still not liking it


The Blade of Marmora guys need more love… (Since the creators don’t seem to love them //sob)

I was thinking the other day about the bi-species in Voltron and as far as we know there seems to be a lot of half Galra ones in particular and this gave me pause. I guess before the empire, most people stayed on their own planets? But because of the invasion there’s Galrans everywhere and… hrrmm.

Makes you wonder though why their DnA is so compatible with so many other aliens. haha

Short dumb comic. LOL. Feels like it’s been a while since I’ve done one of those.

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Eliot Spencer, in a Leverage/Stargate crossover. Which is Leverage word of god canon anyway, so I’m not even making shit up here. I’m just drawing it because I’m sad it never happened on-screen.


Happy 264th Birthday, Robert Townsend!


Andrew Lincoln as Maxie King in Gangster No. 1 [2000]

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What was it like growing up with the Dursleys?

Harry: Apparently my aunt wouldn’t even let me inside. She threw a fit, and made my uncle toss me with the bins.

Harry: I guess my mum and aunt didn’t get along to well.

Harry: I’m just glad Minnie was there to take care of me. She took me home and raised me herself.

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I think it was because he debuted before B.A.P as Bang Yongguk with I remember. While it is his real name, the full version is his stage name as well.

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Pretty much what @anna-something​ said. When he released I Remember he was already going by Bang Yongguk, so it had most likely been established as his stage name from debut

Right! *smacks self* Obviously. I totally forgot he was Bang Yongguk between Jepp Blackman and B.A.P. It’s only natural he kept that stage name.