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Please please please could you upload also the tray files for your windeburg campus? I'm in love with it and i'm in love with your buildings!

me, since i started the windenburg campus project : 

of course i’ll upload a tray files of my windenburg campus when done. but it’s still a wip… building is something really… well, hard ? hard isn’t the right word but it’s more like running for a marathon. we need patience and dedication :)

i’ve been doing a lot of progress lately but i didn’t share any pics (the more i shared them, the more people get hyped lmao). since last week i’ve completed the terrace, changed all the mistakes, finish the science district, furnish the gym and lockers rooms… the main things left are the lab, a regular classroom, the students association and maybe a drama class… but it’s maybe too much. i may skip the drama class.

anyway, this is something i’ll share for sure but it’s not ready yet. be patient ! ^^

BS 4x09

Well I was actually expecting a much more complicated plot, more drama and etc, but I enjoyed this ep regardless.

Just like I said before, there was no mutual plan, but Flint still was thinking about Madi. I can’t be angry with him anymore for stealing the cache after that promise he’s made, he genuinely thought he was helping everyone and first of all was helping Silver. He believes in Silver too much it hurts. He shouldn’t have. Silver is just a man, not a good one, he just doesn’t fit in the role Flint imagines for him. It’s too big.

I understand why Silver’s rage didn’t go away after Flint’s reasonable arguments. And I guess Flint understands it too. “You’re gonna regret it” wasn’t about Flint hurting/killing Silver in the battle, it was about self-loathing Silver might feel later. But Silver can’t stand the thought of the only one request he made to Flint being neglected, he was feeling fooled, like everything Flint said was a lie and manipulation (and Hands didn’t help at all). He should’ve stopped after Dooley’s death, but emotions were still unresolved. Flint would probably let him have this fight, defeat Silver and then tried to talk again. Gosh the amount of love and patience from Flint is unbelievavbe.

Still I feel bitter about this conflict being the defining one. It’s simply about the lack of proper talking and misunderstading in some parts. It could be so much more. With their diffirence in morality and in world outlook it could be much more complicated.  

I don’t know how they’re going to resolve all this in one ep. I don’t want for Madi to despise Silver for his actions, I don’t want for Flint’s love to be unrequited (”and so he’s going to have mine” - please prove it!). Can they all just talk and forgive each other? T_T

Btw the flashbacks were EVERYTHING. Flint being surprised by Silver’s absence of pride in front of him is EVERYTHING. Their smiles, their frustration, their sadness, their soft voices. Silver’s hair loose is everything too. And the music… It’s like from some romanic period drama haha (like it isn’t romantic period drama). 

“I’d be forced to hesitate before doing you any harm.” 
Of course he would. It’s been a long time since I saw Flint being that scared. He will intensively protect his dearest from any harm, be that gun or his dearest’s hasty decisions. Like could one believe that S1 Flint could do that? He killed Gates although he wasn’t a real threat to him. But now he faces a man who spoiled his great plans and stands with a wish to kill him. And Flint is just scared for that man’s life and well being. How can this be real? OMG I can’t.

i just want to say how happy i am for kihyun he was able to get a solo act on an international stage singing an OST, which he always said he likes to do, and from a drama that he loves dearly. his vocals have improved too, and he has clearly prepared hard for this stage as it is very important to him. im so proud of you and i love you so much ♡ never stop doing what you love

  • me: *goes to school this week* hmmm let's see here... should i continue to learn or spend my time watching that portal musical again?
  • brain: screw it, you're in honors. go for it.
  • me: OKAY! *immediately downloads the entire musical from YouTube and watches it in classes this week over and over again*

ayo beez and beauties, your local nerd beezy aka belle is back again!!! its been a while since i did something like this and since my blog’s first anniversary was last month and i reached my goal i thought it would be a great moment to do this. since starting this blog there were dramas and downs but also a lot of ups and i met so many great people. even if we don’t talk much or haven’t talked in ages i want to tell you i still love and care. i want to thank all of my mutuals for sticking with me, y’all are awesome even if we’ve never talked before bc im too shy or awkward.

(sorry in advance if this fucks up you notifications)

so yes, here’s my mutual appreciation post! let the post begin:

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Dear Ex-Best Friend,

It’s been awhile; too long actually. I’d like to say that I miss you, but most of me knows that you probably don’t care one bit. Another portion of me still hopes that you do, though. 

I’d also like to say that I’m so sorry. I wish things didn’t end the way that they did between us. With everything going on in our lives; the change, the drama, the struggles, and even with the joyous times we were experiencing; there wasn’t nearly enough room in either of our hearts for us to forgive each other at that particular point in time, no matter how hard we tried to make amends and repair our damaged relationship. But now, too much time has passed. It’s too late because we’ve grown apart to the point of no return.

I’d like to apologize for a number of things. I’m sorry that we both have to answer questions about how we’re doing to each other’s families and to our old friends that we met through one another. I’m sorry that I now call someone else my best friend. I’m sorry that I held you responsible for a lot of my secrets. I’m sorry that I didn’t act like I cared more, even though I loved you with every ounce of my being. I’m sorry that we aren’t still making all of the memories we thought we would up until the day we hit the nursing homes. I’m sorry for always annoying you and being weird. And I’m sorry that seeing each other is now awkward and weird. In fact, us not being friends is weird; as is the whole situation that brought us to this supposed destiny.

Now that I’m done with some of the apologies that I owe you, (because apologizing for everything would probably result in a novel; and who has time for that?), I also want to thank you. I want to thank you for letting me grow so incredibly close to your family and for you guys being my second family when mine forgot about me. I want to thank you for letting me call you my best friend for years. I want to thank you for making me laugh until I cried nearly every day since the first time we met when we were just little kids. I want to thank you for finally being open and honest with me this past summer and for trying to make our friendship work again. I want to thank you for encouraging me to be more open and honest about myself throughout the last couple of years of our tattered sisterhood. And I want to thank you for all of the memories we share and all of the embarrassing pictures that now pop up on our Timehops. Thank you for being such a fun and adventurous friend for a very long time, even though that time wasn’t quite long enough for me.

When we were just young kids, we thought the whole world wasn’t that large. We were naive and ready to take on the universe. When we were teenagers, we got our drivers licenses back to back, and we traveled places just because we wanted to and because we could. We never thought that the rest of the world was capable of tearing us apart the way it did. Or maybe you knew, but I had no idea. I wish I would have known, though. Because maybe I could have saved us; or at least prevented my own heartbreak. Years ago we could never imagine a time in our lives when a boy would be more important to us than each other. Nor could we imagine a summer vacation without spending time in your backyard making s’mores, swimming, doing crafts, jumping on the trampoline, or laying under the stars while telling stories during meteor showers. We grew up much too fast and lost each other in the mix of all the new and exciting people and opportunities that came forth so abruptly.

I hope that you find a man who is even better than the one that ruined us; the one that I held a relationship with for over a year in which Karma eventually showed up and tore us apart. I hope that he is the one and I hope that he doesn’t break your heart. I hope that you graduate college and find your dream job somewhere on the west coast creating the beautiful art that you do and that you become successful. I hope that you don’t get stuck living somewhere you dislike. I hope that you have children who hold the same beauty, talent, and sense of humor that you do. And I hope that your family is doing well too. I still hope you’re doing okay because despite the betrayal that we were both guilty of, despite the tears I shed because of you, and despite the filthy words that we used towards each other; you deserve it. You deserve to be loved, to be happy, and to be healthy.

I will always read your Twitter updates. I will always stalk your Instagram photos. I will always watch your Snapchat stories. And I will always look at your parents’ social media pages just to see how proud of you they are. Because for me, the friendship we had is a fond childhood memory and the fact that you’re still the same goofy person I was friends with through my awkward middle school and high school years makes me happy. I will always hope for the best for you today, on your last final of college, on your wedding day, and before all important life events. And when my kids and yours become the age that we were when we became friends, I will look back at all of the years we spent eating too many GCB’s from Marvin’s, Watching Elf, going on vacations, taking funny pictures, and encouraging each other to be the women we are today.

Just because we aren’t best friends, it doesn’t mean I hate you. Read that again. Just because we aren’t best friends, it doesn’t mean I hate you. It actually means just the opposite. Rather, because we were best friends, I will always love you more than the majority of people in my life. I know this is true because in five or ten years when I run into you at the grocery store or at the mall because we’re back in Indiana for whatever strange reason, maybe we will be happy to see each other. Maybe we’ll hug and exchange awkward conversations about how neither of us knew the other was in town, and small talk about how our lives are going.

I look forward to this day because I will get to see your smile that brightens up every room you walk into. I might get a small scent of the house that I practically grew up in. And I will get to hear about all of the things you’ve done since we stopped communicating. For a brief moment, neither of us will remember why our foolish eighteen-year-old selves stopped being friends and we will be cordial with each other. I look forward to bumping into you and hearing about your husband and your kids, and to see the sparkle in your eyes that you always get when you are truly happy. I look forward to hearing of your good fortune.

So please just know that although we both have every right in the world to be angry at one another, I’m not mad you at you at all. I wish you the best and all of the happiness in the world. And I also hope you know, I’ll always love to see your updates (even if they make me upset knowing that our friendship is gone). I’ll always be rooting for your wellbeing.

I love you to the moon and back.


Your Ex-Best Friend

i named my family’s (me, my mom, and brother) group chat on facebook ‘velociraptors’ because we have this thing where we’ll run by each other’s doors or run into a room pretending to be one. screeching and all. 

Why You Should Watch Woman With A Suitcase Drama

If you like law drama that doesn’t involve too much serious thinking, Woman With A Suitcase might be your destiny. It has mystery, humour and enough romance to make us fall into this drama. The plot is well written, every case is interesting and this drama only has 16 episodes. If that still doesn’t convince you, check more of these reasons below: 

The main leads are adorable in the drama or behind the scene. 

The female lead’s life struggle is real.

That noona-dongsaeng’s chemistry with the second male lead. 

What if I tell you that MBLAQ’s ex-member Thunder is being a cameo here?

There’s a good analogy behind that handbag in this drama. 

Let’s admit, the male lead is one handsome chic ahjussi. 

That delicious cream bun…

It was originally a TVN drama. In TVN, we trust. 

This drama is still half way to go so don’t miss it and let’s watch Woman With A Suitcase every Monday & Tuesday! 

Welcome To The Wild Side [1]

| [Two] –>

A/N: So, after much consideration, I’ve decided to repost this story. I originally posted it back in January, and delete it soon after, but I recently discovered it in my BTS folder, read it over, and decided that I still really enjoy the idea–SO–here we are!! xD

Introducing, my superpower college AU–which will basically be crack, humor and drama. There will be no certain pairings (as of this point) and will most likely contain hints of OT7 (random pairings) x Reader.

Anyway! I’ve talked too much, I think, so let’s just get down to the good part :p And please note–I’m literally just writing this for fun. If you decided to stick along, I hope you enough, though <3

Genre: Superpowers + College AU

Rated: T

Words: 1,537

The world you know is quite an odd one. A person either lives normally or abnormally—you’re pretty sure there’s no in between. Not when super powers are involved, at least. Not when the boy that lives five doors down from you can run to class in a minute flat while you have to take a 15 minute trek across campus. Not when your professor graduated from Harvard in a year thanks to their ability to know every piece of information in the world without blinking.

They live abnormally—with an advantage.

And then…there’s you. You, who is part of the 2/3rds of the population that is born into a fairly-safe, powerless life.  You, who is forced to live life normally and within its set guidelines.

It’s really not as bad as one would think. Not having powers means not having enemies. Not having powers means not being discriminated against—you’re the majority, after all. Not having powers…well, actually, that’s about it. There are only subtle differences in the lifestyles of the “gifted” and “non-gifted”, and therefore you don’t find it very hard to live your life knowing your genetic make-up is uniform and nothing special.

You are nothing special.

Wow…what a shitty way to put it.

You laugh, lips quickly zipping shut soon after when the girl sitting a few seats away from you sends you a nasty look. Your lecture hall is packed, utterly quiet save the echoing sounds of pencil against paper and the occasional snore.

You can’t blame whoever it is for falling asleep honestly, because you’ve been day dreaming for the last half an hour anyway.

When the lecture finally ends another twenty minutes later, you leisurely pack your notebook into your bag and make for the door. A warm summer breeze greets you as you step out of the building, the sun staring you straight in the face as it slowly makes it’s descent towards the horizon. It’s already nearing dinner time, and while the other students around you split and make for the dining halls, you turn the opposite direct and head for home—or, rather, work.

Your life follows a schedule that goes uninterrupted for the most part: sleep, school, work. Throw in some food breaks in between and you’re good to go. It’s nothing exciting, but you find it fulfilling nonetheless, and that means it’s enough.

The door to your workplace chimes as you step through the entrance. Behind the counter your female manager greets you and you wave politely in reply, hurrying into the back of the café to grab your apron and work shirt from your locker.

You’ve been working at this café since you started college a year ago. Your managers—Ryeowook and Nana—are nice and pay you well (hallelujah!), plus the job is fairly easy, so everything works out well for you.

Your shift is until 9, and you work diligently the entire time, serving all of the after-hours businessmen and other college students that stop in for some chow and coffee. Everything goes smoothly, just like it always does. At 9, you clock out, wave goodbye to Nana with a smile, and start down the dark streets.

Not many people are out on a Tuesday night—even if it is summer. Midterms are approaching and this end of town isn’t known for partying anyway. That’s why you like it—not that you’re a party pooper! You slide into the occasional frat party, of course, but…it’s just not your style. This side of town is quiet and safe and—

Help me!”

…apparently not that safe.

You’re in motion before your brain can catch up with your feet, your backpack bouncing heavily against your back as you bound up the block towards the sound of the cry. It was a woman yelling and you’re sure that it’s just some petty crime going on—a purse snatcher or something of the sort. That you can handle. It’s not too hard to kick a guy in the balls and run to safety, after all.

You got this.

Turning the corner, you hear more strangled cries and slow down, a chill creeping up your spine. Something…something doesn’t sound right.

However, you still don’t stop, creeping slowly along the front of a shop as the sounds get closer and closer. An ally nears you, and you peek your head around the corner, searching for the source of the cries. A little ways up the dark alley you spot a woman flat against the wall, a man standing a foot from her.

He’s not touching her, but she’s still letting out a strangled cry, the veins in her neck bulging as she throws her head back in pain. The woman’s mouth opens but no sounds come out, and you know that something terrible is going on here—something that is beyond your ability to stop—but your brain once again fails to communicate with your feet, and you step out into the open.

You only make it a few hurried steps forward before suddenly there’s a swift snapping sound—the woman’s eyes rolling back into her skull, her body promptly dropping to the ground. Her limbs sprawl out awkwardly against the pavement, bent at angles that you know humans can’t make, and you freeze.

She’s just been murdered—right in front of you. And now—

The man a few feet up the alley twists his head to look at you, eyes glowing blood red and piercing through the silence that stretches between you.

And now…some dude looking like he bought color contacts to cosplay Sasuke Uchiha is standing there looking ready to just about murder you too.


Sneakers scraping against the asphalt, you take a tentative step backwards. His eyes narrow immediately, and before you can even begin to think of screaming and running away a force overtakes you.

Your limbs become stiff, pain shooting through your body as you struggle for air. You can feel your body shaking, trying to fight against the power he has over you, but you know you won’t prevail. You don’t have any powers—nothing is going to get you out of this.

You’re as good as dead.

Lungs screaming, body thrumming excruciatingly as all your muscles constrict, you finally manage to throw your head back and let loose a tortured yell. Your nervous system is starting to freak out, running into overdrive and ready to pull the plug at any moment. And then…everything stops.

There’s a sharp crack followed by boom—the sound of bricks crumbling to the ground.

You drop to the floor, your knees and palms digging into the gravel as you barely manage to save yourself from a face-full of cement. Your lungs are screaming in demand, your breaths quick and shallow as you brace yourself on your forearms, trying to get your head back on straight.

Your body is still aching from the man’s powers, but you’re alive. That’s the important part.

“Hey, you ok?”

Blinking in shock, you look up to find a male looking to be around your age knelt in front of you. He’s got styled black hair and dark eyes, his head cocked to the side innocently as he stares at you.

“I…what?” you question, pushing yourself so your seated on your knees. You look past him, eyes widening in shock when you see the man who had been hurting you earlier lying at the foot of a crater which had been knocked into the buildings wall.

Heyyyy~,” a hand waves in front of your face, and you turn back to the boy yet again. He frowns.

“Are you ok, or what?”

“That motherfucker just used the goddamn force on me!” you yell instead, pointing a finger accusingly at the unmoving red-eyed male, and the boy blinks in shock. Then…he laughs.

“Oh man!” he cackles, gripping his gut as he falls onto one knee, his giggles echoing down the now-quiet alleyway. You watch him absolutely loose his shit, eyebrows furrowed in confusion and wonder because…wait, did…did this kid just punch your assailant into the wall? And cause the wall to dent under the impact?!

Finally, once the boy gets his breath back, he stands to his full height and smiles at you, offering a hand. You take it mindlessly, too distracted by his cute, bunny-like smile, and when he tugs you up you fly into him with shocking force.

“Oops,” he says somewhat sheepishly as you disconnect you face from his rock-solid chest. You send him a warning look, but don’t fully separate yourself from him, his hand still gripping yours tightly.

“…who are you?”

“Me?” he says, raising an eyebrow. “I’m Jungkook. What about you?”


“Y/N,” he repeats, testing your name on his tongue as his lips stretch into a grin. “Nice to meet you. I—”

Suddenly there’s the sound of a trash can being knocked over behind you and you both turn just in time to see your attacker scramble out the other end of the alleyway, disappearing from sight. Jungkook sighs.

“Nice to meet you, Y/N, and, like I was saying,” he turns back and smiles again. “Looks like we’ll be seeing each other around from now on.”

Tfw you're all excited about plans that you made with someone and then they're cancelled at the last minute :))))))

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hi! what sci-fi books do you read? i always search for weeks for good books in that genre but they are always violent and bloody. do you have some that are more on par with your consciousness and the hybrid child idea even if there is still some drama within? i know it sounds contradictory but could you just list 2 or 3 that don't have too much scientific jargon in them? i prefer to focus on the relationships with a little mild science on the side. nothing too complicated lol. thx mermaid!

Hi there! =) <3 Most of the ones I read are really heavy in the science Fields, but I have a few suggestions! I’ll just list a couple and if you like them you can come back and ask for more! =)

1. Left Hand of Darkness by Ursula K. Le Guin: I enjoyed this book because it addresses a lot of “issues” (fun challenges) one may experience when contacting an e.t. species that has completely different emotional patterns and evolutionary ideas than we do. Since the story centers around a human ambassador, it makes the whole thing more personal since “humans” (those who have had human lives) will one day be doing things like this! I laughed a lot because so many scenarios hit home with the Pleiadian contact specialist part of myself! ;)

2. Waystation by Clifford Simak: I enjoyed this story of e.t. contact and the description of e.t. races. I also liked the chapter that described the woman in the story. The author never says that she is an incarnated elemental, but it was an amazing description of what they are like! =D

3. The K-Pax Novels (Prot): If you want a brain break that still makes the star-stuff in you tingle, then you will probably enjoy these books! Prot is basically a walk-in who profoundly affects the lives of the humans he contacts. He “walks in” to a traumatized man’s body and helps him heal while assisting other humans in the psychiatric hospital he lands in. His psychiatrist thinks that the man is suffering from split-personality disorder, while other humans think that Prot is really an e.t. who comes and goes into/from Robert’s body. Prot’s abilities are remarkable. It’s up to the reader to decide whether Prot is an e.t. walk-in or whether he is simply the alter-ego of the traumatized man, Robert. 

If you like any of those, feel free to ask for more! I have a couple of other ideas that aren’t too science-y. =) I have never resonated with the horror genre itself or horror within science fiction, so I’m always excited when I find something that is rooted in positive contact, contact technique(s), and bridging inter-dimensional gaps! =) I love it when authors focus on unity, harmony, and creating Connection. When I first thought of sci-fi, I thought of blood, monsters, gore, and galactic war. I am grateful that there is so much more than that within the sci-fi world! =D <3 <3 <3


Requests by anon: 

1.Can i request a scenario where you & jimin get into a very heated argument that leads him to slapping you and you storming out and getting into an accident. Happy ending ♡ gomawo :DD

2. Hi! Can you do a scenario with Jimin? Where he gets really angry at you? With happy ending~

So I kinda tweaked it cos I didn’t wanna write too much drama in one scenario haha, hope you enjoy it. Both these requests were similar so I did it in one scenario, hope you don’t mind

-Admin Kitty

Originally posted by oh-suga-suga

Do you know what it’s like to witness the best and the worst in a person, but still love them like air loves lungs, like you couldn’t, wouldn’t function without them? 

It feels like nothing. 

Like nothing you could possibly explain. That inexplicable amount of comfort couldn’t be held in words, in letters, in syllables.And that’s what Park Jimin was for you. 

He was the whole world and more, even at his worst. When you thought his worst was how needy he got when he was ill, how tetchy he got when men talked about you, how fiercely protective he became when someone hurt you.

But now his worst was…when he hurt you.

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Contraband (Jimin x Reader, Gang!AU) - Chapter 2

So, um, yeah. This got like way too OTT way too quick lmao. To be honest I was just in the mood to be hella dramatic. As usual please give me feedback if you enjoyed it or any constructive critisism. I’m still really unsure of my own writing but having a few of you tell me you really enjoyed the last one was so lovely and I love you all so much <3

Title: Contraband

Member: All, Jimin Focus

Genre: Gang!AU (Lets face it by the end this is gonna have fluff/angst/smut literally everything in it)

Word Count: 1569

Chapters: 1 - 2 - 3 - 4 - 5 - 6 - 7 - 8 - 9 - 10 - 11

You shivered as a gust of cold night wind wound its way down the back of your neck. Having not anticipated you’d be out for this long, you hadn’t brought any sort of jacket with you, and all you could do was wrap your arms around yourself, praying the boys would show up soon so you could get out of here. You were thick in Namjoon’s territory, and every car alarm or group of teenagers walking by set you on edge. Like Yoongi had said, it was a simple enough job, but that didn’t mean the area wasn’t crawling with the second most dangerous Gang in Seoul.

Hobie had been swigging from a small flask all night, obviously disliking being here this late as much as you did. You had been fine with it at first, but enough time has passed and enough of it drank that he was clearly intoxicated. Your thoughts flashed back to the last time you had seen Hoseok get drunk, around two weeks ago. It was your first time meeting the youngest member of the inner circle, Taehyung, and in his tipsy state he had made a passing comment about one of Hoseok’s past lovers, which had flipped a switch in the older boy. Tae still wasn’t recovered enough to walk.

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HELLO EVERYONE I keep seeing lots of people, especially on Twitter, worried and upset about DK and Jun because their eyes look swollen. I know we all get worried for them but trust me they’re perfectly fine. Worst case scenario they have eye infections which is NO BIG DEAL AT ALL especially considering they live in South Korea where health is taken VERY seriously. Just coughing gets you sent to the hospital! DK’s eye looked infected even last night in the photo they posted for Ch+ but vocal unit all still went out to eat some food because he was FINE. It could also just be allergies and tbh it could also be just DK staying up too late watching anime or dramas like he always says he does. ALSO please everyone stop blaming Pledis. That just makes 0 sense. So just everyone calm down everyone’s okay let’s all just take the time to appreciate DK wearing glasses because this is a blessed day thank you I love you guys thank you for worrying so much about them.

-Admin Bi☀


Ehh, polished up some old doodles for my Pixiv dump and figured I might as well repost ‘em here. There was another image but I honestly don’t have the heart to finish it so ¯\_(ツ)_/¯. I’m still thinking way too much about the Audio Drama and X5 bad ending lately, THEY’RE SO MESSED UP, honestly wtf Capcom, what do you have against this poor kid (and Zero) being happy? I mean, I know I put them through hell sometimes in my fanfic or sketchdumps but yeesh, compared to canon that’s nothing.

ANYWAYS, long time no see tumblr. I feel like every time I post something I either apologize for not posting more, I promise to stop talking myself out of posting things, or I apologize for cONSTANTLY BEING BEHIND ON MESSAGES. I’ll try to break that cycle (eventually). Thanks for sticking with me everyone.

Thoughts/Reviews on recent & upcoming dramas

////// just finished //////

missing 9 >>>>
total flop i dont even wna talk about it… it started off ok but somewhere towards the middle the plot became draggy and the final episode was pretty much trash.. I dont think I would have held on if not for jung kyung ho. 

introverted boss >>>>

I love it but i feel like it’s the kind of drama you can watch or don’t watch. doesn’t make me have the urge to want to watch it immediately when new episodes release. the story line’s progressing too slowly for my liking and park hye soo still has that child actor image which she needs to shed off desperately…. because child actor is the only light I am seeing her in as of now… 

voice >>>>>>
I stopped halfway because the plot is so repetitive a new case every episode and nothing new to shake things up.. im gonna continue watching though, just to see how everything turns out eventually

////// ongoing //////  

defendant >>>>>
ok the first episode and its so lame he woke up in fucking prison overnight??? like ok………. sounds pretty boring already and I heard it took him quite a long time to get out of prison but…. its fucking ji sung I would watch it even if it is torment lol 

strong woman do bong soon >>>>
im at the latest episode (6) and it’s ok so far up till now… but it’s a little slow and the storyline is a little shaky imo.. I don’t particularly fancy hyung sik and the last drama he starred in (hwarang) was bad. I must say though, the characters for both hwarang and this drama is good for his image as they’re the kind of characters that the audience warm up to easily.. I still like his high society role the best up till now. I will continue watching this drama though, because park bo young is a qt and we have JISOO although his role sucks. jisoo has a bad taste in picking drama roles idk why plus he always gets those second lead roles which is annoying BOY DESERVES A LEAD ROLE SOMEONE PLZ CAST HIM. 

tomorrow with you >>>
this drama puts me in 101% agony but LOVE. LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE.
I LOVE IT. I love how we can tell nothing about how the drama is going to play out or even have a rough idea on how it will end.. It’s my first time watching lee je hoon and I must say his acting skills are pretty lit. shin mina is not my fav actress and her role in oh my venus kinda killed my liking for her and it is not helping that her role in this drama is a little bit annoying but I am still quite loving her character in this drama. This drama is a true emotional roller coaster ride. It’s a little dark, mysterious, sad yet full of love at the same time. Hits every fucking spot for a melodrama I LOVE IT. (also can we talk about what a qt lee se joon is.)

perfect wife >>>
I’ll probably watch this for sung joon because I love him although I dont care for the rest of the cast. The plot doesn’t interest me as well also. I’ll watch the first episode and update my thoughts… 

////// upcoming //////

radiant office (16 March)  >>> 
feels like a misaeng spinoff which doesn’t float my boat because Im not 0,001% interested in office life at all.Ha seok jin and hoya are probably the only redeeming factors if I were to watch this drama. I love ha seok jin ever since the legendary witch but I skipped drinking solo because it wasn’t my cup of tea BUT something of 1% was everything. I loved that drama so so much. I’ll update y’all if I were to start on this drama! 

the liar and his lover (20 March) >>>>>
um………. im not a fan of joy neither am I a fan of lee hyun woo. I’ll probably watch it because it’s romance and because there’s probably nothing else to watch. I’ll wait until its at eps 6-8 first tho lol 

tunnel (25 March) >>>> 
an ocn drama and probably a singal spinoff featuring choi jinhyuk which I probably won’t watch unless reviews are super good or if I have nothing to watch which im guessing is going to be the case so ill probably end up watching it here and there like I did with voice… not looking forward although I like choi jin hyuk

whisper (27 march) >>> 
led by lee bo young & lee sang yoon but we have kwon yool as the second lead so I’ll probably hop onto the bandwagon if nothing goes wrong… so far we only know it’s a drama about corruption. 

please find her (28 March) >>>
romance and the only cast I know is lee hyun jae from shut up flower boyband aka one of my fav dramas but the plot seems boring but I’d take boring cuz lee hyun jae’s gonna be in it. I dont care of the rest of the cast though.