still not over this scene tbh


NMB48 5th Anniversary Concert: Yuri Theatre

↳ SayaMomo moments

“You’re stuck with me now, you know. There’s no turning back for you, no leaving me, no changing your mind. We’re bound for eternity.”

“So be it, you stupid bat lord ♥.”


Here’s my part for my art/fanfic trade with @a-court-of-chronicles! I loved your Nessian fic, m’dear ♥ *shoots you with feysand fluff*. Also those of you who want the images from the gif for edits/icons, let me know; I’ll upload them seperately!

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Crack ficlet with driver Kim

~Welp, idk what this is but here ya go.

[Driver KimxReader] [Extreme awesomeness/sexiness] [Intense situations] [Cherry Cola]

*many years before the RFA*

     You gripped the steering wheel and listened to the revving of your engines, looking over to the famous Driver Kim. He was seated in his signature car, ‘Honk Honk,’ his partner in every race. It was like a scene from that Fast and Furious movie and super intense tbh.

     No one expected you to win. They all called you a ‘fool’ and a ‘loser with bad fashion sense.’

     “If you were twice as smart, you’d still be stupid,” they said.

     Well, Kim was nervous. You could tell. And when the flag waved and your foot pressed down on the gas, your car ‘Bumper Stiltskin’ pulled out ahead. Yes, you named it yourself. You laughed a little thinking about it now and that caused Kim to gain on you.

     “Oh no you don’t, you ass cactus!” you yelled and blasted that cherry cola song by Savage Garden on the radio to get you thoroughly pumped up to win.

     It was so loud and you had the windows rolled down so he could hear. A single tear rolled down his cheek as the music hit him in his soul and soon he was sobbing from the pure beauty of the song that he skidded out of control just before the finish line, giving you the victory.

     Everyone cheered and shouted ‘World Star!’ while recording you with their phones as you exited your car, the music still blasting and everyone jumped on the hood of Bumper Stiltskin to dance like an 80’s music video.

     Slowly Driver Kim approached you. Throwing his helmet to flames. Someone had started a fire, you guess. Without saying a word he popped open a can of cherry cola right there, and chugged it whole while staring longingly into your eyes.

     “How did you know?” he asked after crushing the can on his forehead, very manly-like.

      “It was the first song we ever made love to,” you said softly, with a lot of  feeling.

     “You’ve won the race,” he grabbed you in his arms and dipped you low, “and…my heart,” he kissed you deeply just as the sun set below the horizon.

     The fire in his eyes was almost burning brighter and hotter than the real fire that had gotten out of control around you. Actually, you would probably have to leave soon before the authorities showed up.

     “I’m pregnant,” you whispered into his lips.

     “I know.”

     That puzzled you a bit?

     “Luckily,” he continued, “I think I found a job that can support our little family for a long time to come.”

Aggghh! This scene! A lot of people were so focused at the kiss, they didn’t notice this part when they both smiled while their lips are still touching each others’. (Wedding picture goals tbh) Idk when will I get over this drama. They’re too lovely and I think we can all agree that Ahn Min Hyeok is just too perfect.

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I'd love to know/see something about Jacob takes in a stray? bc I'm a sucker for anything about Jacob's relationships to the Burners/basically anyone tbh

rollerskatinglizard said to livelivefastfree: Art for Jacob takes in a stray!  

heee! :D  I would do more than one since more than one person asked for this fic, but this ficbit is literally only one scene long, haha.  Not much to illustrate.

The kid backs up a step from the advance like a frightened mutt, glancing around like he thinks Abraham is going to jump out of an alley for him.  Jacob would bet he doesn’t even notice the way he sticks to the pool of sunlight from the distant dome above—like he’s scared the dark will burn him if he touches it. “Are we safe here?”  he asks instead of answering.  “Is it—okay I’m here?”

That guarded caution is Deluxe all over.  No charity, up there.  Nothing for free.

“…’Course it is, kid,” says Jacob.  “Come on in.”

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I assumed Cassian just took the elevator tbh like Krennic took it up there because there's no way Cassian would be able to lift himself up timed with that shaft thing that could've cut him in half. Maybe there's a deleted scene of him just awkwardly chillin by himself in the elevator like "man I wish this would hurry up I gotta save Jyn"

… This actually totally makes sense.

He still had to make that jump over to the elevator shaft though, which can’t have been easy.

I’m now imagining Jyn’s dramatic scene on top of the tower being interspersed with footage of Cassian leaning against the elevator wall holding his blaster while elevator music plays.

SKAM 1:09

“What is this bullshit about what kind of person I am? Maybe I am someone who gives up! I don’t know! Why would you know what kind of person I am? Everyone is like: ‘what kind of person are you? you have to know who you are!’ What a fucking cliche.”

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How do you feel about Maggie's emotional arc over the span of the episode? I think they wrote her very realistically - at first she's scared but rational, then as the gravity of the situation sets in and her emotions are heightened she goes to anger & lashes out at Kara, and then the *desperation* of the laptop scene JFC. She's trying to be strong for Alex but she's losing it. They built up her emotions so well that it makes the RELIEF of saving Alex 100x better. Still barely coherent abt it tbh

oh i loved it, they were incredibly consistent with her characterization overall and it was all very real for who she is. that said, i don’t think maggie ever underestimated the gravity of the situation. i think she knew very well what was at stake from the start, the desperation and frustration setting in moreso in response to losing more and more control over what was happening and the decisions that were being made. agency is very very important to maggie. because her life was so uprooted by forces beyond her control, she likes being in charge of things. it makes her feel more secure, more confident. kara not listening to her, the countdown clock losing time, the water filling up the tank so fast… all of it made maggie feel helpless, which was counter to how she was feeling at the beginning of it all. the gradual deterioration of her composure came with the more incapable she felt of do anything.

eventually she did the only thing she could, consciously deciding that alex’s life meant more to her than her position on the force, her freedom, and the morals she holds.

the relief in getting alex back was definitely about alex, but i also think knowing she was safe and the situation she had so little control within was over also made maggie feel more like herself again.

Billie Piper appreciation week ★ Day Two (March 14): Favorite Scene

“There was this man I knew once. American, he was. And he was different.”

“What happened to him?”

There are too many scenes to choose from. I just couldn’t, so I took one of my favourites, the moment Lily thinks about Ethan with a distant smile. Still not over it…

The Big Messy BTS Theory Post

In order of narrative:

  1. Danger: (it’s less important so it’s mentioned at the end)
  2. Prologue: just a prologue imo
  3. RUN: Seokjin looks for the signs he originally missed that things were falling apart
  4. Short film (MAMA): Jhope leaves home, decides ‘screw this’
  5. JPN BST: the night things fell apart
  6. Short film (Begin): Jeongguk’s hallucinations during JPN BST
  7. INU: Seokjin’s memories of The End
  8. Short film (First Love): Suga realizing Jeongguk is dead
  9. Short film (Reflection): Namjoon realizing JK is dead, failing to help Tae
  10. Short film (Stigma): The End of Taehyung’s story
  11. Short film (Lies): Jimin’s last dance
  12. BST kor.: Seokjin’s dream about the night of JPN BST
  13. Short film (Awake): all this time we’ve been walking thru Seokjin’s memories & dreams

(for chronological order, Awake goes before Run)

Reality: Danger, Prologue, JPN BST, First Love, Stigma, Reflection
Memories/Dreams: Awake, Run, Mama, Begin, INU, BST kor.

You’d think with the grotesque length of this post i’d get into the nitty gritty details… like counting cards and really digging into lyrics and analyzing the artwork and talking about multiple dimensions? But nah… it’s not happening

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Hm thats very interesting. I hope my boi does us all proud. I also have another question please excuse my curiosity, can't someone transmit images inside joonies head? Like if he hold someones hands he can get into their minds and see everything they see, kinda like taking over their mind for a little bit? I know its wierd but it gives me a little bit of hope knowing he has a chance to see how beautiful jin still is :,))))))

HMMMMN I’m still debating this tbh. I haven’t put a cap yet on the extent of Joon’s power mostly because I want to work with his disability you feel? He can transmit scenes of his own memory to people though!! But yeah I’LL GET BACK TO U ON THIS needs to put that thinking cap on

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Sucy makes a potion that causes the one who consumes it to freely admit their heart's desires. She then slips it into Diana's tea leading to her confessing to a very surprised Akko

(tbh I didnt know really what to do and i really just wanted to write the one scene at the end so hopefully its okay)

“So you sure this will work?” Akko asks. She flips around the bottle in her hands, studying it carefully.

“Yes, I am sure. Whoever drinks that will spill a secret,” Sucy replies. She takes back her potion and puts it in her pocket. “I still can’t believe that you are so riled up over Diana that you want blackmail her. You can be a devil and I love it when you get like that.”

Akko only grins, thinking of being able to used something against Diana. Whatever it is, Akko hopes that it will be good. When the two friends get into dining hall, they spot the Diana all alone. Hannah and Barbra are not around which is a bit surprising. The two usually hover around Diana all the time. Guess they had better things to do or Diana chooses to be alone.

Akko and Sucy walk over to the table. Diana puts down the cup of tea she has been drinking down on a plate. She raises an eyebrow at the site of the two other girls.

“Hi, Diana,” Akko starts off.

“Hello. What are you doing here? Usually you don’t just walk up to talk to me” Diana replies.

“I was just wondering about class today, I fell asleep in it and I know you take good notes. Lotte is around and Sucy only wrote down a bit,”

As Akko lies and distracts Diana, Sucy slips pass them to pour some of her potion into Diana’s drink. Once enough is in the tea, Sucy gives the single to Sucy that everything is ready to go. Akko gives a small nod as Sucy comes up next to her again.

“I think we should get going soon. Amanda wanted to do something with us soon. You also should drink your tea before it gets cold,” Sucy says.

Diana gives the two of them looks, not knowing what to make of them. She mumbles to herself about something before taking a sip of her tea. Akko waits for something to happen. A few moments pass before Diana slaps a hand over her mouth and snaps to attention. She tries her hardest not to open her mouth. Akko gets a little closer to Diana. “Anything you want to say?”

Diana tries her best to resist the urge to speak but it doesn’t work. She suddenly grabs Akko’s arms. “I-I love you, Akko Kagari. As in, love you.”

Once out in the open, a look of shock comes over both Diana’s and Akko faces. Neither of them can process what has just been said. Akko is so brought back that Diana’s deepest secret is about her, she faints. In Diana’s own shock, her grip loosens which allows Akko to hit the floor.

Meanwhile, Sucy just snickers to herself at the sight. Akko might not be able to use this info as blackmail, but she might be able to. For now, however, she places a hand on Diana’s shoulder. “That was one hell of a spill. I know that you are still trying to think this all over but do you mind helping me bring Akko back to the dorm? Who knows how long she will be out, especially after hitting the floor like she did.”

Help me learn to write Voltron and Little Witch Academia by sending me prompts about them

I’m still adjusting to the fact that Jasper is gone. I can’t imagine what happens next. I’m just going to keep expecting Jonty scenes because Jasper and Monty, together, have been such an integral part of the show since the pilot. It’s one of the parts of the show that I didn’t think about overmuch until I tried to think of what it’s going to be like without them.

So those of you that know Rumple is my forever fave would probably guess that I LOVED that episode.

But honestly I didn’t just love it because it was a Rumple centric - I adored basically every minute of it - the treatment of every character and every dynamic were A+++. Like I’m shocked at how happy I am with the way the plot has unfolded.

The way the Black Fairy storyline echoed Rumple’s own so well and the may the magical elements from earlier in the season (and series) were brought back in this episode….like I could almost believe they planned this from the very beginning? Almost lol.

This episode was Seasin one good for me. There was so much I loved.

Regina and Zelena and the driving lessons? That car!?!? The IKEA jokes and the take care of Henry speech? I’m still emotional?

Belle hearing Rumple is a savior and thinking that means he’s got good inside - I laughed a bit cause that was such a Belle speech lol - but it wouldn’t be her if she wasn’t still hoping for the man inside to overcome the beast. Plus all the scenes with the two of them and Gideon….again I’m emotional.

Charming and Hook finding the wand together? I love how they managed to squeeze a little captain charming moment in there for us lol.

And Snow right back to wedding planning! I laughed but then I realized she said the wedding was “tomorrow” and like damn she’s not messing around when t comes to Her daughter getting that fairytale wedding is she?!!!!?

Tiger Lily as a fairy - loved it. Loved her. And loved her fairy look too.

Shit, even Malcolm got me emotional this episode. I mean he was still a price of shit but why a great way to flesh out that character - they finally gave Pan a tragic backstory.

The Hook and Emma scene at the end was perfection and OPERATION BEST MAN?!?!?!? I don’t think there could have been a MORE perfect way for Hook to ask him than via code name. I’ll never get over it tbh.

And Rumple - what can I say? The episode ends and you’re left wondering who he’s playing here. His mother? The Charmings? Both? Most likely himself I think. he’s always 6 steps ahead of everyone but somehow ends up failing in the end. But honestly I’m rooting for him here.

I’m actually excited to see how it plays out!

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I  👏🏼 got  👏🏼 chu  👏🏼 fam  👏🏼 

First impression: My first impression of Edilio was that he is my son, he’s precious, and he needs a hug. (i was also kinda bitter because he was gay and i couldn’t date him, however that is no longer an issue ;) )

Impression now: The true king of the FAYZ! Edilio Escobar kept everyone alive, and they would all be dead if he didn’t want to help them. However, I would still hug him, he seems huggable tbh. 

Favourite moment: Either when he calls Sam out for his shit, or when he threatens to shoot Caine in the balls. Those were some pretty iconic ™  scenes. 

Idea for a story: Edilio gets his damn statue like he deserves. Everyone hails him as their new king and he doesn’t get in trouble with the government for being an immigrant because he saved everyone’s ass’ 10 million times over. 

Unpopular opinion: The whole crush thing with Lana in the first book? Like was it necessary? I can’t really think of anything else to be honest, there’s nothing wrong with the boy he’s an angel. 

Favourite relationship: ~Rodilio~ They’re like the purest ™ ship ever. Or Quinn and Edilio’s brotpness in the last couple books, that’s pretty cute. 

Favourite headcanon: He and Roger move to a cute house in the countryside, not before buying his parent’s a house and citizenship in the U.S. They start an art business and live together forever and don’t deal with anyone else’s problems because Edilio just doesn’t care anymore. He’s happy, and that’s all that matters.