in a flannel and sleep shorts. You’re planning a day in of just snuggling and resting, and you won’t let him convince you otherwise.

You tip-toe into your kitchen and start making his coffee. By now you know exactly how he likes it, and it only takes you a few minutes to blend the murky drink, sugar and milk to perfection. Then you ring your local bakery, which happens to do delivery, and order a few croissants.

You just have the time to add some fruit and put the whole thing on a small wooden tray before Ash starts groaning from the bedroom.

“Y/N?” He calls out sleepily, and you smile fondly at him as you enter the room.

You place the tray on the bed and sit down beside him as he giggles.

“Is that for me?” He asks adorably, still looking sleepy but super excited, dimples showing.

“Yep! We’re having  aday in,” you inform him, you tone suffering no contradiction. “We are going to cuddle, watch movies and do absolutely nothing for the entire day.”

“But–” You give him a pointed look and he grins in defeat. “Okay.”

“Good. Now eat.”

He rolls his eyes at your bossy tone, especially considering how reversed the roles were last night, but obediently digs in, a content smile on his face. The second he tastes the coffee, he almost moans in bliss.

“Fuck I swear to god you’re perfect, Y/N.”

“Of course a coffee would make you say that,” you roll your eyes fondly.

He gchuckles and insists on feeding you part of his croissant before his hand reaches towards his phone.

“Oh no!” You exclaim, grabbing it from his hands. “No Twitter, no Insta, no anything that can potentially stress you out.”

“The boys will wonder where I am,” he argues, but he can’t help the grin forming at his lips at just how cute you are, so passionnate about his well-being, and the prospect of spending the day with you fills him with joy and content.

“They’ll survive,” you state, sending them a warning message before turning off the device. “There we go.”

The both of you lie back against the headrest, and you’re just finishing breakfast when yu start humming.”

“Turn off the radio, those late-night TV-shows, hang up the telephone and just be with me.”

And right then, Ash wants to poke fun at you for your dorkiness but he can’t because you’re just so perfect and you’re his and he can’t hide the happiness in his face as he gazes at you and whispers in awe.

“I think I’m in love with you. Nope, I’m absolutely positive.”

The words send a flush to your cheeks and you kiss him sweetly.

“I love you too, Ash.”

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Hi there! Could you write about the RFA (including V) reacting to MC being a total comic book fan? Sorry if you have already done this request; keep up the awesome work! 😁


  • He’s never read a comic book ever
  • Ofc he watches superhero movies when they come out
  • But he can’t really relate to how much you love them
  • He’ll still listen to you nerd out about them if you want to though


  • He read a couple of comic books when he was younger, but he sort of grew out of it when he got addicted to started playing LOLOL
  • When you tell him how obsessed with them you are, he digs around in storage and shows you his favorite ones
  • He’ll read all of the ones you suggest, and even come up with fan theories for them


  • She never read comic books, and never bothered watching any of the movies/TV shows
  • It just never really interested her
  • But if you’re super into it she’ll read any of the ones you recommend
  • She’s glad you have hobbies, and thinks it’s really endearing when you talk nonstop about them


  • Trust Fund Kid doesn’t even know what you’re talking about when you say “comic books”
  • Hella confused
  • But when you explain it and show him what it is, he recognizes them
  • They’re commoner’s books why would he read them
  • He’ll listen to you alk about them, but he has no interest in reading them
  • Harsh


  • You’ve unlocked his secret interest
  • Freaks out when he sees you reading them
  • “Omg MC how did I not know you read comic books?!”
  • He will talk to you for hours about a single book
  • He will also quiz you just to be a dick
  • *Points to a random character* “Who’s this?”
  • “… That’s Spider-Man, Seven.”


  • He’s read a few comic books here and there, but he was never really into them
  • He’ll ask you a bunch of questions about them, like who’s you’re favorite character, what’s your favorite book, etc.
  • He’s really interested in the art and different art styles, so he’ll take your comic books randomly and just flip through them looking at all the drawings
  • He’ll agree with you on any theory you have, and he’ll go with you to any convention you want to go to

Disclaimer: I’m making the following rec with the full disclosure that I am very easily hyped, so this probably isn’t an impartial or super thorough review. Thoughts might change towards the end of the season, but 5 episodes in, I’m still just as excited as I was by episode 1, so here we go!

I’m enjoying Star Trek Discovery so much! I really feel like this is a Star Trek made for our generation, rather than our parents. I think most of us are fairly unwilling to accept a utopian society at face value; we want to dig beneath its surface, down to the roots and get a good look at how it treats the ‘non-model citizens.’

Centering this new show around Michael, “Starfleet’s first mutineer”, is a move clearly designed to give us insight into how Starfleet treats the elements of society it dislikes most. Observing the way her former peers treat her is very telling. It also lends weight to the history of “Starfleet as a military” vs what we always see, which is “Starfleet the impeccably clean utopian society of explorers” - I think they are developing towards the latter, very much so, but showing a Starfleet in transition is such an exciting move!

Like, holy shit, this is a Starfleet that can conscript in wartime. Holy. Shit. That’s not usually par for what will eventually become a utopia. That’s some heavy stuff.

Keep reading


This is the twenty-nine biggest of the 150 odd apple (and probably pear) seedlings I have in pots out the front of my house. I started them from seed some three months ago and they’re just going for it! I changed my mind about having them along the footpath (I put in super fast-growing willow cuttings so I can weave a hedge. Willow grows 6-12ft a year, so my gratification will be less delayed!) and decided to plant them all along the fence at the back of the property to be espaliered. 
Ideally they would be planted in situ ASAP but a) I haven’t prepared the ground yet, it’s covered in very long grass and I’ve run out of cardboard for sheet-mulching, and b) I have a very naughty puppy that loves digging and chewing on sticks - even those still alive and in the ground.
Unlike last year’s bunch, there’s only one showing any signs of being really interesting at this point. It may or may not have variegated leaves, it could just be growing weird. I will keep an eye on it and report back!

anonymous asked:

I have a problem I've relied on my friends for the majority of my life to introduce new people to me, and now I'm a Sophomore and I pretty much have no idea how to approach people, or at least approach them with the intention of being friends. I'm an INTP, and I'm hoping you can give me some advice on how to approach/make new friends? I tried asking my current friends but they don't explain it well, and I thought about how I became friends with them but they took initiative with being my friend.

Ho boy, do I know that problem. 

For most of my life, others approached me (which came with its own set of problems, like: do they only hang around me because of my grades?) and when I got into university, I thought it would be the same. But … no. 
It’s considerably easier to find friends in school, though, so here’s what I’d recommend:

1) Nerd stuff

It is a truth universally acknowledged, that a single nerd in posession of a good obsession must be in want of a fellow nerd. So nerd. Wear fandom t-shirts or backpacks, use fandom notebooks, scribble nerd stuff in your notebooks, have the courage to show what you love in a way that you like. Make passing references and someone might pick up on it. 

2) Use your Ti

A lot of people end up in relationships they never wanted to be in, but INTPs are well-prepared for that: we can usually analyze people pretty quickly (not deeply, but roughly enough to give us a good idea whether or not we’d like to get to know them better). So if someone catches your attention, observe them for a while and then try to subtly manipulate circumstances to end up talking to that person (like getting into the same group or sitting at the same table), because, let’s be honest, we won’t just walk up to them and talk to them. We just won’t. That takes a high-level INTP and you (and I) are still in training.

3) Use your Ne

When talking to other people, you might hold back at first, because you’re scared of coming across as weird, but trust me: we live in a golden age of weirdness. Most people dig that stuff right now - this is the time of Adventure Time and psychedelic music videos. So just say what you’re actually thinking, make odd connections, show people how to approach stuff in a fresh, new, interesting way. INTPs can be super charming if they want to, you just need to combine (and train) your Ne and Fe. 

4) Be persistent

INTPs are often scared of coming on to strong, but if there’s one key to making friends it’s to be persistent and see whether they’re okay with it or if they subtly signal you to back off. So if you see that person you talked to last time before class? Talk to them. So you’ve been talking in class for a while or you’re working on a project together? Ask for their phone number. Find out their interests, see whether you match and then invite them (or strongly imply) to go to that movie/play that game/go to that place. You can do it. Just take a few deep breaths and go for it.

That’d be the wisdom I can share, but, honestly, it ain’t much and I don’t have a lot of experience either. But I’m sure you can do it - all INTPs are travelling this road together and if those before us managed, then so will we!

robertswjohn  asked:

Hello Bobby. I understand you have a great head on you about working in the animation industry. What kind of advice and tips could you give to help me in my career at becoming a successful storyboard/character designer. I primarily interested in Television but am opened minded to featured films. Also I've got 2 years of college under my belt, AA in liberal Art, but not sure if could afford a school like Cal-Art or SCAD.

Hi John,  Hm, I think first I would decide now whether you want to pursue story or character design and focus your energy on your choice.  You could always have interests in other disciples of course and branch out later, but I think for breaking into the industry its best to focus on one discipline for now, because that’s what your competition is doing.  

With all respect to the aforementioned schools, I don’t think its absolutely necessary to attend the more expensive schools. I took a Concept Design Academy class earlier in the year and it was a great experience w/ an amazing instructor, at a fraction of the price.  I think nowadays with things like the CDA, CGMA, etc there are more affordable alternatives that still have industry professionals currently working in the industry teaching.

As for being a character designer, I’m still learning every day so take this w/ a grain of salt.  But I’ll say that strong draftsmanship will take you a long way, whether its TV or feature or games, etc, and will help with versatility from show to show.  

Ideas and what you can bring to the table I’m learning is huge.  And thats just a matter of digging into your life experiences, the things you like, your good taste, the way you see people.  And that stuff is super specific to YOU.  BTW, its the same for animation, the technical skill is one aspect and your ideas you bring are another, and the ideas are usually what people respond to.   

And I guess the last one that’s important for me personally is the ability to work extremely well with other people.  In my experience, character design isn’t just about doing great drawings and then passing them off to the next department. Its a hardcore team effort and communication is key.  In my mind, you have to support each others’ work to get our best result on screen.  

Again though, these thoughts are just pulled from my past and who knows if they’re right, but thanks for asking about my experience=)

zaynsbaji  asked:

Did Simon really ask 'who misses Zayn'??? Was he being a troll, was it meant sarcastically? Can Zayn just be left alone by 1dhq? I'm just tired of the Zayn mentions when it's the same old regurgitated bs

Anonymous said:

hi Sasha. i don’t know if it’s just me but Simon asking, ‘who misses Zayn?’ sounds a lot like who cares about him anyway? like we don/t need him….#sigh

Anonymous said:

Do you think Simon mentioned Zayn because he’s going to reunite 1D on X Factor?

After being called to the stage by the boy band, Cowell joked: “Just by luck I get the award I’ve been wanting all my life and I’m completely hammered. Guys, who misses Zayn?”

As the audience broke out in laughter (and tumbleweed from One Direction), he added: “We all get old but I’ve still got charisma.”


Well seems like he intends to blame it on the alcohol. But I think this is very much intentional and not an off-handed quip. It would be easier to read his intent with video but I haven’t found any yet.

So it seems there’s three possibilities:

  • He was taking a dig at Zayn. Like I said, he’ll blame it on the alcohol.
  • He was taking a sideways dig at 1D, reminding them of the power he still has over them and the damage he can do.
  • He was seeding a 1D reunion for his XFactor finale in order to boost the sagging ratings. Louis wasn’t able to do it alone, so maybe Simon wants to up the ante.

Imo, it’s probably the second or third. I don’t think he was really drunk. I think he’s super calculating so either he was twisting the knife into 1D (as if forcing them to show up wasn’t enough) or he’s plotting to use a 1D reunion for his own gain while he still can. Then he’ll pretend to be the benevolent boss who negotiated the reunion because golly, the fans need this closure. We’ll see. Which media outlets run with it will probably be very telling.

anonymous asked:

I'm just angry that they've pushed Alison, Scott and Derek(Alison and Derek the most) aside to make Stiles the main and I love Stiles so much but that shit doesn't fly with me. It should be equal. And this show isn't even about werewolves anymore. Sorry I just wanted to vent.

oh jeez, oh gosh, you know, i think these days i’m probably the wrong person to come and be angry with? because i’m not anymore? i understand, obviously, but i think there comes a point in every fans life where you consider what you watch a show for. what exactly you parse joy from, what works for you, and what makes you upset, and angry, and whether it balances out enough to keep at it. like, if a show is keeping you up at night because you’re so stressed out by it, you need to take a step back, you need to put some distance between you and that show. 

liiiike, i still watch How I Met Your Mother. i can’t really explain why, it’s a habit. i don’t enjoy it? but i’ve watched it for seven years, and now i want to see it through, and it doesn’t stress me out, sometimes it even makes me laugh, the stuff that frustrates me— like when they continue to bring up Ted’s feelings for Robin… eh, i just let it pass me by. 

i stopped watching One Tree Hill when Hilarie left because Hilarie was the reason i watched. Peyton was the love of my fangirl life. the show was still ok, but i literally had no interest left. 

and if say, your interest in Teen Wolf is faltering, if you’re getting so angry you need to vent about it, like… this storyline with Stiles isn’t going anywhere. Jeff’s made it clear he really digs dark!Stiles. it’s here, it is what it is, and the rest of the characters are orbiting the storyline rather than being the focus, which is cool for big Stiles fans, Dylan is a tremendous tv actor, and he’s super captivating. if you’re frustrated because Allison and Derek aren’t having as much screentime as you’d like… i think bby, either you gotta accept it, and have your rage and enjoy the show for the stuff you like, or move on. have you accepted Arrow in your life as a great light and sassy saviour in the dark? did you know there are a billion shirtless scenes and barely 1% of them involve torture?! I KNOW RIGHT. WHO KNEW THAT EXISTED. did you know the huge fanbase that ships Olicity is encouraged by the cast? and where other fanbases are shamed or discouraged or flat out laughed at, Stephen Amell just gets really excited fans dig his and Emily’s chemistry? who’d have thunk shit like that existed. i say watch Arrow, babe. it’ll be a bit of a light to look forward to so that when it comes to Teen Wolf time, you’re just less aggravated by everything you don’t enjoy/how little time Allison has on screen and how very little Derek seems to do these days. at least he’s still doing werewolf things like scenting eh :’)

because at the end of the day, aint nobody writing shit for the fans on Teen Wolf, they write to please themselves, fair enough, coolio, you gotta do what you gotta do, and sometimes it’s glorious, but if the good shit aint keeping up with the bad, take a step back. drink some zifandel. FUN FACT, we found two cans of rose zifandel in our bathroom this afternoon…. i work at starbucks. it was hilarious. someone was obviously making their coffee v irish