still not over this okay

hcllland  asked:

Yes I also don't agree with underage minors writing smut as well, it's just I've been clogged with people who are adults trying to justify them writing smut ABOUT A MINOR and there's just way too much of it??

I personally agree and don’t think anyone should be writing smut about Tom Holland’s Peter Parker. He’s canonically fifteen. If people want to write smut, there’s a whole roster of grown men in the MCU.


Some things are really hard to watch.

theatre songs that could resurrect me: the third edition
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  • the last midnight
  • this had better come to a stop
  • the bitch of living
  • the abduction
  • put on your sunday clothes
  • changing my major
  • once and for all
  • rent
  • dancing through life
  • schuyler sisters
  • opening up
  • loud
  • les mis epilogue
  • what do i need with love
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