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Avengers Group Chat

Wrote this on my phone while sitting in a waiting room, it’s just for fun…. don’t take it too seriously…. just enjoy! 😘


Chat has started. Say hi!

Rage_monster788: is everyone here?

TheRealTonyStark: I’m liking the name Bruce, glad I was of some help. ;)

eagle_eye: Yeah, yours didn’t take much thought though. Way to use ur real name, Stark.

TheRealTonyStark: … and eagle_eye is so much better? Is hawk not good enough for you anymore?

Nomad_1920: we all just need to relax.

TheRealTonyStark: 1920, really Cap? You are old as balls.

Nomad_1920: nomad was already taken… I had to add a number

TheRealTonyStark: LOL, nomad isn’t that great of the name to begin with. We get it you’re not into the whole America thing anymore but cmon, nomad!

Itsybitsyspider: cut it out stark. We’re here to discuss business.

Princess_leia_is_Bae: woah, who’s the other spider in this chat?

Itsybitsyspider: it’s Nat, the one that’s actually good at their job.

Princess_leia_is_Bae: no need to get hostile now… I’m still learning..

Princess_leia_is_Bae: tell her Mr. Stark

theWORTHYone: what does… bae mean?

Wanda_and_vision_4ever: according to google, it’s a colloquialism for the word “babe”.

Wanda_and_vision_4ever: this is Wanda now, how is everyone today?

War-machine-666: Really? A joint account? You guys make me sick.

Wanda_and_vision_4ever: it was Wanda’s idea

Wanda_and_vision4ever: … and it was a great idea 💗

TheRealTonyStark: Rhodey! Nice touch with the 666, like war machine wasn’t bad ass enough already.

Rage_monster788: can we please just start the meeting? Is everyone here?

Eye-of-the-panther: I’ve been silently waiting for you all to get it together. Practically fell asleep over here. 😒

Rage_monster788: okay, I’ll let Mr. Captain Rogers take it away…

nomad_1920: okay, so first we have to discuss the events that happened in Brazil this past week.

____Fuck-the-avengers has joined the chat___

TheRealTonyStark: who the fuck?

Fuck-the-avengers: hey you guys, sorry I’m late, what did I miss?

Princess_leia_is_Bae: babe, right now is not a good time I’m doing work stuff!

Fuck-the-avengers: yeah but I’m pretty much an avenger too, I mean I can’t really die LOL 😂

TheRealTonyStark: Peter, get your boyfriend out of this chat or I will 😡

Princess_leia_is_Bae: Wade, DM now!

Fuck-the-avengers: oh yall know what that means 🍆🍆🍆🍆💩💩💩💦💦💦

____TheRealTonyStark has banned Fuck-the-avengers from the group chat____

Princess_leia_is_Bae: uhhh… sorry about that guys…

Nomad_1920: We’ll discuss this later when I get home.

eagle_eye: oooohhh Spidey’s in trouble now lol

_____TheRealTonyStark has banned eagle_eye from the group chat_____

Itsybitsyspider: TONY!!!

TheRealTonyStark: oh cmon, you all know he gets on everyone’s nerves.

TheWORTHYone: That is true.

______Peters_fuck_buddy_69 has joined the chat____

Peters_fuck_buddy_69: Can’t get rid of me that easy!! 😘😘😘

TheRealTonyStark: ah geez, fuck this.

TheRealTonyStark left chat 7:00 pm

TheWORTHYone left chat 7:01 pm

Nomad_1920 left chat 7:01 pm

Itsybitsyspider left chat 7:01 pm

Eye-of-the-panther left chat 7:01 pm

Rage_monster788 left chat 7:01 pm

Wanda_and_vision4ever left chat 7:02 pm

War-machine-666 left chat 7:02 pm

Princess_leia_is_Bae: thanks a lot, Wade. Now everyone hates me.

Peters_fuck_buddy_69: not me, I still love you smookie pookie 💗💗💗
Peters_fuck_buddy_69: bring that ass over, Daddy’s feeling feisty tonight 💦🍆💗
Peters_fuck_buddy_69: I stole a couple beers from the corner store for us
Peters_fuck_buddy_69: or was it from the old lady down the street?
Peters_fuck_buddy_69: I forget, just come over, I’ll be wearing my sexiest lingerie
Peters_fuck_buddy_69: aka my skin 😛😛😛
Peters_fuck_buddy_69: see you soon pookie!

Peters_fuck_buddy_69 left chat 7:06 pm.

Princess_leia_is_Bae: well…fuck.


Okay so this smut is kind of strange. It’s super weird and doesn’t make sense! Like, I barely know what’s going on in it. (: It’s based off of a Lana Del Rey song called “Wolf.” So the reader is “little red riding hood” and Dean is the “wolf.” It’s also supposed to be Dean after he gets out of Purgatory. So just mix the two together and this is what I came up with.

 Reader x Dean

Warnings: aggressive Dean, SMUT, no plot, werewolf plot twist and naughty words.

 Words: 2711

      Dim light was flowing through the breaks in the tree’s leaves above your head. The basket full of apples you were holding in the crook of your arm was starting to feel heavy as you looked around. Your mother had told you to deliver the sweet fruit and come home as soon as you were finished. Her instructions had been clear on how to maneuver through the thick trees, but you’d forgotten them a while ago. The trail split off several ways, and as you turned to look behind you, there seemed to be no way you’d ever find your way back. You take in a shaky breath, nervous that you’d be stuck out here forever. The sun was starting to set, which was only adding to your nerves. You decide to keep going the same way- hopefully the trail would lead you somewhere that would offer a way out.

      The further you travel the darker it gets, and you’re about to turn back when you hear the sound of footsteps behind you. Your chest heaves with panic as you scan the trees surrounding you. There’s nothing, but the hair standing up on the back of your neck says otherwise. You swallow loudly, your throat suddenly dry. Again you hear the footsteps, and turn in circles to try and find the source. When the forest goes silent again, you roll your eyes at yourself for being dramatic. It’s probably just a squirrel or something. Once you’ve calmed yourself down, you flip back around, gasping when you see a man a few feet in front of you. You stumble backwards while screaming, landing on your butt in the dirt. You had dropped your basket, sending red apples flying everywhere.

      “What do we have here?” He asks while standing over you, and you swear you see his eyes flash gold for a second, but then fade back to their bright green color.

     "Just st-stay b-back,“ you say, scooting backwards in the dirt. He chuckles, kneeling down and grabbing your ankles and pulling you back towards him. You let out a bloodcurdling scream, turning on your stomach to try and crawl away from him.  

      "No, shh,” he says, placing his knees on either side of your torso and flipping you over. “What’s a pretty thing like you doing so deep in the woods?”

      “None of your business,” you snap, trying to sound tough. He smirks, and an annoying part of you says he’s attractive. Well, he really is, but you’d rather not think about that under these circumstances. His lips are full and pink, his skin is subtly tanned and his beard is grown out and looks amazing on him. You suddenly remember his position on you and buck your hips up, beginning to flail your arms and kick your legs. He grabs your arms and pin them above your head, then wraps his feet over your shins to keep them still.

      “Mm, feisty,” he mumbles, his voice dangerously low. He’s strong, and you know that it’s going to be impossible for you to get out of his grip. He lowers his face into your neck, taking a deep breath in.

  “What do you want?” You ask, fear evident in your voice.

      “You,” he growls, reaching a hand down while grasping your wrists with his large hand. He lightly runs his fingertips down your arm, then over your shoulder, then over the sensitive skin of your breast. You breathe in deeply, wiggling around from the tickle of his touch. His face is still buried in the crook of your neck, and it takes you a second to realize that he’s kissing you there. He works his lips up your throat and to your jaw. His hand working on your breast shifts, and through your shirt he pinches your erect nipple. A loud moan escapes your lips, and you sigh. He growls hungrily, beginning to move his hand down your stomach, tickling you slightly. His hand travels farther down, and before he can reach your center you decide to improvise to try and stop him,

      “Wait-wait!” You say. Even though you want him to continue, your nerves got the best of you. His hand pauses, resting on your low stomach. He doesn’t answer you to show he’s listening, he only pulls back and looks deep in your eyes for you to continue. As you breath out, confused as to why he’s stopped. He blinks, and you realized he’s waiting for you to say something.

      “I can give you, uh, money. A-anything,” he doesn’t look impressed, and his hand twitches and you squeal, trying to think of something. “No- uh! I-” you start, but don’t have anything else to say. You realize there’s nothing you want to say to the stranger. You stare at him, looking deep into his green eyes, seeing his amusement. “Just tell me who you are,” you plea. He groans, laying his head down on your shoulder.

 "Fine,“ he says, "but there’s a catch.”

      “What?” You ask, looking at his gorgeous face. He smiles, and you know that the catch is going to be in his favor.

 "Let’s play a game,“ he says, and you raise your eyebrows.

      "Alright,” you start to say, confused. If this was your chance to get some answers, then you were going to take it, “what game?” He chuckles again, the sound rumbling from his chest.

      “Hide and seek,” he says, and again you’re confused. “If I can’t find you, then you get to know my name. But if I find you… game over. If you don’t want to play, I’ll leave you alone. But if you want to play, you have to follow through with the terms. What’s it going to be?” You gulp, knowing exactly what he means by “terms.”

 "Ok. I wanna play,“ you say slowly while nodding, strangely fine with this deal.

      "Good girl,” he says, getting off of you. You don’t miss a beat, pushing off the soft floor and turning away from him. You sprint towards the trees, hoping they’ll offer you some sort of protection. You pump your arms, running faster than you ever have before. All you wanted was some answers, to know who this person was.

      You figure you’re far enough away so you stop and press your back tightly against a tree, your lungs burning with exhaustion. You stay and listen, breathing deeply, trying not to give yourself away. You’ve never been more exhilarated in your life; the suspense of if he’ll catch you causes your knees to go weak. This stranger was powerful and beautiful, and that drew you to him. Even if he did scare you, and you weren’t sure exactly what he wanted, you were willing to give it up to him for some reason. You’d never been like this before; no one had ever caused you to feel like this. You nearly scoff; you can’t believe you’re acting like this. You sounded absolutely insane, thinking that this man who was trying to have sex with you was interesting and you wanted him, too, but it was true.

      You’re interrupted from your thoughts when you hear a sound next to you. When you turn, he’s there, grinning like the cat that caught the mouse. You yelp, beginning to run. You don’t make it far before he grabs you around the waist and lifts you up.

      “We had a deal,” he scolds, and you grab onto him. You hadn’t thought he would actually find you. He pins you against the tree you’d been hiding behind, shoving his knee between your legs and pushing against your core. He grabs your arms, looking deep in your eyes.

      “So pretty,” he says with his voice low, looking up and down your face. “Are you okay with this?” He asks, raising his eyebrows and you nod your head.

      “Yes,” you breathe. You let out a moan as he rubs his leg against your center, and you softly grind against it. “You want it, don’t you?” He asks, running his hands up and down your body. You can only moan when his hand travels between you two and rubs your clit through your skirt.

      “I like this,” he says, running his hand down your thigh and slipping it under the short cloth you’re wearing to lightly touch bare skin. “You look so sexy in this red skirt.” His hand travels farther up, and then he starts lightly dancing his fingertips over your panties. You slump back against the tree, spreading your legs further apart for him. He hums in approval, placing soft kisses along your collarbone and jaw. His other hand moves under your shirt, and he moans when he notices you’re not wearing a bra. He kneads your breast with his palm and you arch into his touch. The hand working under your skirt slips under your lacy underwear, his index finger slips past your folds, running up and down your middle. No one had ever made you feel this good and you let out a loud moan as his finger enters you. You grind against his hand, trying to cause friction from his palm on your clit.  

      “So wet,” he says between when he licks and nips at your lips. You can feel the orgasm rising, and your stomach clenches while your grab his shoulders for stability. He pulls away, smirking when you groan in frustration. He hooks his fingers in your underwear, pulling them down to your knees. He steps back, lifting your skirt and looking down at your lower half. He growls, the sound causes your stomach to pool with heat and you know you’re wet for him. He kneels in front of you, his grin looking like that of a predator and you’re his prey. He places a hot kiss on your aching clit, and you gasp in surprise. No one had ever done that to you before, in fact, very little of what he was doing you’d done before. He was clearly familiar with the female body; he was very good with his hands.

      “I’m going to eat you up,” he says, and without warning he buries his face in your folds, sucking your clit and causing you to writhe. Your knees buckle, and he takes your legs and places them over his shoulders. Your back is pressed against the tree, your hips bucking into his face as he licks the length of your center over and over again. He looks up at you with his big green eyes, holding the intense connection for a second, and then shoves his tongue inside of you, fucking you with his mouth. You scream in pleasure, finding his hair with your fingers and shoving his face deeper. He growls, sending vibrations throughout your entire body.

      His hands hold up your skirt as they grip your waist with unbearable force, and you soon find yourself trying to grind as hard as possible against his beautiful face. He holds still while you ride him, still sticking his tongue into your core. Your waist feels like it’s bruising he’s gripping you so hard, which it probably is. Pretty soon the feeling rises again, and you scream as he lets you come this time. A string of curses fall from your lips, and he keeps licking your center as you come down, his mouth working to make your high last longer than ever.

      “Oh God,” you breathe, unwrapping your fingers from his hair. That was the most intense thing you’d ever experienced, and you couldn’t believe it was with this belligerent, but gorgeous, stranger.

      “That was so fucking hot, babe,” he says, lightly rubbing your clit with his palm while tickling your lower stomach.

      “I shouldn’t be doing this,” you say, running a hand through your hair. He only chuckles, and the look on his face makes you even more wet if that’s possible. He unwraps your legs from his shoulders, setting your shaky legs down. He stands in front of you, pressing his hard member against your thigh.

      “I need you,” he breathes, and he’s about to take his pants off when you stop him. You run your hand down his front then rub him through his jeans. He slumps forward onto you, and you slide your hands in his shorts and wrap your fingers as much as you can around his dick. He’s huge, you can feel it, and it’s going to be hard for you to do this. You drop to your knees, pulling his pants down with you and leaving them at his ankles. He kicks them to the side, his dick erect in your hand. You look up at him and lick the tip, you’ve never acted like this with anyone else, and why you were comfortable with him was beyond you. You wrap your lips around his dick, and bob your head as far as you can without gagging. Your hand does the rest of the work for you, working up and down his shaft. He’s moaning above you, swaying slightly with pleasure.

      You can feel his orgasm rising, and he quickly pulls you away and moves the two of you to the ground. He hovers over you, pulling off your shirt and then unclasping your bra. He attacks your breast, kissing and licking your nipples. After he’s done with both of your breasts, he travels down your torso and places hot kisses along your middle. He pulls down your red skirt, leaving your tall white socks on.

 "So sexy, baby girl,“ he says, running his hands up and down your legs.

 "Please,” you beg, and he closes his eyes at your plea.

      “Don’t worry, I’m gonna take good care of you,” his deep voice rumbles, and he moves back up and places his elbows on either side of your head. You feel his member pressing at your entrance, and you open your legs for him to gain better access. He pushes into you, stretching you wide and the two of you moan in ecstasy.

     "So fuckin’ tight,“ he says, moving his hips to adjust. He begins moving faster, and your moans rise the faster his pace becomes. "All for me,” he says, possessing your mouth with his. His hips pound against yours, the slapping of skin the only sound around the two of you. You’d barely noticed but the sun had gone down, it was dark out here. The thought of your mother wondering where you are enters your mind for a split second, but it is quickly gone when you hear his deep, carnal growl above you. You hadn’t noticed but the full moon has risen.

       The man starts to pound into you with brutal force, causing stars to fly around your vision. His hands lightly wrap around your shoulders, and you barely pay attention to the pinch that draws blood from his sharpening nails. You’re being lifted higher, and one of his hands falls between your legs and rubs against your clit. The sounds coming out of you are rapid and needy, knowing that you were close to the edge.

      With a final thrust of his hips the two of you cum, yelling into the night air. His face lowers down to your throat, and he sucks on the soft skin, marking you. The two of you breath heavily, he’s slumped down on top of you, his dick still inside of you.

      “Woah,” is all you say, breathing in his woodsy, minty smell. You sense a shift in him, and he pulls back quickly, his eyes dangerous.

      He doesn’t say anything. Only stares as if he doesn’t recognize you. He jumps up, and you see his eyes flash bright gold. You look at his hands, horrified at what you see. Sharp nails had grown in, stained with blood. The red liquid sparkles in the moonlight, slow drops of it hitting the leaves. You look down at your shoulders; puncture wounds along your shoulders. He quickly turns, running away from you. You don’t say anything, only lie behind on the dirt, watching the strange man who’d transformed into something else before your eyes. You’re shocked beyond belief. What had just happened?

 The big bad wolf had eaten you up and stolen your heart.

lovelyseijurou  asked:

May I request were the GOM are in long distance relationship, and they meet up with their female s/o first time? Thank you! Hope your day has been well ^^

hi, omg, i am so terribly sorry with how delayed this post is. i answered this post about a week ago, but i fell asleep on my bed writing it that it deleted everything when i woke up *cries*. i never got around to finishing it because school started again and so it is finally rest day and i have time to answer and i’m so happy for this thanks love! xxx (i made them meet once or twice bc i don’t rlly believe in ‘never-meeting-relationships’ so hope it’s okay!)

Kuroko Tetsuya: He stood at the entrance of the gates connected to your plane, externally composed, but internally worrying and fidgeting about. He held Nigou in his practice bag, shushing sporadically when he made a shuffling noise or a whine. He hasn’t met you in over six months, the last time being the Winter cup where your school had come to compete. You were the coach’s daughter and manager of the team, and the two of you had bumped into each other outside the stadium after Seirin won against your school. Instead of anger, or discomfort, you had gone up to him, thanked him for a great game and wished to play again together. He fell for your quiet grace, and exchanged emails and phone numbers, developing a closer relationship.

The intercom called out your plane number, and notified the enitre building of the exact time you and the rest of the passengers would be out. He readjusted the straps of his bag, the weight getting heavier and heavier each minute.

“Kuroko-kun!” Your voice reached out and was heard above the crowded people all rejoicing at being with their loved ones or being back home again. Kuroko put his bag down, stretching his arms out in time for you to jump into his arms, holding onto his neck as tightly as possible. He breathed onto your neck, smiling at your obvious excitement patting your hair down.

“Hello, ____-san, it’s been a while. I’ve missed you, a lot.”

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Kise Ryouta: He tapped his foot up and down, anxiously waiting for your arrival. He had just come straight from his shoot, blond hair wind blown, with correction make up, and whatnot. He held a bouquet of flowers, although very uncommon in Japan, he had wanted to make you feel loved, since the two of you had been lacking it several days now. You were busy with your own school, and your own job, and the additional fact that you lived in a different country put a damper to his plans, and so endless texting, calling, and facetiming were the norm for the both of you. His blue phone rang, signaling either a message from you, or his manager. It was the latter, which greatly disappointed him, eyes downcast, he picked up the phone,

“I know, I know, we’re on a tight schedule, but I cant miss this day, y'know that mane-cchi san!”

“I understand, Kise-kun, but the producer really needs you here, asap. The next filming is soon and if you don’t make it by 3:00, you’re in big trouble! We’re both in big trouble!”

“She has to be coming out now! Just give us five more minutes! I pro-” He was abruptly cut off by a tapping on his shoulder.

“Hi, Ryouta-kun!” There you were, adorned in comfy clothes, in all your glory, standing before him. He missed his chance to be the first one to go to you, being caught up with his manager. He enveloped you in a hug, letting out a squeal.

“Ah! ____-cchi! I’ve missed you so much!”

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Midorima Shintaro: He pushed up his glasses, sighing at the delay of your plane. It had already been thirty minutes since he got there, and the lucky item for the day was getting heavier and heavier on his back: a big backpack full of mineral rocks. He met you once at a school event, where they took in international students for a month, and was assigned in a group project together. He expected language barriers, of course, but you was a fluent speaker, being of Japanese descent. He disliked you at first, being a bit loud and certainly unappreciative of his lucky items. He was able to get to know you through Takao, when he invited you to practice,and watched you shoot some hoops.

He hasn’t seen you in months now, the last time being the day you had to leave the school, and the day he confessed to you. There was more urging on your part, but he succeeded nonetheless. He noticed you looking around, and pushing up his glasses once more, he quietly walked over to you, a bit of relief and embarrassment glazing over his cheek.

“_____.” Your eyes lit up, hands clasping his forearms, and movng in to hug and kiss your cheek.

“Shintaro, long time no see! It’s been too long; I missed you!” His cheeks were ablaze, though he tentatively set his arms around your waist.

“I-I have missed you, too, nanodayo.”

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Aomine Daiki: He was already running late because of the ‘power nap’ he tried to take which turned into a three hour sleep, only awake since Satsuki was there to remind him with 47 messages your plane would be arriving soon. Still in a basketball jersey and sweat pants, he checked his phone every minute, watching for your message. Sighing angrily, he raced up the stairs of the airport, eyes swimming around, searching for your familiar face.

“You’re late, Daiki.” Foot tapping irritably on the surface of the concrete, arms crossed over your chest, and expression cloudy you stared at your huffing boyfriend. He grinned, scratching the back of his neck, footsteps slowing as he reached over to you. You were still as feisty as he could remember, and he couldn’t help but smirk at when you gave him an earful for being late to their practice game three months ago. Coming from a foreign country to play against one of Japan’s best, you were most excited to see how tough the competition would be for your boys, but first impressions were never your strong point. What started with a roocky start led to something definitely what you weren’t expecting.

“Ah, I fell asleep.” It was your turn to huff out a sigh of indignation.

“It’s been three months and that’s all you say to me?” He languidly stretched his arms towards you, bringing you into a tight grasp, and buried his head into the crook of your neck.

“I’ve missed you so damn much, babe.” You smiled, wrapping your arms around his toned waist. Drinking in the sight and feeling of your boyfriend, you let go, kissing him once.

“By the way, Satsuki-chan called. As punishment for being late, we’re going shopping together; all three of us!”

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Murasakibara Atsushi: Snacking on his Maiubo, the two feet giant waited impatiently at the restaurant you two promised to meet up at. Since you were aware the purple haired boy wouldn’t be up for waiting at the airport, he might as well wait somewhere he was comfortable at. You raced to the restaurant, already ten minutes late your promised time. Pushing back your hair, your eyes scanned around the room for a tall, hungry purple boy. You spotted him on the table right near the kitchen, lazily talking to someone on the phone. His enormous figure was hunched, chin resting on the white table cover, and eyes half lidded. You gingerly walked over to him, nervousness finally resting in your stomach. You haven’t seen him for so long, it was like you were meeting him for the first time again. He noticed your footsteps, lilac eyes blinking up towards you.

“Aka-chin, I gotta go. _____ -chins finally here.” He promptly hung up, and slowly rose from his chair. Although it had only been ten minutes, every minute seemed like an hour to Murasakibara.

“You’re late, ____-chin.” Your cheeks turn red, as you walk closer towards him.

“Well, I wouldn’t have been late if you agreed to meet up somewhere near the airport.” He shrugged his shoulders, hands itching to touch you and embrace you tightly.

“I like this restaurant. It’s where we met.” You lunged at your boyfriend, burrying your face into his abdomen. Murasakibara could be so sweet without realizing it himself, and you figured you could forgive him for today.

“I missed you, you big giant.” He patted your head, bringing his arms around your figure.

“Me, too, ____-chin. But can we eat first? I’m starving.”  

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Akashi Seijurou: It’s been a few weeks since he was informed you were coming back for another two months. He initially thought to surprise you with him going to your home, but busy scheduling would not allow it, and so Akashi was forced to wait till your summer vacation started in May. Since his started on the end of July, and yours ended early August, he had plenty of time to use to introduce you to Japan and his friends, as well as obtain some time alone with each other. Coming straight from basketball practice, Akashi was still in his school uniform when he arrived at the airport. Practice ran a bit longer than expected, and he would have been late if he returned home to change his appearance. His red locks a bit damp from the shower, he waited patiently for you. You came out, a bit groggy and still jet lagged from the plane, looking for your boyfriend. Red immediately caught your eyes, and you wasted no time in throwing your arms around Akashi’s neck. He caught you by your waist, smiling down at you.

“Hello, _____. I’ve missed you terribly and I apologize for my appearance. We just finished practice.” You smiled, shaking your head in response.

“I don’t care about what you’re wearing Seijurou! I missed you so much; how is everyone? Are they all well?” Caressing your cheek, he answered each question with detail, knowing how much you enjoyed hearing about his friends and teammates. Taking your luggage, the two of you headed out to the elevator, leading to his black car.

“You must be tired, love, I’ll escort you home. We can talk more tomorrow, at this new restaurant that opened near my house. I’ll see you at seven.”

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Impressive (One Shot/Scenario/Request)

Summary: Min Yoongi is impressed three distinct times.

Min Yoongi is a difficult man to impress and it has nothing to do with holding the answers in the palms of his hands because all he holds are a handful of crumpled bills, left over from the coffee he bought on his way to work. The answers he can give you are limited to art and music or the effortless yes’s and no’s to the mundane questions that need little thought.

“You’re too cynical hyung,” is what Namjoon likes to say.

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Blackinnon, He comforts her after she finds out she can’t have children, for whatwelearnincharms

He found her sitting in his living room, about five hours after the Order meeting they had in the morning. She had left hurriedly after it, staying only for the most important part.

Someone had come up with the brilliant idea of taking a photo of all of them, and because of that, practically the entire Order was there, even those who were on their missions, making sure to include themselves in the photograph before leaving hastily again. It was a simultaneously joyful and saddening event; Sirius couldn’t help but think, how many of them should have been here? And only a month later, how many of them wouldn’t be anymore?

It was a frightening thought, knowing that no more than half of them, probably less, would live to see that photograph yellow with age.

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that’s not her name.


this is for SoMa Week 2016, Day 6: Feisty.

available on ao3

don’t call her feisty.

“Feisty,” Giriko cackles, and Soul bristles.

“Feisty,” Gopher sneers, and follows with, “bitch.”

“Feisty,” Guan Knife in the NOT class laughs, rubbing at his ribs where Maka had slugged him, but he doesn’t try to sling his arm around her shoulders again. “C’mon, Eater’s already a Death Scythe. Give the rest of us Weapons a chance, why don’t you?”

“There’s no point,” Maka tells him apologetically. “Witch hunting is a thing of the past. There will be no more Death Scythes.”

Soul has to give credit where credit is due: the kid is disappointed, sure, but he’s not offended. He really does look like he’s in it for the Death Scythe status rather than as a means to get to Maka.

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