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Cool things from seeing the Great Comet live (in no particular order)

Also this is based off my personal experience, so it may be different for others!


-walking through the theatre onto the stage
-old Russian war songs like ‘katyusha’ being played over the speakers before the show and during intermission
-the air raid sirens to tell people the show’s starting
-In the opera how Natasha being in 'a state of intoxication’ involves her seeing Andrey being killed by enemy soldiers
-Dolokhov’s boot strap things that go up his legs
-Balaga being so utterly chaotic
-Anatole’s narcissism
-The whole theatre having a blast during the abduction while violently shaking their egg shakers
-the dumplings
-pages of war and peace being flung at you
-Dolokhov spitting all over Anatole’s face during Preparations
-the costume design
-Anatole flirting with audience members
-Anatole holding the 'WOOOOOOOOAAAAAAAHHHHH’ in the abduction for like thirty seconds
-Anatole being drunk basically the entire show
-Hélène’s look of terror when the elopement fails
-prince bolkonsky greeting Natasha in his undergarments
-Paul Pinto as the servant during the private and intimate life of the house
-prince bolkonsky hitting his powdered wig and powder flies out
-the opera singers
-Everyone wearing golden bear heads while dancing (I believe during the ball)
-every single one of marya’s entrances
-Dolokhov skipping along the stage while screaming at Anatole
-Hélène and Dolokhov getting touchy feely right in front of Pierre
-Pierre basically just being in His study the entire show
-The whole cast running around the entire theatre, including up in the mezzanine
-did i ever mention anatole
-Denee’s childlike innocence as natasha
-Andrey appearing in Natasha’s memories and she always reaches for him as he runs away
-The strobe lights during the duel
-Pierre standing completely still to let Dolokhov shoot at him
-Pierre hunching over before realizing he wasn’t hit
-The costume/prop design during the duel
-some ensemble members being paired with partners of the same sex while dancing
-Natasha poisoning herself with the super electric part of Pierre and Anatole
-Anatole’s green coat (not purple anymore) during the abduction
-Anatole not letting Natasha leave during the ball and they end up kissing
-The audience needing to pass Anatole’s love letter to natasha
-Sonya taking Natasha’s letter out of her sleeping hand before reading it
-Anatole striking poses when he enters during the opera
-the guy who plays the announcer at the opera/the guy who gives Pierre Marya’s letter is so good
-“what…. whaT…. wHAt…. WHA T?!”
-the moments that rely on audience participation
-people with eggshakers accidentally moving during a quiet song (myself included)
-Natasha and Sonya’s reactions to the opera
-Pierre basically saying “fuck you” to Napoleon


“I hesitated.”

I Love How It’s Like...


Mabel: Grunkle Ford! Can I make you finger puppets?! :D

Ford: No, Mabel. That’s childish. B(


Mabel: Grunkle Ford! Can I paint your hand like a turkey?! :D

Ford: *Turns around, arms full of art supplies*  (o_O)

Mabel: :O

Ford: I’d be insulted if you didn’t!

Mabel: :D


Pairings: Bellamy / Reader

Warnings: Kidnapping, hostage taking, stealing, violence

Request: Reader is a grounder and is sent by Anya to steal something from the sky peoples camp but she is caught by Bellamy had has to escape again. 

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You were sat on the top level of their ship, hands tied tightly behind your back and around a heavy piece of metal. Your feet were equally tied together and there was a blindfold over your eyes.

Which meant that so far the plan was going perfectly. Everything had gone exactly as Anya had predicted. You’d allowed yourself to be captured by members of the sky people. They’d been out hunting for food and damn had it been difficult to pretty much throw yourself in their path… accidently. You’d managed it though.

They’d blindfolded you and pushed you up onto this top level of the ship, now you were simply waiting. You weren’t a patient person in general and on top of that you were starting to lose the feeling in your hands, the ropes binding them together had been done very tightly.

Thankfully it wasn’t much longer after that thought that you heard the drop ship hatch open and footsteps approach you. The blindfold was lifted off and you blinked quickly your eyes readjusting to the light. In front of you three people stood. A blonde haired girl with bright blue eyes and an empty expression, a long haired man who looked supremely uncomfortable and finally a taller man with slightly curly hair and brown eyes.

“What’s your name?” the longer haired one asked trying to pitch his voice as friendly “I’m Finn” he pointed at the girl “That’s Clarke and that’s Bellamy”

“She doesn’t even understand us Finn” the girl insisted. You did understand though. Could speak English perfectly well. Which was one of the reasons that Anya had sent you on this mission.

“She understands” Bellamy spoke coming closer and crouching down beside you. “She understands perfectly”

“Bellamy” Finn warned “we talked about this”

“No Finn you talked. No one else agreed” Clarke crossed her arms over her chest looking uncomfortable. “She knows things that we need to know”

Ah so that was what they had been arguing about earlier. How to get information out of you regarding your camp and your people. It was a fair assumption you presumed, that they could somehow manage to find out information about your clan. After all it was similar to what Anya had sent you here for. You however were not the best candidate to try and interrogate, not that they’d know that about you.

“Guy’s she just a girl” Finn hissed.

There would be the other reason why Anya had chosen you. You could look like a young child if you tried, totally innocent when you chose to be. Even if that was the furthest from the truth as it was possible to get.  

“She’s a grounder Finn. From their Camp. She knows about them”

Bellamy’s eyes travelled over your face. “We need to know about your people”

You remained completely silent just staring at him blankly. You had been told not to interact with any of them no matter what the provocation and that was exactly what you were going to do.

“Please” Clarke implored “We don’t want to hurt you. We need your help”

You help to do what? Sell out your own people? That was never going to happen.

Clarke sighed “She isn’t going to talk to us”

Bellamy got back to his feet and Finn shook her head. “We aren’t doing this” he insisted face harsh as he glared between Bellamy and Clarke. “I’m not going to let you do this”

“Finn” Bellamy warned “what choice do we have? We need to know what she does”

Finn just shook his head opening his mouth once more then Clarke cut in “Maybe we shouldn’t talk about this here”

Both men looked at her before obviously deciding Clarke had a point and going back down the ladder of their ship. Leaving you with Clarke.

“Finn won’t be able to stop Bellamy and the others” she warned “They need to know what you do and they’ll find a way to get it out of you”

You still weren’t answering her and Clarke just smiled sadly before following Finn and Bellamy down the ladder. Finally leaving you alone and not blindfolded. You let a small smile come to your face and gently started to rotate your wrists, the final reason that Anya had sent you to this camp was your lesser known ability. You could literally slip pretty much any knot or binding in existence.

Sure enough in a little amount of time you had your wrists free from the ropes and could lean forward and untie your feet. Free of your bindings you stood up stretching your muscles. Time for the actually important part of the plan.

You moved silently to the hatch, there was no one in sight below and you slid quickly down the edges of the ladder making your way out of the ship and dropping below into the bushes surrounding it.

Kids were milling around the camp yet none of them were looking over at where you were hiding. From the small cut out pocket of your jacket you slid out the knife they hadn’t managed to find and holding it loosely in one hand you made your way around the back of the ship.

Intel on the camp had been much improved since you’d… adopted John Murphy and therefore you knew exactly why you were going. Slipping into the tent that the mechanic girl had taken over you moved silently up behind her pressing the knife against her throat. She froze instantly.

“Shhhh” you whispered in her ear as you led her over to the single chair in the room, sitting her down and moving in front of her, knife still pressed against her throat.

“You’re the girl from the drop ship” she said “How did you get free?”

You just smiled. Grabbing a rag from the bench she’d been working on you tied to quickly around her mouth as a gag and used the rope they’d used on you to tie her hands to the chair.

Using the description that Murphy had given you all earlier you found the box of bullets on the desk using a bag from the floor of the tent you put the boxes in the bag and got it onto you back. You turned back to the girl who’s eyes were wide open at your thievery.

You waved with your fingers at her giving her a final smile as you slipped out the back of the tent and back into the woods towards your own camp.

“Hold it!”

You stopped turning to watch as one of the men from before stood behind you holding up one of the guns. Bellamy.

“Put the bag down” You didn’t move. “I know you can understand me, so put the bag down”


He actually looked surprised that you’d spoken to him. To be fair you were fairly surprised as well, you were breaking the rules by speaking to him yet for some reason you couldn’t help yourself.

“Why?” he repeated.

“Why should I put the bag down? Are you going to shoot me Bellamy?” He still looked confused over the fact that you were actually speaking to him. “Somehow I don’t think you are” instead of putting the bag down you instead moved closer to him. So close to him that you could feel his breath of your face as you leant up towards him. “Next time work harder on your threats”

“I can’t let you leave”

“You can try and stop me” you made to move and Bellamy reached out grabbing your shoulder, in one smooth movement you’d twisted under his arm, forced it back up behind his back and had him stuck in a grip he really didn’t want to move from.

“How did you even get free?” he gasped trying to get you to keep talking.

“You don’t tie knots as well as you think you do” you changed your grip on him bringing your knife back out. “This is nothing personal Bellamy, trust me. I actually quite like you, but I need to leave now and I need to take this stuff with me”

“What?” Bellamy sounded confused, but you were fairly sure he’d be more confused when he woke up. You had crashed the hilt of your knife into the back of his head, his eyes rolled backwards and he fell to the ground. Unconscious.

You stared down at his face for a moment, admiring the way the freckles decorated his nose and his mouth turned up slightly at the corners. He was a very attractive man, something that you probably shouldn’t be noticing.

You allowed yourself one more moment of staring at him before hitching the bag further up onto your shoulders and taking off back towards your own camp and your own people.

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hcs for Dazai, Chuuya, Atsushi, Akutagawa, and Ranpo + type of hug?

Dazai Osamu

With Friends

  • Personal space barely exists in Dazai’s mind, and he’s a drama queen. Mix those two facts, and you’ve got the perfect recipe for a man who’s always throwing himself around you in a hug that’s energetic enough to snap bones. Expect to be crushed at random intervals at least once every three days, usually after he’s been abused by Kunikida and is whining about how nobody appreciates him but you.
  • Normally, Dazai’s hugs consist of him tossing a bandaged arm around your shoulders and tugging you tight into his side. Keeping things casual is his goal; rarely does any deep feeling swim through a hug, so he avoids embraces from the front like a plague.
  • Dazai’s hugs are intoxicating, his arms sending a sort of energetic shiver down your spine. They’re comfortable and smooth, but laced with mischief. It’s the sort of embrace you might expect at a Friday night party, right before he slams back another shot and tries to set you up with the hottie that’s been staring at you for the past five minutes.

With S/O

  • What Dazai’s feeling in the moment dictates how he wraps his arms around you. His hugs are just as versatile as the rest of him. What sort of hug you receive—whether it’s bubbly and sweet or crushing in a way that sends aches through your skeleton—all depends on Dazai’s mood.
  • Normally, Dazai’s hugs are playful. He slings his arms around you, pulling you into his chest, as he’s trying to spread a smile on your face or lure you into some game. Dazai rocks back and forth on his heels, swaying you to and fro as he teases you.
  • Be careful not to let Dazai’s light-hearted hugs linger for too long; if you don’t pry him off, his hands will eventually start wandering. More than once, a cute moment has screeched to a halt as Dazai’s nimble fingers slowly wind his way down and past your waistline, dancing patterns as they burrow underneath your clothes. If you think Dazai’s above subtly fingering you in the middle of a restaurant booth, you are sorely mistaken.
  • Sometimes, though, Dazai’s hugs aren’t so much fun. Whenever he bolts upright in the middle of the night, slick with sweat and nightmares ghosting his mind, expect to be crushed in a hug that shatters your heart. Dazai buries his head in your shoulder, arms winding around your waist and squeezing for dear life. He never cries, or whimpers, or even explains these hugs, but with the way his hands tremble against your skin, you probably don’t want to know what’s crossing his mind anyway.

Nakahara Chuuya

With Friends

  • Chuuya’s not big on tugging his friends in for a hug. Wrapping his arms around someone just treads too near to romantic territory. Not all hugs are declarations of passionate love; Chuuya realizes this, but he still can’t shake the feeling that something’s just off when friends go for a hug.
  • If you’re in rough shape, though, Chuuya shoves aside his own reservations to pull you into bone-crushing embrace. He tugs you into his chest, hand snaking up to rest on your head as he lets you sob through your troubles. Inside of Chuuya’s arms feels warm and safe, like the kind of hug a big brother snatches their siblings into after finding them with skinned knees and leaking eyes. He’ll stay, holding you, for as long as you need to collect yourself.

With S/O

  • Expect to be in Chuuya’s hugs more often than not; you’re squished into him so frequently, you might as well live in his arms. Whether you’re out wandering the streets on a date, visiting him in his Port Mafia office, or simply lounging around in his penthouse, Chuuya tugs you in for a quick squeeze whenever he pleases (and the mood strikes often).
  • Every single one of Chuuya’s embraces is paired with a kiss. If he pulls you in from the front, pressing you against his chest, be prepared for something romantic; his fingers slip to your chin, gently angling your lips to meet his, working your mouth slowly as his arms slide around your waist. Otherwise, he tugs you into him from behind, crossing his arms over your chest as his lips dip onto the top of your head.
  • Chuuya’s toned muscles aren’t just good for bashing people's’ teeth in; his strength means you’ll be spun around, a lot. If you sprint up to him, excited to attack him with a hug, he intercepts you, hands wrapping around your waist before you can throw your arms around him. Then he proceeds to lift and twirl you like a princess straight out of a Disney movie. As soon as your feet are solidly back on land, he tugs your waist flush against his, capping off this dramatic show with a tight and practically neverending hug.
  • After he’s downed a few glasses of wine, Chuuya’s hugs are much more fun. The poor man thinks he’s being suave as his fingers ‘sneak’ across your pants. It’s so painfully obvious that he’s just trying to cop a feel, though. Don’t worry; if you’re not up for some tipsy fingering, you won’t have to wait long before Chuuya practically passes out on your shoulder.

Nakajima Atsushi

With Friends

  • Affection’s still a bit foreign to Atsushi, but hugs are something he craves and adores with a passion. If you want to make his day, simply tug him into your arms and crush him a bit. 
  • Despite the fact that he loves hugs, embraces make Atsushi feel a bit awkward. If your arms wrap around anything lower than his shoulders, he’s immediately hyper-aware of everyone watching, every inch of skin rubbing. Even though he always hugs back, his cheeks are always dusted light pink. 
  • With Atsushi, there’s no such thing as a light embrace. The second a hug starts, he’s immediately flinging his arms around your shoulders and squeezing with all his might (and he’s got a lot of it; likely, you won’t be able to breathe properly until he detaches). Usually, Atsushi can’t help but let a laugh spill out of him. Hugs wash over him with a wave of euphoria and he simply loves the innocent gesture of affection.
  • If you’re in Atsushi’s arms, it’s impossible not to feel like the most loved person in the entire world. Every embrace is focused specifically on you; when you’re hugging him, his full attention’s devoted on the way you feel squished by his arms. His hugs are lighthearted and warm, refreshing but comfortable like a balmy breeze.

With S/O

  • Kissing’s guaranteed to fluster the poor tiger boy, so a hug’s the perfect way to spread a little bit of casual love to Atsushi while in public. He still notices every single pair of eyes shooting over to you two when your arms cinch around his waist, but at least he’s his normal shade and not blushing like a tomato. If you notice another girl staring, a predatory glint in her eyes as she looks Atsushi up and down, hugging him is a perfect way to mark your territory without flustering your boyfriend. 
  • Atsushi never looks at you while you’re hugging. If his head isn’t buried in your shoulder as he basks in your arms, your head’s probably buried in his. If you’re short enough, Atsushi settles for resting his chin on your head. He doesn’t evade your gaze on purpose; it just sort of happens without him even noticing.
  • You’re the only one that Atsushi hugs around the waist. To him, that’s pretty much a danger-zone; after all, the stomach’s such an intimate place! Sharing such close affection is something he’s only comfortable doing with you.

Ryunosuke Akutagawa

With Friends

  • Prepare for the fact that you’ll never be hugged by Akutagawa, ever, in your entire life. Unless you’re knocking on death’s door, he would rather spend a day locked in with a pack of ravenous dogs than suffer through such an awkward, touchy-feely ordeal.

With S/O

  • Even holding hands is enough to unnerve Akutagawa. Hugs aren’t much better. He can only truly enjoy them while he’s relaxed, and seeing as pure, innocent affection practically winds him tight as a bow string, a good hug is nigh unto impossible. Comfortable embraces only happen after Akutagawa’s been dating you for a good long while, or late at night when you’re snuggling and he’s too exhausted to be grumpy. 
  • At first, Akutagawa’s embraces are undoubtedly stilted and awkward, but as he gets more comfortable with his skin brushing up against yours, hugs loosen up. No longer are all of his muscles bunched together when you throw your arms around him; in fact, he finds he enjoys this type of affection. Eventually, Akutagawa’s even comfortable enough with hugging that he gets a bit naughty when you embrace him. Don’t be surprised if Akutagawa’s fingers wander into your underwear in the middle of a hug.
  • No matter how much he grows to like hugs, surprising Akutagawa with one is generally a no-no. Being touched without his permission sets him on edge like he’s just heard someone whisper ‘Dazai’. If Akutagawa’s enjoying an unexpected hug, it’s because he surprised you, not the other way around.
  • Akutagawa’s got a go-to hug posture that he rarely strays from. One hand’s resting on the back of your head, his fingers slightly threading through your hair. His other hand’s gripping your stomach, his arm wrapping around your waist and tugging you closer. Practically no space separates your bodies as he pulls you closer against his skin.

Edogawa Ranpo

With Friends

  • Mere friends don’t deserve the privilege, the blessing, of Ranpo’s hugs. If you’ve managed to snatch the title of ‘best friend’, you might get a tight squeeze now and then, but chances are slim. Normally, the closest you’ll come to an embrace is Ranpo dramatically draping his limbs over you when he wants to catch a quick cat nap or complain about something.

With S/O

  • Much like everything else in his life, Ranpo’s hugs are either 0 or 100; nowhere in between. If he’s craving your love, he’ll often bug you to come and wrap your arms around him, whining until you drop whatever you’re doing to pay attention to him. It doesn’t matter if you’re reading a book, brewing tea, or even trying to finish up an exam; if Ranpo wants a hug, he’ll do anything in his power to get one (as long as he doesn’t have to stand up). Of course, sometimes the mood strikes him; he’s nearly stalking you for a hug. Ranpo will straight-up ambush you, cornering you in the bathroom while you’re pissing if he doesn’t see any other way to force some affection.
  • If you’re attacked out of nowhere, nearly tackled from behind, don’t worry; it’s probably just Ranpo. He rarely warns you before diving in for some unexpected attention. For someone who survives only on taffy and fruit-flavored soda, he packs surprising strength; don’t be surprised if you both end up on the floor with a few bruises. (He won’t be satisfied unless you kiss them better, of course. If you do a good job, though, he’ll return the favor.)
  • Don’t expect romantic hugs from Ranpo; unless he’s in a rare mood, all he wants from an embrace is light snuggling. Normally, after Ranpo’s got his arms around you, the next thing he does is drag you to the couch for some lazy cuddling. For him, effortlessly tangling together as you marathon shitty crime shows is much better than actually putting work into squeezing you in his arms.
  • Ranpo prefers to be wrapped in your arms, rather than the other way around. Unless he’s trying to get your attention by flinging his body parts across you, the detective’s out to be snuggled, not do the snuggling. After all, why hug back when he can just enjoy your head burrowing against his chest and your arms wrapping around his chest? Ranpo hugs back if you start pouting, but if he can get away without putting effort in an embrace, his arms just lazily drape over your shoulders.

Okay, what have we learned today?

Loki is definitely in Infinity War and will work together with Thanos:

(others describe it as Loki hands the tesseract to Thanos. Loki is dirty and grimy. etc.)

And the shooting for Avengers: Infinity War is - despite other reports of it being wrapped - just halfway through. 

(I think the confusion might be, because they shoot 3 + 4 one after another and wanted to shoot them simultanously in the beginning. So knowing how filming works it is likely that they will now mainly work on the 4 one, but re-shoots and additional shoots for Infinity War still happen over the next few months, whenever they need it.)

AND: It is likely that Tom Hiddleston is filming in Atlanta right now.

I think that this pretty much confirms that Tom’s schedule this year is pretty much packed. 

He might be able to fit in projects between shooting, but as Tom seems to prefer to focus on one bigger project at a time, we might not get a new announcement for a movie until late this year. This year he is once again mainly playing Loki.

Chris Evans Fic: Outnumbered (2 of 2)

Okay, here we go! Part 2, and probably the last thing I’ll put in the ‘Four Kids’ verse for a while, just so I can get my other WIPs finished off.

Just a warning, this is very, very NSFW 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥


The next morning, you awoke fairly late after the patchy sleep you’d had during the night. Even so, this was unusual for you since the kids didn’t tend to sleep in. The bed was empty apart from you but Chris’ side still had that tell tale warmth that indicated he hadn’t been gone long.

You still felt exhausted from the stress of yesterday and its ensuing argument, Chris’ words niggling in the back of your mind as you hauled yourself upright and threw your legs over the side of the mattress, planting your feet on the soft carpet. Your eyes were heavy and the groggy fog of lack of sleep swirled around you.

Part of you didn’t want to go downstairs at all, wanted to leave Chris with the kids and hide upstairs all day, just for an opportunity to regain some semblance of sanity. But, you knew that eventually one or two or all of them would come looking for you. So after a quick visit to the bathroom, you pulled your thin robe over your short pyjama set and padded down the staircase, fluffy slippers adorning your feet.

And what you saw downstairs in the kitchen surprised you a little, it was true. The kids were sat at the breakfast table, each on a stool apart from Connor who was in his high chair, watching intently and with amusement, their father flipping Mickey Mouse shaped pancakes across the kitchen island, applauding and laughing when he managed it. All turned to look at you as you entered.

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Newcomers Pt 21

Oolana ran and embraced her husband who for all his reserved nature could not hide his shock and joy at her appearance in their doorway. Selan being there too was too much and she embraced them all or tried to with her short arms and wept, her family was alive and safe. She would morn the loss of her two older sons but not only had the two younger ones survived but her husband too. She prayed her thanks to Oril the mother god for bringing her family back.

“Well this is a step up for us” she remarked some hours later enjoying a drink the Humans called tea. It was part of the food distribution that was handed out.

“Yes the Humans have been rather generous, they also offered father a new arm” Creten stated.

“Where is it then?” she asked Malthos who did not answer and only grunted.

“Oh I see, there is no shame in accepting”

“It is surrender” he said harshly “I will not submit to these creatures”

“But you do eat the food they give us” Creten said and his father looked at him both angry and surprised he was standing up to him.

“Food is to survive, offering such things as to give father an arm is to try and turn us against our own kind” Selan said coming to her father’s defence.

“I think the High Chiefs are doing a better job of that than the Humans” Creten shot at his sister and the two glared at each other.

“So Creten” Oolana said trying to change the topic of discussion “I saw you talking to a crowed of people when I arrived, what were you saying?”

“Are you still preaching that bullshit!” Malthos screamed getting to his feet.

“It is not bullshit, you only call it that because you disagree with me” Creten shouted back getting to his own feet, his father still towered over him but Creten shoot his ground.

“What you are preaching is traitorous!” Selan shouted getting in on the argument “You are a traitor!”

“To whom?!” Creten asked.

“Your own kind!” she stated as if obvious.

“What I purpose is for the betterment of our kind so how is that traitorous?”

“The High Chiefs-” his father started.

“The High Chief’s are not the whole of the Benemar! When was the last time they even left that city of theirs? Do they even truly understand or even know what is going on? Have you ever met one of them? Has anyone?”

Malthos and Selan had no immediate answer to that and Creten pressed his point.

“Exactly they sit there in big home and in eat their large meals, they are the trait-” he never finished his sentence as his father had struck him, being small he was lifted off his feet and thrown into the wall.

“You really are living up to your names meaning” Malthos said advancing on him “Unwanted one”

“A name I now bare with pride, for who said I ever wanted you for a father” he said quickly getting to his feet and running out the door.

Oolana stood, she had been stunned to silence by this argument and it was one they had clearly had had multiple times as if this was rehearsed. She went to her husbands side and he looked at her as if she would approve but she kept her face stern.

“I have lost two children because of the lessons you taught them and forced them to accept. I will not loose a third because of you” she looked at her daughter to signify that meant her as well and then went out the door after her son.

Creten had disappeared into he crowd mumbling and cussing to himself, he cared for his father but he hated him to, he was always so dismissive of anything he had to say and that infuriated him.

“Creten?” he heard his name and looked to see a Human looking down at him.

“It is you, Creten” the human said hugging him but he said nothing as he did not recognise this one.

“Oh right, you wouldn’t recognise me” she laughed “It’s me, Karen”

“Karen” he shouted and leapt into her arms again “I’m sorry I didn’t know it was you”

“You are not alone, I’m sure my own mother wouldn’t recognise me now” Karen pushed him away to look at his face and saw the large bruise appearing on the side of his face.

“Your father?” she asked and he nodded and she embraced him again kissing his head. “Come, let’s find somewhere quieter”

She walked with him to a bar and although he may be an adult by Benemar standards to Humans he was still under age so could only have soft drinks. Not that he mind as the sugar content was like nectar to him.

“Why are you here?” he asked.

“Humans don’t stay at the front forever, we are rotated and it was my turn to have some time off as they say. But I want to talk about you, you have been making waves” she smiled.

“Sorry” he said looking down.

“Don’t be, keep doing what you’re doing, even Jenkins said that he thinks you will do great things”

“Captain Jenkins said that?” his eyes wide.

“Oh yeah, as Humans say, stir the pot once in a while, cause a bit of chaos, challenge everything” she grinned “Why do you think we all liked you so much?”

He lowered his gaze again “Humans are easier to talk to”

“How so?”

“You don’t…judge or jump to conclusions or interrupt anyone when they are talking even if you don’t agree with them”

Karen laughed “Firstly, everyone judges everyone else, it’s natural. When I first saw a Benemar I judged that your kind were idiots, a few I first met did nothing to sway that but over time I have been proven wrong. Secondly, jumping to conclusions is again natural we all do it, I have done so more than once in my life but the best you can do is not make it control your every encounter. As for interrupting…well that’s just rude don’t do it. I have met a lot of Benemar since coming to Bento Prime and I can honestly say although we may look different, especially now, we can be very much alike. You just need to show people that there are better ways to live than always being strong. Live lives that will make the world a better place than when you found it”

Creten looked up at her “See a lot of my kind don’t talk like that”

“Not a lot of Humans talk like that, I do because I read to the point of madness, you ever heard of tumblr?”


“Good stay away from it it’s the cesspool of humanity but it has a lot of good fiction stories I’ve spent sooooo much time reading it drives my wife mad”

“Your…your wife?” Creten asked confused thinking he had misheard.

“Yes my wife, I know I’m married shocking isn’t it. It had to be quick ceremony though as the invasion was about to start”

“You’re married…to a…female?”

“Yes?” Karen looked down confused then it clicked “Oh right, um…listen first of, when a mummy and a daddy who love each other very much–”

“No no I know about all that”

“Oh thank god” Karen said burying her head in her hands “Well in Human culture it is not unusual for those of the same gender to have relations and get married” Karen froze expecting the worst.

“Oh..okay….do you have any children yet?”

That caught her off guard “Wait” she said scrutinizing him “You accepted that awfully quickly”

“You explained it awfully quickly”

Karen smiled wide and placed her hand on his shoulder “You are a credit to your race you now that? I think Hopkins was right, after this war is over, this world will need you more than you know”

The reason for her surprise was that such actions were forbidden in the Alliance and actively scorned and even prosecuted by some. The Benemar as well had purge all those they thought were afflicted less they in their minds pollute the gene pool.

“Creten” his mother called from the entrance and ran inside to hug him.

She had found him by asking a Human guard and he had used the Link to ask if anyone in the city had seen him and Karen had responded. All this while they had been talking.

“Mother, this is my friend Karen, she looked after me before we came to Geeda”

Oolana knew what that meant, this Karen was part of the attack that saw her home town burned to the ground. “Nice to meet you” she gingerly greeted.

“Pleasure to meet you too” Karen said shaking her hand “You have a fine son here, you must no doubt be very proud”

“I am” she replied without pause.

“Well Creten, I shall no doubt see you again soon but for now I leave you in the care of your mother. If you would excuse me I am meeting someone very special and she is probably wondering where I am” Karen straightened herself and left with Creten and his mother watching her go.

“Wonder who she is going to meet” Oolana speculated.

“Her wife probably”

“Her what?”

Creten let short laugh and began explaining it to her as they made their way back home.

Double The Pleasure

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Characters: Y/n (MALE!READER), Fred, George

Pairing: Fred x Y/n x George

Warnings: Smut, blowjob, anal, fingering, threesome, unprotected sex!!!

Word Count: 997

Summary: When Y/n tells the twins he likes them both, he doesn’t get the reaction he was expecting, but instead something that he’s been craving.

A/N: Ok, requested fic by anon- Hello wanted to say big fan! :) also can you do a Fred Weasley/male reader/George Weasley……where the the twins try to get y/n to chose who he likes more and he chose both, with smutty goodness at the end. If you don’t do smut anymore then that’s ok just fluff, but I always love your smut fics..There u go!! Hope u like it!!

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“Oh come on, y/n! Just tell us!”

“Yea, tell us!”

You rolled your eyes, halting to a stop and sighing.

“Neither of you. Ok!”

You tried to storm away but Fred and George simply ran up to you, grabbing you by your shoulders and stopping you.

“Oh, come on! Just pick. Me or Fred. Who’d you like better?”

You grumbled, knowing they weren’t going to let it go.

“Fine. I like you both. You’re both hot. I like you both. I can’t choose!” you rambled, just wanting to leave and get back to the common room.

The twins stared at you for a second, making you feel anxious, before they looked to each other.

There seemed to be a silent conversation, before they both burst out laughing.

You scowled at them, grumbling.

“What’s so funny? You asked. I answered!”

“We…we didn’t mean who you liked in that way! We meant as friends!”

You began blushing, face red and ears heated.

Dammit! Did you really just admit that you wanted the both of them? Fuck!

You didn’t want to hear the teasing or either of them laughing at you, so you simply stalked off.

“Come on, y/n! Wait up!”

“Yea! If you like us so much, why’re you running away?!”

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Ok, Spider boy.

Summary: You and Mr Petey ‘fight’ because he’s always cancelling last minute for his plans with you ( cus’ he’s spider man n shit ) but all turns out well.

Pairing: Peter Parker x Reader

Warnings: Swearing (what can I say, I love a good f bomb)

Word count: 1357

A/N: Finally updated Mr. Barnes and so I don’t clutter my feed with just that I’m gonna write about my boy Peter Parker. Also I had a strong development with the insert character and Aunt May because it makes me so happy when I see a positive relationship between the lady friend and the motherly figure. Also generally I think of Tom Holland’s Parker when I write but I think you can really think of whichever one you would like. As always requests are open and my masterlist is here -Hannah xo

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You finished getting ready in the mirror when you saw out of the corner of your eye your phone light up with Peter’s face. As you picked up your phone it was really loud and all you could make out was Peter’s voice. “Y/N! I’m glad you answered. I uh.” There was a large band followed by the slow fade in of sirens. “Hi, sorry. I can’t make dinner tonight. I’m sorry.” The blare of sirens gets increasing louder through the speaker of the phone. “Peter, where are you? Are those sirens?” He didn’t respond. You could only hear chaos. “Peter?!” you yelled in the phone. “I’ll make this up to you. I’m sorry.” and the line went dead.

 This was the 5th time this week he cancelled a date with you and it was already a Tuesday. He even would cancel on study dates, and this was an automatic red flag to you. Peter would always pull through. You knew he wouldn’t be around to text or talk to for a while so you changed into something more comfortable, and headed over to his apartment. You knew May would be home and she loved you like a daughter, and it wouldn’t be the first time you hung out with her instead of Peter.

 She was also very suspicious of why Peter was MIA as often as he was. So when the two of you spent time together it helped both of your suspicions, the only thing you dreaded was when he got home and you were there.

 After taking the bus to May’s apartment you walked up the stairs to her door and before you could knock she swung the door open. “He called you too didn’t he.”

 You gave a half smile as you walked in and kicked your shoes off and fell face forward into the couch. “Do you even know why he’s being like this?” She asked sitting on the small recliner across from the couch. “I honestly wish I did. I don’t know what he’s doing, it could be anything and I feel like I did something to push him away.” She leans back “Sweetheart, it’s definitely not you, he gets so happy every time I bring you up. He’s just…Peter.”

 “Besides, I was just about to start dinner and unlike Peter, I like cooking with you and I know how much you like cooking.” Shit she was good. You both went to the kitchen and made pasta and before you knew it the two of you were laughing as you sang and dance horribly to the songs on the radio.

 The two of you had a amazing meal as always, filled with conversation to keep both your minds off the boy at hand. You both started to clean up the dishes and leftover when you heard a voice from the living room. “Hey, May. Sorry I’m late I wa-” He stopped mid sentence as he saw you standing in his kitchen. You usually would’ve left by now, but you obviously lost track of time leaving you in this awkward situation.

 “Uh, I’m gonna go get ready for bed. I’ll leave you two alone.” She read the situation perfectly and left Peter and yourself to your own devices.

 “Y/N, I can explain.” He says making his way towards you. “Peter, you can’t even honestly tell me why. So why bother trying to explain.” You pushed your way past him and walked towards the door as he followed right behind. You kicked your shoes on and went to open the door before you feel something cold and sticky shoot by you and land on your hand, bonding it to the door.

Your eyes shot open and you turned to see whatever was on your hand coming from Peter’s wrist. “Peter…w-what is? What?!” He rushed over to your side and put a finger up to your mouth, shushing you. “Do not say a single word, if May finds out I’m beyond fucked.” Still in shock he removed the, what was understood to be web, from your hand and shuffled you to his room plopping you down on his bed and bolting the door behind him.

 “W-what was that?” you said as you felt the substance on your hand. “Y/N, you’re right and I haven’t been honest and you’ll understand why I wasn’t” You were confused as he walked over to his closet. Your mind was so all over the place still confused to why he was shooting what looked like spider webs out of his wrist. “Showing me your dirty gym clothes isn’t going to hel-. Holy shit.”

 He was standing in front of you holding the spider man suit. “Peter. Where’d you get that.” He chuckled before tossing it onto the bed, sitting next to you in the process. “Y/N, it’s mine.” You stared blankly before standing up. “So your excuse to missing our dates is because your spider child?”

 “Spider Man. and Yes. That’s why you constantly hear the sirens over the phone when I try to tell you I can’t make it somewhere. Because I’m saving people.” You stared at Peter for a good minute. “If you’re Spider whatever then consider me Scarlet Witch.” You said as you turned towards the door. Another web coated the door sealing it shut.

 “Why do you keep doing that? Better yet. How do you keep doing that.” He rolls his eyes and walks over to you. He sticks his hand out and you just stare at it. “Take my hand Y/N.” You grab it as he pulls you into a hug. “We’re going on an adventure tonight.” You cocked your eyebrow at him unsure of what adventures he could conjure up in less than a couple minutes.

 He let’s go of the hug and walks to the door. Wiping the webs away before opening it. “May, Y/N’s gonna crash here for the night, and we’re headed to bed.” He yelled down the hall hoping she didn’t come see him. “Okay, you two, I hope all is well. Sleep well.” She said as she just poked her head out the door. “Goodnight, May.” You both said as he pulled himself back into the bedroom.

 “If you want to do this, you have to trust me, and I know you’re having a hard time right now but you’re going to have to trust me.” You narrowed your eyes before giving in. “Fine, but we have to be home by at least 3. I want to get my homework done.” He chuckled before grabbing your waist and hoisting you out the fire escape very carefully trying not to make any noise.

 “We’re on a rickety old fire escape. This is your idea of trust.” He shot a web across to you and pulled you to him kissing you when you finally reached his arms. “Don’t give me attitude. Watch.”  He wrapped his arm around your waist “And hold on.” 

“Hold on, what do you mean hold-” Before you knew it you were swinging across and between buildings. You buried your head in his chest as you swung around. “Y/N, you can look around. It’s safe” He yelled over the background noise of the city. You looked over his shoulder at the city below you before you land in an alley and he sets you down. “Peter. Why didn’t you tell me.” He pulled your hips closer to his “Well I didn’t want you to get hurt. There’s already so many terrible people and I couldn’t let them do anything to you.” You smiled before planting a kiss on his cheek.

“Well. Spider boy.” He groaned “It’s Spider Man.” you chuckled “Ok, Spider boy. Do you have anything else planned? Because if not I’d love to go back to the apartment and blow off some homework and watch movies.” He grabbed your hand and placed a kiss on the back of it. “I’d love that, but maybe finish a lil bit of homework first.” You kissed him and all you could think about is how much you love that little nerd.

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VOICE STARS★Umehara Yuichiro’s Behind the Scene Stories
[Part 1/Part 2]

After shooting Ono Kensho in the previous issue [of VOICE STARS], Leslie Kee said “I want to shoot him next”, and by him he meant Umehara Yuichiro. As soon as Ume-chan arrived in the studio on the day of the shoot Leslie cut to the chase and shortened the [emotional] distance between himself and Ume-chan through communication.

By the way, the day of the shoot was a few days after Saito Soma’s interview. To Soma’s surprise upon hearing Leslie Kee’s next [serial] shoot would be of Ume-chan, Soma messaged him on LINE about it. This was a nice little peep into their friendship ♪

At the start of the shoot, on pages 108-109, we had him styled in a grey suit. Ume-chan’s style is really prominent here. As Leslie was shooting he’d say admiringly, “So cool!”, and “You’re a prince!”. With Ume-chan having decided on his poses, we’d still see him turn all bashful. [CUUUUUTTTEE!!!!]

  Now that we think about it Ume-chan’s last shoot had a wind machine too. Thanks to it his hair really fluttered nicely. However, having had it on him all that time he said “My eyes are dry… (lol)” during the break. Even still, he was trying his best to meet our expectations and enthusiasm over the shoot!!

Also, to get the clothes to look like they were fluttering in the wind, the stylist had to manually do that many times from behind. After shooting in this outfit the stylist said gratefully, “Thank you very much” to Ume-chan. Here are the “Making Of” pictures! To be continued…

I’ll update as the TV Guide twitter tweets more! Hopefully with more pics! [EDIT: They did indeed update!]

Damn bae looks so FINE