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Thoughts on the Director's Cut of Exorcist III

So, took me a bit to finally set aside some time to watch it, but I did – I have now watched the Director’s cut of Exorcist III, AKA Legion! I have thoughts!

Spoilers below the cut!

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You’d been mid conversation with Mary, talking loudly and animatedly about your one favourite movie, Captain America: The Winter Soldier. You eventually got onto the conversation of Bucky and you couldn’t help but start fangirling over the character, talking about how he was just a puppy that had been abused badly but there was still hope for him. “I’m pretty much in love with Bucky,” you carried on, not hearing Hook entering Granny’s Diner just as you said that. Mary kicked you under the table as soon as she saw Hook stood behind you.

You turned around and saw Hook glaring at you, “Hook-” You started but he was quick to interrupt you.

“Who’s Bucky?” He demanded, a dangerous look in his face. You almost started to laugh, he genuinely looked like he was going to try and fight with Bucky, but you knew that really you couldn’t start laughing without making him even more mad.

You stood up from your seat and moved over towards him, “he’s just a comic book character,” you explained but somehow this just made it worse.

Hook let out a huff and practically stomped his foot, “we’re all apparently book characters, where is this Bucky? I want to talk to him.” A small smile appeared on your face but you had to repress it before you angered Hook anymore, “Y/N, tell me where he is.” His aggression and clamorous behaviour made you find the situation to be too funny and you couldn’t help but let out a laugh.

Quickly you put a hand over your mouth to cover the giggle but it did nothing to repress the sound, Hook practically turned red before he stormed outside of the cafe. “No, no, no,” you called out through laughter, running after you. “He’s a comic book character but he’s not a real person, just a character, not a person.” It was hard for you to explain, you couldn’t even explain how Hook was real yet.

Hook started to slow down and turned to face you, a look of distrust still on his face. “You’re telling the truth?”

“Yes,” you sighed, visibly relaxing when you realised he was finally beginning to listen to you properly. “If you don’t trust me, then tonight we can go to my place and watch the movie.” You began to flirt, knowing it’d just sweeten him more.

You put your hand against his bicep and he looked down at it, deliberating your invitation. He looked back up to you and slumped his shoulders, “fine,” he said resignedly, “I’ll bring the snacks.”

As The Battle Ends: Alternative Ending

This is my 1st entry to Romione Hpshipweeks. This is going to be SO GOOD!

This is an alternative ending I wrote to the first chapter of my next multichapter, which will be called “Love Me Forever”. I hope you like it!

I have also another two original stories and a piece of fanart I’m actually pretty happy with. I’m still deciding when and how I’m posting them, but I hope you all stay tuned :)

SOoooo, here it goes and let’s enjoy this week of Romione lovies

Title: As The Battle Ends: Alternative Ending
Summary: Ron needs to talk to Hermione and make sure her kiss meant everything he’s hoping for.

The war was over. They had won. Who would have thought that Voldemort would die that way, with such a lack of… of something big happening, like trumpets playing from the sky. Like those movies Hermione liked to watch, with music that kind of hinted to the way you were supposed to feel.  Something needed to explode so they could celebrate and make his death have more of an impact. He had only had the opportunity to watch a movie with her once, but the music had stayed with him. Instead, Voldemort had simply fallen to the floor like a marionette that was suddenly abandoned for another more entertaining toy. Not that it prevented them all from understanding that it was done, that Harry had conquered and had freed the Wizarding World from its biggest menace in history. Specky wanker. Ron loved the git, though. He had to find him,\ and help him to get away from the noise and the people that Ron was sure were driving him mental. But first…

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I have a lot of....thoughts about Avengers: Age of Ultron

Like, so many thoughts that until I see the movie again tomorrow its hard to even organize them all.

So here is my kinda spoilery not at all organized Avengers rant. Please feel free to reply and get a conversation going.

Like…I enjoyed the movie? I laughed a lot and it was pretty and it was GOOD. But it was also really over stuffed, and its hard to forgive how they fucked with the Maximoff’s heritage for no reason (like, impossible to forgive really. Marks against), and some of the choices in the move were just….weird. 

And like…yeah, Weadon is still pretty mediocre compared to a lot of the other Marvel content we’ve BEEN getting and the Avengers line-up is still laughably white-straight-dude, but at the end we’re…moving in the right direction? But I’m glad the Russos are taking over from here? And there were moments where the snarky tone of the movie was FUN but like…out of place with the franchise as a whole?

And like…Black Widow is SO SO underutilized in this movie. But like, I ENJOYED her romance with Banner, but I didn’t like that her romance with Banner seemed to be her whole arc of the film. That and getting kidnapped and neeing to be rescued…by Banner. Ok? And the whole “I’ve been sterilized = I’m a monster” thing was REALLY REALLY gross. Because, yeah, ok, if you really look at the full context, as an assassin, she was forced into a horrifically invasive procedure against her will because her ability to kill was prioritized over any possibility of her having a future, and that could reasonably make her feel like she was a monster without any problematic aspects. BUT to represent that as “I can’t have kids therefor I’m a monster” has a lot of really…icky feelings attached to if that I’m having a hard time even working through. THE AbILITY TO HAvE CHiLDrEN NOR THE DESIRE TO IS NOT A MEASURE OF YOUR HUMANITY. Again Weadon is not a feminist, despite his work on Buffy. Just, lets all remember this.

And I’m just so mad that the twins were whitewashed, because I REALLY LIKED WANDA. I really, really liked Wanda! A LOT. She was like, the best part of the movie! But its hard to be TOO enthusiastic about her when I know she was whitewashed the way she was! -glares at computer screen- IMSOHAPPYSHESSTAYINGBUTMADTHEYFUCKEDUPANDIMCONFLICTEDABOUTIT.

Also, I laughed a lot at the ongoing “Steve “language”” gag, even though a guy in the army in WW2 would have cussed like a motherfucker. 

Also Vision. omg. Wanda is gunna fuck that robot. We are one step closer to a Young Avengers movie. I can feel it in my blood. 

And I liked that the climax of the movie focused more on SAVING civilians than it did even on defeating the bad guy? Like, we spent more time saving the people than fighting Ultron, or at least equal time it felt like? It serves as a nice contrast to Man of Steel I think. 

And Clint. Oh Clint. You got your moment to shine. Your nice family, and your nice speech to Wanda. Your nice “The city is flying!” line. It worked. 

Also FALCON showed up!

Also Hill’s little “Where are the ladies?” and “cough TESTOSTERONE cough” moments. Ahahaha I love you, Hill.


Ok, I have more thoughts about this film, but this is getting really rambly. 

“I can't go into battle with you. You're not a fighter and I love you too much to watch you die.”

I love how this show, which is so absolutely ridiculous and wonderful and fantastical in pretty much every aspect, is consistently realistic when it comes to romance. In the pilot Madalena chose security over romance, Isabella and Galavant’s long-awaited first kiss was a big let down, Madalena’s commitment and intimacy issues are still there even though she’s in love with Gareth, and now Roberta tells Richard that he won’t survive a fight. 

In any other show or movie you’d have the girl telling the guy that she believes that he can make it even if she’s never seen any evidence to support that, but not on this show. On this show Roberta has been at his side and seen how he reacts under pressure. She’s seen him get easily sidetracked and not focus on the task at hand so he almost died by having a knife thrown at his face. She’s seen him make questionable decision after questionable decision that royally screwed them over. She’s seen him try to train with a bunch of children and seen him beat up by those children. Based on everything she’s seen she has no reason to believe that he can make it through this fight and she honestly tells him that and I just find that so refreshing.

I know over the years we’ve said how there should be a Tiva movie or a spin off etc but there was always an element of “yes I would love this but chances of happening: zero to nil”. But that was then and this is now. 

Now, I actually think CBS would be crazy to pass up an opportunity to make a tele-movie or 3 -4 part mini-series about Tony and Ziva, basically picking up right where NCIS left off.

Here’s why:

- a story of a former federal agent searching for his lost/presumed dead love, newly discovered daughter in tow (cue touching father/daughter bonding moments, angsty ‘where’s Ima’ sentiments and appropriate ‘how do I parent’ situations) and then reuniting but having to be on the run and find out who is targeting her/them - it’s $$ in the bag. I mean, yes,this kind of story has been done before but also not really, not with this particular dynamic.

- with a brief narrated backstory voice-over at the start, the audience would require no prior knowledge of the characters to be able to buy into the tele-movie/mini-series, it is essentially a stand alone show and this sort of storyline would have massive and broad appeal (drama, suspense, action, romance).

- NCIS is constantly touted as the most watched drama in the world so there would undoubtedly be a a large portion of that audience who would tune in. Either because they always enjoyed the Tony and Ziva dynamic, they want to see a resolution on screen to their story, or they are simply fans of NCIS and therefore curious to see two characters that were created for that show in their own project.

- whether a shipper or not, I don’t think anyone can argue that Tiva took on a life of it’s own within the NCIS setting. It got to a point where it was decided there was no place within this crime-procedural format for any overt or serious concentrated development or exploration of the dynamic and it wasn’t appropriate to shift a focus to one pairing within the setup of the show (before one half left that is). Fair enough. 

But the chemistry between the two characters was unlike anything many have seen on-screen and it was something that many viewers wanted more of, not to mention the complex backstories of both Tony and Ziva and how those drove the characters as individuals and with one another. Again, a couple on-screen with great chemistry isn’t necessarily unique, but this version of it is. And CBS know that. It is also something that viewers would be drawn into in a stand alone tele-movie or mini series. Guaranteed.

So the fact that both actors have now left NCIS is an incredible opportunity for the network to use their popularity and the popularity of the show these characters are the product of, to create an epic tale for our screens. And I, quite frankly, think they’d be bonkers not to.

AU where Cas is a big movie star, and he and Dean used to be roommates and best friends a long time before that.  They’ve drifted apart a little bit over the years, but they’re still pretty close even though they move in different circles.  None of Dean’s friends believe that he knows People Magazine’s Sexiest Man, though, so he doesn’t bother telling them that he’s known him since they were dumb freshmen together in college and Cas looked more like a baby giraffe than McDreamy.

Which means that he ends up seeing Cas’ movies a lot with Jo, Victor, Bela, Benny, and Charlie, all of whom drool over how dreamy Cas is regardless of their sexual orientation.  So even though Dean remembers the time when Cas got a total of five drinks thrown into his face in one night and tripped over his own feet because he couldn’t see, he gets dragged into participating in the “ogle Castiel Novak” parties.  And maybe Dean gets a little into it, especially when they marathon all three of Cas’ westerns in one night, and he gets to stare at Cas’ ass in those tight pants without his best friend even being there.

Okay, maybe he gets a lot into it, roping everyone else into watching the behind the scenes features where Cas awkwardly leads the camera on a tour of the sets, and the DVD commentary with Cas and the director, and all of the interviews.  He keeps gushing about the way that Cas tilts his head and squints when he’s confused, and how he has this super dry, adorable sense of humor that always seems to throw interviewers off, and how he’s super kind and caring even when the camera’s not on him- okay, so maybe Dean is kind of in love with his movie star best friend, but it’s fine, because Dean’s friends just think it’s a celebrity crush and he can be free to vent about the impossibility of it.

Except one day he’s hanging out with Charlie at the local coffee shop, talking about his “celebrity crush” and Charlie is teasing him about how he’s in looooove when someone comes up next to them and it’s Cas

And Charlie gets super star-struck and starts babbling, while Dean is tongue-tied for an entirely different reason, because what if Cas heard, shit shit shit

Finally Cas says “Hello Dean,” and Charlie is shocked that Dean actually does know Castiel Novak, and she realizes that it’s not just a celebrity crush, Dean is actually in love with this guy, so she ducks out of the conversation awkwardly.  Leaving Dean and Cas alone.

Cas doesn’t say anything else.  He just bends down and kisses Dean as thoroughly as he knows how, to the sound of paparazzi cameras clicking away all around.

preference #50 maybe a baby?

MICHAEL: Your back leaned against the headboard while you laptop slightly burned your lap. “Whatcha doing?” Michael said, climbing into bed. He put his head right near your shoulder, looking at the screen. “Just watching a movie.” Michael cuddled closer to you as the movie went on. “Oh my god, look how cute that baby is!” You exclaimed, in a high pitch voice. “Babe calm down,” Michael reasoned.“And if you asked me, we would make an eve cuter baby,” Michael mumbled. “What was that?” You asked, looking over at Michael, who was still watching the movie. “Oh that we would have the cutest baby in the world!” Michael exclaimed, pressing a sloppy kiss on your cheek. “I don’t know, Michael. That baby is pretty cute.” You argued. “There is no doubt in my mind, that we would have the cutest baby.” Michael turned to you with a smile. “Then I guess we would have to have a baby, to prove that baby wrong.” You said, not paying any attention to the movie. “Yeah I guess we would have to have a baby.” Michael agreed.

LUKE: You and Luke were tangled up together at as the sun began to set. Luke had decided for his birthday that he would spend it at the beach with friends and family. “Y/n when are you going to give me a baby?” Luke asked, watching Calum play with two-year old Nathan. “First of all it’s not job in this marriage, and second of all we haven’t really talked about it that much.” You state back at him. “Well, I want one. One with your nose, your chin, and I just want a mini you,” you smiled and pressed a kiss to his forehead. “I would want a mini you, just not the lip ring.” You tell him. “Do you not like my lip ring?” Shocked, Luke asked. “No I love it, it’s just our baby doesn’t need one.” Luke pulled you closer, “But our baby could be punk rock.” Luke pouted his bottom lip. You laughed. “So it’s settled we’ll try for a punk rock baby,” you declare. “Well any baby. I just want a baby with you.” Luke gave you a kiss. “A healthy baby with my beautiful wife.” 

ASHTON: “Good news, our baby went down easy.” Ashton said, sitting down next to you. “You treat that dog like he’s our newborn,” you say, wrapping your arms around Ashton, him putting an arm around you. “He kind of is. He still is a puppy, and he’s the cutest puppy ever,” Ashton giggled. Ashton watched the show in front of him, while you went just zoned out. “Ashton?” Ashton turned his head from the tv, “Yeah?” Ashton asked. “I want a baby,” you declare to him. Ashton took a deep breath. “Ash, we’ve been married for three years now, and all we’ve gotten is a puppy. At  this rate, we’ll have a three huge dogs. I don’t want to be that couple that substitute kids with dogs.” Ashton stayed silent while chewing the inside of his cheek. “I didn’t know you felt like that, I thought you were happy.” Ashton’s voice was soft. “Ash don’t think I’m not happy, it’s just I won’t be when we’re 40 and it will be too late.” Ashton retracted his arm, and began to run his hand through his hair. “It’s just, I always thought you weren’t ready.” He stated. “Well I’m ready now,” you say. 

CALUM: Calum paced back and forth, chewing his lip. “Y/n is it time,” Calum asked, snapping you out of your thought. You glanced at your watch, “Yeah,”  you walked towards the piece of plastic that sat on the dresser. The nerves grew more and more in each second. Calum stood behind you with his arms crossed. You picked up the test, “Negative.” A breathe of relief came from Calum. You kept starring at the test, not feeling the same way as Calum. “Y/n, you okay?” Calum asked. You put the test down and turned to face him, “It’s just, a part of me slightly wanted it to be positive. I don’t know,” you confess to him. Calum shakes his head. “Y/n you know, we can’t have a baby right now. I mean,” he ran his hand through his hair, “don’t get me wrong, I would love to have a baby with you, but this isn’t the best time. Plus, I’m not ready for a kid. Toys, crying, poop, and I’m not there yet.” Calum rambled on. You clenched your hands together, causing them to turn white. “But hey, maybe in a couple of years.” Calum offered. 


For those of you who asked: my favourite James McAvoy movie is Atonement. It was the first thing I saw him in and it broke me into several small pieces. It’s the kind of depressing story that leaves you hollow inside and it’s the kind of performance that leaves you grieving when it’s over. A decade later and I still haven’t quite recovered. 

And that’s pretty much how I knew I’d be following his career for a very long time.

There is a part of your brain that you rarely have to use in everyday life, but that your ancestors used all the time: the part that identifies and reacts to monsters. There is a feeling that only comes with seeing a huge, previously unknown predator. Fear, awe, then fight and/or flight.

Horror movies used to try to push this primal button – in the ‘50s, they were all about huge monsters (“Radioactivity has made huge maneaters out of these common pubic lice!”). But we’ve become too immune to huge movie monsters over time – that’s why modern horror is less about giant radioactive insects and more about serial killers, and huge movie monsters are the stuff of direct-to-cableSharktopus cheese. They always look fake, like something that doesn’t really inhabit the same world as the heroes (I’m pretty sure the only reason the Cloverfield ad campaign hid the monster is because of how stupid it looks out in the open).

But video games can still push this button. Not just fear of the predator, but awe. Every gamer can remember the first time some boss character started bursting up out of the ground, or looming in the distance, and just kept getting bigger and bigger on the screen until you’re fighting the goddamned thing by crawling up its back like a rat.

6 Moments That Make Video Games Worth It

C: I’m so insecure about my skin tone. SO insecure.  I’ve always been taught “lighter is better” from the beginning, but I’ve been starting to get rid of that mentality. Although lately all I see are these celebrities and pretty girls with lighter skin and it makes me sad because I don’t have that. Why do I feel like guys prefer lightskin girls over darkskin girls? Ugh. It’s all I see. Movies, celebrities, real life….the girl is always much lighter than the guy. Whenever there’s a black couple at my university strolling about, you can see how the girl is always much lighter than the guy. I hate thinking like this, because I know deep-down that it’s not true, but still… lightskin girls are the poster people for “black beauty”, so when I see them and how successful they are (especially when dating), I feel awful. I feel like I’m ugly. Not worthy of acceptance. The second choice. As someone with depression, it affects me a lot to the point I’ve considered skin lightening. I feel like my skin tone is ugly. 

Movie Magic || Belle & Renee

After a long early morning shift at the hospital, Belle was happy to be home. She was having her movie night with Renee tonight and she was pretty excited, she was curious to see how Sage and Renee’s date went the other night. She had been thinking about the party ever since she got home on Friday. She didn’t know what had come over her that night, but there was some kind of magnetic pull between the two. Of course, her feelings for Hunter were still very strong, but they weren’t officially together yet, so he couldn’t expect for her not to hook up with anyone, right? After taking a quick shower, Belle proceeded to get ready. She picked out a pair of skinny jeans that showed off her ass quite nicely, a black v neck top that clung to her in all the right places, showing off a bit of cleavage too. She even had decided to put on her best thong and bra, which, she hardly ever did unless it was a special occasion. It was just movies after all, right? She chewed on her lip as she looked over herself in the mirror, pretty pleased with how she looked. She put on some light makeup, texting Renee to make sure the other girl was still coming over. She didnt want to get all dolled up and then not have the other be there. She had no idea why she was so nervous, they were only watching movies. Even Renee had said the other night that if something happened, then it would happen.

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Finished my custom Suicide Squad Harley Quinn doll, for the most part. My friend is helping me make a screen print so I can make her shirt more accurate, but this temporary shirt works fine in the meantime. She was originally a Grease Frenchie Barbie, completely rerooted with ‘White Chocolate’ nylon hair from and dyed to match her movie counterpart using rit dye. Outfit was completely made by me and her shoes were white sneakers from a Fashionista that I painted. Unfortunately my skills aren’t enough to make the shoes 100% accurate but I am still happy with the outcome. Her face was enhanced by me as well, kind of by accident. I’m also aware she’s missing most of her tattoos and that is due to the fact that I am terrible at painting so small (plus her clothing covered most of them). Overall I’m pretty happy with the results and can’t express how excited I am over this movie!