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ok but have we talked about how Thomas finds James' new pirate look super hot?

…. Well I haven’t yet so thanks for reminding me.

Yes, he probably looked at James, all shaved head and piercings and still not looking as though he’s been out in the sun at all (after all this time his man still doesn’t tan) and went “…. fuck he’s hot” just like he did the first time they met. 

Actually he definitely did, look at his face here: that’s a “my boyfriend’s a hot pirate and I’ve had a pirate kink for years, shit I’m screwed” expression if ever there was one:

(James definitely took one look at his boyfriend and how he’s buffed up and went “I’m not gonna resist the urge to kiss him here and now because um this is a good look for him and well it’s been ten years, I’ve not had much kissing opportunities with him.”)

Title: Warm Mornings  || Mod Kamala

Characters: Negasonic Teenage Warhead (Ellie Phimister) x Reader, Colossus and Jean Grey are mentioned

Word Count: 703

Rating/Warnings: T (light cursing, fluff, Ellie mentions her period)

Summary:  You and your slightly-less-edgy girlfriend take the day off from class. She likes being Ellie around you- not Negasonic Teenage Warhead.

Request/Notes: @koriand (sorry for the delay!)

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Thank you so much <333 And Yes, more Hux fanarts please!

This is a trick question though, because I’m very frustrated with his face, there’s always something that makes it not recognizable and I can never find what it is and it makes me very angry at my tablet most of the time.

I always, always have reference pictures, I cannot work without references if I want the final product to look real. Then, if I plan to make a realistic portait, I’ll have a grid for proportions. I don’t make a precise lineart for portraits, it just gets in the way of necessary details and takes away the whole point of making a picture realistic.

So when it comes to Domhnall and his face, there are key points that, imho, you absolutely cannot forget about if you want Hux to look like him (and you will be able to see that I don’t follow my own advices).

-His eyebrows. They are very light on the upper part and darker and more dense on the bottom part. They are not thin lines, they have a strong triangular shape with the arch being very thick and the part nearest to the nose (sorry my english isn’t on point today) being about ½ of the thickness of the arch. His brow bone is also very noticeable.

-His eyes are rather small but his very light eyelashes, lower eyelid and irises make them stand out a lot and appear bigger. Draw his eyelashes very light if you can.

-His nose is almost straight but round at the tip. So a pointy nose will make him look like someone else.

-His cheekbones aren’t as high as we would believe at first, but the hollow part at the center of his cheeks makes them look bigger.

-His philtrum is very noticeable when clean shaved so if you style allows you to, don’t hesitate to draw it.

-His upper lip is thinner than the bottom one and I have yet to wrap my head around how his bottom lip works at the edges. The coloring makes no sense to me. I will need to investigate further, preferably IRL.

This is an ongoing study as I’m still not able to properly grasp his likeness so there are probably things that are wrong or approximate. Forgive me for that.

I could continue about his body shape but I guess it’s easier to study?

This answer got creepy very fast, but I’d like to point that these type of studies are a necessity for me and I do them with respect and objectivity.


Training soldier Lee Donghae’s letter to ELF:

Hi ELF!! ♥ 

I’m Super Junior’s Donghae, I am now Recruit Donghae who is fulfilling my military duty.^^ The weather has gotten a lot colder right?? You didn’t fall sick right?

Because you’ve always been together beside us, now that we’re seperated for a while, I already start to miss you all a lot!! I miss the stage, I miss the member, I miss ELF. I enlisted on 15 October 2015 on my birthday and it’s already 21st October 2015. When I enlisted, I did a parade and a lot of ELF came and saw me off and seeing your tears flowing, my heart hurt. I hope that time passes quickly so that I can go back to you guys. I’m also living well while using the things that ELF sent. I’ve also been reading the internet letters that comes everyday thankful and well. Whenever I’m feeling tired here, I’ll take them out, read them and gain strength. I’ve always met ELF at fanmeetings, concerts, fansigns and talked a lot. Even though we need to save our conversations for a while for 1 year and 9 months, from 14th July 2017 onwards, I hope we can take out all of our saved conversations and talk throughout the night!!^^ I like writting letters.^^ I will write letters to ELF often from now on!! It seems like I’ve said thank you and I love you to ELF a lot but after coming here, those words become more precious and I want to say them more!! I regretted not saying more to you and expressing more when I was beside you all. When we meet again next time, let’s say it more to each other, express it more to each other, okay??^^ Now Shindong-hyung, Sungmin-hyung, Eunhyukkie, me (has already enlisted) and Siwon will be enlisting soon, Super Junior will come back as even more healthy, capable and handsome men so ELF!! Wait for SuJu!! Please give the members who are beside ELF now lots of love and protect them!!^^ I already look forward to 2019, 2018!! Leeteuk, Heechul, Yesung, Kangin, Shindong, Sungmin, Eunhyuk, Siwon, Ryeowook, Kyuhyun members I love you. ELF, sincerely, I love you ^_^ don’t fall sick!! Stay healthy!

21st October 2015, 3:10PM training soldier Lee Donghae.

Thank you and I love you always. ♥ 

Recruit Lee Hyukjae’s letter to ELF:

To My Beloved ELF,

Ten-hut! This is trainee number 216, Lee Hyukjae. Is everyone keeping healthy? Here at the 15th Division Recruit Training Center in Hwacheon, Gangwon Province, I’m eating well, sleeping well, pooping well, and doing well. There’s no need to worry. I can do well no matter where I am. I just miss my members and all of my fans a lot. It’s a little difficult here, but I’ll believe that everyone is doing well and focus on my training.

Do I feel awkward and distant because the way I’m talking is so stiff and formal? Truth is, I actually could write less formally, but I’m going to continue writing like this because it’s cooler to sound more like a soldier. But why hasn’t anyone else shaved their heads? Why am I the only one who’s bald? I’m really disappointed. Didn’t we have a deal? Why aren’t you granting my wish? Do you hate me?

Anyway, since I’ve gone you don’t have a guy to meet for a year and nine months you have no one you need to look good for, so why haven’t you shaved your heads yet? Even if you shave your heads you’ll all still be pretty!!!! I’ll keep this in mind for the rest of my life. Since you all have taken care of me so well up to this point, I’ll stop at this.

Everyone! Please take good care of the members while I’m gone, and support them diligently, and continue to give them love!! There’s not many members left now so they will probably be really lonely. Please stand by their side and comfort them for me. I’m alright. Please give me lots of love after I’ve been discharged. I will do really well here.

The air in the mountains is really clean, and the scenery is amazing, and on a clear day I can even see North Korea from the top of the mountain. It’s amazing! Anyway, I really miss everyone. Thank you to all of the fans who came to send me off the day I enlisted. I was really upset when I heard that some people slept outside for a few days ㅠㅠ Whatever you do, don’t get sick, and I will pray that no matter where you are you are always healthy. I love you. I’ll write again.

From, Recruit Lee Hyukjae.