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Do you know any complete fics (no one-shots) on ffnet where H and D were in a relationship *before* the Horcrux Hunt and when H leaves, D doesn't see her until the Manor scene? Thanks

Hello! I know of three where they together before the Horcrux Hunt.

In this one they don’t see each other during their separation but still communicate through a Protean charm on paper. Draco is a spy.

After the Battle by WaitTilMyFatherHearsAboutThis- M, 3 chapters, complete

The Battle of Hogwarts is over. Not ten minutes ago, Harry Potter defeated Tom Riddle once and for all. As the initial cheering and celebrating dies down, Draco Malfoy and Hermione Granger look at each other from opposite ends of the Great Hall and visibly sag with relief. He’s alive.. She survived..

In this one they begin a relationship during 6th year while Draco begins his work to be a double agent for the Order. They also use a Protean charm on a coin to communicate.

I Spy by gnrkrystle- M, 31 chapters, complete

Hermione is hand picked by Dumbledore to be the Order liaison for Draco when he decides to be a Spy for the Order in their 6th year. Read to find out more.

In this one Draco and Hermione begin a relationship during 4th year. continues through 6th year and he doesn’t see her again until the Horcrux Hunt.

our story by gwladystoffee- T+, 29 chapters, complete

the story of Hermione and Draco throughout Hogwarts.
this is one of my first fanfictions and the chapters are quite short. enjoy.

If anyone knows of anymore stories that fit let us know!

- Wynken

Adventures in Identity Theft

When I picked up my phone after the gym yesterday there was a notification that said “American Express 37th & 6th In-Line $37.15.”

Occasionally odd things show up on the credit card bill, and I have to remember that I donated to a gofundme or kickstarter that comes up as something weird, so to make sure it wasn’t a donation to the @farmlandia meetup that was logged in some unusual way I googled “37th & 6th In Line” to discover that that’s the code name for the first Chick-Fil-A in New York.

So naturally one would expect the criminal element to eat there on stolen credit card information.

Anyway, it only took fifteen minutes to take care of things over the phone and get the card cancelled, but still it’s a pain in the ass. I wonder which gas station in Alabama had a card skimmer.


There’s a couple of new videos over at The Deadite Slayer TV now available.

First off we have a standalone review of the new 1/6th scale Ash Williams from Evil Dead 2 by Sideshow Collectibles seen above. The short review shows a quick look at the figure and is meant to help those who may still be on the fence on picking one up.

There is also a new update video here which includes items such as the Ash Williams Evil Dead 2 Mezco Living Dead Doll, Fright Rags items, a season 2 Ash vs Evil Dead cardboard standee and a pack of original Book of the Dead tickets from the Michigan, Detroit Redford Theater premiere. 

“I’ll never have an explanation for what happened, and to this day I still don’t have proof it was “supernatural”. But this is my, very true story, of how I moved into an apartment with a 12 month lease and broke my lease and was moving out by noon on my 6th day there.

My junior year of college I was moving out of a fraternity house because it was too wild, and I needed to focus more on my studies. After having two horrible room mates, one a psychopath, and one an alcoholic that would frequently urinate himself, I decided to just fork over the extra money and live by myself. Found an apartment for dirt cheat really really late in the game of looking at apartments, as I’m kind a procrastinator. Landlord took me to see it, told me the previous occupants were a couple who signed a 12 month lease, and then broke it about a month after moving in (First red flag), but they were still living in the house.

So we get there, the woman currently renting the apartment is in her car waiting for us when we get there, as if she just refuses to be inside the apartment, and when I see it the apartment was completely empty. Obviously the two were living somewhere else, waiting to sublet the place and get off the lease. I didn’t see it as unusual, and gladly took the place.

Day 1: I move all my stuff in. Spend my first night alone in the apartment. Nothing too out of the ordinary happens.

Day 2: Periodically throughout the day I hear what sounds like people walking into my backdoor. Not spooky. It sounded to real I would often walk to meet the person walking into my apartment, as me and my friends are very casual and just walk into each other’s places without knocking. I would hear someone walk in my kitchen, go see who it was and find no one there.

Night 2: I wake up to hear various pots and pans fall off my kitchen table and hit the floor. Wake up to investigate and everything that was on my kitchen table is now on the floor. Everything. As if someone just swept everything with a single arm to the floor. I attribute it to the wind and go back to sleep.

Day 3: I have school. I get my bag and start walking out of my apartment when I hear my lamp in my living room hit the floor and break. I go inspect. The lamp has hit the floor and broken, just like I heard, but the way it fell appears to be as if it was pushed from the wall. The lamp was directly in the corner, but has fallen in the opposite direction from the corner. No windows are open, and I have no explanation. On my way to school I start to speculates that “Maybe something is weird with this place”.

Night 3: I’m cooking myself dinner in the kitchen when out of no where I hear various loud sounds all at once in my living room. I stop what I’m doing to investigate. Every single drawer of my coffee table, and various end tables has opened on their own, simultaneously. It’s enough to scare me this time and I spend the rest of the night with a friend.

Around this time is where the nightmares started. I had reoccurring dreams of a kid in my closet, crying. I always go see who’s crying and it’s this kid. Not that much younger than me, about 20 years old, weeping. He calls himself Viktor, and says this used to be his bedroom. I ask if there’s anything I can do to help him, and he begins to tell me yes there is. He tells me that me and him aren’t that dissimilar he tells me various things about my family (bad things) that also happened to him, and that we can help each other get better, all I need to do is “Let him in”. I’m not sure what he means by this but repeats it over and over that, in order for me to help him and for him to help me I have to “let him in.” I go on to have this dream every night until I move out.

Day 4: I’m officially scared. This is my worst nightmare, I haven’t even been here a week and I’m losing it. I feel as if something is watching me everywhere I go. Whenever I leave my bedroom something happens, something gets tossed off a shelf, something falls, a facet turns on by itself, like whatever this thing is just gets mad when I leave my bedroom, but I don’t want to be in my bedroom because that’s where Viktor is.

Night 4: The nightmares are getting worse and worse. I can’t help but notice I’m starting to become very very depressed. Something about being in this apartment sucks the life out of me. I feel as if I have no energy or will to do anything, and cry myself to sleep. (This is odd. I had no reason to be sad, whatsoever. My life was great at this moment aside from the issues.)

Day 5: I decide I have to power through this, as I signed a 12 month lease. I officially believe my apartment is haunted. I decide to address the thing, whatever it is. I say: “Look, I know there is something in here. That’s fine. I have no problem with you being in my apartment, but you can’t keep scaring me. I’m not going anywhere and you need to accept that. If you keep tormenting me I’m going to get a priest in here to bless the house.” I feel confident, as I’ve read somewhere that ghosts will actually back down if you show you aren’t afraid of them. I am very, very wrong.

Night 5: I wake up to the sound of my smoke detector and the smell of burning paper. I run out to my kitchen to see a textbook of mine on my stove with all 4 burners going on high. I quickly grab it and throw it in the sink, and turn the stove off. I’m officially scared again so I quickly grab some stuff and decide to run back to my friends house, but as I get to the door it slams shut in my face, like some cliche horror movie. I don’t know why, but this doesn’t even scare me. It makes me fucking furious. 

I start yelling and throwing around my kitchen furniture screaming “FUCK IT. YOU WANT THIS PLACE YOU CAN FUCKING HAVE IT. I’M FUCKING LEAVING.” I flip my kitchen table in rage and force open the backdoor. I run out, leave my stuff. Drink heavily with some friends.

Day 6: I call a moving truck. Call my landlord tell him I’m breaking my lease and I fucking leave.

End up not being able to find another place in such short time and have to miss school for the entire year. Well worth it. Whatever was in that apartment was fucked up, and I want no part of it.

Now, I have no proof that what I experienced was truly supernatural. I usually try to not tell this story as a lot of people don’t believe me, or attribute it to me being nervous about living on my own for the first time. Whatever was the case, I truly believed I was in danger, whether it was true or not. I currently live in a 2 bedroom apartment with my girlfriend, and I couldn’t be happier.”

By: f1sh_ (What’s the most unexplainable shit you’ve ever witnessed?)

Dreamer (6) - Bucky Barnes

Pairing: Bucky x Female!Reader

Part: 6

Previous parts: Part 1 - Part 2 - Part 3 - Part 4 - Part 5

Warnings: None?

A/n: You guys may notice I won’t be posting as much as I have the next two months, because exams… BUT I will try my best to deliver^^ Anyway, here is the 6th part of my Bucky soulmate AU, ENJOY! 

PS! If you want to participate on fluff moments in this story, please give a message and I’ll see what I can do ;) 

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Bucky stared at his hand, then at you, then down at his hand again. Slowly he lifted his non bionic arm, his hand merely gazing over the surface of the metal arm. Even so he could still feel the warmth of his hand over his metal one, as if the metal was his own skin. 

 «How did you do that?» He whispered, looking up into her eyes, his shining with such stunned happiness she almost had to smile. 

 She removed her hands from his arm, and it wasn’t before the contact between them was lost that he felt the small buzzing in his arm disappear, it had been a weaker form of the prickling sensation he had felt the first time he had met Y/n. 

 «I have abilities, which allows me to do certain things.» Bucky furrowed his eyebrows at her words. 

 «But what are those abilities of yours if you can do this to me?» Bucky lifted his metal arm for show, Y/n looking away from him. 

 «She controls the elements.» Tony walked into the room again, his hands in his pockets, and his face serious for once. 

«As you may have witnessed when she repaired your arm they can be used for much more than just talking with the wind and the trees. Although she doesn’t like me asking for her help, this lovely lady right here, hates to use her powers.» Tony came to stand beside Y/n, placing a hand on her shoulder as she kept her gaze down. 

 «But why? Why don’t you want to use your powers?» Bucky questioned, not understanding why she would want to hide her amazing abilities. 

 «Not everyone sees them as a help, Barnes.» Y/n whispered, her eyes looking up from the floor, hurt being the main emotion overpowering her. 

 «But don’t worry about it.» Y/n took a deep breath, collecting herself. «Now there is a few things I gotta show you before I go.» 

 Tony just stood beside Y/n as she showed him how he could turn off the feeling in his arm. If he clenched his fingers into a fist with his thumb outside of the others, all feeling would leave the whole arm, but if he had the thumb inside of the fist, the feeling would still be there.

 Bucky listened intently as she explained to him how it worked, but not once did she touch him again. Deep inside he hoped she would, so he could feel the delicate feeling of the small, but calming prickling on his skin. 

Laying in his bed that night, Bucky couldn’t help to smile as he ran his fingers over the metal of his arm, feeling his fingers create patterns along the plates. 

His thoughts went straight to Y/n, his smile widening at the thought of her. After she was done explaining to him how this all worked, she had quickly left, after exchanging a few words with Stark. 

She had smiled back at Bucky and waved before she disappeared completely out of his sight. 

 Bucky closed his eyes, with the picture of Y/n’s smile in his mind he fell asleep.


Her rapid heartbeat wouldn’t slow down, not even as she lay in bed, trying to calm the buzzing in her whole body. Some of it came from using a lot more energy on her powers than normally, but the effect of it was lasting too long and her skin was prickling. 

 She tried to close her eyes, but her body was still erratic. Yet what she had done today felt worth all of this. Bucky had looked so happy, so genuinely happy it had almost taken her breath away. 

With the picture of Bucky’s eyes of happiness Y/n fell asleep.  


That night the both of them dreamt of the moment Bucky got the feeling in his arm. 

Although their dreams weren’t different at all, but a dream of the whole picture, like someone was switching camera angle from time to time. 

Seeing both their perspectives.

Part 7 - Part 8 - Part 9

The most important thing about One Direction to me is, they (and you guys) made me feel included...

I was thinking about writing something about the boys since early morning but i’m still struggling with. This is going to be all over place. But it’s basically this:

So, we’re in this transition moment. We’re still walking blindly to the edge, hoping to find the finish line. Hoping for the best. Hoping to win. Cause i want to see them to win, you know, their life back, so badly. Properly. I want them to share with us the truth about them and their lives. But the truth they choose to share. I want them to be proud of themselves, proud of their choices. The choices made by them, not others. I want them to know we stayed and we will continue to stay with them through the next chapter. The most exciting one. The most bright one. Where we will be able to see them as a whole. Maybe we will not love everything but i don’t want them to stay behind excuses. They all wear the heart on their sleeves. So i want to witness that. In every tweet/RT. In every IG comment. In every interview. There may be mistakes, but i know there will be sorry and acknowledgement, good will to change things and make better and be better. I don’t want to see them be privated of their voices ever again. Maybe it will take a little longer than expected. But hopefully not too long. I am waiting. And i choose to stay.

As a older fan, i just want to say thank you for things that i learned not just from them, but mostly from some people in this fandom. Although i still don’t feel comfortable to share too much about me, it’s comforting to know there are people passing through the same things. I’m alone but at the same time i’m not. Not matter the race, the nationality, the age, the sexuality, the economic status.

Bla, bla, bla. I told it was all over the place. Lol. I just love One Direction, man…

Just thinking out loud.

Like, Joel’s leaving really got me thinking about how people react to different situations.

And with Achievement Hunter, with Ray leaving, I remember there being such a huge backlash against it and people not being over it even to this day, and that backlash spread to extreme hatred of Matt and Jeremy being hired.  Lindsay is still getting shit on even years later.  Jack too!   And even when Jeremy got promoted to the big leagues of AH, people in the fandom were still comparing him to Ray, and believing that he didn’t have a right to be the 6th member of AH.  

And it’s so weirdly different with Funhaus??  Hiring Elyse turned out to be one of the best decisions FH ever made, and there was never really any major hate directed at her for being on camera (thanks in part to Bruce being a fucking police dog about it).  And now, she’s one of the most well-liked members both on Tumblr and surprisingly enough, Youtube commenters as well.  And when Spoole left, everyone was understandably upset but no one really hated him for it and we all kind of just accepted it as it was and moved on.  Omar got hired, and immediately everyone wanted to see more of him and see his personality and immediately accepted him as a part of FH.  And now Joel has just left, and even though we’re all very much saddened by it, we’re not outraged by his decision or or super pissed off, and soon enough, everything will start to feel normal again.

It’s just so strange how the fanbases are so radically different in terms of accepting change.  At least for my part, when someone is hired or leaves, it’s more of a “Okay…let’s see how this will play out, but I’m not going to comment until I either know the new person or have more information about the leaving person”.  I don’t know if it’s just a difference in levels of maturity between the AH and FH fanbases, or that FH has had more direct changes recently so we’ve grown used to saying goodbye and hello to people and know how to deal with it on a more professional basis.

Just thinking.


Black Widow #2

(W) Chris Samnee, Mark Waid (A/CA) Chris Samnee

•  As S.H.I.E.L.D.’s top brass gather to bury one of their own, they make an attractive target.
•  Lucky for Maria Hill, the agency’s persona non grata, Black Widow, is still watching over them.
•  But that could mean Natasha will have a hard time watching her own back!

(Release date: 6th April 2016)



Hey friend,
This is my best friend Ellen. We have known each other since we were 2 years old and she used to be my next door neighbor. In 6th grade she moved to South Carolina. It was devastating knowing all of those high school and prom plans were never going to happen. Not to mention I was still pretty young and she was that one real friend I counted on for everything and hung out with. When she moved it was hard because I remember feeling so out of place and left out. Other school friends wouldn’t include me to hang out and I was never invited anywhere. Most days I spent sitting home watching TV or listening to your music. Over the years I was able to fly down and visit her every summer and this summer we cruised to Alaska together. To this day she is still that one friend I trust and love the most and I wanted to share that with you.

Oh, and yes how ironic is it that ya’ll are almost the same height in heels and this picture came out so on point. (Even both of your butts fit in the crease of my back! I gtg)

Love you shit tons,

MEET & GREET! Submit your meet & greet stories and photos to You are emailed back when they will be posted to the website.

Hey there! My name’s Toni and I met Johnnie Guilbert for the first time in person last year at Warped tour but before then I had video chatted with him on Omegle and even before then we had become sort of friends on Twitter and such. It’s really cool how we’ve both grown and changed over these past couple years and I’m very proud of who he’s become. Johnnie’s an amazing person and he’s always been there when I need him and he’s just an overall great person. Meeting him in person for the first time was an amazing experience that involved lots of hugs and lots of talking haha but it was still one of the best days as well as when I saw him a couple days ago at Warped Tour Mountain View date and got to share my progress with him about how I’m 6th months clean and how I got through going into a psychiatric hospital and stuff and it meant a lot to me to hear him say he was proud of me, as well as he was in my Warped Tour Vlog and it was cool to hear him encourage me about my own channel :) So yeah those are my experiences with Mr.Guilbert in person, and once again I’m so so proud of him and everything he’s accomplished :) 

Jan. 6th

Hey! Not really sure how to preface this, since it came out of nowhere a week ago, but…I’m going to be on The Daily Show on January 6th. Like…yeah. That @thedailyshow. The official, real one. In New York. I don’t know the details yet, other than that it apparently will definitely happen (though I won’t fully believe it until it’s over and I’m back home and see it recorded on my DVR). So if you get TV, I guess you’ll be able to see me on The Daily Show on January 6th.

It’s still pretty shocking to me. I remember having a short conversation a long time ago with my publicist Andrea Lam at Penguin about the possibility of being on a show like The Daily Show. But that was a long time ago—so long ago that Jon Stewart hadn’t announced that he’d be retiring yet. I’d all but forgotten about it, and since I hadn’t heard anything, I assumed it wasn’t going to happen, which was fine (that is, one is not usually on The Daily Show, so life continued on about as normally as it had been). Yet, at the 11th hour, I got word from Andrea that it was happening, and happening soon.

I’m certainly grateful to The Daily Show for having me on, but I think the one who really made this a reality is Andrea Lam, so my eternal thanks to her. Amazed that this is happening.

On 6th July 2005 around this time, London and the UK were awarded the hosting of the Olympic Games in 2012. It was so exciting.

The next day 52 people lost their lives across London when four bombs were detonated by 4 men across 3 tube trains and one bus.

Over 700 were injured and beyond that countless lives changed forever.

Hard to believe it’s 10 years. Love and comfort to all those lost, bereaved and still struggling with the effects now.

Hey Taylor!!! So meet my best friend...

It’s me, Ashley. You started following me almost a year ago (October 28th 2014) and I’m still not over it, I mean, how does one get over something like that? Anyway, I wanted to tell you a little story about someone who is very close to me, she is like the sister I never had, my best friend, Samantha aka alltoowell89. We’ve been through it all together, heartbreaks, losing friends, losing loved ones, experiencing new things that scared us to death but we were always there for each other and we helped each other get through all of it together. She has been my best friend since 6th grade, that’s 15 years now. You already know how much I love you, but she loves you so much too. I introduced her to your music when you first started selling albums and she immediately became attached. Your music relates to our own stories so well and has helped us through many of life’s obstacles. She’s so thankful for you, we both are, and I’m so thankful for her. I’m beyond thrilled to say that we will be seeing you in Dallas on October 17!!! This will be her first time seeing you on tour, and I’m so happy that I get to experience this with her. She’s so excited, and I just wanted to tell you what an amazing person she is. She’s selfless, determined, genuine, kind, loving, just everything wonderful that a person could ever be. I hope you see this some day soon so that maybe you could follow her and see just how amazing she is. I can’t imagine how my life would be without her. We can’t imagine how life would be without you and your music, kind words, and advice. You’ve also helped us become even closer because of your music, it’s such a beautiful thing. Please see this soon, we love you so much, and we’ll see you in Dallas taylorswift!!!