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Coming Home (Derek/Stiles)

Anonymous said: Derek/Stiles “That wasn’t very subtle.”

Nonnie, I hope you enjoy this story! I was in the mood for something romantic and fluffy. This is Fic #40 in my 2017 Prompt Challenge

Coming Home. Derek/Stiles. Teen. Also on AO3.

Stiles has been out of town for three weeks due to work, but now he’s home and ready to see Derek.

It’s been three weeks since Stiles has been to Derek’s apartment. No, not quite that. More like eighteen days, but it feels like a lot longer. He’s gotten used to spending most of his time here since he started dating Derek several months ago because Stiles is still living with his dad.

Well, not really still since he did move out for college, then he had the FBI training to deal with, and he got assigned to a field office in Philadelphia after he finished with that. It’s only been six months since he got reassigned to the resident agency in Redding, which would seem like a demotion on paper, but it’s actually a really awesome promotion.

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Okay, I need to rant, but it’s important

A lot of people are most likely going to disagree, but at this point, I don’t care. Basically, people are boycotting Disney because of LeFou being gay. Half are boycotting because they are homophobic dickwads, and I needn’t bother with them at this moment. However, it’s the other half I have to address. They are the LGBTQ+ who feel that Disney is degrading the community by making the gay character the comedic relief/ villain. However, in the midst of this boycott, people seem to have forgotten a key point- the cast. 

Okay, for starters. Do people not realize who the cast is? Ian McKellen, who plays Cosworth- fierce gay activist and, yes, a homosexual himself. Luke Evans, Gaston- also openly gay. Audra McDonald, aka the queen, is a freaking gay icon and is strongly in support of same-sex equality rights. Emma Watson has also expressed support for equal marriage rights. Ewan McGregor and Stanley Tucci have both portrayed homosexual and/ or bisexual roles. Howard Ashman, who wrote the freaking lyrics for Beauty and the Beast is gay. Bill Conon, the director of the movie, is gay. Do people seriously think that a cast of actors and production like that would let a negative LGBTQ+ moment be portrayed in the film? Yeah, I don’t think so either. And, like usual, everything is being overblown out of proportion. When asked about the ‘gay moment’ in the film, Bill Condon revealed that it was hardly even that. Basically, it’s briefly flirting between LeFou to Gaston, and for a moment, he is shown at the end dancing with a man. You guys. This is not the movie making fun of or degrading LGBTQ+ people. It is not Disney inaccurately representing our community. It’s a brief moment, and it really should not be this big of a deal.
So, everyone should pretty much get over how big of a deal this was, and get on with their lives. I, for one, will very obviously still be seeing this movie, and am really freaking excited. 

I hope this can persuade some people, but at least I tried to get my point across. I guess we’ll just have to wait until the movie comes out and see.


Hey, @nerdsbianhokie and @queergirlwriting, i fic-ed it! my nb!alex word vomit, that is. (here, for those wondering


When Alex gets home from work Maggie is already there, sliding berry cobbler into the oven, her t-shirt dusted with flour and her hair in a messy bun. She’s fresh faced and smiling as she greets Alex with a hug and a kiss on the cheek and Alex’s heart flutters at the touch like always, even as their stomach starts to knot, because after what they have to say there’s the possibility they could lose this. It must show on their face, too, because suddenly Maggie is looking at Alex with that expression, that head tilt and Alex swallows thickly at the tightness in their throat.

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The one thing that bugs me about the new Beauty and the Beast is the historical inaccuracy in making Belle “Dangerous” because she (Gasp) Reads!

In the original film she was just a book nerd, it wasn’t merely that she read.  It’s that she read all the time.

I hate what this does to history.  It ignores that in France (Not just the “Big cities” folks) but IN France the female literacy of 1740 was about twenty five percent.  Considering the time period that’s pretty high. Yes, male literacy was about fifty percent but twenty five percent is still one fourth the population.  That’s actually a considerable number.  One out of every four women knew how to read and there were women authors. Gabrielle-Suzanne Barbot de Villeneuve and Jeanne-Marie Leprince de Beaumont  come to mind. In fact Gabrielle-Suzanne Barbot de Villeneuve wrote the first version of Beauty and The Beast, the novel from which all other versions sprang. And Belle’s village in this new movie is named for her.  There were literate women all over France, and female authors.  Again, all over France, not just the big cities.

You can’t just say “Well, things are different in the country because they’re stuck in the past.”  What past?!  France never had that mindset in it’s past!  

One scene in this new film that bugs me is when a school headmaster demands Belle stop teaching a little girl because “Girls aren’t supposed to know how to read.”  There was NEVER a point in French history where women were “not supposed” to know how to read.

We’re talking about the country that produced the likes of Jeane de Clisson, the most successful pirate in history, and a woman.  The Country that gave us Joan of Arc, who, though illiterate, was well spoken and able to hold her own in debates with educated men and that was in the fifteenth century.

They’re re-writing history to make the past look more sexist than it already was and trying to make Belle seem more empowered.   We should not have to re-write history to make ourselves feel better about present day. 

This doesn’t “Empower” us women.  It diminishes already seldom discussed female icons of the era by pretending they didn’t exist.

France never culturally discouraged female literacy, whether in the cities or countryside, in fact though the church initially feared the spread of literacy and literature that questioned the teachings of the church they also took advantage of it and felt that literate house wives were better equip for teaching their children bible stories.

I am a woman and what makes me angry is bearing witness to people re-writing history, diminishing and essentially erasing the gorgeous works of literature written by female French authors of the eighteenth century. France had a twenty five percent female literacy level and female authors.

Gabrielle-Suzanne Barbot de Villeneuve and Jeanne-Marie Leprince de Beaumont specifically come to mind.

Imagine if someone came along and said English women were not supposed to read in the nineteenth century. Goodbye Mary Shelley, the Bronte Sisters, Christina Rosetti, Emily Dickenson, Jane Austen, Louisa May Alcott, Frances Hodgson Burnett, ect…

Is it okay to erase the female icons of France because it wasn’t in the English language?

The scenario portrayed in this film requires pretending many brilliant women of the eighteenth century did not exist all in the name of empowerment.

Why do we have to diminish and erase strong feminine icons to make ourselves feel better about how “liberated” we are today? It’s bad enough that too many young girls have no idea who the likes of Jeane de Clisson are, now we’re going to have pretend several female authors didn’t exist either.

I’ve seen the justification of “Well, she’s in the countryside and rural people tend to be trapped in the past.” What past?! France (as a culture) never discouraged female literacy! It’ wasn’t a Country bumpkin vs. City mindset. France simply was never like that.

If they wanted to address female oppression they should have set it in the American colonies or The Middle East. France was never like this about female literacy, period.

And this diminishes and ignores many brilliant female authors who lived in that time period that are already too easily forgotten.

Do you want to know what was in 1740 The Beauty and The Beast novel by Gabrielle-Suzanne Barbot de Villeneuve?  It had the book lover version of Belle like in the Disney film but by the end of the book she learns she possesses Faery magick from her mother (not portrayed in either Disney film).  And The Beast / Prince’s mother was a Warrior General Queen.   Why does no one ever address this?  Instead of getting a kick-ass Warrior Queen we get pearl clutching peasants at the “Scandal” of a woman able to read… when one in four women in France at that time could read…  Which also requires pretending several historic women didn’t exist…  But it’s “empowerment” right?!?  

Do you want to know what was in 1740 The Beauty and The Beast novel by Gabrielle-Suzanne Barbot de Villeneuve?  It had the book lover version of Belle like in the Disney film but by the end of the book she learns she possesses Faery magick from her mother (not portrayed in either Disney film).  And The Beast / Prince’s mother was a Warrior General Queen.   Why does no one ever address this?  Instead of getting a kick-ass Warrior Queen we get pearl clutching peasants at the “Scandal” of a woman able to read… when one in four women in France at that time could read…  This also requires pretending several historic women didn’t exist…  But it’s “empowerment” right?!?

this post has minor logan spoilers so stop reading unless you wanna be spoiled ok anyways the thing i love about the x-men movies (and i’m sure the comics too but i don’t read comics so) is that they have consistently been a symbolic representation of real life oppression. like how mutants are met with hostility and aggression that mirrors racism and homophobia. the final act of logan pretty blatantly features commentary on immigration issues like.. you have these mutant children, most if not all are mexican-american, trying to cross a border in order to obtain a better life for themselves. and in this process they’re being hunted by soldiers who are literally under the command of a man named donald - that might just be a coincidence but the shoe still fits. that imagery alone though is pretty damn striking i wonder how many heads that’s gonna go over

Jughead & Reader: The Surprise

Summary: You drank a little too much at a party and couldn’t remember much the morning after. To your surprise, Jughead Jones spent the night and greets you in the morning in nothing but a towel.


Length: 2,114

a/n: Really NSFW

Listen to: Do You Wanna? - The Kooks

With a loud groan, you rolled over in bed, away from the light peeking in through your curtains. You grabbed your pillow and put it over your head, wanting to fall back asleep. But that seemed impossible after you laid there for ten minutes, unable to slip into a deep sleep. Figuring it was just time to wake up, you sat up in bed.

That was a mistake. You felt like you were going to black out from pain. You very slowly opened your eyes and took the light in deeply. Your head was throbbing and you needed to figure out how to walk again so you could get medicine out of the bathroom.

As you looked for your phone to see what time it was, you noticed a glass of water and two aspirin on your nightstand. Confused, you tried to remember if you put it there last night before you went to bed. But you couldn’t remember a single thing from yesterday. All you know is that you went to a party and somehow ended up back at your house.

Assuming your drunk self did it to help you out in the morning, you swallowed the medicine with two gulps of water. It was almost like there was an instant relief because you suddenly felt a thousand times better. You drank the rest of the water then leaned back against the headboard.

Your phone went off and you found it underneath your covers. You looked at it and noticed you were getting reminders of unread messages. You were surprised to see so many winky faces and eggplant emojis. Suddenly your heart started racing.

Knowing you needed to wake up more to understand what was happening or what happened last night, you climbed out of bed sluggishly and made your way to the kitchen to make some coffee and breakfast.

That’s when you heard a sound coming from your bathroom.

The door opened in what seemed like slow motion. He walked out in nothing but a towel. His hair was wet and water droplets were slowly running down his face and chest, all the way down to the low-waisted towel.

Your jaw was on the floor. “Jughead,” you said, startled.

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Scenario: Voltron Team movie night, everyone is watching some unspecified movie, when Lance's crush (aka Reader) falls asleep and ends up leaning against him.

Hello! It’s mod Enki again. :0 I decided to put this in a domestic AU kind of idea so there would be more content. I hope that’s okay!


It was I regular day much like any other. You farted around doing chores around the house and did other mundane tasks like finally getting around to emailing some guy about a topic you forgot ages ago. That task in itself took more time than all your other chores combined and honestly left you mentally exhausted. You mulled over going out and getting a bite to eat before attempting to do anything else. As you sat completely useless on the couch due to your indecisiveness, your phone buzzed. You pulled it out to glance at the screen assuming it was a wrong number since no one ever texted you. Your eyes widened slightly. It wasn’t a wrong number but you certainly didn’t recognize it. The preview message told you all that you needed to know. 

“Hey (Y/N)! It’s Lance, I just wanted to…”

You unlocked your phone and read the full text expecting some cheesy one-liner but were surprised to find not a single one. He did remind you of the fact that tonight was movie night with the rest of the gang and that everyone was supposed to bring something. Groaning you typed in a short reply and hit send before smelling yourself. You had completely forgotten about the whole thing and you were not in any shape to be around any other human being. You had also spent almost your entire day doing chores so the movie night was going to start in at least an hour. The idea of getting a bite to eat was scrapped and you bounded to your shower as fast as you could to get rid of your hazardous body odor. Everyone was supposed to go over to Pidge’s house because she had managed to rig up a killer surround system. It made you pretty excited knowing how good Pidge was with all her tech so tonight’s movie night was definitely going to be super fun. 

Once you had completed your shower and thrown on some clothes, plus performing other hygienic tasks, you finally decided to get a bite to eat from your kitchen. It had to be quick considering you still had to go out and get something to bring. Chips and a some soda would be good right? You didn’t doubt that everyone else would be bringing popcorn so might as well stay the safe course and bring chips. They’re just as addicting as popcorn is when watching a movie and the paladins will eat anything you put in front of them really. Anything from Earth anyways. After wolfing down a cup of noddles like the healthy person you were, you grabbed your keys and departed from your humble abode. 

You sped to the nearest convenience store and nearly hit a pedestrian on the way there. They quickly became someone who didn’t wave with all their fingers and you contemplated actually hitting them. You decided to be a good citizen and continued on your way. You sprinted to the entrance and through the automatic door like a lunatic before grabbing all your required goods in record time. You practically slammed your things down on the conveyor belt earning a concerned look from the cashier. Apologizing you quickly payed for your things and left as quickly as you’d arrived. If you hurried you’d get there right on time. So you hauled your ass as fast you could legall-ishly could. 

Much to your joy you had managed to get there at the time you predicted you would. With arm fulls of goodies you somehow managed to ring the door bell and the door swung open. Peeking over the bags you saw Lance with a smug grin on his face. You braced yourself for the bomb drop that would be his just as equally smug remark. 

“Oh, (Y/N)! Is this all for me? Why, you shouldn’t have!” He cooed. You rolled your eyes.

“Just let me through you turd, I’ve got a lot of stuff.” You responded pushing your way through. 

As you made your way through the house to the snack table you got a plethora of greetings from everyone else. Setting down your things you eyed the big screen and the amount of speakers located all around. Whistling appreciatively you watched as Pidge came over to greet you. 

“We almost thought you wouldn’t make it. You didn’t forget did you?” She asked coyly. 

“What? O-of course not! I just lost track of time…” You stuttered trying to come up with a cover. 

“Oh yeah? Well, your shirt’s inside out. Just letting you know.” She pointed out. 

As she walked away you mentally kicked yourself for just throwing on the nearest shirt. You opened a bag of chips before pouring them into one of the large bowls set out. Once you had acquired your absurd amount of chips you made your way to the couch to the only open spot on the end by none other than Lance. If the movie didn’t keep you from falling asleep he would. A yawn escaped you as you plopped down beside him. 

“Hey, no yawning!” He said lightly jabbing you in your side. 

“I can’t help it.” You whined rubbing the sleepy tears from your eyes. 

You continued to have idle chat with Lance for the remainder of the time before everyone was settled down enough to start the movie. By that time you were struggling to keep the conversation going with Lance without yawning every 2 seconds. You were half tempted to ask Pidge if she had some instant coffee you could quickly heat up in the microwave but decided against it. Besides, there was no way you’d fall asleep during the movie. No one in the group liked anything super boring and mushy. The movie no doubt was going to be action packed. 

To your joy when the title screen popped up you could tell it was going to be a horror movie. At least you’d stay awake being scared right? Horror movies are the best cure to being sleepy so you had nothing to worry about. Oh how wrong you were. Any jump scare that popped up on screen had about the same effect as someone blowing on your face. In all honesty you felt pretty close to nothing. Lance sat next to you and although he tried to play the whole bravado act you could tell he was scared. Not you though, you sat about as immovable as a sack of potatoes. 

That’s when you started to doze off. Your head kept dropping causing you to yank it back up while fighting the urge to sleep. It went on for a while and you weren’t quite sure when you had passed the hell out but you did. And you somehow managed to pass out on Lance of all people. Not the arm of the couch, the one person you were sitting next to was what you had managed to fall asleep on. No one noticed except for the boy himself since the room was extremely dark save the light from the screen. And now about a million thoughts were running through his head. What should he do? Wake you up? Let you sleep? Did you choose to fall asleep on him? Was this intentional? An accident? 

Lance felt his face getting warmer and he started to fidget with his hands as he nervously tried to think of what to do. He was no longer watching the movie and all his focus was on you so he swallowed hard before attempting to nudge you awake to no avail. You were in a pretty dead sleep and it looked like you weren’t going to be awake until movie night ended. Not that he minded in this case. He’d been trying to chat you up all day and had somehow managed to convince Pidge to give him your number. She was pretty skeptical about the idea but gave it nonetheless. He wanted it for obvious reasons, that being that he totally liked you and now having his crush asleep on his should was a little too much for him.

He glanced around at the others making sure they were watching the movie and not him. Slowly he leaned his head to the side until it snugly rested on your own. He then glanced back as best he could at the others before locking eyes with Pidge who had the smugest look on her face. Lance mouthed out, “don’t you dare,” before giving her a small glare. She rolled her eyes and mouthed back, “You owe me,” and went back to watching the movie. 

Lance closed his own eyes to try and better enjoy this little moment he was sharing with you until he ultimately ended up joining you in a much needed cat nap. 

Strike Two (Part 9 of Curve Ball)

Originally posted by he-is-the-best-part-of-me

Summary: An accidental collision. Lucky shoes. Baseball lessons. As much as they might try to deny it, fate seemed to be working to bring Derek and Y/N together. But being in each other’s lives could prove to be more complicated than either one of them bargained for.

Author’s Note: FINALLY! It is here, y’all!!! I know it has been an eternity since I updated this series, but it is finally written and I couldn’t love this part more. I really hope you guys like it, please let me know! Meanwhile, enjoy ;)

As always, a HUGE thank you to my co-pilot on this series, @snipsnsnailsnwerewolftales!!! She is so amazing to work with and always such great ideas!!! I can’t even say thanks enough <3

Warnings: Language; a lot of feels

Tags: @wheresthekillswitch, @urwarriorangel, @palaiasaurus64, @melanie451, @houseofrahl, @life-what-life-i-dont-have-one, @splashofbi, @livinglife-dsa, @miaforeverblue


“Y/N? Are you even listening to me?” Stiles’ voice broke me out of my stare and I slowly turned my head to look at him, eyes wide and lips sucked between my teeth as I grunted out a ‘hm?’ He blinked at me several times before averting his gaze to the spot I was so tethered to only moment ago.

“Sorry,” I sighed. “I’ve just been…distracted.”

“I’ll say,” he snorts, earning a glare. “What’s up with you lately?”

“Nothing, I’m fine.”

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The reason why Gaby is “currently learning Russian” ~ A Theory

A question many of us probably asked themselves: Gaby is from East Berlin, so why doesn’t she already speak Russian? This is actually a good question, if you are not satisfied with “Well, the writers were lazy and wanted to push the idea of Gallya”, so let’s take a closer look.

In East German schools learning Russian was mandatory, starting 1951 when Gaby was 12/13 years old. Pursuing a carreer as a mechanic in Germany you usually finish school with 15 or 16, which would give her at least 2 years of learning Russsian in school. Gaby seems pretty good with languages since she speaks English fluently although it’s unlikely that she speaks it in her everyday life, so 2 years should be enough for at least the basics.

Another detail in her dossier suggests her staying even longer in school. If she trained at the Berlin Ballet School and was the first soloist, it is likely that she went to some kind of sports academy/special school, which were a huge thing in East Germany. That would mean she graduated with 19, which leaves her with about 6 years of mandatory Russian at school. So again, why doesn’t she already speak Russian? Russian was way more important than English in East Germany, so her just forgetting how to speak it due to disuse is highly unlikely. 

The actual answer to that might be very simple: She refused to learn it from the start.

The relationship between Russians and Germans were shaky at best after the war and growing up in that time and staying neutral is very difficult. I’m not saying that Gaby is a nazi, hell no, but shaking off an ideology you grew up with, especially when your family seems to support it (Rudi, her father being a high-ranking scientist under Hitler) and you experience the Battle of Berlin and its horrible aftermath first hand. So Gaby, who was a) still a teenager and b) as headstrong as we got to know her, refused to lean Russian and stuck to it. How does that fit into the movie?

Being a ballet first soloist in a city like Berlin doesn’t come over night, so Gaby probably was a very promissing dancer from young age. Her teachers may have cut her some slack because of that, letting her pass with a 4 (which is like a D in the USA) in Russian to keep her at the school. But since East Germany was Russian territory and Russia was (and still is) pretty invested in ballet, sooner or later not speaking Russian and having actively refused to learn it was probably career-suicide.

This might as well be the reason why she works at the garage instead of at the ballet when Napoleon finds her. Dancing careers are usually short, but she seems already well established at the garage at the age of 26, which suggests an even earlier end to her professional dancing.

tl;dr Gaby simply refused to learn Russian at school although she should have, becoming a persona non grata in the dancing world and ending up in the garage, where she meets Napoleon.

Thanks to @napoleonsolos for discussing and @screamingarrows for making me do research :)

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I loved ghost in the shell. Going to go see it again and take my mom with me. Hope they make a sequel

You ever heard of Legend of Legaia for the PS1? It’s one of my favorite games (actually in my top 3) of all time and is extremely underrated.

Without going into too much detail or spoiling anything, it’s about three heroes who go on to save the world which is engulfed in a mysterious mist. So it begins with the main hero setting out on his adventure then he meets a feral child (who actually has a huge connection to the mist) and a monk (who has a rival that harasses you throughout the game). So it’s pretty cool that all three characters have their own issues but they’re all still connected by the mist.

Personally, I think the game was made in the wrong time (1998). I feel like had it been made during today’s time, it would’ve done way better. Some features and light spoilers:

  • The battle system is turn-based but you get to input arrow commands so it sort of resembles a turn-based fighting game and if you input certain commands, you unleash “Arts” which are powerful combos. The characters yell out their attacks and everything, it’s so cool.
  • Everytime you change an armor or a weapon piece, it actually changes your costume. While common in today’s games, it wasn’t as common back then.
  • You get to “catch” monsters in almost a similar fashion to FFXIII-2. The difference is that you “summon” them instead having them as your partner. Each monster has its own element and ability. After a certain amount of uses, they level up and can add more bonus effects and all that. It’s so awesome.
  • It’s a dark, atmospheric game (due to the mist) which is perfect for today’s times. About half-way though, it does have a mini-game corner similar to that of FFVII where you can play mini-games and get exclusive items and shit. So it’s not all dark and evil.
  • Near the end, you get to travel back in time which is similar to Chrono Trigger, except it’s only one time. When you do this though, you get a sense of how the villains used to be. I wish they could’ve extended this part for more backstories but it’s still surprising nonetheless.
  • The game is hard overall and the bosses will kick your ass. But then again, the battle themes (especially the boss themes) are awesome as fuck so I didn’t mind dying to hear them over and over.

There is a sequel to Legend of Legaia but it’s pretty trashy just like you and your movie lmao.

Angry Asian Guy

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Headcanons for UT, UF, and MT sans on how they would try and woo/win over their crush s/o and how they'd be on the first few dates?

Ohhhh!  This one is not as easy as it looks.  I’m pretty sure this is Cutie.  I really need a name for you because in my mind you are Lucy.  But ik that’s not your name!


Sans: The first few days are very relaxed and chill like lunch at Grillby’s, a movie night at his place, his bro tried a new recipe and he doesn’t want to suffer alone. It may seem like he is still treating you like a friend because he is. He thinks that the jump from friend to boyfriend is to big to take all at once. So he takes it really slow. The biggest change is that he will casually touch you more often ans initiates cuddles.


Red: Sends a lot of pick up lines and sexual puns your way.  Once you two start dating things are moving really fast.  It is like a hurricane of emotions and you are going to get swept up in it.  The first date is either a few drinks at Grillby’s or a walk around Snowdin.  But after that he just invites you over and umm… if you don’t oppose it things will happen.  But he is only moving this fast because he doesn’t expect it to last.  Let him know you are here to stay as long as he will have you and you’ll notice a difference once he starts to believe you.


AC:  The fist few dates and many of the ones afterward take place at fancy restaurants.  He likes to get you the finest things in life but if you want to stay in he can do that too.  Just don’t expect him to cook.  He will order in from a fancy restaurant.  He tries to impress you with material possessions.  Because it has always worked before.  If that doesn’t work he will develop a deeper interest in you and try to learn as much as he can about you.

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How about Guzma seeing his chubby S/O in a really cute bikini?

Also congratulations y’all have freckles in this story just bcos.

You stood before him in a simple black bikini with rainbow polka dots, chubby little body accentuated with the clingy material and bringing out aspects Guzma never knew lay under your multiple folds of clothes.

You had a pudgy little belly and arms, on your legs there was no trace of any sort of thigh gap, and you possessed a supple bottom that resembled the velvet skin of a peach. That drew his attention the most. For he had never seen such a lovely color with the lightest down of translucent velvet hairs that appeared to glimmer as the lighting captured your outline.

“What do you think?” you asked, turning around in a circle and showing off your body to him. “It’s brand new. Had to snatch it from some bitch who was running her mouth.”

The ensemble you had selected was very pretty, the material lay delicately over your skin making your belly round and your breasts pop. All over your entire body, freckles dotted the skin so numerous that Guzma could hardly stop to count them all, he would have easily lost count and been distracted by the bountiful flesh you possessed. While it may not have been first female body he had ever seen, still he was taken aback at how lovely he found you to be.

“Hey…” he breathed, “Ya look… GREAT!”

“Really? You think so?” you posed like a movie star, pouting your lips one moment and then grinning the next when Guzma reached out to you with grabby hands. He grabbed a handful of rear end, laughing maniacally when you squealed loudly.

“HEY!” you roared.

“Beep beep.” Guzma replied, that wicked grin never leaving his face.

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Hello! How to stop getting secondhand embarrassment from your own writing while writing an intense scene? It's not even a sex scene, just MC doing a dumb thing and getting consequences. I had to walk out of this scene because of the embarrassment, and I walked out for months now.

Secondhand embarrassment, also called vicarious embarrassment, is a pretty common phenomenon that manifests mostly in people who are extremely empathetic. You’re able to put yourself into the skin of your character as though the events are happening to you. “How embarrassing for you!” becomes, “I’m so embarrassed!” There aren’t any tried and true ways to get over it, unfortunately. My old roommate, in fact, still suffers from it terribly and has to step away from certain scenes in movies for a while. It’s a serious thing, and unfortunately, the only way that’s seemed to work for others is a gradual desensitization, i.e., multiple controlled exposures over time until you’re able to separate yourself from the events and the characters. You have to understand that these aren’t a reflection of you or any past embarrassments you may have had. That inner parent saying, “Oh no, please don’t. Don’t do that. You’re going to really regret– oh no. Why did you do it? You should have seen that coming/known better,” needs to learn to shut off. Things happen all the time, and this is a story, not real life. There’s a point to be made and service to be offered to others by allowing this embarrassment to happen. The best I can do is advise you to step back whenever you start getting embarrassed on behalf of your character and remember that this isn’t you; it’s a character, and they’ve just acted very human. Come back to writing the scene in small increments, maybe writing just a paragraph or two at a time in between writing other scenes that aren’t as embarrassing, and then coming back in a few days and trying to write a little bit further. I wish I had something better for you, writer, but unfortunately there simply haven’t been many strides made toward “solving” this particular problem. Good luck! -Pear



This is my favorite shirt in the whole wide world! I got it for $5 at Walmart and I had to scoop it up because Dragonbabyy duh!!

I was born in 1988, the year of the dragon in the Chinese Zodiac. Yes I’m actually part Chinese and yes I’m 29, but I still get carded when buying rated R movies 🙃. I’ve always felt really connected to this mythical creature, I think because I tend to be a loner and love hanging with myself. I’m shy but I can also be fiery and a lil crazy. Cute but psycho. I’m a fucking balancing act. Five years ago I even wrote a song about a guy cheating on me and how he unleashed the dragon and it’s pretty dark. Let’s just call it cute but psycho…

I layered this mega oversized tee over a cropped hoodie to give the look a lil something extra. It’s like accessorising with layers. Threw on my fishnets and paired the whole look with my Nike Air Force Ones. Chokers, a necklace and some babyy hoops for jewelry for that tomboy glam I can’t get enough of. Issa look!

Shirt : Walmart
Hoodie : F21
Fishnets : Savers (thrifted new in packaging)
Nike Air Force Ones : Footlocker (circa 2005)
Hoops : Thrifted
Tattoo Choker : Shop Jeen
Black Choker : DIY
Camo Jacket : Boyfriend’s

Headcannon that Ahk starts holding informal language classes with various exhibits after the first movie because they want to learn to better communicate with each other.

It’s starts Larry asking Ahk to teach him how speak Mayan so that he can attempt to communicate and hopefully eventually free the tiny exhibit which now remains the only ones locked up.

Teddy asks next is Ahk could teach him to speak Shoshone, so the he could talk to Sacagawea in her native tongue, knowing that she misses doing so. These lessons don’t last long before Wea finds out, however, and takes over teaching Teddy, who she is very happy wants to learn.

Christopher Columbus asks for help learning English next, as he’s tired of no one understanding him. He learns English pretty quickly but still butchers it at times, luckily everyone at the museum quickly learns how to communicate to each other without the need for words.

Attila comes to Ahk privately one day and begins secret English lessons. They never tell anyone about them, and they don’t happen often, but slowly Attila learns to very fluently speak English.

After the second movie and the mishap with Kah, Larry decides to ask Ahk to teach him Egyptian. Ahkmenrah would light up at the chance and would spend many many days patiently and eagerly teaching Larry Egyptian. It’s rewarding for both of them because every time Larry learns something else Ahk just lights up in excitement, and during their first conversation Ahk cries because it had been so long since he had heard Egyptian from anyone but himself. (Afterwards a few others would learn some of the language, and it would become common tradition at the museum to greet Ahk in Egyptian when you passed him).

Once he starts high school Nicky would turn to Ahk to help him learn Spanish, the two spending hours practicing and doing Nick’s homework until he rises to the top of the class.

Jed nervously asks Ahk one day to teach him Latin. Octavius tried but they both have sharp tempers and it doesn’t blow over well. Ahk is far more patient, and over time he teaches Jed to speak Latin pretty well. The day Jed surprises Octavius with it is celebrated by the whole museum as the day they finally got together, and Ahk is thanked several times over for finally getting them together.

Ahk also works as a translator of sorts for all the exhibits, and has been the mediator of many fights as a result. He’s also helped deliver messages between exhibits when needed, and has also decoded quite a few texts found by Lewis and Clarke, who are the second most curious exhibit in the museum after Ahk himself of course.

Just imagine Ahkmenrah sort of becoming the center of the museum. Like sure Larry brought them together but Ahk taught them how to communicate with one another and Ahk was the one that helped them stay together. He becomes like the glue of the museum, and finally gets all the love and care he deserves.


Pairing: Seth Rollins/Colby Lopez x Reader

Prompt:  you’re my new neighbor and we’ve never spoken but you saw me shoveling snow all day and i guess it must be pretty obvious how cold i am because you brought me a jacket and made me hot chocolate

A/N: Getting started on Christmas fics :) If you ever want to be tagged in any of my stories for a specific character or just all in general just lmk :)


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I’ll Be There - Part 2

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Member: Hoseok 

Genre: Angst/Fluff 

Word Count: 2764

Summary: You and Hoseok are best friends and just like any story that starts like this, nothing good ever happens. One night when Hoseok is in his drunken state, he says some things that make you reconsider how much worth you actually have in his life.

A/N: to be quite honest, I feel like this part is kind of messy. I do have something planned for the next part so hopefully it will be better there. Enjoy Xx 

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“Mmm… shut up!” You turn around in your bed and feel for your phone to turn off the alarm. Once you find it you notice that it’s not your alarm that ringing, someone is calling you. Not minding who it is you pick it up.

“Hello?” Your voice is muffled as your stick your face into the mattress.

“Y/N! Where are you! Do you realize what time of the day it is?” Why do people always greet you with a loud tone?

“Huh?” You rub your eyes and look at the caller ID. Boss. Oh shit.

“Y/N! It’s 11:30 pm! Do you know how late you are? I’ve told you so many times that you must always come to work on time! This is not good work etiquette! Do you know how much work you have to do for me? This work isn’t going to get itself done —” You sit up and look for your bag, but it’s nowhere to be seen. Wait. This isn’t my room. This…isn’t even my house? What - Ah. Right.

“I’m really sorry Mr. Lee, but something suddenly came up and I won’t be able to make it to work today. I promise I’ll stay for overtime tomorrow and even come early, but I really can’t work around what happened last night. I’m so sorry.” You explain to your boss, while leaving out the part where your best friend got crazily drunk and couldn’t even function properly because of heartbreak.

“You better keep your word Ms. Y/N. I won’t let you off that easily and make that overtime for the next two days.”

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Mommy in Training- Derek Hale

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After entering your third trimester, you had finally decided to take your friends up on their offer to babysit their infant daughter. Whether they were actually trying to give you some “practice for motherhood” or saw an opportunity for a free sitter on date night, you’d never know, but you hoped to make the best of the situation. Or that was before Little Anna had started crying endlessly.

You tried everything possible to get her to stop fussing. Changing her, rocking her while singing softly and not to mention trying to feed her a bottle dozens of times. You couldn’t help but feel incapable after she was still sobbing her eyes out hours past her usual bedtime.

“Babe,” Derek called to you in concern from the front door after returning from researching with the pack. Your husband hadn’t been expecting any crying children in the house until the arrival of his own little pup, so the scene of his tired wife carrying a fussy baby while still swollen with his child was troubling (although he had to admit, a slightly heartwarming scene he hoped to see again in the future). It was only after he stepped closer that he realized the baby belonged to Y/N’s friends.

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anonymous asked:

hey sarah do you still do your advice blog? cause i need help. ya see, im really into football, and like, im pretty good. Might make captain this yeah, but also i really love music and i want to get more into it but my dad wont let me because football is how i go to college and take over the family business but music is really my calling ya know? and im starting to crush on this girl whos in a band and helping me with th emusic, but i also like the new girl in town and the girl next door what do

hmmm there’s a movie called high school musical that might really help you work through this