still not super digging this show

fantasyfan4ever  asked:

Hi there! Could you write about the RFA (including V) reacting to MC being a total comic book fan? Sorry if you have already done this request; keep up the awesome work! 😁


  • He’s never read a comic book ever
  • Ofc he watches superhero movies when they come out
  • But he can’t really relate to how much you love them
  • He’ll still listen to you nerd out about them if you want to though


  • He read a couple of comic books when he was younger, but he sort of grew out of it when he got addicted to started playing LOLOL
  • When you tell him how obsessed with them you are, he digs around in storage and shows you his favorite ones
  • He’ll read all of the ones you suggest, and even come up with fan theories for them


  • She never read comic books, and never bothered watching any of the movies/TV shows
  • It just never really interested her
  • But if you’re super into it she’ll read any of the ones you recommend
  • She’s glad you have hobbies, and thinks it’s really endearing when you talk nonstop about them


  • Trust Fund Kid doesn’t even know what you’re talking about when you say “comic books”
  • Hella confused
  • But when you explain it and show him what it is, he recognizes them
  • They’re commoner’s books why would he read them
  • He’ll listen to you alk about them, but he has no interest in reading them
  • Harsh


  • You’ve unlocked his secret interest
  • Freaks out when he sees you reading them
  • “Omg MC how did I not know you read comic books?!”
  • He will talk to you for hours about a single book
  • He will also quiz you just to be a dick
  • *Points to a random character* “Who’s this?”
  • “… That’s Spider-Man, Seven.”


  • He’s read a few comic books here and there, but he was never really into them
  • He’ll ask you a bunch of questions about them, like who’s you’re favorite character, what’s your favorite book, etc.
  • He’s really interested in the art and different art styles, so he’ll take your comic books randomly and just flip through them looking at all the drawings
  • He’ll agree with you on any theory you have, and he’ll go with you to any convention you want to go to

So let me just say that Riverdale is starting to suck me in. The plot isn’t bad, the aesthetic and cinematography are on point. Like it’s modern yet still manages to have this vintage feel. I like this background theme of “old” Riverdale vs. “New” Riverdale. And of course the cast are really attractive- I mean might as well be honest. Oh and I super support that they used the African American versions of Josie and the Pussy Cats. Oh and of course the characters themselves are just so amazing. I expect great things from this show.

(Also I dig Jughead’s outfits, truthfully whoever styles this show is doing a grade A job. Each character’s clothes are so well put together but more than that they really fit the personality of each so, so well. But I would legit raid Jughead’s closet)