still not over this scene tbh

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Crack ficlet with driver Kim

~Welp, idk what this is but here ya go.

[Driver KimxReader] [Extreme awesomeness/sexiness] [Intense situations] [Cherry Cola]

*many years before the RFA*

     You gripped the steering wheel and listened to the revving of your engines, looking over to the famous Driver Kim. He was seated in his signature car, ‘Honk Honk,’ his partner in every race. It was like a scene from that Fast and Furious movie and super intense tbh.

     No one expected you to win. They all called you a ‘fool’ and a ‘loser with bad fashion sense.’

     “If you were twice as smart, you’d still be stupid,” they said.

     Well, Kim was nervous. You could tell. And when the flag waved and your foot pressed down on the gas, your car ‘Bumper Stiltskin’ pulled out ahead. Yes, you named it yourself. You laughed a little thinking about it now and that caused Kim to gain on you.

     “Oh no you don’t, you ass cactus!” you yelled and blasted that cherry cola song by Savage Garden on the radio to get you thoroughly pumped up to win.

     It was so loud and you had the windows rolled down so he could hear. A single tear rolled down his cheek as the music hit him in his soul and soon he was sobbing from the pure beauty of the song that he skidded out of control just before the finish line, giving you the victory.

     Everyone cheered and shouted ‘World Star!’ while recording you with their phones as you exited your car, the music still blasting and everyone jumped on the hood of Bumper Stiltskin to dance like an 80’s music video.

     Slowly Driver Kim approached you. Throwing his helmet to flames. Someone had started a fire, you guess. Without saying a word he popped open a can of cherry cola right there, and chugged it whole while staring longingly into your eyes.

     “How did you know?” he asked after crushing the can on his forehead, very manly-like.

      “It was the first song we ever made love to,” you said softly, with a lot of  feeling.

     “You’ve won the race,” he grabbed you in his arms and dipped you low, “and…my heart,” he kissed you deeply just as the sun set below the horizon.

     The fire in his eyes was almost burning brighter and hotter than the real fire that had gotten out of control around you. Actually, you would probably have to leave soon before the authorities showed up.

     “I’m pregnant,” you whispered into his lips.

     “I know.”

     That puzzled you a bit?

     “Luckily,” he continued, “I think I found a job that can support our little family for a long time to come.”

Still not over the newest Malec promo tbh. OK, I know we are all stressed out now. As much as we all wanted bamf!Magnus (well, I did and I still do!) and angst, why not giving us some fluff for a change I am sure you are all asking yourself.

Well, just think about this: From what I gather so far, the new scenes seem to be all from the pilot if you ask me. And honestly? The big “argument” looks like it might happen after/before this pic:

Which also leads me to think that it happens before Alec and Maryse have their argument/fight regarding Jace going with Valentine. The scene where Alec says “Jace is closer than blood.”

AND I think we can all pretty much agree that after that, and even though Alec and Magnus probably went their seperate ways after the fight in the institute (which we saw in the trailer), Magnus is still the only person Alec will go to.

Look at this pic. Very closely. Magnus doesn’t exactly look like he is happy at all. He is most likely even annoyed at Alec that he comes to see him after pretty much shutting him out after their fight. You can even see it when you take a closer look at Alec’s posture. Being welcomed and happy to see his boyfriend Magnus clearly looks different.

But if you ask me, they will work things out. Remember “When things got crazy, don’t push me away?”


And I believe after they talk about that argument, the famous “Alec dropped his stele” scene will happen.

What I am trying to say: JUST RELAX, PEOPLE!!!

We all knew that angst was about to happen because the thing with Jace is way too important for Alec to just go all “lovey dovey”. But they will get through it. Heck, they will go on a date in 2x06. Besides, Malec is canon. AND endgame. No need to go crazy. All will be fine. Pretty much everyone involved in the show told us that. ;)

Noragami Ch69

Another crazy and emotional Noragami chapter. Can I just say that Adachitoka never fails to amaze me with his art? His drawing and his paneling are masterful. Take this panel for example:

It is not a coincidence that Kazuma’s right hand with his name is placed slightly over the threshold as he basically declares his love for Bishamon and asks her to follow him (might as well be a proposal scene tbh). Here, for the first time, he crosses the invisible line that divides a master and a shinki. His body language says that he still respects the line with most of his body still behind it, leaning only slightly forward, but it is significant that his two fingers, the fingers that are used to make a borderline, to create boundaries, are now marking a new line, or dissolving the old one.

And this scene starts with him talking to Bishamon on the other side of the threshold and being respectfully outside of her personal space.

I love how Bishamon is the first one to come closer to the line and to him as he tries to stay in his place just like how he insists on calling her new name with -sama attached. In the end, it is Kazuma who takes the step (hand?) to cross the line that has defined their relationship up to this point. 

It’s amazing how these few panels show so much about their evolving relationship. I also think it is beautiful that Adachitoka chose to draw Kazuma’s transformation into a hafuri at the moment when there is a new understanding and acceptance between them. To me, the hafuri status always signifies more than a one-sided devotion. It is not about dying for one’s master, or willing to die for one’s master, that makes a hafuri. It seems to happen when the master and the shinki reach true symbiosis in their relationship. 

Thank you, Adachitoka, for giving us these beautiful scenes and these interesting and complex characters. Now please let them live.

*Screenshots credited to the tireless and amazing @fast-moon.


endless list of favorite episodes | 1.07 possession [penny dreadful]
“Vanessa, I know you’re still there. I’m not gonna leave you. Vanessa. VANESSA, PLEASE!”  

Walking In On You Changing (BTS)

“Can I request a scneario where Bts walks in on you while you’re in the middle of changing?”

I did this as friends bc if y’all in a relationship, this probably wouldn’t be as weird tbh unless you want thirsty bts

(gif credit to the original owners)

Rap Monster:
He’d freeze. He wouldn’t know what to say and would just stare at the scene before him. No noise would leave his mouth, but, you would finally turn around. Fully exposed, you would stare back at him with the same blank gaze. You’d quickly hit him out. The poor boy would still be shook, but would apologise over and over again. The sweetie would be beyond courteous and do his best to remove the image from his mind, as to not make you uncomfortable.

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(bumbly awkward joon is my fave)

What had snapped you into focus was a small yelp coming from your now open door. You snapped your head to see the source of the noise and was greeted with a gobsmacked Seokjin. He looked away, throwing something to cover yourself up before backing out the room slowly. When you had finished changing, he would bow apologetically and tell you he had not seen anything. You would shake your head, telling him everything’s a-okay. He would smile, but would most likely feel bad for a lil’ while.

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watch the "i'll never let anyone hurt him" be actually about the fear demon and alec being affected by it and jace and magnus bonding over plotting revenge

Could be. Magnus and Jace bonding could be actually fun to watch tbh. Or maybe Jace adressed this towards Maryse regarding Max? We don’t know the context or how they cut it so we have to wait.

Whatever it is, I am just hoping it really isn’t the shovel talk like the trailer made it look like.

I just had the saddest thought, what if Magnus not wanting to rush into sex is not just bc it’s Alec’s first relationship & time but Bc he really cares for him & is so use to ppl just using him, he’s afraid with Alec having been repressed for so long he just wants to “get it over with” so to speak & have sex & not actually have feelings for him. Or worried he stills has feelings for Jace & just trying to get over them. So Magnus wants to develop an actually romantic connection before a sexual one to know it’s real. Hence his “I think so” to Maia. & Alec’s line of “I want this” meaning sex after Magnus tells him his fear makes the scene so sad tbh. I truly don’t believe Magnus canonicly would go through with it so if the writers did have them have sex this early that’s just bad writing bc that ain’t his character clearly.

“I thought you were dead.” Vernon

29 “I thought you were dead.” 

Admin: Okay, so this turns out a bit more dramatic like a k-drama scene than I expected/ wanted it to be. Sorry lol but I thought you guys still like it!!

Pairing: vernon x reader 

Genre: fluff (Ish), dramatic (ish) [tbh idk]

Word Count: 535

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Vernon kept calling your phone over and over again. Even spamming you with texts all day because he couldn’t reach you. He didn’t see you all day nor did you talk to him last night. You guys were in a bit of a argument yesterday but Vernon didn’t think it was that serious for you to want to stop talking to him.

At first, he thought you were just ignoring him but then as the day went by, he asked some friends, hours and his if they’ve seen you. They said they did in their classes which got him feeling a bit down since you were definitely avoiding him.

He put aside the little argument that meant nothing compared to his care and love for you. Vernon didn’t know what to do or why you’d disappear all of a sudden but soon after, when he got back home and turned on the tv, the news was on.

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riverdale for the ask thing!

  • my all-time ultimate fave character: JESUS I LOVE EM ALL but veronica
  • a character I didn’t used to like but now do: cheryl she’s my child
  • a character I used to like but now don’t: like i said,, love em all
  • a character I’m indifferent about: kevin???
  • a character who deserved better: BETTY COOPER PLs protect her
  • a ship I’ve never been able to get into: tbh all except beronica and jarchie
  • a ship I’ve never been able to get over: beronica (and jarchie)
  • a cute, low-key ship: josie/cheryl
  • an unpopular ship but I still enjoyed it: i feel like imma be killed for this but cheryl/betty (just bc that scene proved cheryl is lesbian srry)
  • a ship that was totally wrong and never should have happened: miss grundy/archie
  • my favourite storyline/moment: fave moment is def when the main 4 are at pop’s!
  • a storyline that never should have been written: miss grundy/archie, pls let it die
  • my first thoughts on the show: “i’m being queerbaited”
  • my thoughts now: “i’m being queerbaited”

send me a show and i’ll tell you