still not over that 6th one

Okay I’m about to spill some tea

SO “oh look, taylor swift is dragging up past drama to sell her new album, look at her playing the victim again, you’re still over”

is what all the haters happen to be screaming (among over ridiculous things) tonight, following the release of Look What You Made Me Do, the lead single to Swift’s 6th album: Reputation. But let’s take a little trip down memory lane to see if Taylor really is playing the victim. Hold on ladies, it’s gonna be a long one. 


Taylor broke out in 2006, and when Love Story stormed the charts in late 2008 she became a global superstar and thus named “America’s Sweetheart” a bittersweet and dangerous title for any young female star, because it’s so easy to fall from the top. She was immediately held to an impossibly high standard of perfection, in every aspect of her life, and she handled this with grace. 

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Teen Wolf pt.3 🐺🌙

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Hyungwon being cutely annoying 

Prophet - Draco Malfoy One Shot (Requested by Anon)

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Request - Could you write a Draco imagine where you’re a feminist and his friends make fun of you for it but he falls in love with you. But you are really quiet until someone says something sexist 

a/n - possible oppression trigger

And that’s what it means to have equal rights.’ I recited with the women talking on the latest issue of the prophet that just came in this morning during breakfast.

“(Y/N), look, I am up for the whole women are equal to men thing, but seriously, this essay is due next class period and I really need help. Do you mind?” asked Ron, lifting up his head from his textbook with an expression of complete exhaustion on his face. He was up until half past 3 in the morning playing with firecrackers with Harry and Seamus again, almost being caught by Umbridge when it was nearing four.

“Was I the one that told you to stay up late doing only what a moron would do?” I cocked an eyebrow up, reading through the article about the female speaker for the 3rd time that period.

“No, but still.” huffed Ron.

“I for one think that this equal rights thing is the best thing that’s ever happened in the wizarding world. It’s certainly a movement that cannot go unnoticed.” Hermione chimed in, a warm smile on her face.

‘See, ‘mione gets it! How about you Harry?” I ask, putting the paper down while Hermione glanced a few looks at it.

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Flirt [j.j.]

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Jughead x reader in which she is painfully shy and he knows she likes him (partly inspired by this post) ((also, jughead is just the tiniest bit ooc)).




You had been best friends with Betty Cooper for as long as anyone could remember. You had met when you were six years old and had both been fighting over the last available swing.

From that moment on, your friendship grew. But where Betty grew in a sweet, confident girl, you grew into a shy, introverted girl who didn’t talk to anyone except for Betty.

Which is the reason why Betty was the only one who knew about your crush on Jughead.

You had been crushing on Jughead since 6th grade when he helped you stand up to Cheryl. That was the year when you became shy and reserved, so you were surprised to see that you had developed a crush on Jughead, seeing as you tended to avoid everyone.

Flash forward four years and you were still pining over the beanie-clad boy.

Betty had suspected something for a while and had finally confronted you about it. You had been sitting in a booth at Pop’s, vehemently denying the existence of your “supposed” crush but Betty knew you were lying and eventually forced it out of you.

“You should definitely tell him (Y/N),” Betty had said, ecstatic.

You had shaken your head. “No Betty. I can’t even talk to the guy. Besides there’s no way that he’d like me. Never in a million years!”

Betty had glanced behind you before gesturing for you to turn around. Jughead had just walked in. He looked around, his eyes stopping once they met yours, making you blush and turn around as he smirked.

You turned around and sank into your seat as he made his way over to your table.

“Hey Betty, (Y/N),” Jughead greeted as he slid in next to you.

Betty greeted him as you turned your attention to the table, mindlessly tracing patterns with your fingers and blushing every time his thigh brushed against yours.

You couldn’t speak around anyone who wasn’t Betty. Especially not him. So you sat in silence the rest of the time, not noticing the glances that Jughead would sneak at you ever five minutes.


“I’m telling you Ronnie! It’s hopeless. She won’t even look at him!” Betty exclaimed as she sat with Veronica at Pop’s the next day.

Veronica pursed her lips as she stirred her milkshake with her straw. “Wait, you’re telling me (Y/N) willingly told you she has a crush on Jughead?”

Betty looked down at her fries and blushed. “Well…I may have forced it out of her,” she paused at Veronica’s harsh look. “But I swear that girl has a crush on him. Its killing me to not see her do anything about it.”

Both girls froze as someone jumped over the booth and sat down between them.

“So,” Jughead started. “(Y/N) likes me?”

Betty gulped. She was so dead.


Over the next few days, you found out a multitude of things.

You found out that you could actually get along very well with Veronica, especially once she started spending so much time around you and Betty that you had no choice but to befriend her. You didn’t stutter around her, and you could carry on normal conversations with her now.

Another thing you found out was that Betty Cooper was a horrible liar. You already knew this, of course. But for the past week she had been hiding something, and she was giving out horrible excuses to anyone who asked.

The thing that surprised you most however, was that fact that you figured out that Jughead Jones was in fact, a huge flirt.

It had started Monday, when you were walking down the hallway with B & V. Jughead had caught up to you and had thrown his arm over your shoulder, greeting the two girls and then bending to down to whisper a greeting in your ear. You had blushed fiercely, and had barely managed to stutter out a simple ‘hi’ in response. He had walked with you to your class, once again bending down and whispering a quick ‘see you later (Y/N)’ in your ear before walking off.

You had been a blushing mess the entire period, and the knowing looks from B & V weren’t helping.

On Tuesday, Jughead had joined you and Betty at Pop’s after school. Luckily for you, he sat on the opposite side of the booth, typing on his laptop, so you were able to somewhat talk to Betty without any embarrassment. But that didn’t mean you didn’t notice the looks Jughead kept sneaking your way.

You’d finally had enough and when Betty got up to go order another milkshake, you had asked Jughead about it.

“What Jones?” You asked, surprisingly without a stutter. “Why do you keep looking at me?”

“I didn’t realize it was a crime to stare at a beautiful girl,” he had replied smoothly, arching an eyebrow.

By the time Betty came back, you were a blushing mess and you were gathering all your stuff, muttering excuses about having to be home as soon as possible.

“What did you do to the poor girl Juggie?” Betty asked as she watched you walk away.

“Nothing,” Jughead replied, a small smile on his face as he too, watched you leave.


Wednesday was slightly different. Your routine started out normally, except Jughead spent the whole day around you. He’d walk you to class, arm slung over your shoulder, and sat with you in the student lounge.

You resembled a tomato the whole day. Finally, when you were sitting at your usual lunch table, waiting for Betty to arrive, you broke the silence.

“Jughead, why are you following me around?” you asked.

“A pretty girl shouldn’t be left alone. There’s a murderer on the loose you know,” he replied coolly, not breaking eye contact with you.

“No offense, but there are plenty of better things to do than follow me around,” you scoffed, proud of yourself for being able to keep the conversation going.

“Yeah, but ever since Betty told me you liked me I thought I’d-”

“What?” you cut him off.

He glanced up as Betty arrived. “Yeah. I thought Betty had told you that she told…me.”

You turned to Betty, who was now standing, wide-eyed, as you flushed. This time, in anger.

“Elizabeth Cooper,” you began. “How could you? I trusted you not to tell anyone!”

She opened her mouth to speak. “(Y/N), I-”

“No Betty,” you cut in. “Is this what you’ve been lying about all week?”

Betty stayed silent, looking down at the ground.

“(Y/N) let me explain,” Jughead said.

You turned to him. “Save it Jones. I bet this past week has just been so fun for you, hasn’t it?”

Jughead stared at you, mouth agape, as you gathered up your lunch and left.

“Well she sure isn’t shy when she’s all worked up huh?” Veronica stated as she took a sip of water, all three of them watching you as you stormed off.


You ignored all messages and calls from both Betty and Jughead, only responding to Veronica to tell her to tell Betty and Jughead to leave you alone.

The next day however, was full of Betty following you around like a lost puppy all day until you agreed to talk with her. Sighing deeply, you gave in.

“(Y/N),” she began. “I swear I never meant to tell him. I will however, accept full responsibility for telling Veronica. I was talking about your crush with her at Pop’s and Jughead overheard. I never meant for it to happen.”

You stared at her, seeing nothing but the truth in her blue eyes. You spread your arms towards her, her face lighting up as she embraced you, knowing you had forgiven her.

“He likes you too y'know,” she whispered in your ear.

“No he doesn’t Betty,” you whispered back.

She pulled away slightly, her eyes focused on something behind you. “Please don’t hate me (Y/N/N),” she whispered again.

“Why would I hate-” your words were cut off as Betty spun you around and pushed you, effectively causing you to crash into someone and go tumbling down, taking the other person down with you.

You sat up, pushing your hair out of your face as you looked down to apologize to the person you had knocked over.

Your words got caught in your throat as you realized you had been pushed into Jughead. Even worse, you had fallen on top of him, and you were now straddling him as he lied beneath you, his hands gripping your waist.

“Well hey there (L/N),” he spoke, a cocky smirk spreading across his face.

You were faintly aware of Betty trying to stifle her giggles in the background as you tried to come up with the wrds to apologize. “Uhhhh J-j-jughead. Hey, I-i-i’m sor-rry,” you finally managed to stutter out.

Jughead’s smirk never left his face. “Hey, no worries, all is forgiven…on one condition.”

You looked at him hesitantly, waiting for his next words.

“Kiss me.”


“I still can’t believe you actually kissed him!” exclaimed Betty.

“I knew you had it in you,” Veronica said, winking at you.

You slid down in your seat, blushing. School had ended and you, B, & V had decided to go to Pop’s, like always.

“The whole school stopped,” Veronica continued. “Like seriously. Everyone in that hallway stopped and stared when shy little (Y/N) (L/N) gave Jughead Jones a hot, steamy kiss.”

You slid down even further as Betty smacked Veronica’s shoulder, causing the raven-haired girl to laugh.

Veronica finally straightened up and shot a smirk as you before focusing on something behind you. “Hey Jughead, Archie.”

“Oh ha ha Ronnie,” you said, straightening up as well. “Very funny. Embarrass me even more.”

“Hey (Y/N/N),” you heard Jughead’s voice as he sat next to you, sliding his arm around your shoulders and pulling you close.

Veronica gave you a look as if to say ‘see, I wasn’t lying’.

“You gave the school quite a show today,” Jughead continued, sharing a look with Veronica that said that he had heard their previous conversation. “Maybe we could have a repeat?”

And with that, Jughead Jones tilted your chin up, pressing his lips to yours as Betty, Veronica, and Archie cheered.

You pulled away, burying your face in his chest as your friends kept cheering.

“By the way, if it wasn’t obvious, I like you too (L/N),” Jughead whispered, kissing you once more.

You definitely had to remember to thank Betty.


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andi mack headcanons bc this show has taken over my life and its only been 3 hours, plus that BEAUTIFUL hc post got me thinking:

-andi’s the Baby, and is probably like the 2nd youngest in her grade (according to the hospital bracelet her birthday’s September 28th!).

-bex had andi when she was 15 (she cant be any older than 28 i refuse to believe it)

-bex is bi,,,im positive theres pictures of girls in the Box of Secrets but andi just assumes theyre all her “old music festival buddies” :)))

-jonah has a minecraft youtube channel with 33 subscribers and he’s happy with it but then Demon Amber Al*rt finds it and forces all her friends to subscribe to him so he doesnt feel bad. They all leave fake ass comments on all his videos and Amber comments “First!!!!” on every one. Jonah decides to take a hiatus after Amber asks if they can do a “girlfriend tag” video sjskjssha

-speaking of!!! amber has a youtube channel where she posts lookbooks and trash acoustic covers with like 1200 subscribers. She makes jonah do the “boyfriend does my voiceover” challenge for her “first day of freshman year 💕💕” makeup tutorial lol

-buffy’s the only one with netflix so she shares her account with the other two. buffy watches “"Mature Shows”“ but rly its just stranger things and a series of unfortunate events lol. andi uses it to watch hsm 2 (she stays on the kids section) and cyrus uses it for indie flicks and masterchef

-buffys parents are obviously nerds who go all out for halloween. they start decorating on september 30th yall. they have planned trips to the biggest haunted house, and on halloween theyre the ones that give big goodie bags with candy and AND chips in them…and probably those lil hug juices (omg do yall remember those??). buffys rly into it until she turns 11 and becomes Too Old for that kinda stuff (so she thinks lol) but enjoys it secretly

-andi has a roblox account (im literally just remembering all the geeky kid stuff my brother does tbh) and had a "family” on it for a while where she was the proud roblox mother of two 10 year olds from australia

-cyrus has a fucking hes semi-popular on it too omg. he monitors the views on his videos (is that??? what theyre called???) religiously and texts the others any time they get shared. he has a friend on that lives in like?? canada idk whos like 14 and they vent to each other about their lives and he gives cyrus advice sometimes!

-cyrus and buffy take buzzfeed quizzes Very Seriously. to them (especially cyrus) the results are Binding.

-that one hc post mentioned wattpad!!! BOI! buffy writes drarry fic calling it right tf now. she makes andi edit her covers too. she wants them to be rly professional looking like all the popular ones but andi always adds bright colors and filters and heart stickers. cyrus has a wattpad too but writes original work that he never finishes sjshjsal. he usually lurks in the forums to complain about wattpad cliches

-bye andi and cyrus spent the summer before 8th grade fb stalking tf out of jonah. one of them accidentally likes one of his posts from 2014 about eating playdoh 😩. they both scream for an hour straight over the phone to each other and cyrus temporarily blocks jonah shsjska

-btw jonah definitely ate playdoh all throughout elementary school and quit in 6th grade omg

-buffy secretly still plays those dress up doll online games!! she claims she uses them for style inspiration but she actually just thinks theyre neat

-cyrus has a crippling fear of high school bc he watched degrassi in its entirety and thus doesnt want to die

-andi loves jeopardy and if she misses a single episode she gets genuinely upset. she signed up for kids week jeopardy at least twice

-buffy stays up late to watch late night talk shows but always falls asleep halfway through :’)

Picture Perfect // Jack Avery

Requested? yes

Prompt #5- “marry me”


7 years had gone by in the blink of an eye. One minute i was watching the Why Don’t We boys celebrate being a band for a year and the next we were 25 and older, living in our own houses. 7 years was a long time. 

the band has held together in that time, still making music, still touring. it’s not the same as it used to be, but it’s still something, and it’s wonderful to watch. 

jack and I had been living together for 5 of those 7 years in a small apartment just outside of LA. it was quieter here, not as fast paced. we were currently sitting on the floor of the living room going through old pictures we dug out. some were of him when he was a baby, some were of mine from that same time. some were old ones we had taken when we first became a couple, some showed us in our early teenage years. we had moved the coffee table to the side and spread ever single picture we had across the floor, an empty pizza box sitting behind us on the couch.

“oh my god, look at this one,” I squealed, picking up the first picture we ever took together. 

“no way!” jack exclaimed, leaning over to observe it. 

“that was the first time we ever hung out just me and you. I was so nervous I wasn’t going to have anything to say to you. but it was so-” 

“easy,” I finished. “it’s always been easy with you.”

we looked at each other and he smiled, leaning in to kiss me. 

“we really should frame this,” he said when he pulled away, grabbing the picture and putting it to the side. 

“yeah, definitely not happening. look at how bad my hair used to be!” I yelled, trying to grab it from him. 

“what are you talking about? we both looked so cute back then!” 

“you’re right… what ever happened to you, jack?” I asked, laughing. 

“ha ha, very funny,” he smiled, nudging my arm with his elbow. I threw my head back in laughter. 

“you know I love you,” I said, grabbing another picture. it was of him from 6th grade- the first day of middle school. 

“yeah, I know,” he whispered. 

“you look so little here, jack! you had such a baby face!” I smiled, putting the picture down just to pick up another one. 

jack stayed silent, but I could feel his gaze on me. 

I looked at the one of us on our 2 year anniversary. he had taken me to the zoo and we were standing in front of the red pandas, rain ponchos over us because it had started pouring. jack hadn’t bothered to check the weather- something he still has a problem doing today. I smiled at the memory. 

“do you remember this?” I asked. “our trip to the zoo for our 2 year-” 

“marry me,” he cut me off. 

my head snapped over to look at him and he had a big grin across his face. 

“w-what?” I whispered, positive I hadn’t heard him right. 

“marry me,” he repeated. 


“no, (Y/N), listen. marry me. we can spend our weeknights eating pizza out of the box on the floor like we did tonight,” he said, gesturing behind us. “we can go to the movies just to make out like kids falling in love for the first time. 

“marry me, (Y/N). I will buy us a new house and we can repaint the rooms and get more paint on us than the walls. we can slow dance in the bedroom with an unmade bed and candles on the nightstand. let me love you forever. marry me,” he whispered the last part. 

I had tears running down my  face by the time he was done and he lifted his hand to cup my cheeks and wipe them away. 

“you really want to marry me?”

jack’s face softened and he nodded. 

“I’ve been wanting to ask you to marry me for the longest time. just never thought it was the right time,” he shrugged. 

I continued to cry and stare into his eyes, not saying anything. I didn‘t know what to say. 

“please become my wife, I can’t wait any longer,” he whispered. 

I nodded my head, a smile stretching across my cheeks. 

“yes,” I said. “of course I‘ll marry you.” 


I nodded my head and laughed. jack grabbed my face in his hands and pulled me towards him, kissing me passionately. 

“I love you so much,” he said. 

“we’re getting married,” I gasped out. 

“we’re getting married!” he yelled. I laughed again and he kissed me once more. 

“I promise to make you so happy, (Y/N), for the rest of our lives.”

Empty Houses

Having an empty house doesn’t mean that you have no tie whatsoever to what that house rules, it does take away the emphasis that house has.

Empty 1st House (besides the ascendant, of course):

This native tends not to focus on looks and appearance. They may lack a sense of self and are often confused about their identity. They may have a very small ego and lack self confidence.

Empty 2nd House: Not materialistic at all. They just do their own thing and don’t care about their belongings the way most people do. They may thoroughly enjoy trips due to their lack of care about their possessions. 

Empty 3rd House:

These natives tend not to think before they speak. They are impulsive in their interactions. People with an empty 3rd house are the most likely to randomly go on a roadtrip for the weekend.

Empty 4th House: 

This native may often disagree with their family. They don’t emphasize a super important relationship with their family; it’s not their top priority. Your family may have such little issues that the native doesn’t feel a need to focus on their family too often- or it could be that they have so many issues you don’t want to deal with it.

Empty 5th House: 

This placement may be a bit of a party animal. They could have a laid-back approach to parenting- yet they are still devoted parents. This native may not express themselves creatively or in an outward fashion. 

Empty 6th House:

Work and health issues are not necessarily prominent, but treated with carefulness and sensitivity. Natives may not be super grounded and can be a bit reckless. 

Empty 7th House:

Relationships are not vital for this native. They are independent. Yet, when they do find the one/become close with a friend, this relationship may come with great importance over time. They like to express themselves and some dislike relationships because they don’t like to be tied down.

Empty 8th House:

Focused on becoming the best version of themselves possible. They like intimacy and sharing themselves with another person. You are not overly concerned with what the 8th house rules- especially death. 

Empty 9th House:

These natives are wanderers. They love to travel, especially for business. This person can be very idealistic. They may also be interested in other cultures and/or philosophy. 

Empty 10th House:

This person loves leisurely activities and relaxation. They would just love to travel far and wide and have the time of their lives. They may be easily discouraged and this can result in ending up with a job the native did not want.

Empty 11th House:

I can summarize an empty 11th house native in four words; a few close friends. This native doesn’t care much about popularity and would instead prefer to stick with a few close people that they trust. 

Empty 12th House: 

These natives are often happy-go-lucky; but they can still have many issues- mainly family issues. They tend to build themselves up and let the others tear them down instead of themselves.

The girl he once knew ∾ r.m

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posted 4/9/17

request? yes
   “ YOO i love your writing, could i request a reggie x reader where the two were like frenemies in middle school but reader moved away and then moves back for sophomore year but she’s changed from who reggie remembers her? like she’s cut her hair short and has tattoos and has rlly toughened up??

warnings: none

a/n: thank you for the request! requests are open and you can request here + i’m thinking about making a part two for this imagine. yes? no?

words; 1,326

[not my gif]

4 years.

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Shop Update!

Here is the complete list of all items coming to the shop tomorrow. 
The shop update is tomorrow, Friday the 6th at 6 PM Pacific time. Also the free shipping over $30 in the US will still apply to them :) 

~Mystery boxes! (this time they will start at $15 and go up to $200 with lots of ones in between) 
~rainbow moonstone spheres
~pyrite spheres
~quartz cluster skulls
~calcite geode skulls
~obsidian scrying spheres of all sizes
~selenite spheres (small and huge)
~new selenite lamps with bright LED lights 
~super high quality agate and amethyst tiger and eagle carvings! 
~high quality labradorite dog (cocker spaniel) and eagle carvings 
~orange calcite spheres 
~carved unicorns of 4 different crystals 
~super detailed huge labradorite skull
~the amazing fluorite super huge dragon head carving I posted a video of the other day

Pillow Forts- Alex

Request: Hey, could you write a really cute, fluffy, Alex x reader imagine please? He’s my fave and we never really got to see him happy :(. Thank you!

Enjoy this because I wrote it during class and I’m ignoring the fact that he’s not usually happy in the show.

Originally posted by dailymilesheizer

Pillow Forts- Alex

“You know what we should do?” Alex asked. His arm was around you as your head laid on his shoulder. Your parents were out of town and it was nice to have time with just him.

“What?” You asked taking your gaze off the TV to look at him.

“Remember how when we were little we’d build pillow forts around the TV and play games or go on movie marathons in there? I wanna do that again.” He admitted looking at you with a childish grin on his face. You laughed at how pure he was, most guys would take no parents as a chance to have sex but his first thought was a pillow fort. And that was probably one of the main reasons you loved him so much.

“I’m in. Go get the extra pillows and blankets from the hall closet. I’ll grab the ones from my room and some snacks.” You responded quickly getting up from your spot next to him and he excitedly raced to the hall closet. It had been years since you guys did that, yet you still knew the drill like the back of your hand. Those innocent nights with Alex under the pillows and blankets were something you always used to look forward to. And they were some of the first moments you realized your feelings for him. In 6th grade you two stopped that tradition because you thought it was too childish. But you still missed those moments.

You grabbed the extra ones from your closet and threw them on the couch before running to the kitchen to make popcorn and grab soda and chips. When you were younger you used to have a drawer with ‘emergency’ snacks for the impromptu pillow fort nights but that cabinet has been taken over a long time ago. Excited to act like kids again you pulled the popcorn out of the microwave, dumped it into a bowl, and gathered all the snacks before walking into the living room where Alex was already setting it up. He had fastened the blankets on the wall above the TV with something and strategically placed chairs around the room to hold the blankets up. He looked so concentrated as he carefully set the blankets over the chairs and you couldn’t help but marvel at how cute he was. You set the snacks off to the side and started spreading the pillows and a few of the blankets around on the ground trying to recreate it how it used to be. As soon as Alex was satisfied with the way he set it up he grabbed the snacks, set them in front of you two, and pulled you down next to him making you grin.

“What should we do first?” You asked raising an eyebrow at his goofy childish grin.

“Call of Duty of course.” He said putting the game in and handing you a controller in one swift movement.

just enj things™

- enjolras has super uncooperative hair when he wakes up (read: highkey hot as fuck)
- he sings under his breath while making coffee and often gets carried away and does this silly dancing thing that once combeferre walked in on with the most smug amused grin and enj just stopped dead in his tracks and then said “i still have that 2008 disco tape ;)) sweaty” yes in verbal convo fight me and ferre went almost pale and he’s got rlly dark skin so u can imagine what happened in 2008
- enjolras once got carpal tunnel from writing too much angry poetry
- enjolras won the literary award at his school every year and he actually went to the same hs as jehan and they weren’t friends yet, so once a desperate and raging jehan convinced montparnasse to climb into enj’s room and take a pic of the certificate bc they wanted to know what it looked like omfg
- they’re so pure they keep saying sorry for that
- enjolras plays the bass
- grantaire plays the lovestruck fool
- bahorel and enjolras deadass have an annulled marriage (viva las vegas)
- enjolras once cried mid-lecture because he was orating as vp of student council and he got SO EMO that he literally shook his head and kept apologising and asked ferre to take over
- ferre was shook
- enjolras hugs better than anyone it’s so warm in those gay arms
- enjolras can do a one-armed cartwheel and he and courf used to make cheerleading choreographies in their spare time in 6th grade
- jehan and courf dated in 6th grade oh my god enjolras kept their Special Love Notebook (™) (no seriously that’s what they called it) (it was a notebook they passed to each other during class & enj wasn’t allowed to look and he never did bc my baby’s honest n loyal) it’s still in his desk
- enjolras got arrested for stealing a frozen pizza once (maybe not SO honest)
- it was for the good of the people
- enjolras is a hoe for sam wilson he’s his fave mcu character
- enjolras once left late after school was dismissed and he started chatting w the janitor, phil, and managed to convince him to go after his dream and now Phil opened his first photography gallery if u don’t think enj has always been an angel ur wrong
- enj broke his ribs in a fist fight, he wasn’t very good at that kinda stuff so after he healed he legit took 4 different self defense classes because “i cannot cope with not being good at this” and ferre literally had a fit bc “enj whaT The Fucj you work a job and u have class every day are u srsly pulling this 9 hrs a week punching shit crap”
- “yes.”
- no worries lols that’s where he met grantaire :)) he was his boxing instructor :)) need i say more
- ok sweaty shirtless r 👏👏👏👏👏👏👌👌👌👌 ya enj thinks so too
- enjolras is the BEST at naming things. courf once rolled out of bed at 4am just to text him: “mil dollar job idea: u should b professional gelato shop consultant and help them name their flavours i dk what m sayin” [sic]

heartmade-writingbucky’s MASTERLIST

updated: October 6th, 2017

Sebastian Stan

Can I Kiss You? - In a world where the first words you hear from your soulmate randomly appear on everyone’s skin at some point of their life, you get to meet your person at the premiere of ‘Captain America: Civil War’.

Something I Have Been Keeping From You - Part 1 Part 2 - After a minor incident you finally decide to tell your boyfriend about your anxiety.

It’s Not Easy - In which you are pregnant but have neglected to tell your boyfriend Sebastian and the conflict that follows end sort of, well, unexpected perhaps.

Bucky Barnes

Make Me Happy - Everyone has their soulmate’s handprint tattooed onto your body in the place where thy first touch your skin.

I’ve Been Dreaming About You (request) - Nat and Steve are soulmates and set you and Bucky up on a blind date and it turns out that you have been soulmates all along.

And You Will Find Me - Part 1 Part 2 Part 3 Part 4 Part 5 Part 6 Part 7 Part 8 Part 9 (finished) - Bucky and you are best friends, which no one really knows about, and one day you are kidnapped by Hydra. So, naturally, Bucky tries everything to save you.

Walking In The Wind (sequel to AYWFM) - Part 1 Part 2 Part 3 Part 4 Part 5 Part 6 Part 7 Part 8 (finished) - Now that Bucky got you back after all you’ve been through, he can’t believe that he is supposed to let you go forever but that seems to be happening right now. The universe doesn’t care that it’s unfair.

(or maybe it does)

MoonlightYou regain your happiness in playing the piano and Bucky falls in love with you along the way. The moon plays the matchmaker.

Berries & Citrus FruitYou and Bucky have developed a system that lets either of you understand what the other is feeling during e.g. a nightmare and somehow it contains fruit.

It All Comes Down To You - Part 1 Part 2 (finished) - When the love of your life suddenly dies in your arms, you don’t think of having children anytime soon. But in your case, the universe (or rather your uterus) decided for you.

Look At Me - Part 1 Part 2 Part 3 (updated: August 11th, 2017) - When you are invited to the wedding of your best friend (and ex-boyfriend), you long for not having to go. Instead, you hire Personal Escort James Ford to accompany you to keep questions as to why you are still single away. - currently on hold bc of lack of notes (9 notes on one chapter just doesn’t really spark my motivation)

Yes and No - Bucky plans a proposal for you but pops the question on the night just before. You decide to still go through with it but this time, making your next move in the never-ending prank war with your friends.

You Think You Know Me - Prologue Part 1 (updated: October 6th, 2017) - When a certain gentleman visits the city, the Bennet sisters are swoon to meet and marry him. You, on the other hand, seem to be the only one able to see behind his facade of wealth and pride - and find little you like. 

Steve Rogers

I’ll Cheer You Up Forever - After a really crappy day Steve comes home and cheers you up. (request)

Natasha Romanoff

Over And Over Again - For once, the everything plays out in your favour as Nat comes to rescue you from you abusive boyfriend. (request)

'Rumours' Draco x Reader

Rating: Fluff Requested?: Nope 
Request: -”I dont know if ur still doing requests or something but, could i have a request where y/n is being bullied or harassed and Draco is the one to help her and comfort her (Slytherin Reader)
Warnings: Bullying, harsh comments, swearing.

A/n: So its been like 2 months or something crazy like that and I should technically have no reason to not post however my phone took a shit on me as did my laptop and I genuinely thought that this imagine had been posted but I only just saw that it was still in my drafts, and I feel horrible so once my Speaking exam is over everything should be a lot more frequent :) sorry again… 

“What a slut”
“I Heard that she’s trying it in with Potter as well”

 Two snickering 6th years at the end of the table had a full blown conversation about the rumours, right in front of me.

“She has the face of a whore” I glanced up to Pansy, she glared back down the table at me as I returned my gaze to my food. Usually, I was the one that Pansy feared but under the influence of rumours, she had me completely unarmed and unwilling to stand up for myself. I heard a soft laugh come from my left side, turning towards it I saw Draco’s soft blond hair bounce as he laughed at Neville walking to his table. I smiled lightly in Draco’s direction admiring the boy’s beautiful grey eyes and musical laugh. “Oh look the slut is at it again!” A loud voice boomed across the hall as Pansy stood up and pointed at me, I slowly turned to see the whole hall looking at me. My lip started to quiver. Quickly snapping my head in the direction of the door I caught Draco’s eyes who were also staring at me. ‘He thinks I’m a slut, he thinks I’m disgusting’. My lips started to quiver, “Pansy… Please. Don’t do this I beg…”

“Aww is y/n going to cry? Bless. Maybe you shouldn’t have started whoring up to Draco and Potter, right babes?” she smiled at Draco who had only given her attention when he heard his name fall from her mouth almost using it as an insult towards me.

“Potter? she has no association with Gryffindors except for Hermione…” Draco spoke down the table to Pansy, who in turn stood there in shock.

“you can’t be serious Draco, you’re standing up for that!” Pansy and Sophie spat in unison as if they were identical twins who were separated at birth. I looked back and forth between the two and saw my chance.

Taking one last look at the rest of my classmates and fellow students I decided it was now or never and made a dash for the door. A big commotion started up as I ran, I could hear shouts thrown between Draco and Pansy, I sprinted as fast as possible to my dorm weaving in and out of various students mumbling sorry’s for everyone who I shoved by accident.

I reached my room and pressed my back against the door, no one was here. No one can see my meltdown. except for me. I stayed against and door and slid down it until my legs hit the floor and I curled myself up into a tight ball and cried into my knees. A knock at the door vibrated down my back, assuming that it was one of my roommates I yelled out to them and tried to make myself look like I haven’t been crying for the past half hour. “Be a second sorry, I’m- I’m just getting changed” I quickly paced around the room wiping my tears straightening my clothes. I caught myself in the mirror to see my horrendous bloodshot eyes. Giving up; I walked towards the door and peeled it open turning my face away from my roommate. Instead of feeling a gust of the wind that would follow then as they walked into the room, long slender arms hooked over my shoulders pulling me into a hug. And all of a sudden my angry, strong demeanour was devoured before my eyes the embrace was so welcoming and loving all the shadows and demons ripped themselves from my very being, and I let myself break down completely thus letting a new person into my life, once someone see’s that I’m not as tough as they expect I can’t let them leave and take advantage of me. The person’s hand started to glide up and down my back in a comforting manner. 

“Shh, it’s okay y/n” a soft yet raspy British accent sounded throughout the room. Draco? I looked up to my embrace occupant and sure enough, I saw that same tuft of blond hair, it was a slightly messy a change to his old style that was slicked with gel and practically stuck to his head. 

Usually knowing that Draco was comforting, but having heard the rumours, I wanted to push him away so I struggled against his grasp but he held me even tighter. 
“y/n, no one can see us here and no one will harass you here, I promise”
I knew that he told the truth but I still felt so unsafe, it’s like someone could be watching us at any moment ready to tell Pansy of my “whorish doing”

I realised there was no use in fighting against Draco, he was, after all, a lot stronger than me. He carefully walked us over to the bed and we both sat down still in each other’s arms.

“y/n… there is no way I could tell you how sorry I am and that-”
“It wasn’t your fault Draco, there’s no need for you to apologise…”
“Well actually…” Draco pulled away finally and looked me deep in the eyes his soft grey eyes being taken over by his dilating pupils. “It is kind of my fault.
“What?!” I exclaimed loudly but then proceeding to cover my mouth being taken aback by my own voice.
“Last term Pansy told me that she liked me, but I had told her that I was interested in someone else..” he trailed off leaving me confused at what this story had to do with me.
“and at what point do I come into this story?”
“well, I told Pansy that you’re the one that I’m interested in. And I think that’s what started this whole thing so, I’m so sorry y/n” he let out a heavy sigh and dipped his finger into his delicate locks. “God it is all my fault”

I side glanced at the boy next to me on my bed, I sighed heavily just like he did, deciding to let out all my feelings to him and show him how I really feel. I tapped his chin with my finger making him look over to me, as soon as he looked at me I leant over quickly to press my lips to his and just like a movie our lips locked together perfectly and it felt as if the rumours all faded away, yes me and Draco’s relationship would create some different rumours but none of that matter because he was mine and I loved him, hopefully, he loved me too.

just like the lilacy orange sky fades to navy blue and the sun dims to become the moon: we became one and the atmosphere changed. 

One Day

Fluffy one-shot set between the 6th and 7th episodes of the 2nd secret ending because I wanted more MC involvement the entire time. Also includes my attempt at a brief animated text log

Rating: G

Words: 1,938

Pairing:  Saeyoung x MC

“…I can’t let you see him when he’s still so unstable…”

Over the last two weeks, that phrase had practically become Saeyoung’s mantra. He apologized all the time for how long it had been since they had seen each other, called her several times a day whenever he got a spare moment. On a good day, he only sounded mildly anxious. On bad days she would speak soft reassurances while he listened desperately, breath hitching with barely-contained sobs. Today, he just sounded tired, very tired. Over the last week she had been listening to him become more and more worn down. He had poor sleeping habits to begin with, but he had never sounded this physically and emotionally finished. It was time to put her foot down.

“Saeyoung, let me help.”

“I can’t. He’s still unsta- “

“Yes, and that’s why you need help.” She cuts him off firmly, but does her best to keep her voice warm. He is frightened and in way over his head, trying to isolate himself again. It’s not on purpose this time, but she recognizes the pattern. “Text me a list of what you need, I’ll pick it up and leave it out front.”

MC clicks the disconnect button before Saeyoung can argue, following it up with a quick text to keep him from backing out. As much as she would like to see him, pushing for it too soon might be too much for both Saeyoung and Saeran.

Let me know what you need, I’ve got the rest of the day off! Love you

The messenger lacks any sort of notification that the other user is typing, much to MC’s dismay. She stares at the screen for a good two minutes hoping for a confirmation before giving up and tapping the home button to check her email. The only things there were promotional emails from companies that needed to be cleared out (how did she even manage to subscribe herself to so many mailing lists?) but it satisfied a little bit of the mental itch left behind after the party. After ten days of checking her email come hell or high water, once even a bomb, she had yet to rid herself of the habit even if it was just her personal email and not the party coordinator’s official inbox.

Just when she thinks Saeyoung isn’t going to respond to her text, a reply pops up on her screen. She reads through the list carefully, getting the distinct impression that he has little idea what he is actually going to do with all of these items once he has them. He has the diet one would expect of a single, secluded, 21-year-old man: absolute garbage.

Satisfied she would at least be able to help out a little bit, she picks up her purse and heads out to the store. ‘Fruits’ and ‘vegetables’ were a pretty vague request, but she tried to pick up a variety of commonly liked and easy-to-cook-with produce for him and Saeran to eat. What would Saeran like to eat? Is he picky? Unlikely, but it seems they both favor sweet things. Everything else is relatively easy to pick out, going with name brand products for everything except for the sprinkles (how different could Beddy Crocker rainbow colored sugar lumps be from the store brand’s?), and doing a little shopping of her own in the process.

Stopping off at her home first, MC artfully stacks the multitude of ice cream pints in her freezer so they wouldn’t melt, grabs her apron, and gets to work. It’s nothing fancy, simple, easy meals that re-heat well. She packs all the food back up, removing the ice cream from the freezer and stacking tupperware containers in her arms. It makes for a turbulent trip to the car, but the trip out of the bunker in mid-afternoon traffic seems almost relaxing by comparison.


Approaching the door, MC neatly lays out the bags and homemade meals, rings the doorbell and pivots on her heel to leave. Her chest aches at the idea that he doesn’t want to see her, especially when she is at his doorstep, but she gets it. Saeran is having a rough time and the two brothers need to sort through a lot of deeply-rooted family issues. She probably only knows half the story and it still seems like a high hurdle to overcome. The doctors advised there would be damage caused by Saeran’s long-term exposure to the Mint Eye drugs. The first time Saeyoung cried to her over the phone was when the doctors told him Saeran might suffer from the drug’s after effects forever. That didn’t even factor in the twins’ abusive childhood, or the trauma left behind from Mint Eye’s other brain-washing methods.

Compared to that, missing her fiancé for a few weeks, or even months, and struggling to pay the rent for an apartment not previously owned by a cultist who armed the building with a bomb wasn’t worth complaining about.

Just as she makes it to the lowest step, someone rushes to the door, bounding up the last few stairs with heavy footfalls and smacking against the wall before fiddling with the locks. It’s Saeyoung, looking tired and worn underneath all his usual bright colors. MC gives him a concerned look, glancing down to the bags and then back to him. His eyes brighten, just a little, and her heart flutters. He missed her. The smile on her face bubbles up of its own accord and he does his best to return it through the lead weight of exhaustion.

There are only a few feet between Saeyoung and the comfort and warmth of his fiancé, but neither of them move. To do so might push the other into a situation they were uncomfortable with, a line they could not uncross. Over the phone it was easier, at least for Saeyoung. He could share things about his day and dote over her without the immediate risk of intimacy. He had lost his mind and babbled in the messenger about his feelings months ago when they were just getting to know each other. Once he got started pulling her in, he might not be able to stop. He might scare her. Saeran might scare her. His twin brother had nearly gotten all of them blown up, had manipulated her, and had been nothing but hostile since she found out. She said she was fine, but she couldn’t be. There was no way, not even someone as kind-hearted as her could forgive everything on the spot.

And this time, all he wants is to keep her close.

“I-It’s good to see you,” she breaks the silence, pulling Saeyoung from his thoughts. “I didn’t think you’d come to the door.”

Saeyoung glances down to the bags on the front step. She was right, he hadn’t planned on coming to the door, but the bell rang and he couldn’t help himself even if all he can manage right now isn’t near the kind of love and attention she deserves.

“It’s good to see you too.” She looks good, put-together and bright even with her eyes filled with concern. Concern for him. Concern he wasn’t worthy of. Saeyoung gathers up the bags in his arms, having a slightly easier time than she did, though not by much.

I miss you…

I miss you too…

“Well,” she pauses, as if another moment might get him to change his mind and let her in (emotionally or physically, beggars can’t be choosers after all), but nothing comes of it. “I’ll get going. Let me know if you need anything else. I don’t mind dropping by.”

“Sure,” he says, but he doesn’t mean it and they both know that.

Just wait for me a little longer…please.


Another two weeks go by like this, MC pestering him about what he needs and then showing up a couple of times a week to bring by groceries and her own homemade meals. Saeyoung shows up in the chatroom a couple of times a day, and MC enters as often as she can manage, telling the members about her day and making sure everything is okay. When Saeyoung does come in, he is the bright, joke loving 707 for the rest of the members, even when she knows things are bad back at the bunker. It worries her, because she knows that if Saeyoung would just let them know what was going on the entire RFA would do everything they could to help, but maybe the chatroom is his escape. He needs a place to just be happy. Plus, she misses that bright joke-loving part of his personality, even if it is just a farce it makes her happy to see little pieces of it around in the chat logs. Hopefully soon he’ll be able to let that part of him out more.

MC brings more of her own homemade food during the next few trips after an uptick in both ‘thank you’ texts and updates on ‘God 7’s Kitchen Experiments’ most of which seem dubitably edible . After the second visit, Saeran starts coming out of his room as soon as the doorbell rings. He never makes it close enough to the door for MC to see him, but she can hear the door shut and the sounds of someone trying to be sneaky. It makes her smile, the food is well-received by the both of them it seems. She really is helping them, and Saeyoung seems to be warming up to the visits. He smiles more, and seems more hesitant to see her go. They are back to affectionate goodbye kisses and lingering stares to prolong the final moments before she leaves.

She leans into today’s goodbye kiss and rests her forehead on her fiancé’s when he tries to pull away. Not yet, neither of them are ready to let go yet, she can see it in his eyes, even behind the hesitance. Saeyoung takes a deep breath, letting it out slowly before he speaks.

“…Do you want to come inside for a minute?”

I’ve been waiting for weeks!

“Of course,” MC says, grabbing a couple of the grocery bags and following him inside. A flash of hair peeks out from the hall and tries to duck away when she enters the house, just a second too late to keep from being noticed. They both freeze in place, giving MC and Saeran a brief second of thoroughly awkward eye contact before Saeran darts into his room, the door rattling softly against the frame. She can hear Saeyoung fidget beside her, and looks over her shoulder with a big grin to reassure him.

“Is that you Saeran?” She speaks warmly, as though she is trying to coax a frightened animal over. In a way, she is. When that illicits no sound from behind the door after a minute, she sets down the bags in the kitchen and resolves to try a different approach. She makes a big show of stepping back into the living room, projecting her voice as far as it will go. “Hmm…maybe not. Too bad, I was looking forward to meeting him for the first time.”

Her acting skills may need a lot of  little work, but after several long seconds of silence, the door opens a few inches, revealing Saeran peering at her like a disgruntled cat. MC can’t help but beam at him. He might still be…rough around the edges, but it felt like progress, and the potential for more to come.  

One day they would all be a happy family, and she was sure of it.

Meaningful (Stoizer)

Stoizer | words: | Juniors in high school | So basically they’re best friends (canon) Richie is the stoner kid and Stanley is the good no drugs kid | Warnings: Drugs and lots of making out

Stay in drugs don’t do school, kids


“Come on, just take a hit.” Richie waved the blunt in front of Stan’s face and he grimaced, “’re acting like I’m offering you fucking cancer.”

“Fuck off Rich, I’m not inhaling that.” He said boredly.

This was a rare moment, Richie had convinced Stan to skip class and hang out behind the school with him.

It was strange that they were best friends since they were polar opposites. Richie was hunched over and smoking meanwhile, Stanley was sitting up straight while reading a book. Richie had been trying to persuade Stan to take the drug.

“I have a math test next period.” He sighed, “I’m only skipping because you so desperately wanted me to.”

Richie watched as curls fell over Stan’s olive skin. Richie didn’t know why Stan acted like this, he had certainly smoked weed before in Rich’s basement. In fact, he’d done it more than once. He sighed internally and quickly grabbed Stan’s book.

“So what’s Stan The Man reading today? Gone With The Wind? War and Peace? Reading textbooks for fun? Or some bird book?” He flipped through the pages.

“It’s my torah, dumbass.” He quickly snatched it away and placed it in his backpack, “Keep your filthy hands off my books.” Even though he seemed annoyed, Rich could see a small grin plastered on his face.

Richie smiled too, Stan had one of those smiles that you just had to smile back at him.

The bell rang and Stan stood up instantly before Richie grabbed his wrist gently and pulled him toward him.

“Leaving so soon my love?” Rich had a mischievous grin and Stan rolled his eyes.

“My class is across the campus.” He flushed and escaped the grip of Richie’s slender hands, “and don’t call me your love.”

As Stanley walked he started to feel lonely, it’s weird not having Richie walking with you and telling you awful jokes that you couldn’t help but laugh. He sighed and sat down a desk. As the teacher rambled and Stan did his test, he couldn’t take his mind off the glasses wearing freak.

He thought back to 7th grade, before Pennywise or any other drama happened, they were all so happy. Richie and Stan spent every second together, there was always the talk of having boyfriends and girlfriends, at Bill’s house, Georgie would sneak in and sleep with them at sleepovers. Those were nice memories.

After school Stanley held his math test in his hands, he had gotten a 58, the lowest grade he’d every gotten. Stan felt as if he could burst into tears, he threw the paper in the bushes and made a slight detour off his street to Richie’s.

Richie had just arrived home and was hunting the refrigerator for an after school snack. He grabbed a popsicle from the freezer and walked down to the basement/his room. His parents were both at work, so he blasted some music and smoked. Honestly, Rich hates being alone. He hated how venerable he was to danger. Every second felt like you were just waiting for a jump scare that doesn’t even happen.

Out of nowhere, there was a knock at the door. Richie bolted up the stairs and down the hall before opening the door.

“Hey.” Stanley looked up at him, Rich was taller by at least 5 inches.

“Stanny boy! What brings you to my humble abode at this time of the day?” He said smiled down at him even though he knew what Stan wanted.

Rich knew when something was wrong, he considered it to be a gift that he could read emotions so well. There was definitely something wrong.

“I failed my math test..” There was a long period of silence, “could I just come inside?”

“Sure dude.” Richie stepped out of his way and he stepped inside.

This was a familiar setting for Stanley. A messy home with Rich’s clothes strung all over the place. The television was on and music from the basement filled the house. He took a deep breath and faced Richie, who was staring at him.

He quickly adjusted his huge glasses, “I have popsicle if you want any.”

“I can’t tell if that was a dick joke or not.”

“It wasn’t, unless you want it to be.” They both smiled, “Let’s just go to my room..”

They both went down stairs and sat on the couch in awkward silence.

“Were you getting high?” Stanley raised an eyebrow and leaned back.

“Uh…yeah.” Richie motioned to the blunt in his hand.

“Let me see it.” Stan held out his hand.

Richie hesitantly handed it to Stanley, he took a long hit and puffed out the smoke. Richie could feel himself blushing, he thought Stan looked fucking hot.

“What?” Stanley looked over at him.

“Nothing! Just thinking about how hot your mom is.” He smirked and sank down into the couch.

A couple minutes passed and Rich squirmed in his seat, “You know you’re supposed to share right?” He started to feel anxious.

Whenever Stan acted like this, he knew something was beyond wrong. Stan didn’t answer him, his eyes were red. Richie felt strange, this was the first time that Stanley was the high one and he wasn’t.

Stan slowly moved over to Rich and rested his head on Rich’s shoulder. It wasn’t long until he was trying to make a move on Richie. This had happened before, they would get high and end up making out, so this wasn’t rare. It still hurt all the same.

Richie had always had a crush on Stanley. Ever since the 6th grade…

(flashback time hehe)

“If you would stay still this would be a lot easier.” Stan mumbled as he cleaned the cut on Richie’s leg.

“Oh my god it fucking hurts!” Richie hissed and tried moving his leg away.

Stan held his leg in place as he wrapped a bandage around the leg. Henry Bowers had thrown a bottle at them while saying, “You faggots!”. Unfortunately, the bottle had cut all the way down Richie’s leg.

Rich watched Stan in the sunlight, his eyes were focused and his hair was slightly frizzy from the summer heat. Rich’s heart fluttered.

“There, all better.” Stan smiled and it seemed to light up the room. Rich leaned forward and their lips touched ever so lightly. Stanley moved away at first, but slowly moved forward again. Their first kiss was with each other, it didn’t last for long though, probably 5 seconds before they pulled away and were blushing messes.

(End of flashback hehehe)

Richie’s mind moved away from the memory and back to reality, Stan was kissing him and he was kissing back. Stanley’s lips were soft and tasted like cinnamon, Richie couldn’t help but to blush. Eventually, Stanley tried taking off Rich’s shirt but he refused.

He broke the kiss and looked at Stan, “I think you should leave.”

“What? Why? W-We’ve done this before…what’s wrong?” Stanley looked at him with a little concern in his eyes.

“Stan…” Richie bit his lip, he couldn’t just tell Stan that it hurt to have these make-out sessions, how he wanted to do couple things like going to the movies, “you need to leave.”

Stanley moved off of him and had slight anger with sadness in his eyes, “Whatever, I was going to leave anyways..” He grabbed his bag and stormed up the stairs then out the door.

Stanley exited the house and wiped tears from his eyes. He couldn’t stop thinking that Rich hated him. Was he tired of Stan? Did he do something wrong?

As he walked he saw his crumpled up math test in the bush and walked faster. Stan was finally home, his mom was making dinner and dad was still at work. She didn’t seem to had noticed Stan walking in, so he ran up to his room and had a nice cry.

The thought of Richie couldn’t escape his mind. He meant the world to Stanley. He thought about his gentle laugh, his soft lips, curly hair, and beautiful brown eyes.

Rich sat in the same place, he was staring at the stairs. He debated if he should call Stan and apologize or pretend like it didn’t happen. That’s what Rich always did, he pretended like things didn’t happen.

The next day at school was a blur. Usually, Stan didn’t feel awkward around Richie or the other losers, but he felt different. He felt like he was dirty and he needed to clean everything.

He noticed Beverly’s smell of smoke, Bill’s hair was unbrushed, Ben didn’t have matching socks, and Richie’s glasses were slanted to the right. Stan suddenly remembered that him and Rich hadn’t spoken all day.

Stan made a decision to skip class and go to the only place he could find the comedian, behind the school.

He saw Rich leaned against a wall staring off at nothing.

“Hey.” Stanley spoke up and almost frightened Richie to where he jumped slightly.

“Oh, what’s up dude?” Rich painted on a fake smile and Stan noticed this.

“We need to talk…about some things that have been happening..” Stanley and Rich both sat down on the grass and Stan picked at it.

“What’s there to talk about? We kissed and you left. It’s not that uncommon between us..” Rich was looking down at his hands.

“I feel like there’s do I put this? I guess there’s some ‘feelings’ we need to talk about.”

Certainly Stan wasn’t gay, he was normal. Henry Bowers didn’t know what he was talking about, Stan is not a homo. But Stan knew these thoughts about Richie…those were definitely not normal and straight.

“I have nothing to talk about with you.” There was a crack in Richie’s voice almost as if he was trying to spit something out.

“I think you do have something to talk about. If you didn’t have a problem then you would have kicked me out!” Stanley was surprised by his own tone of voice, he didn’t mean to yell.

“I’m tired of you using me ok? I’m not like your little doll that you just fucking play with when you feel like it! You can’t just come over and kiss me then think it’s meaningless!-” Richie snapped back and stood up.

“I don’t think it’s meaningless Richie!” Stanley had stood up too and pushed Richie in frustration, “I like you ok? I don’t know what it means, I know it’s not normal…I know this f-friendship isn’t normal..”!He sniffled and looked up at Rich.

Rich was appalled, “Stan..” He moved closer and Stan wiped his tears, “I-I didn’t-..I mean…”

“That’s what I thought. You can’t even tell me what’s wrong. I should have known you’d never even try to take this s-serious-“

“Oh my god! I fucking love you ok?! Is that what you want?! I’m gay! I’d loved you since 6th grade! What else do you want?” Richie stared at him and ran his finger through his black hair.

There was long and painful silence.

Stanley opened his mouth to say something, but Richie kissed him first. This wasn’t like the other times. It was gentle, soft, and meaningful. Richie held onto him softly as if Stan would break under his touch. Stan kissed back and placed a hand on Rich’s cheek. Richie’s lips tasted like cherry, Stanley smiled.

“You’re a way better kisser than your mom.” Richie smiled down at Stan and Stan rolled his eyes.

“You always find the way to ruin a perfect moment don’t you?”


The End.

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Also I’m sorry for any grammatical errors

Ha Sungwoon Hogwarts Au

For a very sweet anon, Sungwoon~

•The two of you sat together on the train your first year,
• You just sat opposite each other in silence for a while but then you decided there was no point in staying aloof so started chatting,
• You where both half bloods with too much sass so you got on like a house on fire,
• You where sorted into Ravenclaw (Like your mother),
•Sungwoon was sorted into Slytherin,
• (Ngl, it took me forever to decide whether he was Slytherin or Gryffindor),
• He’s from a family of Gryffindor though, and they’re all behind the times so they think it’s a tragedy, and they’re not afraid to tell their son that,
• You watched Sungwoon as you ate and he seemed very detached,
• You’re supposed to head back in groups but you wondered off to see if he was okay and you found him crying his eyes out alone in some corridor,
• You wraped him in a little hug and hand him all the tissues you had on you,
• You sometimes surprise yourself with how prepared you are,
• He couldn’t get over the fact he’s a Slytherin, that his family will disown him, that he’s evil,
• You sigh and plop down next to him, ready for a chat™
• “Sungwoon, you know they’re not evil at all, right? My dad was a Slytherin,”
• “My parents said they where all bad, I’m not sure I can do this,”
• You couldn’t make him optimistic, but you consoled him a little, and set it your job to show him how great all the houses are, especially Slytherin,
• You show him Slytherins are actually just dorks that get excited every-time they see the giant squid swim past their common room,
• You two are as thick as thieves, hardly ever seen without each other,
• Ravenclaws are known to be a little outside of the box, but Sungwoon accepts you despite your odd quirks,
• Like your near obsession with the stars, your common room being in the sky the view is crystal clear,
• He tells you the password to his common room whenever it changes and everyone in Slytherin knows you,
• They call you their ‘honorary raven baby’
• You blush every time but secretly love it,
• You chat easily to Slytherins, as you’re probably quite a bit like them (it took the sorting hat a good 3 or 5 minutes to decide your house),
• Ravenclaws also love Sungwoon,
• “It’s Y/N and our snake child again, someone please wrap them in blankets before they do anything dangerous,”
• But you also destroy all of the preconceived ideas Sungwoon had about Ravenclaw,
• “What did you write about for our last transfiguration essay, y/n?”
• “ I haven’t done any homework in 2 months I don’t even know what we where supposed to do,”
• “How the hell do you get away with it?Aren’t Ravenclaws good at this stuff?”
• “Everyone assumes we’re goodie two shoes, we use that to our advantage, we’re good at what we want to be good at,”
• The whole of Ravenclaws teamwork is scary (you all learn from the doorknocker to work as one) and it rubs of on Sungwoon, so you two work in such a natural way it’s terrifying,
• In fact, the two of you are dangerous anyway,
• With your Ravenclaw quick wit and Sungwoon’s sass and shade, you two make the ultimate team,
• Like “Oh shit, the savage it’s radiating off of them,”
• But mainly just roasting each other really,
• But also totally honest and deep with each other late at night, like you’ve definitely told each other your deepest secrets, but you’re also complete goofs

• “I told you the answer to number 25 was Merlin’s ass and you actually wrote it?”

• “Honestly, what else am I going to put?”
• Constantly defending eachother,
• You’ve lost count of how many gryffindor’s you’ve hexed who said Sungwoon was a traitor,
• (They honestly put a bad name to gryffindor),
• You’re not sure ,but you’ve heard of multiple rumors on how Sungwoon doesn’t hold back if anyone talks shit about you in any way at all, 
• Dream team :’)
• It’s freezing in the Slytherin doorms in winter so you bring tonnes of blankets to the Syltherin common room and you have sleepovers with them all where you play massive group games of things like mafia or Chinese whispers,
• Sungwoon’s parents officially disowned him and your parents don’t hesitate a second when you ask for him to come round on the holidays,
• He’s your parents second child but they always tease the two of you about being a perfect couple,
• It’s one of the moments where you squeal “muuuuum~” and usher a blushing Sungwoon away,
• They always get him cute Christmas presents and you can tell how much it means to Sungwoon to have a supportive family,
• Your dad also helps him to realise how great Slytherins are and He’s completely at home after a year and embracing being a slytherin, 

• (Although he occasionally gets homesick and you’re on hand with chocolate and shoulder to lean on),
• You’re in your fifth year, heading back to Hogwarts on the train, getting some first years to play hide and seek against you when you realise you may have a huge crush on your best friend,
• You watch the first years search for the two of you as you press together under a bench,
• You’d created a trap door to roll into the next compartment if they came in, it wasn’t exactly cheating,
• Slytherins and Ravenclaws can get competitive and strategic about anything, honestly,
• You can feel Sungwoon’s breathing, you back pressed against his chest and your heart does a little Irish dance,
• It’s when you know you’re gone, a total sucker,
• You guys are kind of close as friends anyway,
• Cuddles and draped over each other, laid in each others laps, napping under the same blankets,
• No one questions it because you’ve always been like that,
• So now you feed off of those little moments,
• You’re entering the Slytherin common room,
• No one even bats an eye anymore,
• You’re no longer a baby but you’re still called 'Honorary raven baby’, especially by the 7th and 6th years,
• You’re heading up the stairs to Sungwoon’s room when you stop dead,
• Sungwoon’s chatting to his closest friend in Slytherin, Lai Gualin, a quiet boy who you think could put his cunning to good use and have some fun with you and Sungwoon by the end of the year,
• “I just don’t want to ruin our friendship, you know,” Sungwoon’s voice jumps across the rock of their room,
• “You just have to trick her into confessing first,” Lai gualin, a typical Slytherin- it makes you smile,
• “How am I to know if she does or doesn’t like me back though?”
• “Sungwoon, you know, she knows, the whole school knows, god, you already act like a badass couple, it’s only a few words separating you,”
• Now you’re a Ravenclaw, you’re know for your wit, acceptance and intelligence,
• You can pretty much decipher they’re talking about you,
• And boy is Gualin underestimating you, trick you into confessions?
• hA,
• But now you have a dilemma,
• Do you play the waiting game to see what Sungwoon does, or do you storm in there right now and kiss the life out of him,
• Not literally I mean that is forbidden magic,
• You devise a quick plan, with an unsure ending but what will be will be,
• You wait in the common room, telling some first years the time you got peeves to play a prank on McGonagall with you, but then she hit back, flour bombing you because she’s McGonagall and a badass,
• “The moral of the story, kids, don’t mess with McGonagall,”
• Even though that’s a given,
•  Sungwoon and you meet at the staircase of the west wing after the curfew because all the teachers give you the benefit of the doubt, and you race him up the stairs,
• He wins, even though you’ve spent over 5 years racing up that tight spiral staircase,
• True magic,
• Although he gets stuck at the door, of course,
•You usually just tell him to find another Ravenclaw, or just use the knocker ???? how had no one else ever thought of that???
• “You can see me in water but I never get wet,”
• “A reflection, come on, step up your game doorknocker,”
• You’re renowned in your house for being the go to person if you’re stuck at the door, riddles are your forte,
• You got Everyone to desert the common room, because everyone ships you- they’ll probably be listening though let’s be real,
• The two of you sit on the windowsill, staring at the stars, completely at ease with how high you are,
• You cast a patronus, all part of your plan,
• A Deerhound comes racing out of your wand, dancing across the night sky, shortly joined by the shining silver light of a beautiful lynx, slinking it’s way across the sky,
• “What do you think of?” You lean your head back to stare at the twinkling lights,
• “I think of you, and all the times we’re together and when you make my heart beat faster than it should” Bingo,
• You grin at his Rosy cheeks, his eyes looking into the distance, although you know they’re not really looking,
• “That’s Funny, because I think about you too,”
• His eyes snap to you and you lean across to place your lips on his gently, the warmth spreading though your body,
• It’s a feat you don’t fall off the ledge, but Sungwoon wraps an arm around your waist and you fall back together into a padded stool,
• His hands ghost up your back and you shiver,
• But you stop there, because your housemates are probably listing, I mean Ravenclaws thirst for knowledge doesn’t end at gossip,
• “Listen, I really like you,”
• “Sungwoon, you think I don’t know?”
• The couple of Hogwarts I’m not even kidding you’re iconic,
• Ravenclaw and Slytherin bonding through your bond, it’s becomes less and less surprising to see Ravenclaws in the Slytherin common room and vice versa,
• Dates watching the stars always, under blankets and with a mini midnight picnic and using each others warmth,
• You’re parents don’t even blink an eye when you tell them, you dad handing your mum five galleon’s,
•  You’re not the only Competitive two™
• You’re still the dream team though, just with more frequent PDA, because if you think the two of you really care about what people think, you’re wrong,
• Trying to quickly get into your common room because everyone is out and you want some time to yourselves and the knocker is a pain,
• “What has a heart but no other organs?”
• “I swear to god if you don’t open this door right now we will kick you down ourselves, have you seen my boyfriend thighs?”
• Damn right that thing opens,
• Sungwoon pushes you to go further, (not that you need that much of a push), so the two of you constantly blow people’s minds in what you achieve,
• Basically a very mischievous and successful relationship to compete and win over anyone else,

Theory time

Okay let’s start from the begining, the most wonderful masterpiece of pop culture, also known as the LWYMMD video.

Since the video came out, the theory about the 15 Taylors representing a different album track has been showing in tumblr pretty often, meaning each one of the Taylor represents (or maybe is) an archetype for what Taylor wants to show us.

We quickly realized how the Taylor in the cheetah coat was the 6th in the row, and some assumed pretty fast that meant she was the one representing Look What You Made Me Do

As I said, this theory made a lot of sense since, well this Taylor is the one saying  “getting receipts, I’m going to edit this later" which fits the song’s mood which is “big fuck you to everyone who hated on me for the last years “ pretty well.

However, yesterday …Ready for it? came out and @beafearless1 and I, who are still not over this archetypes theory decided to “test it”: Ready for it? is the first track and, who is the first Taylor in the row?

This badass biker Taylor. 

At first we were pretty confused and thought this whole theory was wrong since this Taylor did not have the Ready for it? vibes at all but then we took a further look into the lyrics

The “Burton to this Taylor“ part  and pretty much everything had a really strong Wildest Dreams vibe right? We all agree on that, so we started thinking which character has a strong Widlest Dreams vibe?



So going down this road… What if the archetypes theory was right from the begining? What if each track is really gonna match one of the characters she created for the video but we just got the order wrong?

In that case this would be the “right order”

And what would that mean?

That this Taylor is the Look What You Made Me Do Taylor 

That might sound a bit off at first but let’s actually think of this Taylor:

I have seen very little theories going around about her, she is just there, destroying the plane with the TS6 symbol and wirting all over it

Almost like opening the era, writing REPUTATION over the plane, inviting us in and then just standing in the back, because SHE ALREADY HAD HER TURN, HER MOMENT, AND NOW IT’S THE OTHER’S TURN

Also, in this new order you can see who would be the 13th track, such a special and relevant one for Taylor and us


The one standing over the old Taylors, with rep written on her and looking like she is ready to say everything she has been holding back

I don’t know about you guys but I am LIVING for this theory

And this has been all for today, maybe @beafearless1 and I should sleep

anonymous asked:

fave headcanons or aus of your otps? c:

Oh god okay okay I’m so so sorry have fun
-Spanish Speaking Yamaguchi
Yamaguchi who moved from Spain to Japan at the tender age of two but never forgot his roots! Yamaguchi who speaks Spanish around the house to his Mama as it’s her first language and he knows how much joy it brings her to hear her son speak it. Tsukki loving every second he hears Yamaguchis native tongue because god the way the words slip off his lips is so seductive it makes him feel weak at the knees. Yamaguchi feeling so self conscious of his inability to learn English because he already knows two languages; three is just too much to comprehend at this point in his life. Just Yamaguchi speaking Spanish, okay?
- Kenma is Protective AF
As a kid, or even as a teenager, Kenma isn’t the easiest accepted of people. He is small and quiet and a loner in his class and he doesn’t believe he has many close friends. However those he does have? He would die for them. Like when people made fun of Lev for his legs (they’re so long and spindly he seems to tower over the rest of the class and he loves it because volleyball but also hates it because it’s just another thing that makes him different from the rest of the class) Kenma glared at them so intensely they got freaked and left. Kenma going anonymously onto people’s accounts who have been bothering his pals and sending them subtle threats to back off. Yet in person he is the least likely person to ever show it but he would crush anyone if it meant keeping his team safe. And Kuroo knows this. That’s why he lets him do as he likes because he knows no matter what he will always do what’s best for his friends.
- Iwaizumi would do anything to make sure his friends are happy and comfortable
One day at practice Makki complains about his phone breaking meaning he won’t be able to call anyone. The next day he walks into the gymnasium and right there next to his bag is a brand new phone. Another time Watari needs textbooks for his literature class otherwise he knows for sure he is going to fail it. Two days later all the books he needs, plus additional revision material, are waiting for him in his locker. On a separate occasion Kyoutani complains about his back hurting from all the spiking and low and behold the day after there is a back massager sitting waiting for him in his bag. For months no one knows what’s going on until finally Oikawa steps in. Iwaizumi Hajime may not come from a exceptionally rich family but he does have a exceptionally big heart and Tooru knows this better than anyone. Working late, doing night shifts and overtime just to have the money to make sure his friends and family never go without. He would never take credit for it of course but Oikawa knows anyway. After all this is the same boy who waits with him for hours after practice just so Oikawa can get in that last perfect serve. He is the boy who will answer his phone at 3am with a groan and a complaint but never the less still answers. He is the boy who would come home from school and pull a blanket over his mother and swear to himself that one day she wouldn’t be so constantly tired that the only things in her life were work and sleep. And, most importantly, he is the boy who, on the night of Oikawas 6th birthday, didn’t get a wink of sleep for the sole reason he was still preparing his present. The thing Oikawa wanted the most in the work. To see the stars. Being 6 of course that was impossible but there would be one way. Iwaizumi couldn’t send Oikawa to the stars so instead he would bring them to him. And as the last star shone a glowing green in the blackness of Oikawas darkened room it was done. 100 stars, 20 packets littered on the bedroom floor and one very very thankful little boy still asleep in his bed with another stood just beside him. Dreaming of the stars.
- The Captains all have a group chat.
Kuroo and Bokuto Meme, Daichi is confused, Ushiwaka is silently observing and Oikawa is fangirling and hating on Ushi. Literally enough said. Y'all know this is canon.
Okay wow I have a lot more I have never written here before and idek if these make sense but whatever! So okay yeah wow I’m scared okay sorry

Fictional Character Analysis: ENTJ

SUBMISSION by anonymous

Confession: If I could choose/change my type, I’d be ENTJ before I finish typing in this sentence. I have extreme Ni/Se envy. Especially stacked in the middle as to not go into either extremes. And although I have Te/Fi, I always feel like the ENTJ’s Te is on steroids compared to mine. But fictional ENTJs however… not that envious. They get an even more one-dimensional portrayal than INTJs. Typically, a fictional ENTJ is a megalomaniac villain of some sorts who’s not content just on being mean and vanquishing his opponents, but hell, why not take over the world, the universe and all fabrics of time and space while we’re at it. Some are a little bit more nuanced, appearing as ESTPs but more calculated and disciplined. Actually the few ENTJs I’ve encountered in my life were more like this as opposed to your stereotypical ruthless CEO. It’s also why I envy them so much, boldness of a strong Se type, but with strategic restraint. Anyhow…

Extroverted Thinking (Te): As mentioned, the ENTJ is almost always a villain, therefore they appear to have what is the most ridiculous super-powered Te you’ll ever see, making the other TJ types look like weaklings. But this is also why ENTJ portrayed in fiction are so damaging to real-life ENTJs because they fail to take into account other functions and therefore leaving the fictional ENTJ as a cardboard character who’s only personality trait is calculated dominance and aggression. Sure real-life ENTJs probably approve being portrayed with such drive and strength although at the same time, probably take offense to seeing all fictional characters of their type being dictators whom have no regards for human life. 

Introverted Intuition (Ni): So why is the ENTJ villain bent on destroying or taking over no less than the entire world? Ridiculous portrayal of Ni of course. The fictional ENTJ not only “thinks big” but seems to show absolutely limit, hence having the entire world or universe in mind. This is not only a whacked out representation of Ni run amok, but a complete unrealistic one. I prefer to look at Negan form the Walking Dead to see a more realistic portrayal of Ni, where he loves to psychologically weaken people and get to know what is at their core and then accurately predicts people’s next moves, based on logic and not some 6th sense. For instance handing over his bat to Rick, knowing full well the latter will not take a shot at him no matter how much he would like, because the aftermath wouldn’t be worth it for Rick. It’s still pretty strong Ni and perhaps a little exaggerated, but much more realistic than the whole world domination Ni.

Extroverted Sensing (Se): Again, I will use the villainous ENTJ here because they are so prominent. Whether it be an action movie, cartoon show or video game, there is a 95% chance that the antagonist or “final Boss” is a ridiculously predictable ENTJ type and Se will manifest itself in the same way every time: He (or she) essentially sends their minions to deal with the hero until he shows himself for the final fight in which we see his fighting abilities are unparalleled. Fictional ENTJs have a tendency to enjoy reaping the immediate rewards of their hard work. They easily get lost in sensation, pleasure seeking and have a strong penchant for all things materialistic. They also have a tendency towards a strong, stylish appearance. As exaggerated as this can be….I actually do see this all the time in real-life ENTJs. It’s like can’t NOT flaunt their success in our faces on some level. For some it’s very annoying and arrogant, for my part, I get it. Work hard, play hard, baby! 

Inferior Feeling (Fi): Is there an more inferior function in fiction than the ENTJ’s inferior Fi? I mean, sure sometimes the fictional ENTJ can display a warped sense of morality, but it stops there and everything else is about… conquering. And often that’s well-written ENTJs! Yes, real-life ENTJs do struggle with their inner emotions, inferior functions are inferior, but for Pete’s sake most movies show them as nothing more than monsters. And even in the case where you’re not dealing with a villain ENTJ bent on destroying the world, chances are you will have a character who never breaks down and refuses to show any kind of weakness. A little bit more similar to real-life inferior Fi, but still.