still not liking it

full offense but if jeffree star actually felt bad about all his racist comments and was a changed person he would have apologized and addressed it YEARS ago rather than blocking anybody who calls him out and calling them derogatory names over it lol like sis,,,.. you’ve had 12 years? and ….NEVER thought to address this until now when suddenly its affecting your career? qwhite interesting :-)

louis sent a video to a fan the night his mom died and harry stopped for photos for fans the day/day after robin died and im Fully saying they all deserve Better than they’re getting and all the love in the world bc they give So much and still get So little and it’s Heartbreaking to know they’re not asking for Much at all send all ur Love out so the wind can carry it to the Styles/twist family 💖


I have this big issue with Mr Damon Albarn because his fucking 90s ass decided to go this far:

The way he pronounces “police” (thick accent here) THE WAY HE FUCKING INVOLVES HIS TONGUE AND ALSO HIS DELICIOUS PINK BOTTOM LIP???? WTF and the stare™ and as if he couldn’t get any worse look at his fucking coat and the way HE IS HOLDING THE ZIPPER WITH HIS FINGERS???? Delete his ass (but look at Graham’s puppy eyes tho)