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for some people who asked, no im not going to drop jinki. i didn’t make a post earlier, because the media sucks ass and i was waiting for more info and im glad i did because now more things add up. the girl was standing on a platform and jinki was SO drunk that he stumbled and grabbed her leg then quickly apologized. the girl had every right to tell the police because in a place like a club it’s probably hard to see– she had no freaking clue who was touching her. she said that she’s okay and completely understands and it was all misunderstanding. im not happy that he got so drunk like that, but screw the media for going around saying he sexually harrassed that girl with no real evidence and the people who believed it. at the end of the day im just happy and relieved that the victim is okay, because that’s what really matters. i hope jinki will heal steadily from this and i’ll be there for him like he has been for me.

This one actually required a lil bit of guts to post because while this works for me, I’m just starting to branch out of the research phase of witchcraft and starting to do my own practice, but I’m still petrified of doing things “wrong.” That disclaimer aside, I’m gonna explain what I’ve been working on and experimenting with.

So I’ve been making spell jars with candles on top lately. The idea here is that the spell jar is harnessing the energy of its contents when the candle is burning. That’s my intention for it anyway, and it seems to be working quite well.

This particular one I made today for the purpose of cleansing residual energy after I’ve helped a spirit cross over. I’ve had some issues with spirits in my apartment lately so that’s the reason for this.

It contains:
💧Stream Water (for cleansing)
💧Swamp Water (for banishing)
🌱Juniper leaves + berries (for cleansing and protection against malignant forces)
🍃 Violet Leaves (protection against evil)

(Also I’m totally aware that the ingredients list in my grimoire includes sage. I just forgot to add the sage before I sealed it lol).

I tried it out and it works pretty well. After I helped this one spirit cross over, I left it burning where she was standing for a few minutes and the residual energy was lessened but not gone. I’d imagine I’d need to let it burn for longer.

Anyway this was a little insight into my current practice. Maybe it could serve as an idea for someone else, or maybe I’m about to get roasted. I don’t really know.

Either way, thanks for reading ☺️

really makes me uneasy when people who aren’t traumatized tell you “it’s never gonna happen again” bc:

1. it happens again daily in my head
2. where are you gonna be if it does happen again

it just seems like a very invalidating thing to say that’s all

ok so I just watched both episodes of riverdale and like the kiss between betty and veronica in the pilot was like so random and never addressed??? like when I saw the kiss on tumblr before I watched the episode I thought there would be a backstory to the kiss but no??? they just kiss and never talk about it or give a reason… like I have never seen worse queer-baiting my god

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The thing is, I never read Legends, so I always saw the warrior mandalorians as imperialist. Both of the houses we see (Kryze and Viszla) are headed by white, blonde families and Clan Wren are the descendants of a people who were conquered, converted to Mandalorian ideals, and placed in a subordinate position under Viszla. Bo Katan, a traditionalist, rejects Maul as unfit to rule because he's an alien. And this was all decided before the reboot with Legends so....I'm confused.

Confusion is totally understandable! 

For the record, because this got so long, it has to go under a cut. I apologize for the length, and if my tone is off it’s not intentional. I’m, essentially, info-dumping, because there’s a lot of extraneous information that applies to the arcs I’m gonna try to address under the cut. I’m also reading your ask as if you didn’t see Satine’s New Mandalorians as imperialist, bc that seems to be what you’re implying in the ask? If I’m off, I apologize in advance.

Also even though I say “you” in this reply, I don’t mean you specifically, I’m meaning to address a general “you,” not you you.

The short answer is that even if you are not familiar with Legends material, reading only one of the two houses as imperialist kind of misses all of the subtext conveyed purely by the information presented in the arcs themselves, and oversimplifies imperialism. It is easy to miss, though, and imperialism itself is a complex subject that isn’t discussed as well as it should be.

But, ultimately, even if we were to ignore Legends and only look at canon material, we still have what boils down to this:

The New Mandalorians, an all white faction of mandalorians:

  • exiled people of a differing cultural philosophy
  • has a society not achievable through means that don’t involve steps towards ethnic cleansing 
  • declared pre-established nonwhite mandalorians as not mandalorian, thereby stripping any claim to that cultural identity, in the same vein as calling them the equivalent of savage
  • were part of a regime change backed by an outside stronger, larger military force invested in that regime change

All of these things, together, paint House Kryze and the New Mandalorians as Imperialist. Regardless of Legends material, regardless of how anyone feels about Death Watch.

And even though the writing does not really carry the kind of awareness that definitely points to a lesson on imperialism, if we entertain that as the conclusion to all of the arcs … it would have been more effective to make Sundari diverse in comparison to Death Watch, and have that diversity leverage Death Watch’s war crimes directly, rather than make Sundari the accidental genocidal Imperialist power by poor design decision.

Furthermore, as much as I would rather not bring it up as it’s always used as a straw man argument against the existence of racism, the fact is that Imperialism is not the sole purview of white people. Chinese Imperialism exists. Japanese Imperialism exists. Both are as effective analogues for Imperialism, and both are closer to actual Mandalorian history than the space!Nazi aesthetic the writers went with—not just for obvious reasons, but because the space!Nazi aesthetic implicates an altogether different type of imperialism

And it’s a type that completely distracts from and undermines the ultimate goals of their storytelling in those arcs. 

Moving on to that last point, though … that scene where Bo-Katan rejected Maul, can be read differently—as in, she did not reject him because he was an alien so much as she rejected Maul because he wasn’t mandalorian. Or it could be both of those things, but it’s an important distinction to make—it’s important to not forget all of the things Bo-Katan, specifically, was fighting for.

Bo-Katan fought to save the culture Satine was trying to eradicate — and in terms of cultural genocide, if Maul was to take up his position as leader of mandalorians, that is just trading one type of cultural genocide for another.

It is, under no circumstance, the same as framing it as a simple rejection of Maul because he’s an alien. Him being an alien literally does not matter in that moment, tradition or not, because Maul had no stake in it—because it’s not his culture on the precipice of extinction. To treat that scene like it was … well, was to miss the point.

The very long longer answer goes under the cut.

To warn you about what’s under the cut, as it’s, again, very, very long. I’m basically going into a detailed explanation about: 

  • Legends & why/how Legends applies to the Mandalore arcs
  • a longer diatribe on imperialism:
    To Legends or Not to Legends
    Why does Legends help the New Mandalorians?
  • how & why the New Mandalorians are Imperialist:
    A Diatribe on Imperialism
  • and their platform is transparent and hypocritical w/o the additional context of Legends to soften the edges: 
    Satine Kryze and the New Mandalorian’s Transparently Hypocritical Political Platform, and more on Jango Fett
  • a longer explanation on Bo-Katan and Maul: 
    Xenophobia versus Continued Cultural Genocide
  • the actual events that are contextually relevant to the Mandalore arcs:
    Legends: The Aftermath of the Mandalorian Wars
    Legends: The Mandalorian Excision
  • what I mean by the Fetts were established as mandalorian before the Mandalore arcs aired: 
    Why the decanonization of the Fetts matters, in the context of the story and canon
    An aside: Separating “Boba Fett” from “Mandalorian” after 30+ years

As I’ve said, it’s a lot. Mostly meant to be used as a reference, I guess. I apologize if I repeat myself too much. I wrote this in chunks and threw it together, so if it’s messy or even more confusing, that’s 100% on me.

[[ EDIT:: it has since come to my attention that George Lucas was the mind behind the retcon, stated once in a special featurette for TCW DVD set for Season 2. Him being known and expected to be (hopefuly for obvious reasons) incredibly racist makes it all a little less surprising, but no less fucked up. That the writers still stick with it now, after he’s out, is disappointing, and I maintain that that tweet by Hidalgo was unnecessary. Nothing else about the argument changes except on who to blame and criticize more than the others. ]]

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I’m always mildly surprised when people tell me the jock Jonathan and alive Sock comics I dreamt up are their favorite things mainly because the art wasn’t that great haha

It was a cute au though and I still remember everything I wanted to do for it so I should draw more

When We Collide (Part 2)

Pairing: Assistant!Y/N/CEO!Luke

Rating: PG-All

Parts: 1

Summary: He is the definition of high class smart ass, swimming in Dom Pierre Pérignon champagne and has never seen the shadow of poverty. She is underprivileged, lives in a messy dorm room on sale and struggles working as an assistant after being thrown out of college. But how will they collide when Luke makes Y/N pregnant after a drunkenly one night stand?

With a shaky laugh from the many glasses of wine after one of the co-workers next to Luke encouraged him to stand up, he stabilized his long legs and leaned his arm on top of his chair.

“I’d like to make a small toast for all as we’re all gathered here tonight.” He clicked the silverware fork against his glass of wine, waiting for everyone to quiet down from the small talks around the many tables and took a deep breath from his dizziness.

“I just want to say a huge thank you to every single one of you for showing up tonight for my-,”

He was interrupted quickly by the sound of the door opening to the banqueting room, everyone’s attention drawn towards you who almost timidly walked inside. It wasn’t supposed to be an entrance like this, you had at least expected everyone would be too busy with eating whatever was served for tonight.

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Lena Luthor Appreciation Week

Day 2 (April 18): Favorite Outfit/Look

Okay that first outfit, do I even need to explain? No? I’m still gonna. Everything is on point. The hair, the make up, the cleavage blouse, the S K I R T, the shoes. It’s Katie McGrath. Any outfit will look great and Lena Luthor has the best wardrobe but that outfit is just…*clenches fist*. Props to Kara for even getting through that fake interview because I would have just been staring. Though she did as well.

Special shout out to Lena’s other Medusa wardrobe because while I haven’t seen a design like that before, I still love it. And of course the blue dress from the upcoming episode stills because I’m pretty sure we all died after seeing it.

@onlyshestandsthere replied to your postAnyone else thoroughly not into the idea of a DCEU…

I’d actually really love it. Maybe they’ll mess it up, but I’d love to see a more ‘alien’ Kara. I love the show, but it’s not giving me the depth of character I’m looking for, at least S2 isn’t. DCEU Kara would be very interesting to see. The Injustice version is also hella cool. And she might be in Young Justice S3. Give me all the Karas, is what I’m saying.

I just have so many reservations because either she’ll be cute and light, which is Melissa’s current mark on the character, or she won’t, and people will praise it as better than the show’s version because she’s darker.

A lot of what makes Melissa’s Supergirl so great was how girly she is. And that’s what’s gonna be criticized if a more serious DCEU Supergirl comes along and does well. Not the shitty choices they made in season one, but the show’s Kara as a character. The same dumb misogynistic criticisms the show had in season one.

Hell, if this Supergirl has a bigger cup size, you know that fanboys are gonna be like “This is how Supergirl should look!” and I’m not looking forward to it.

Listen, Supergirl messed a lot up this season, but I can’t imagine a greater depth for this character. They haven’t touched upon it enough recently by any means, but it’s still intrinsically within her and I’m looking forward to future possibilities and to them hopefully fixing their mistakes.

And honestly? The DCEU got Wonder Woman right but has not lived up to that ideal in other areas, so I don’t trust that they’ll be offering her some new depth of character. I mean, I wasn’t fond of the way they’ve handled Clark’s storyline, because it lacked that same light.

And I just want Melissa to be this generation’s live action Supergirl in the same way Grant is this generation’s Flash, because she’s so right for it and represents something so bright, even if there have been some crap choices made for her.

And people are not as critical of Grant as they are of Melissa (for… reasons you can guess), so he is able to withstand both his show’s issues and a new movie version better than Melissa can for Supergirl. And frankly Melissa’s interpretation is tacking a shit ton of criticism for another (male) character’s actions and it doesn’t sit well with me.

I just I don’t think we need another live action Supergirl iteration right now, I can’t imagine it giving me anything better than this Supergirl is capable of. I think we should focus our energy in giving this Supergirl the storylines she deserves. 

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The half-dragon prompt, also with mas? Thank you souch for writing these, they're wonderful!!!

“I’m half dragon and I’ve always hidden away from everyone, but know you know and somehow, you don’t think it’s awful? And you’re touching my scales? And asking me to roast you marshmallows? I can’t decide if I’m relieved or annoyed.”

Ace isn’t sure what to think of the pair of knights that smashed through the roof of his cave. Neither of them had woken up after landing and Ace, after checking that they hadn’t broken anything and patching them up, was a bit nervous about getting close again.

What if they woke up as he did?

The last time adventurers had come through, they had tried to kill him when they had woken up to find him taking care of them. But he had escaped and found this cave, deeper in the mountains that he had spent his whole life in.

“My head,” Ace ducks behind the bookshelf, peeking as one of the knights started to move. “What- Marco!”

He scrambled over the mattress to where his friend lay, yanking off both of their helmets in the process. Ace had seen them when he had treated them, but now, it was obvious that they weren’t related despite the similarities in their blond hair and light colored skin.

“Marco, wake up!”

“Shut up, Sabo. It’s too early to be up,” Marco mutters trying to turn onto his side before opening his eyes slowly. “Why am I so heavy?”

“Because you’re sleeping in full armor. We fell, remember?”

Marco groans, shifting to sit upright, his eyes already moving around the room. Ace ducks back behind the bookshelf, hoping to have been missed.

“This looks like someone’s home,” Marco, Ace thought it was Marco, he wasn’t entirely sure. “And they can’t have been gone too long, there’s food.”

Ace bites back a squeak when Sabo appears moving towards the fire, taking a step back and around behind another bookshelf and he prods the pot of stew that Ace had been cooking.

“Not long at all,” Sabo says finally. “This is fresh.”

“Why are you hiding?”

Ace shrieks, jumping away from Marco, who had snuck up behind him, wings unfurling to make himself seem larger than he was.

“That was mean,” Sabo says frowning. “You scared him!”

Marco holds his hands up, “I didn’t mean to, are you okay?”

“Please don’t kill me.”

“I’m not going to kill you. Sabo, what did you say to him?” Marco demands turning to the other. “You know you should stop telling people we’re going to kill them!”

“I didn’t do it this time! I don’t think I did. Did I say we were going to kill you?” Sabo asks horrified.

Ace shakes his head, “But last time, they did. I haven’t done anything wrong. I didn’t kidnap a princess or steal anything. I paid for all my books and my things.”

“Calm down,” Marco says smiling, “We’re not here to hurt anyone. We came to investigate a rumor about a dragon. That’s you, right?”

“Half,” Ace corrects. “I’m only half dragon.”

“Well, rumor confirmed. We’ve made sure you’re not going to do anything nefarious, that’s all we came to do,” Marco promises. “We’ll let the nearest town know you’re up here so that if something happens they can come check on you.”

“You’re not gonna kill me?”

“Can you roast marshmallows?”


“I’m sorry, it just slipped out!”

“You would think I brought Luffy on this mission!”

“He,” Ace flinches when they look at him. “He landed on his head?”

Marco sighs, “Head trauma, like he needed more of it. Thank you for telling me. Sabo!”

“His scales are so soft,” Sabo whines still petting Ace’s wing. “And pretty!”

“Would you like dinner?” Ace asks hoping that things would start to make sense again if he fed them.

Sabo kisses his cheek and Ace flushes red, jerking back from him in shock, “You’re really nice! And super pretty!”

“Is he going to be okay?”

“He should be,” Marco promises. “He’s right though, you are extremely kind,” Ace isn’t expecting the kiss that Marco presses to his other cheek. “And pretty.”

Ace stares after him in confusion, hands on his cheeks. What had just happened?

Ikoma: Truly the Most Relatable

Honestly this is what put me over the edge to loving Ikoma

Because even as he’s doing the right thing

He knows he’s doing the right thing and he’s 100% probably gonna die

He’s still gonna take his time and explain why he’s saving a bunch of ungrateful bitches from certain doom

Because he runs 10000% completely on spite and that makes him the most relatable character I’ve ever seen tbh

Happy birthday to the kid ive done absolutely nothing with *throws confetti* I love you, True <3

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Hi, I'm new to the bts fandom and I'm very confused about what 'HYYH' is? Jungkook was in a car accident? Would you mind quickly explaining to me what's going on bc I'm !?!?

okay i’m gonna try to quickly explain but this will still be a long answer and slightly disorganized aslfkja anyways!!

hyyh stands for hwayang-yeonhwa (the most beautiful moment in life, in english) and it’s a series of albums that bts put out and it’s also a concept they created. they had two parts (part 1, part 2) and a repackaged album called young forever: the most beautiful moment in life (wiki page here)

hyyh is an “era” of bts (think about how they had their debut concept era, their boy in luv era, etc etc; hyyh is just another era) that began in 2015 and is a really intricate and complex storyline that ran for two years

the mvs during this era were drama and story-based which lead to fans creating a bunch of different theories as to what happened in the storyline. i’m gonna link all the mvs that are explicitly part of the hyyh storyline below (sorry these aren’t in order of when they came out date-wise; also the prologue mv has a tiny bit of korean dialogue but if you search prologue with eng sub on yt you can find it)

i need u / i need u original ver. (has more explicit scenes than the shorter inu mv) / hyyh on stage: prologue / run / i need u japanese / run japanese

note the japanese mvs are less story-based and have more choreo but there’s still some important motifs and symbols that relate back to the korean mvs

here’s the young forever mv which was the “end” of hyyh (lmao but not really) but it again isn’t as story based as the other mvs but there are definitely scenes hailing back to inu/run

now if you watch the i need u mv it’s heavily implied (and confirmed after today with the hyyh note dropping) that jungkook gets hit by a car; the note released seems like a diary entry of sorts written by jin where he talks about how he and his friends drifted apart, how he punched taehyung and taehyung ran away, and how hoseok called him and told him jungkook got into a car accident

so where does jin punch taehyung?? that wasn’t in any of the hyyh era mvs!

skip forward to wings era of october 2016!!! wings isn’t part of hyyh but still…….definitely connects to hyyh theories and the storyline and if you watch the mvs it becomes clear. wings has its whole own theory but that’s a different story. anyways jin punching tae is in bst jpn ver.

playlist of the wings short films (you can youtube search eng sub for any of these films as well for some of the captions/dialogue) / blood sweat & tears / blood sweat & tears japanese ver.

welcome to bts where all their mvs connect and everything is angsty!!!! kings of storytelling!!

there’s all kinds of theories, from jin being dead (which is what tore the group’s friendship apart and is why they’re all so sad in inu), to jin being the only one alive and time traveling through different realities to try and save taehyung bc he’s the Evil One (bst jpn has strong evidence for this)

check out the mvs and you’ll probably start getting a clue about what’s going on (even if you don’t fully understand it) and honestly nobody knows the story 100% bc bighit hasn’t told us but they seem to be slowly revealing it right now, two years later.


What’s your name?


                                         What’s your real name?

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Jen there is an explanation for the recent JB's scandal from the OP twitter and I hope you could post it here so people would understand. It pissed me off to no end that they would take something so out of context and make it such a big deal about him. I'm glad he has fan like you!!

yes i just read it and i felt exactly what the OP felt. 

coded4d9dc :

I’m gonna take this chance to express my opinion regarding this issue too. There is a reason I deleted my translation tweet, that I know no matter how I was gonna explain later it would still be impossible to mend the thinking of people with a fixed mind. Not everyone realizes that there is a massive difference between obtaining an information through a portal and on the spot. Via the limited words I deliver to you on the internet, there is only the most square and direct meaning contained within the extent of those words transmitted to you. The context and the flow of the whole conversation are of course omitted. (That’s also the reason why I rarely do separate FAs since it’s no point telling a story without connection between details).

In JB’s case, as I translated that part when I was at the concert, I didn’t have enough time to tell the context of its fully. And I admit that was my fault to hastily translate it without any further explanation too. So here let’s me explain again: It began when the other boys prompted the audience to say out loud “We love JB” as a thanks to his contribution to the single (this is on the script of the concert). But this one was not like any previous concerts in a small place, this was in Yoyogi Stadium - their dream place, so the boys got even more excited and acted more affectionately to JB. Mark also waved his hips while cutely telling JB he loves him along with the fans (if you understand Japanese, you can hear Jinyoung jokingly asked Mark ”Are your hips okay, Mark?“). The showing of affection was very overwhelming there and it got JB really flustered. It didn’t help much either that the boys and fans kept on urging him to say he love them back (using the “aishiteru”, and that is a stronger word than “suki”). On the spur of the moment, JB awkwardly admitted “Yes I love you too” in a flustering manner but then he added “But please don’t misunderstand, I don’t love men, okay?” right away. It was because the other boys were grinning mischievously at him and teasing him. The moment he said that phrase, everyone burst out laughing and that’s all. No one took that as an offense, because everyone there all knew that the poor boy was being teased hard.

Me too, when I was there I didn’t find it necessarily homophobic at all. Because I could see which circumstance drove him to saying that. And even if someone argues with me that saying that phrase out loud alone is already a homophobic act, here is my thought: if you have the right to say you love someone of the same sex, someone else also has the right to say they don’t. Equality of love is indeed a beautiful thing we need to approve of already, but forcefully imposing the idea of “must approve, must support, must not say you don’t like it” on others is wrong, totally wrong. Some others may not have as much fervent passion as you toward same-sex love, some naturally can’t express it easily either. Using your ruler to measure other people is just inconsiderate, tbh.

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Are you going to tell us the progress that you have made for the animation of Charatale?

lol i cant continue it yet since i have finals in two weeks and ive been studying like crazy

let me just tell you about my situation right now instead

me and my brother werent very good students in school and we didnt read too much stuff

so we started learning 6 months ago

everything that some of our classmates learned over the years

we took in so much information and we have been studying like crazy

i also have never practiced on still life art and i have 1 month before i have art finals

i have to learn drawing real life stuff in the matter of a month which is lie

super tiring

6-8 hours of drawing in a day with only saturday off 

we have to write math,georgian,english and history in two weeks

i literally have only 1 hour to draw but i am so tired most of the times that i cant even move my pen

sometimes i dont even get 4 hours of sleep and i have to study all day just to catch up on things

my energy has never decreased so fast in my whole life

and on top of that my blood pressure is killing me

my immune system is probably dropping since i dont even have the energy to go outside for fresh air or sun 

my memory is worst thing that i have 

and on top of that

we dont get a one day brake once the finals start

its gonna be hell and the way my teacher described the finals

i literally froze in my seat

theres gonna be ambulance and every kind of thing there

you wont be able to stop once you start

not even bathroom break is allowed unless you wanna waste 30 minutes waiting for all the people to finish up in there

if you faint

your time will still run out and you wont be able to do anything about it

heart attack?
oh dang no one cares you are still gonna fail at this-

this is the situation she explained to me on my finals-

a n d i a m t e r r ifi ed

im probably gonna go on a week or two hiatus after a week because im afraid that im gonna fail at history

that is my weakest subject and i dont even know anything about it

that is why i cant afford the time to make charatale animation right now because its really gonna eff me over this time

after the finals are over and everything goes well

i will go back to it and start drawing it 

it will take about a week to finish it because i know im not gonna stop until i finish that animation

uvu so ye

that is all 

heres the wip version if anyone is wondering

i might change it up when i go back to it but ye ovo

also heres the original heartache orchestral cover