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Dark X Reader

He always came home late when he knew he’d keep them awake. Unfortunately, he knew they were awake sometimes too. A lot actually. They had insomnia.

Quietly, they heard the door open and an echoing sigh come from their love. They held still as he walked over, the blue and red light just barely visable though their eyelids. A frozen hand brushed back their hair and they had to force themself not to smile. He didn’t know they were awake tonight.

They had a plan. Most nights when they laid awake they either woke Dark or Dark found them moving, sleep deprived and desperately trying to sleep. Dark would wrap their arms around them and they’d freeze up, silently cursing themselves for waking him or keeping him awake. Yet, they also had to admit melting into Dark’s arms helped them get some sort of sleep. Dark really knew how to push their buttons. Now it was their turn.

Dark took a few minutes shuffling about before softly getting into the bed, his body cracking for a reason he wouldn’t tell them. They could tell by the lack of breath on their neck that he was facing away from them. They grinned and turned over, putting their plan into action.

Their eyes popped open and they moved slowly, wrapping thier arms around him. He was stiff with surprise and they snuggled up next to him, laying their head on his like he always did for them.

“I don’t know why your so sore, but let me try and make you comfortable tonight,” They whispered. Dark glanced at them, searching their eyes for a moment before nodding. He was stiff for awhile, but slowly he melted into their grip and they both fell asleep smiling.


This was inspired by @pleaseletthisjimbetaken and her lovely body swap fic.

Hope you guys like this, I’m trying to get back into writing on my therapists plan that if I spend 10 minutes a day doing something that makes me happy it might reduce my chronic headaches. Also, this is my first time doing a gender neutral fan fic, so please tell me if I accidentally put female pronouns in on accident.


Later that night Landon crept from his room careful to avoid the creaky floor boards. He had become a pro at sneaking out over the years. It still paid to be stealthy though, his parents were notorious for being light sleepers rising at the slightest sound. More than once Landon had to abort his plans in the past. Tonight he had to make it.

He didn’t breathe until after he was walking along the dirt road leading away from his house. He ducked into the nearby foliage as a cop car rounded the corner. The last thing he needed was to be caught by some over zealous cop on the lookout for kids out past curfew.

He was ten minutes late by the time he made it to his destination. “What took you so long?” his cousin whispered nearby coming out of his hiding place.

“Sorry” he shrugged “the cops are as thick as thieves tonight.”

His cousin snickered “the only thieves out tonight are us.”

Had some daydreams today about some comic ideas I had.

The first was about a woman, and her new wife, a technology goddess, and trying to live as human and entity together in the countryside. It’s really inspired by my life in Fukushima, and yonkoma comics.

Another was a story about a trio of magical girl(friends) who try to make a life together fighting evil by daylight, being queer by moonlight, all while being different physical personifications of magical girl.

The last was about a huge, Japanese-African American Oni and her tiny -ne, regular sized for us- human girlfriend living a newlywed life in rural Fukushima. The oni is cripplingly shy, but wants desperately to be the best wife she can, alongside her immense strength and role as a Peacekeeper for the gods.

I’d love to draw them, but I feel absolutely rubbish at drawing still, even though I’ve improved in leaps and bounds over the year. It’s nothing I want to publish, per se: just things to create. 

I worry so often about what I’m not good at, but I really want to start thinking about not being good, but wanting to do anyways.


Here’s my take on Dante and Ari, when they first met, and then, as they slowly grew into young men.

why must we argue over who the best LI is for shepard when obviously?? the only important ship is shepard x happiness