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Love Knows No Boundaries ( Alec Lightwood Imagine )

Fandom: Shadowhunters

Pairing: Alec x Reader

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Request: Can you do one in which y/n is half mundane & half shadowhunter! She studies in college & goes on missions! Alec who’s secret fiancé wants her to just stay in the institute but she refuses &she decides to show him the good stuff of the mundanes!  @  annabella-applewhite23


‘’Someday I’ll have the position to change something. For you and Alyssa. And all the other halfies.’’
Alyssa giggled quietly at the mentioning of her name.
‘’I know you will and I couldn’t be any prouder to be yours.’’
The ring on your finger was cool against Alec’s cheek when you kissed him.

Or the one where the reader is secretly engaged to Alec Lightwood because she is half mundane and half Shadowhunter.

Pure fluff.

Warnings: can you die from fluff?

Words: 1.192


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Being a woman in a male dominated society was already hard enough but being half Shadowhunter and half human didn’t help you to be taken seriously as one. As long as you could remember there had been people that wanted to see you fail, especially the Clave. The fact that you were missing certain Shadowhunters skills like not being able to use all runes and the criticism about your more than weird family values (they weren’t even that weird they just weren’t their values) was the reason you preferred to stay out of Shadowhunter activities except for nightly missions. And Alec Lightwood.

Said Alec was currently seated on the wooden floor of your living room, playing peek-a-boo with the newest addition of your family. Little Alyssa was the youngest of your siblings, barely 11 months old and the only one beside you that inherited your father’s Shadowhunter genes.
‘’Max was such a peaceful baby when he was her age and now he’s burning down the world’s institutes because he can’t distinguish the nourishment rune from the fire one. ‘’
You laughed, crouching down to your sister and your fiancé .
Even though Alec Lightwood belonged to the most influencing and best-known families he didn’t care an ounce about you being half a mundie. In fact, he cared that little that he had asked you to marry him 6 months ago after 2 years of dating. Secretly of course. His parents probably wouldn’t be too supportive. And you didn’t want to cause him any trouble. He loved being a Shadowhunter, aiming to be the head of New York’s institute. Being the supportive girlfriend, pardon, fiancée you were you didn’t mind being silent about your status of relationship. People that mattered knew, that was enough. Isabelle und Jace Lightwood belonged to these, as well as your parents and your siblings.
‘’He’s a kid , babe. Don’t tell me you knew all the runes by heart at that age.’’
He looked up grinning mischievously.
‘’I did.’’
You rolled your eyes at him watching Alyssa sucking at your little finger.
You both were watching your siblings for a few hours to give your parents some time alone. Alec had a family that loved him, you both knew that, but after spending so much time with yours he had realized that he preferred the dynamics of human families. Or specifically of yours. The laughter, the honesty and lazy days spent together. Not to forget the unconditional support.
Still, he wanted you save and since you went off to college and went on missions during nights some deep worry had settled in his stomach. Not being able to watch you and taking care of you really bugged him. So you knew exactly what he was about to say when he opened his mouth.
‘’No.’’,you simply said getting up to get a glass of water.
‘’I won’t move to the institute.’’
‘’But you’ll be saver there !’’
You drowned your water before facing him and crossing your arms over your chest.
‘’You sure? I’d probably wake up with some sword through my chest. They hate me , Alec. ‘’
‘’They would never. And they don’t.’’
He furrowed his forehead before continuing:
‘’ I don’t ,love. Move in my room.’’
You played with your engagement ring.
‘’They do, otherwise we wouldn’t have to keep our relationship hidden. And if I moved into your room it clearly wouldn’t be a secret anymore.’’
You sat down behind him, leaning your chin against his back.
‘’You don’t have to worry about me. I’m a big girl and I can take care of myself. Whether it may be humans, demons or Shadowhunters.’’
You kissed his shoulder before you smiled.
‘’And you can always join me during my nights, you know that.’’
He did. But he mostly were on his own missions.
He turned his head towards you, pressing a soft kiss on your nose.
‘’I hate this. Don’t get me wrong I don’t dislike mundanes, I protect them, but you’re a goddamn Shadowhunter and you should be treated like one. You belong in the institute. You belong to me!’’
You wrapped your arms around his neck from behind making him feel your warmth.
‘’I don’t mind anymore.’’, you replied quietly.
‘’I hunt because I feel like I’m doing the right thing. Not because of the Clave. And I belong to you. I always have. I’m just feeling really sorry for you that you can’t officially introduce me as your fiancée.’’
You pressed a soft kiss against his hair.
‘’Someday I’ll have the position to change something. For you and Alyssa. And all the other halfies.’’
Alyssa giggled quietly at the mentioning of her name.
‘’I know you will and I couldn’t be any prouder to be yours.’’
The ring on your finger was cool against Alec’s cheek when you kissed him, making your 6 year old brother gag.
‘’Why does this feel like a future vision?’’, he murmured smiling.
‘’Maybe because you’re holding a Baby that has my eyes while you’re kissing your fiancée ? Only a guess , though.’’
You raised your hands laughing before catching your brother and tickling him before he seeked asylum in his room.

It was quarter past 1 in the morning when Alec and you finally sneaked under the covers of your bed. It was rare that you woke up with Alec by your side since he had obligations in the institute and you had your college classes.
So having him sleeping next to you had to be cherished and appreciated. Which mostly meant that neither both of you did much sleeping.
But right now the room was covered in silence, only both of your breathing hearable.
You had your face buried in his neck, laying on top of him while he had his arms wrapped around your frame.
‘’Can you promise me something?’’, his quite voice spoke up.
You nodded as an answer.
‘’When you’re pregnant…or you think you’re pregnant…please stop going on missions. And move in with me. Even if that means that we go buy a house.’’
Why did his voice sound so scared?
You lifted your head and tried to find his eyes in the dark.
‘’Where does this come from? We still have a lot of time…’’
He sighed, rubbing your back.
‘’We might have time,Y/N , but you’re it for me. Of course I think about the future. I don’t-‘’
He hesitated.
‘’I don’t want you to think that I’m not fully committed. When it comes down to you or the institute I will always choose you. I don’t want my wife or my kids in any danger nor do I want you to hide.“                                                                 ’‘And I might have seen the test in Izzy’s bathroom.’’, he added after a short while.
Oh crap.
‘’Oh.’’, was all you could say.
‘’I know why you went to her. I get it. But please don’t ever think that you can’t talk to me. Anything, really. And don’t think for a minute that I wouldn’t be overjoyed after I had my good dose of panic.’’
That made you chuckle.
‘’Did you have a look at it?’’
‘’I did.’’
You both smiled.


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Player: Sunshine Boy

Name: Choi Youngjae.
Team: GOT7.
Skills: Singer. Dancer. Model. Composer. Gamer.
Description: Pure Sunshine.

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Steggy - Peggy Restored AU

Not many people get second chances. I thought we had our moment and then it was gone. Now I know how blessed I am to get to know love, to build a life together, to grow old together. 

We’ve been given a new chance, and I will make the most of every moment we have together.

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Wishing you the best of health, happiness and fulfillment on this special day! From pursuing your dreams, to mastering another language, overcoming your fear of heights, or staying true to your love of soccer; caring for your members, gaining more confidence on stage and staying loyal to your fans, you remain an inspiration to us. Your smile will forever light up my days, your genuine open-mouthed laugh will stay contagious, your vocals will always be my cup of tea, your athleticism, grace and skills with a rubik’s cube will never lose my interest. Through the toughest of times and when days such as this are still tinged with tragedy, we will continue to walk with you. Keep shining brightly manliest deer on the planet!


Still fine-tuning my gif skills, but I had to gif this moment since I find it really cute. And I haven’t seen another photoset of it, so I thought I’d give it a go.

These two sadly don’t get a lot of screen time together in the series, but I love the bits that we did get. And it makes me happy to know that they would later get years to spend together getting to finally know each other without the threat of the end of the world hindering their quality time.

The family dynamics and friendships really make this show for me. :’)


There’s no story more beautiful than lost girls finding family, love, and happiness. A home where they’ll always be safe around people who understand and appreciate just how special they are. 

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