still not over the 3 eps

The Jacket™

okay I don’t know if anyone’s talked about The Jacket™ or not but

we’re going to talk about The Jacket

so in season 3 when we are first introduced to Even Bech Næsheim he is wearing The Jacket™

you know the one i’m talking about

Yes that one.

and then for the next three episodes, nearly every appearance he made (only exception being the James Dean slow mo scene) included his denim jacket.

last time we see him with The Jacket™ is at the start of the last clip of episode 3, where he is not wearing it, but holding it over his shoulder. He has taken the jacket off

and as we know it is later in that same clip where Even can no longer hide his emotions, and his feelings for Isak become evident not just in the call your girlfriend stare off but later in the kitchen when despite trying to explain to Isak and himself why he must stay with Sonja and not give in to his feelings, he ends up nearly kissing Isak anyway.

because he could no longer hide anymore. His Jacket was off.

We don’t see the jacket again in the season apart from this ONE appearance in episode seven during The reunion scene.

The jacket comes back for a second before Isak rips it off (cos Isak has no chill) The jacket is back and so is Even with more things to hide. It is then when the next secret begins to truly build up and I also believe this was the moment Even decided to actively hide is bipolar from Isak and be with him. He wore his jacket and took it off when he first makes a move with Isak in ep 3 and he wears it just to take it off again when they finally reunite.

signifying letting his feelings for Isak take over. Letting himself become that little bit vulnerable, while still having many things he needs to shield with The Jacket™

Now season 4 has started and so far every single appearance Even has made this season has him wearing the damn jacket.




Why? because as the last clip just revealed Even is hiding from something again. He is hiding from his past and all the feelings connected to it. He is hiding it from Isak out of fear of losing him, out of fear of being vulnerable.

and it is not until he loses that jacket will he be able to face his fears, let himself become vulnerable and then begin to finally heal and accept himself. 

Or you know, it could just be his favourite jacket ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ what do I know? 

Tell Bambam to tell Yugyeom to tell Jungkook to tell Jimin to tell the girl he secretly recorded on the first teaser she so pretty i’m intimidated

These are the most interesting answers of the creators to the fans’ questions about the third season of Wander Over Yonder (my personal thoughts are indicated in italics):

1. Could you possibly give us a hint as to what sort of episode a 22 minute long ep in season 3 wouldve been like? wouldve there been another musical?

It was another four part serialized story that tied the season together.  Had talked about maybe making the last one an hour long finale special. (Hour episode of WOY! Imagine!)

2. Even if Disney wouldn’t immediately renew WOY can you still work on it when they change their mind, like a few years later?

Craig McCracken: If they change their mind someday I would most definitely work on it.

3. Did the cancellation change any plans you had for the story in season 2? Did you avoid starting any ideas for story or character arcs that wouldn’t have been satisfactorily resolved by the end of the season? Or bring forward some things so that it could?

Unfortunately, writing was wrapped on S2 five months before we received word of the cancellation, so we didn’t really have the opportunity to adjust stories. We also held off on telling some MAJOR stories for all four of our mains to have somewhere to go. Season two was a lot about testing Hater; three would have been about testing Wander in a really cool way. 

4. On the topic of the pirate ship shown briefly in The Waste of Time, does that ship belong to a villain or a hero or a neutral character?

Can say you’ve already seen the original owners, though. (Have we seen?)

5. That monkey pic on “the waste of time”…was that season 3 material?

That was a character called “Monkeyboy” who was going to play a big part in Season 3, yes.  

5. If Peepers recruits his species as an army for Lord Hater, what is his status back on their home planet? He must be pretty high up there to be able to do that. Is there anyone on the planet ranked above him or no?

Sigh. Season 3.

7. As the show went on and other villains and Dominator were introduced, Peepers ended up playing the hero more often. Yes for conquering reasons but still. Yet from early early days it’s always been stated that Peepers is more villainous than Hater. Had the show gone on, would we ever see anything come from that?

Most definitely.  Peepers had a heck of an arc planned.

8. What was Peepers’ story arc supposed to be like?

C. Peeps was going to be tempted by the dark(er) side (After these two answers, I start crying)

9. If Hater was reformed would Commander Peepers follow Hater? Or would he stay evil?

Cannot answer in case we get back to it. We had something planned

10. If Peepers and the watchdogs are native to the galaxy in the series, does that mean their home planet was destroyed?! Would we never get to see it?!


11. Will we find out what happened with Lord Dominator next? Or we have to forget about this character in the third season?

Dom was a big part of the third season plan. Craig had an amazing new angle for her that was delightfully petty but wholly Dominator.

12. Since the threats of season 3 are worse than Dominator, that has me wondering. Do they know more about Wander’s weaknesses and how to use them against him?

Dominator knew how to exploit everyone’s weaknesses. The S3 villain knew how to exploit everyone’s strengths. (I wonder, how it is?)

13. So like is there a whole planet of magical electric skeletons or is Hater special?

All will be revealed in time….Most likely.

14. That Hater’s energy that his max power created will have consequences? Like waking up certain monkey.

It would, in fact, have consequences, but not what you’re thinking.

So, it was a very long post! Thank you, if you have read this far. So, are you ready to put up with this? Are you ready to just let it go and never see these wonderful things? And I’m not ready. So that’s the reason for all of us to @savewoy!

Finale Housekeeping

1) Happy Right Thursday, y'all. Holy cow. This is it.

2) As always, all spoilers will be tagged. Finale stuff will be tagged “finale” “TAZ spoilers” and “story and song” (assuming the last ep is still subtitled that way. If not it’ll be whatever subtitle Griff uses.)

3) I won’t be listening until after work, so you will be safe from spoilers on this blog until 5pm.

4) I know it’s not “over” but this whole arc… this whole show and the journey of it has meant more to me than I can honestly express. I’m so grateful for it. Thanks, McElroys. So much.

Can’t wait to see y'all on the other side!

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For the aesthetic drawing meme (if you're still doing it): space girlfriends eponine and cosette? please? [they met through combeferre and one day realized how much they each loved space, ep and cosette bonded over it and now their love of space is a pure part of their relationship, because they're in love but they're also best friends who love space.] i continue to adore your art as always <3

Hell yeah for space girlfriends!

yurio was so important in the latest ep and im still not over this child

SUPER BIG thanks to the entire team behind Wander Over Yonder for giving us such an amazing show. You’re all the best!

It was so much fun to watch this series from day 1 and see it progress throughout the years. Definitely earned it’s place as my favorite cartoon of all time!

Here’s to still hoping for a potential season 3!
(Plus we still got Monday’s eps and the finale left!)
Best of luck to you all!

okay but is anyone gonna talk about why would Morty still be the one to unlock the bomb if it was actually meant for Noob Noob?? like????1??1? if u ask me he was so drunk that while he meant for it to be Noob Noob, he actually subconsciously made it open for Morty without even realizing it because deep down that’s who he was upset over to begin with. hence why sober Rick was so quick to say it was probably Morty. he knew and that’s why I am still not over this ep and never will be thank you for your time

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The thing is, half of those gifs you posted are over a year, some even 2 years old. How can you look at footage from S2 and get confidence, when apparently what we saw as set-up then still hasn't progressed over 2 years later? We likely have 13 eps left, and they're basically in the same place they were in 2.05. I have no doubt they can spin their wheels for 13 eps. They probably won't even see each other for the first 3-4, be separated for 3 more, then face touch in the finale. Woo hoo.

Hold on…

I posted 17 gifs, 11 of which were from season 4. Only one of them is from season 2. Are you telling me that Bellarke’s relationship hasn’t developed since season 2? We literally went from Clarke sending Bellamy to Mount Weather on a death mission, telling him that his life was “worth the risk” to Clarke pretty much choosing Bellamy over the entire freaking human race and sacrificing 50 of their people to save his life. We went from Bellamy and Clarke being enemies to co-leaders to best friends, to two people who refused to be saved if it meant the other wasn’t. We went from 2 characters with completely opposing views to a perfect balance of a ‘head and heart’ dynamic, people who keep each other centered, who don’t work as well separately as they do when they’re together. Their relationship in season 2 could have been interpreted as nothing more than a purely platonic one but there is nothing about their dynamic in season 4 that is platonic. We ended the season with a canon acknowledgement that Clarke has been radioing Bellamy every single day for 2199 days despite not knowing if he’s getting her messages, if he’s even alive. He has kept her sane (also canon) despite not even being on freaking Earth. That’s some soulmate shit right there. I know waiting for a slow burn ship to happen is painful but that’s just how it is with slow burns. That finale was all I needed to be confident in romantic Bellarke in season 5. We need to have some faith in the writers because they’ve managed to develop them really well up until now, why would they disappoint us now and ruin their relationship after all this time?

Also, why would you assume that we only have 13 episodes left…? Season 5 hasn’t even aired yet, we’re in the first month of hiatus and yet you’re already set on it not being renewed for season 6. 

We went from this:

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To this:

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I mean…

Hey guys! I watched The lying detective yesterday and I’m still crying I don’t even know what to write right now.. ;w; this EP was amazing especially the hug  it was so intense and romantic <3!! ;___; I swear I’ll never get over it!

Just a little screenshot redraw ! ;w; I know that a lot of people already have drawn this scene..but I also wanted to give it a try..! ;D I hope that you like it <3

The Beginning

Wow… I’ve honestly been blown away by the response to The End. For all the ups and downs we’ve had I’m so glad we could part ways on a positive note. In case you really haven’t been paying attention, I am no longer a part of Eddsworld (I wrote this post yesterday about why). It was a struggle to sign out of all the accounts for good. I admittedly kept logging back in to tweak video descriptions and add subtitles the last remaining eddisodes. Moving on after 13 years seems impossible but I’ve gotta try!

I wanted to answer a few questions I’ve seen people asking about the show but first I want to once again thank everyone who helped make Eddsworld Legacy a reality. Especially Paul, Todd, and Eddie; 3 people who routinely worked either for free or for way less than they deserved. They really helped keep the show going. In regards to The End specifically I want to thank everyone who contributed to the ep. In the past I’ve had some sort of falling out with a massive number of the people who gave us something to include in the finale and even though they were doing it for Edd, it still meant a huge amount to me.

Anyway! Let’s answer a few of the frequently asked questions I’ve seen pop up online over the past few days.

  1. Is this really the end of Eddsworld? - Eddie and I wrote ‘The End’ to serve as both an ending for Eddsworld Legacy and also the show as a whole if needed. However, both Matt and the Gould family have plans to keep Eddsworld going in some way or another. That’s honestly all I know!
  2. Will Tom still be in Eddsworld? - If/when Eddsworld boots up again I believe the character of Tom will still be a part of it. However, he won’t be voiced by me for the reasons I mentioned in my last post. I want to make it clear that the characters and the people are separate things. They absolutely have my blessing to hire another voice actor to replace me!
  3. Why wasn’t Tord Larsson voicing Tord in The End? - Again, in my mind the characters and their original voice actors are separate entities. That said, the “real” Tord left the show 8 years ago and we haven’t spoken since (and barely spoke before). I have no way to contract him.
  4. Why was Tord the bad guy and Tom the hero? - Okay so here’s where we start to get deep. The End isn’t just about Tom vs Tord. It’s actually a metaphor for the unexpected return of Edd’s illness, how it destroyed everything we’d made together, and how I felt lost, angry, and responsible for rebuilding. Knowing that, I hope it makes more sense. For what it’s worth, I hope Mr Larsson doesn’t take it personally… If he’s even still out there.
  5. How could you abandon your promise to Edd? - There was no promise, dudes. Not made by me, at least. There was only my quest to give Eddsworld a last hurrah and make Edd proud. That’s it. Now I finally feel like I’ve accomplished that and have earned my right to move on.
  6. How did you celebrate the release of The End? - I drank a bottle of wine and either fainted or had a small seizure. I’m a party animal!
  7. Why are Tom’s eyes black and what’s the story with Red Leader?!  - Both good questions which I fully intend on answering one day… Just not in Eddsworld… OooooOOOOoooohhhh mystery ;D

Thank you again, everyone. Hope this helped ease your minds a bit!


KaruNagi moments - twentieth

I have so much thoughts for this ep <3 i cant calm down, so please bear with me. for the first photo, im sorry im tempted so much i have to submit. blushing Nagisa for Karma is…… //shot

do you see that? it’s our delinquent red head sulking. he knows already that Nagisa is being wooed by some bastard…unfortunately, he cant do something drastic because of the plan. sulking Karma for Nagisa is…… //faints

Nagisa always notices things about Karma, no matter how subtle it is.

i still wonder tho if Karma was glancing at nagisa …..cant get over it. (*≧▽≦) KARMA HAS A CROSS DRESSING FETISH DAMMIT I BET THAT PHOTO IS HIS WALLPAPER NOW

but the missing pieces are…….

Karma is so shameless! Pointing @ Nagisa’s like that  (/ω\)  and im shameless too thinking that Nagisa swings that way bcoz as he’d said he likes it   (#/。\#) 

Okay so I’m doing my favorite daily activity again, which is thinking procrastinating extremely important work and thinking about the season 2 soundtrack.

So far, we’ve heard at least 5 of the 7 new main tracks (lets exclude the background/atmospheric stuff likely featured on disc 2 for now).

APETITAN obviously is the beast titan theme, heard throughout numerous instances in ep 1-4, the episodes where BT was more or less responsible for the ongoing action. 

YouSeeBIGGIRL or Call of Silence is the new Vogel im Käfig ft Gemie, used during Ymir’s transformation in 5, and the RB transformation in 6. Personally, I’m suspecting it to be Call of Silence, only because its a more general title. Honestly its just a guess though, could be either.

attack音D is what I suspect to be Counterattack mankind 2017, heard twice in ep 2 and once when Eren was standing up to Reiner in 7 before becoming the flying titan. 

ERENthe標, according to Fuku-Shuu, means Eren the coordinate, which is pretty appropriate considering we’re getting the coordinate this season. And since that’s arguably one of the most epic, monumental, large scale intense sequences in the whole manga, it’d be appropriate to give it a theme matching its proportions, which, so far, I suspect to be the track that plays just before RB transform in ep 6 (Reiner revealing his arm, Mikasa slicing and dicing). This definitely is not part of Vogel, we’ve heard portions of Vogel in ep 5 that were covered by this track in ep 6, so its definitely its own thing (can also briefly be heard during the herring scene). It’s probably my favorite track out of all the new ones so far and if it doesn’t play during ch 50 I’ll punch a goat.

Barricades is the upbeat track heard in PV2, which we haven’t heard at all in the season. There is a slight possibility that, when Connie was preparing to leave Rakago behind, the opening notes of that song started playing, but we’re not sure. Quite frankly, I’m starting to get worried about where it’ll end up being placed: it’s way too upbeat for anything starting chapter 48, but too fast paced to only be applied in the middle of some dialogue sequence. The only possibilities I can think of are some sort of extended departure from the wall next episode, or perhaps some point in ch 47 (RBY leaving, SC pursuing maybe). Other than that…I’m out of suggestions where the track would work out. 48-50 are WAY too dramatic for anything really upbeat. 

This leaves us with two tracks yet to be confirmed/heard. son2seaVer….I don’t even know what that means, but that’s not exactly unusual with Sawano. We know it’s not credited to have a vocalist, but that’s not to say there won’t be vocals at all: background vocals, even if by his main singers, aren’t always credited by Sawano. Another track we’ve yet to hear would be the 2nd Gemie track, the one  that isn’t Vogel 2017 (my money on it being YouseeBIGGIRL/T:T). This one definitely has vocals, and we definitely have yet to hear them.  

Those two tracks ultimately are the biggest questions marks left. I was hoping we’d hear some of them during the AT fight, but the 2nd movie OST took over. So….next episode maybe? Hopefully? Pretty please?

We still have a few undetermined tracks used in the season though. An atmospheric background piece at the end of ep 2 when Connie returns to Ragako, which reappears during the RB/Eren talk about the hometown in ep 6, and a little later when Reiner reveals their identities. Another atmospheric track is used in the opening scene of ep 3 in Ragako, it reappears in ep 5 during the snowstorm and ep 6 when Ymir is lifted up the wall and a bit further. There’s a new piano track playing during the yumikuri scene at the end of ep 5, which is pretty damn lovely. Last thing is an ambiance thing playing when Historia is yelling from atop the tower just before CAM 2017 starts, but that could be just the natural prelude to the new CAM. I find it unlikely that any of these tracks are part of the main tracks mentioned above, and suspect them to be the additional tracks listed on the 2nd disc.

Conclusion: we have two main songs that we haven’t heard at all, and we should look forward to them. 

When you start to feel bad...

Well as everyone knows that I am doing the main subbing for the project FIVE, I do have the confession that I haven’t had the time to work on it lately as I have been busy 3 days a week and then on the Thursday and Friday I have to do stuff that applies to what I’m doing on the Monday-Wednesday… 

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i’m honestly still lowkey choking over how much screentime Lena had like can u believe…… she had like half of the ep to herself is this what Season 3 Series Regular is going to feel like i’m blessed, we’re truly blessed

thisnightsrevels  asked:

Consider this: It was Yousef that Even kissed, not Mikhael. From watching Hei Briskeby (spelling?) videos we see that Mik is very much the type of friend that cuddles his bros and has zero problem with kisses on cheeks and such. It makes no sense that he would flip out so badly when Even kissed him that it would destroy their friendship and send Even to suicide. He might still have a kind of "sorry dude, but no" reaction, but he doesn't strike me as the type to flip out so badly over it (contd)

Halla my love, that is exactly what I think and have been trying to explain in my metas! <3 

I don’t trust Yousef’s story and I have been thinking since ep 1 that Even’s story is really with Yousef and Sana’s is with Mikael. and now I do more than ever. 

There are also subtle hints between Isak and Yousef, but most of all there have been hints that Yousefs story just don’t add up and he fits the Mikael role more than anyone. 

I definitely believe there is more to it and it is all on Yousef. 

and I agree I have so much faith in Julie. She’s not going to go down that road. she will give us an amazing surprise, I know it.

ahhhh can’t wait to find out.