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i hate following ppl bc now i’m seein all this new voltron shit and i know nothing about voltron but i do know that there’s a guy i’ve just seen in these leaks or whatever who seems like my type and i’m annoyed at how predictable i am & how badly i want to get into voltron now even tho i KNOW it won’t be my shit but… dude

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“Yeah, guess you did,” Keith said, feeling oddly breathless.

From my only legit work-in-progress fic that I actually haven’t worked on in, like, 2 weeks…

so that’s 9 words… @stargazershiro @kcgane @ace-pidge @xblackpaladin @officiallysheith @gayhura @blacklionshiro @eastofthemoon and @lightshesaid (no pressure, of course!)

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BB pulled a bottle of juice from the pack on their back and handed it to Cheri. “I’m no SIR unit by the way, I’m not even made by irkens, and my jobs are none of YOUR concern. However the one ‘mission’ I do have is to keep Cheri happy and as healthy as I can possibly make her.”
Cheri sipped at the juice before opening up another snack. She shrugged. “I don’t know and neither do all the doctors we go to. It’s something with my lungs though, and possibly my brain or pak.” She lowered her gaze before she took a bite from the new snack. Her illness wasn’t her favorite subject but she’d still answer any questions about it.


anonymous asked:

Are you taking prompts still? Harry is always so cool and secure and unruffled. What might be something that makes him feel insecure?

hi anon! yes! thank you for sending in the prompt hehe.

For as long as he has lived, Harry has always been very calm and collected and he has received praise about it, no doubt. The thing about Harry is that he is, first and foremost, a gentleman and everyone knows this; he’s polite, taken to idle small talks, he can make others feel as though they are the most interesting people on Earth, and, of course, he knows when to shut up (Merlin calls bullshit on this).

But not every man is perfect, Harry takes this to his heart. No, even Harry has certain flaws, like how he’s possessive about his significant others, how he doesn’t like to share, how he has killed a church full of people, how he struggles to sleep every night after V-Day, how his body keeps reminding him that he is not young anymore, how the thought of a certain young man keeps his mind at bay, and how he hates that he loves and completely crumbles at the presence of Eggsy.

Eggsy is handsome, funny, friendly, kind, and oh so young and Harry loves each and every single part of that boy, from his mind, to his blonde hair, to his eyes, to his neck, his arms, his torso, his legs, every single part.

Harry is old. He’s 57. His skin is starting to lose its stretch, his body doesn’t move as fluidly, his mind is more forgetful, and he just finds people more annoying every day. But not Eggsy.

He wants to protect this young man, with every last drop of his blood and with every last thought that he is able to have. He wants to gather Eggsy into his arms and kiss his breath away. He wants to love and fuck and forget all the terrible things that have happened.

He wants to take Eggsy home and never let him leave.

Harry sighs and takes off his glasses, tumbler of scotch still in hand. His fourth drink of the night and his millionth thought of Eggsy. He needs to stop doing this every night; it’s wearing him out and he fears that he won’t be able to keep his feelings inside anymore.

“Harry?” He loves how Eggsy tries to keep his voice down.


“It’s late, why don’t you go home?” Eggsy asks, his voice still hushed, “and I know you ain’t gettin’ any work done wit tha’ scotch in hand.”

Eggsy has on this smile and Harry’s heart just breaks.

“Yeah, I’m just thinking.”

“About wha’?”

“What to get for you for your wedding next week.”

Eggsy blushes and Harry’s aching in his chest.