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Fanfic: I Love Fucking Up

@goramidiot​ asked for Noctis warping naked so here we go lmao.

Final Fantasy XV
Word Count: 596

“I’m not drunk,” Noctis claimed, visibly swaying and holding onto the doorway for balance. “I’m just tuppy. Tepsy. Tippers.”

“Tipsy?” Ignis asked, crossing his arms over his chest and raising an eyebrow.

“Yeah!” Noctis grinned, squinting a little. “That one!”

“Noct, you’re drunk. And it’s three in the afternoon. I’m putting you to bed.” Taking hold of Noctis’ biceps, Ignis turned him around and began herding him towards the rooms that were still kept for him at the Citadel, even though he’d moved out years before.

“I’m telling you, Prom and I only had one drink. Two drinks. Onety-two drinks.” Pausing for a moment, Noctis started giggling, and he would have tipped over had Ignis not had a firm hold on him. “Hey Iggy, you know shit. Who decided to call it twelve instead of onety-two?”

“I don’t know, Noct. Focus on putting one foot in front of the other, please.” Noctis was squirming now, and it was getting hard for Ignis to keep his grip.

“When I’m king, can I change all the teens to oneties?” Noctis asked. That did actually make Ignis’ lips quirk up, but only because he was firmly behind Noctis where he wouldn’t see it.

“You’re only allowed to make decisions while sober, Noct.”

“I keep telling you, I’m fine!” Noctis claimed. “If I was drunk, could I do this?”

Before Ignis could stop whatever Noctis was planning, he was forced to let go and take a step back when a burst of blue energy materialised around Noctis.

“No!” Ignis shrieked, but it was too late as Noctis hefted the sword he’d just summoned and threw it out the open window beside him. Grabbing for Noctis, Ignis didn’t even come close, and suddenly the prince was gone.

Ignis wasn’t sure if it was inexperience, the alcohol or both that affected Noctis’ magic, but unlike his normal warping Noctis had left something behind this time.

There was a pile of clothes on the floor, and from what Ignis could tell before he rushed to the window, it was all of what Noctis had been wearing.

The sound of wolf whistling and cheering from below had Ignis’ worry being replaced by searing, frustrated anger, and his fingers were almost clutching the window frame hard enough to break it as he looked for the source of the noise.

Noctis had thankfully only warped from the second storey, and he’d landed on his hands and knees on a lush lawn; less thankfully, though, was the fact that the Crownsguard were using that same lawn to run through drills in the sunshine.

At least Gladio was there, already stripping off his singlet and wrestling it over the disoriented, wriggling, completely butt naked prince. He barely managed to step back in time to avoid Noctis turning to the side and puking, and Ignis cringed at the thought of the stories that were going to be told about that day.

Once it seemed safe to get close again, Gladio gathered Noctis up into his arms and then looked up, finally wondering where exactly Noctis had come from.

“I think you dropped something,” Gladio called once he spotted Ignis leaning out the window, an amused grin on his face.

“Yes, thank you, Gladiolus,” Ignis called back, feeling a vein pulse in his forehead. “I’ll be down to collect him in a moment.”

The Crownsguard were still tittering amongst themselves as Ignis stormed down the hall, his fists clenched and a headache quickly building.

Noctis was going to be lucky if he ever saw another drop of alcohol ever again.

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Daisy furrowed her brows and asked her brother, “I thought yous and ‘arry loved each other?”

Eggsy glanced briefly over his shoulder to where his sister sat, staring resolutely at her colouring book and crayons with the concentration of a child who is still learning everything, before turning back to the sink and rinsing off the plate he had been scrubbing. 

“We do,” he tells her, a little less convincing than he had hoped, unnerved that he couldn’t even make it sound convincing to himself, “but sometimes it’s a lot harder than that.”

“What’d you mean?”

It’s been nearly two weeks since Eggsy moved back in with his mum and Daisy; two weeks and three days since he and Harry last talked to each other; longer even since this seemed like something he was willing to keep fighting for anymore. He had shown up on this doorstep, tired and defeated and heartbroken–but most of all relieved and the guilt at feeling not much else as time went on was nearly as unbearable as the prospect of losing Harry once was.

“It’s one of them things I’ll learn when I get bigger, yeah?” Daisy asks after he doesn’t answer.

Eggsy sighs, shaking his head, leaning with his hands pressed against the cool sink. “Oh, Dais, I really hope not.”

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sk8tingrocks: Why do announcers tell the music time during practices?

Interesting question. We’ve never thought about why they do that. Anyone know?

ETA from latinaspitfire: “it’s not the music time, it’s the time they took to complete the program. this is so skaters can adjust accordingly if they go over (so they don’t get a deduction during competition).”

My favorite thing about this blog is all the cute gifs you use when answering questions

This is a heavily text-based blog, so it’s nice to inject a little color sometimes haha.

Why is it that even when skaters don’t do well in their performance, they still talk about happy and proud they are of it when interviewed? Clearly a lot of the times they aren’t happy with it when they finish. Is it because the judges will mark them harsher or something? Thanks

Well…some of it’s media training, and some of it’s skaters just choosing to focus on the positive side of things instead of the negative. There’s nothing wrong with a skater choosing to hide how bad they feel to the press. There’s also nothing wrong with them expressing how unhappy they are. Both can happen. It’s just people being people. I doubt judges care, unless a skater goes out of their way to criticize scoring.

Was the discord chat closed or..?

It’s still open, for now.

Why does PCS says more about reputation and consistency than actual skating quality?

PCS does reflect skating quality, but it can be influenced by a number of factors like a skater’s TES, consistency, reputation, the country they represent, skating order, where the competition is taking place, etc. Judges are human and scoring is subjective. In broad strokes, PCS is generally accurate - a skater with very bad skills will usually get much lower scores than a skater with very good skills. It can become contentious when it comes to skaters of closer skill level.

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Jem as a father

Typically I only respond to TOG/ACOTAR…..But, I could not resist this sweet prompt! I am in love with James Carstairs. 

- Jem teaches his and Tessa’s son the violin. He’s very patient, and even when the violin sounds like a dying cat, he’s very encouraging toward young William.

- He wakes his son up every morning at sunrise to train. It reconnects Jem with his youth, and his younger days, before he got sick, and healed, and grew older.

- Their son got Tessa’s love for literature. Although Jem does not know as much about literature as his wife, he still picks up vintage books from little, hole-in-the-wall bookshops for William to obsess over. 

- The number one thing Jem hopes his son learns from him is how to be a gentleman. Treat women with respect, he says, and, Wait until you’re in love to-

their son always interrupts, demanding that his father does not give him “the talk” again.

I’m sixteen, dad, I know about the birds and the bees. Then, sensing Jem’s worry, he will follow it up with, Don’t worry. I’ve listened to you all these years.

- Every night, ever since he was young, Will has begged his father to tell him stories of the man whom he was named after. Maybe it was because Jem would light up when he did, or maybe it was because he was simply curious. Either way, Jem would always come up with a different memory that made him laugh, and cry, and remember why he named his son after his parabati. 

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What if one of the boys got hurt physically somehow? How do you feel the others would help?

Chris: Chris would try to bring the atmosphere up, joke a little here and there, but does definitely take it seriously, but tries to bring up the mood even in the slightest.

DingDong: DD would stress out in his mind, but tries hard to keep it in. He’d make sure the other was fine, but still check on them a lot, almost like a mother hen, in a sense.

Julian: Julian would be the worst of the three. He’d try to push it away like no big deal, but almost seconds later would stress badly over it. He’d try to do anything in his will to make sure the other is fine, and if it was bad enough, there would be angry/stressed/sad tears.

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Humans are Weird: Theater People

Fawk! Ok. So many things I could do. Um give me a second. 

This was the first time Talasee had ever been to a colony station that was primarily inhabited by humans, but his human crew mate Larson had assured him he would enjoy the experience. 

Talasee had heard things about Omega Station T-9R. Strange things. He had heard that the humans had decorated spaces with colorful, thin, long, and flowing cloths that would cast colors all over the place when light filtered through them. 

He had heard how the humans would change their coverings constantly, even after wearing them for only a few minutes. 

He had heard whispers that the humans would talk to themselves one moment and then pretend they hadn’t the next. 

So to say that Talasee was a little worried about what his crew mate Larson was taking him into was a bit of an understatement. 

Still Larson assured him that the station was perfectly safe and that the humans there were wonderful beings. 

His first impression of the station was that it was very colorful. The colors were vivid and reminded Talasee of the trees that would grow on his home world. The humans weren’t as crazy as the Xanderite had first feared, but they weren’t exactly as reserved or calm as the humans he worked with on a regular basis. 

No these humans were loud, flamboyant, and in constant movement. Talasee couldn’t understand just what was going on as the humans spouted strange sayings at each other. 

And then suddenly one human stabbed another! The human was stabbed multiple times while the aliens and humans around them just kept walking or watching without doing anything.

“Et tu Brutus?” The stabbed human asked weakly before staggering to his knees. His death was prolonged and Talasee could only imagine how much pain the poor human must be in. 

“W-was that an execution?” Talasee whispered desperately to Larson. 

Larson didn’t seem to understand the question at first until he looked to where his companion was pointing with one of his wriggling appendages. 

“Oh! No. They’re just practicing. Must have a show later.”

“PRACTICING? They just MURDERED that poor human!” 

Larson tilted his head before a chortle escaped him. The chuckle grew until he was laughing so hard he almost collapsed. “Oh man! Don’t tell me you’ve never seen actors before? They’re pretending. It’s entertainment!” When Talasee flailed a bit and sputtered, Larson explained a bit more.

 “Omega Station is known for it’s culture. It’s been pretty much taken over by theater people. Actors. It’s like those vids I showed you, but live and with a lot more…” He struggled to find a word to describe the theatrics of the actors. “Well just a lot more. You’ll see.” 

Talasee didn’t quite understand until he was led into a hall with a stage where he would watch an old Earth drama called Hamilton.

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i don’t know how many of you follow politic developments in germany, but a far, far, far right party is currently the third strongest party ( it’s election day over here ) and ––– basically this marks the last day where we, as germans, can say that we’ve learned  ANYTHING  from our history and our past and just to see that, to see that a party like that gets over 13% of the votes is terrifying and heartbreaking and i am honest to god so scared what this means for my country and europe. they are basically n’azis. they are a party made up of old white men who VIVIDLY remember the war and still stand there spreading hatred regarding anybody who’s even slightly different. it’s a dark freaking day y’all and i am honestly broken over this. anyhow i had to vent a little.


Happy 9th anniversary, SHINee!! ♡ ♡ ♡   #9yearswithSHINee


The world is falling apart. Hurricanes in the US (where countless families have been displaced), massive flooding in southeast Asia (where thousands have already been reported missing or dead), a devastating earthquake in Mexico… there are more disasters going on around the world right now than we can name.

To help the millions who have been affected by these catastrophes, we’re currently organizing a Miraculous Ladybug charity zine (in the style of @a-little-light-zine​ that we did last year) to raise money for emergency relief aid.

We’re still deciding particulars (themes, artists, applications, etc.), but since so many people are in such desperate need right now, we ask that you not hesitate to donate as soon as possible.

Please check our How to Donate post for charity recommendations and zine donation rules.

A donation of ANY amount will get you a copy of the zine (even one cent). Please give whatever you can, even if it’s small. If everyone in the US alone donated a single penny, we could raise over 4 million dollars.

Let’s do this, Miraculers!!

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I think it’s very important that Joey was sent to Xefros and Dammek was sent to Jude.

It’s been stated a few times that Joey was bullied by the others at school and never really had any friends. She sees that same thing in Xefros- except his only friend is the Billy that hurts him. Xefros is probably Dammek’s only friend as well.

Likewise, Jude is stated to have a clique of friends that allow Joey to hang with them. Joey’s shown to even be a bit jealous of them. Jude’s success in healthy relationships, and just how supportive he is, will be important in his interactions with Dammek- showing him how friendships and healthy relationships are, and even making him realize how shitty he’s been to Xefros.

Because in the end, Dammek is a protagonist in a 10+ game. This won’t end awfully- at least, I’m hoping not. I think Xefros and Dammek’s relationship is going to be repaired, along with Jude and Joey’s.

On the flip side, the trolls are important to Jude and Joey’s development too.

Joey’s shown to be jealous of not only Jude’s friendships, but Jude’s confidence as well. She’s been partnered up with a troll who has VERY little confidence in himself, making it so that she has to be the one to step up and lead, while also helping Xefros grow to be more independent and confident. Having a friend and more confidence in herself will help amend Joey’s relationship with Jude.

Jude’s paranoia over his conspiracies is shown to get on Joey’s nerves. He may have been right this time, but this behavior can still be harmful towards Jude and his relationships with others in the future. But, if Jude’s paranoid, then I don’t even know how to describe Dammek. Dammek’s paranoia-inspired cruelty will show Jude the worst parts of his behavior, and will help him learn to trust others besides himself and his sister, letting him open himself up to reparations.

Homestuck has always dealt with dysfunctional relationships- on both sides of them, and how people’s behaviors can create these situations and obscure them. This is a new iteration of that- this will be a story of change for the better.

There’s so little representation for women over like 35 (which is wild, because 35 is fucking young) and even less representation for LBT+ women over 35 (cause every piece of media has us dying at like 19 or some shit).

It makes it hard to envision existing as an adult. I am an adult and sometimes it’s still hard to envision. There’s this idea that our visible aesthetics and flagging and cultural signifiers are things only for young people, but it’s not true. 

Every time I see a woman who is super intentionally and visibly gender nonconforming (in ways that, in straight culture, are associated with teenagers) I get this surge of relief. 

bless butch professors with gray hair. bless queer punk librarians with pink hair. bless older femmes who wear neon eye shadow to their day job. bless the out nonbinary trans woman who moderated a panel at a college and then gave a speech at a leftist protest three days later 

media might try to push the idea that our identities are temporary– that we’ll die young or grow out of them– but it’s not true. We’re here, and we’ve always been here, and we kick ass our whole lives. 

dating Bucky Barnes...
  • he’s definitely really hesitant around you at first because this is all so new to him and he doesn’t wanna fuck it up
  • he ends up pushing you away as a defence mechanism 
  • you’re not upset though, you understand and give him a little room
  • then one day it’s just you and him in the tower
  • so you decide to watch a movie (he let’s you pick)
  • so you go with Titanic because a) it’s a classic and b) he’d never seen it 
  • there’s subtle touches 
    • like his hand grazing yours in the popcorn bowl
    • or his side pressed against yours
    • he’ll definitely be paying more attention to you than the movie
  • that’s when he realises he’s in deep and you’re the only thing that matters to him 
  • he doesn’t even realise but he’s pulled you into his lap, crashing his lips onto yours

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for science

pairing: reader x jimin

rating: m

◦ word count: 7.7k

m a s t e r l i s t

Originally posted by parkjmzl

Absurd. Absolutely fucking absurd. It was 2am during finals week and the cafe was out of coffee? You had some colorful words for the person responsible. Dragging yourself up the stairs with sleep-ridden eyelids, you muttered curses under your quickened breath. You clenched and unclenched your fist. It was safe to say that your fifth espresso shot had officially just worn off. Despite the troubling rate of heartbeat and the fact that your hand was shaking all on its own, the subtle pounding of a migraine lingered between your temples in demand for something to keep it awake.

There was still a menacing stack of papers left to grade. If something could pull you away from it all, you would have been thankful. It was almost nauseating, actually, how much work you had yet to complete. Who the hell said grad school was a good idea? The urge to scream rippled in the back of your throat, tempting you to let everything out and just empty yourself into time and space.

It did you no better to return to the study room –the very cramped one that you had booked privately for the entire day– to find a regretfully familiar face emptying his bag across from your belongings. “What do you think you’re doing?” You felt lightweight as the angry jitters travelled through your body. The heavy door slammed shut behind you. It sent a deafening sound cracking through the library.

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I love you.

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All wrong.

This is the third and final part to my soulmate story. The other parts can be found above. Let me know what you

“No!” her scream echoed around Harry’s apartment, the pain in her voice cutting through him and making his heart clench.
“Harry, no.” it was a whimper now and Harry pressed his eyes shut, hoping that when he opened them again everything would be okay.
But that didn’t happen. Y/N fell to her knees, the loud thump making Harry turn around and stare at her in shock. The sight in front of him reminded him of last night, when he was the one to drop down on his knees and sob until his lungs were begging him to stop.
Y/N curled in on herself, making herself as small as possible. Her loud cries were heartbreaking and Harry wasn’t sure if she was able to breath anymore because her loud gasps didn’t sound like she was able to take in any air.
He kneeled down in front of her, one hand on her knee, his thumb stroking over the fabric of her skinny jeans.
“You have to calm down or you’ll make yourself sick.” he told her.
But her sobs didn’t die down, if anything they only got worse.
“Alright.” he sighed and lifted her up with one hand underneath her knees and one underneath her arms.
She wrapped her arms around his neck then, crying into his shoulder. Harry walked her to his living room, sitting down with her on his lap. He slung a blanket over her body because he knew that always comforted her.
He stroked her head, his fingers playing with her hair. It took time but after a while she stopped sobbing and gasping for air, her breathing still ragged but almost normal.
“I m-made a mistake.” she said after a while.
Harry didn’t say anything, he decided to let her talk and not interrupt her.
“I know I should have told him. But I was so goddamn nervous. I’ve been with him for two years now, it just seems unfair to me to break up with him so sudden. He stood in front of me yesterday and he was so happy to see me and… I just couldn’t do it.”
Harry thought for a moment. Of course he knew it wouldn’t be easy for her but didn’t she know that it wasn’t easy for him either?

“You didn’t have to have sex with him.”
“I know. I know I shouldn’t have done it but… I needed comfort. I felt like no matter what I do, it’s wrong. I just needed to forget everything for a bit.”
“But you knew that I would feel it. I told you.” Harry scoffed.
“I-I hoped you wouldn’t.”
Harry shook his head and let her glide from his lap, bending forward to rest his elbows on his knees, his head in his hands.
“Do you even know what that did to me? You ripped my fucking heart out. I spent forever in the shower to somehow get rid of that feeling of you with another man but it didn’t help. I’ve never cried so hard. I felt you having sex with him before but now that I met you, now that I kissed you… You cheated on me. You did the one thing you never were supposed to do.”
Y/N eyes were cast down to the floor, starring at god knows what.
“I…” Harry stopped, he didn’t know if he wanted to tell her.
But he had to.
“I don’t feel you anymore.”
Y/N screwed her eyes shut, her head shaking from side to side.
“I… don’t have that feeling in my chest anymore.”
Y/N got up from the couch and stood in front of the big window, starring outside.
Harry cleared his throat and got up as well.
“Maybe it’d be be best you’d lea-”
“What do I have to do to make this right?” she whirled around.
“I don’t know.” Harry sighed.
“There has to be something, Harry.”
“You destroyed us.” he smiled sadly.
“I don’t think you can do anything.”
“You can’t stop loving your soulmate, that’s not possible.” she shook her head.
Harry stared at her. She started to walk over to him, cupping his face in her hands.
“I still feel you. I still have that feeling in my chest.”
Harry had to admit that her touch did something to him.
“Just tell me what to do.” she begged.
He hesitated for a moment. The thoughts in his mind swirling around.
“We’ll go to your place. And I’ll wait with you until he comes home. You tell him.”
She nodded her head furiously.
“But I can’t promise you that that’ll make everything okay again.”
She smiled sadly but nodded.
She gazed into his eyes for a few more moments, before she leaned in to kiss him. But Harry whipped his head to the side so she could only reach his cheek. She closed her eyes with frustration, but pressed her lips against his skin harder.
“I brought breakfast. Maybe we could eat that before we go?” she asked him, somewhat nervous because she was sure that she couldn’t take another rejection.
“‘Course.” he agreed.

To say that breakfast was awkward would be an understatement. It was literally horrible. They sat across from each other, none of them knowing what to say or what to do.
When her phone dinged with a message she felt Harry tense up. Of course he knew who it was from.
“What does he say?” he asked with fake nonchalance, it may sound cruel but Y/N was glad that he reacted like that.
“He’s leaving work early. He’s home in an hour.” she told him, leaving out the 'I love you.’ he ended the message with.
“Then we’ll have to go.” Harry said and got up from his seat.

Once they arrived Y/N was shaking with nerves. Nothing was safe now. What would Matthew do when she told him? Hit Harry? Yell at her? Insult her?
And what would Harry do afterwards? Leave and never come back? Realize that he still didn’t feel anything?
She was scared. So incredibly scared.
When Matthew arrived it was like time stood still. He closed the door behind him and stared at Harry and Y/N, how he sat at the kitchen table with a frown and how she whirled around from where she was leaning against the kitchen counter.
“Um… hi?” Matthew said, confusion clear in his voice.
“Hi.” Y/N breathed.
“Who’s that?” he asked, referring to Harry.
“That’s Harry.”
They nodded at each other briefly as a way of greeting.
“My soulmate.”
Matthews eyes snapped to Y/N’s and lips parted with shock.
“Yeah.” she nodded.
“Well… it was about time, eh?” Matthew started to smile, a genuine one.
Y/N stared at him dumbfounded, like she couldn’t believe her ears.
“It’s nice to meet you.” Matthew said and walked over to Harry, outstretching his hand for him to shake.
“Nice to meet you too, mate.” Harry grinned softly and grabbed his hand.
“Probably not that nice, hm?” Matthew looked at him sympathetically.
“What do you mean?” Harry asked.
“I mean… My significant other has a boyfriend too and it rips my heart out. Probably the same for you.”
Harry nodded softly, his eyes catching Y/N’s who looked at both of them with wonder.
“So you two met today?”
“Um, no.” Harry replied.
“No?” Matthew asked and looked to Y/N.
“We… we met yesterday.” she answered.
It was quiet for a moment, everyone seemingly lost in their own thoughts until Matthew realized that if they met yesterday…
“Wait. Yesterday?”
Y/N and Harry both nodded.
“But… but we had…”
“Yep.” Harry nodded, popping the 'p’.
“Oh goodness.” Matthews’s eyes widened.
“I’m so sorry, mate. I didn’t know.”
“It’s not your fault.” Harry stared directly at Y/N.
She closed her eyes and looked away.
“Um… I guess I’ll better leave now, yeah? I think you two have a lot to talk about. I’m going to get my stuff the next few days.”
“Okay.” Y/N whispered.
“I really am sorry, mate.” Matthew told Harry, patting his shoulder once.
“Take care of her, yeah?”
Harry nodded with a tight lipped smile.
And seconds later the door closed behind Matthew.
Harry got up from his seat, the chair creating an uncomfortable sound against the floor.
He stood in front of Y/N with his arms crossed, starring her down.
“I-I didn’t know he would react like that.” she stuttered.
“What did you think would happen, hm? That he would yell at you? For meeting your soulmate?”
Y/N stayed silent because she knew whatever she would say it wouldn’t help her.
“You’re really not making this easy on me, you know? I don’t know what I’m supposed to so with all this.” he spoke, his voice gentle now.

He sighed when he saw her starring at the ground, her bottom lip wobbling. He took a step forward, his hands touching her upper arm softly.
“I want to love you. I want to love you with every fiber of my being and start a happy life with you. But I don’t know if I can do that.”
“Can we at least try?” she whimpered.
“Please. We can take it slow, as slow as you want. I’d do everything to make you forgive me. Please.” she begged.
“I need time, okay? Time to think.”
She closed her eyes briefly, the thought of not seeing him for some time too much.
“Anything you want.” she agreed nonetheless.
Harry nodded and smiled softly at her before he leaned down. Y/N gasped, thinking he’d kiss her but his kiss only landed on her cheek.
And seconds later her front door fell shut.

The first day she didn’t see him wasn’t easy for her but she handled it.
It wasn’t any easier for him either but he pushed through it.
The second day was much worse, her chest felt like it was tightening in on her and her body was shaking the whole day.
Harry felt like he couldn’t breath, his lungs struggling and his headache getting worse with every minute.
The third day was the worst, Y/N was feeling dizzy and weak. Her body not being able to move a lot before her limps gave out.
Harry felt hot all over but cold at the same time. He wasn’t able to eat or do anything really because he was sure he would faint.
But he had to do something.
One thing.
He drove over to her place even though he was shaking so much he couldn’t even hold the stirring wheel still.
He knocked against the door and gasped when she opened immediately. She looked even worse than he imagined. She was still breathtakingly beautiful but she looked in pain. So much pain.
“Oh, my love.” he whimpered and closed the little gap between them, wrapping her in a bone crashing hug.
She slung her arms around his neck and breathed him in, finally feeling like she was able to survive again.
He pulled away from her a bit, only so much to close the door behind him and look at her.
“I’m so sorry. I’m so sorry for what I did to you. Of course, I love you. God, I don’t even know how I could think that I don’t. I think I just pushed that feeling away because I was so heartbroken and hurt and mad and… I’m so sorry.” Harry spoke, taking forever to get the words out.
“You have nothing to be sorry for, you hear me?” she cupped his cheeks.
“No. You did absolutely nothing wrong. The only person who needs to apologize is me. What I did was the worst thing I could have ever done to you. I hurt you so much and I don’t think I can ever make that up to you. But I want you to know that I love you. I love you with everything I have and that won’t ever change.”
“I love you too.” Harry whispered.
Y/N smiled at him and stroked over his cheek with the back of her hand.
Harry gazed deeply into her eyes for a few more moments before he leaned in and connected their lips in a soft and loving kiss. Fireworks erupted behind their eyelids, butterflies in their tummies coming to life and their heartbeats speeding up.
“Show me. Show me how much you love me.” Harry whimpered when they parted again.
“Harry.” Y/N gasped.
“Are you sure?”
“Yes. Just… not here.” he mumbled, his cheeks turning pink.
Y/N understood and nodded, threading her fingers through his.
“Then let’s go to your place.”

They bursted through the door once they arrived, kissing passionately and not parting for a single second. Harry led her through his apartment, claiming her mouth with his and stopping every few moments to pull her tight against his body and feel her closer.
Once they reached Harry’s bedroom he didn’t know what to do anymore. He never did this before and he was nervous, he didn’t want to mess up.
But Y/N made him feel safe with her. She was gentle with him and loving. She kissed over his chest once she removed his shirt, making him feel warm inside. She guided him to do the same and once he threw her shirt to the floor he did, kissing over every inch of her soft skin.

She helped him open her bra, letting the straps fall from her shoulders and throwing the thing across the room, as far away as possible. Harry pressed her chest against his with his hands on her back, moaning softly when her skin came in contact with his.
Y/N’s hand wandered lower after a bit of time, palming him over the fabric of his tight jeans before squeezing briefly and causing another moan to fall from his swollen lips.
She opened the button of his jeans when he seemed okay with it, pulling the zipper down right after. Harry wiggled the tight fabric from his legs, throwing it behind himself before he began kissing her body again, over her bare breasts to her tummy and to the waistline of her jeans. He opened them slowly and pulled them down, gasping softly when his fingers brushed against her soft legs.
Y/N guided his face to hers, covering his mouth with hers and making him press against her, the bulge in his boxers rubbing against her panty covered crotch.
She let her hand wander into his boxers, moaning when she felt how hard and warm he was. And how thick.
She couldn’t take it anymore then, needing to see him. She pulled his boxers down, freeing him and watching how his cock slapped against his stomach with how hard he was. He was so incredibly big, the bulbous head of him leaking precum and smearing it on his skin.
She touched him, letting her index finger run over the very prominent vein on the underside of him and watching how he twitched at the contact.
Harry stared at her, how she seemed so fascinated by him. He groaned when she took him in her hand, not able to wrap her whole hand around him because he was just so goddamn big. She moved her hand up, twisting it once she reached his tip and stroking down again. Harry’s mouth was opened in a silent moan, his eyes rolling back when her thumb stroked over his slit and gathered his precum.
She stopped then, knowing that if she kept going this would be over before it even started. Harry looked down at her with glassy eyes, already looking absolutely fucked out. He hooked his thumbs into her panties and pulled them down her legs, gasping once he saw her completely naked.
She spread her legs for him, letting him crawl in between them. He stared at her. Her pussy was pink and glistening with her arousal, some of it dripping from her. Her stroked his middle finger in between her lips, gathering some of her wetness and licking it off with his tongue. She tasted amazing. He spread her lips apart with two fingers and pressed a kiss against her, grinning when she moaned for him.
Even though he never did this before he let his feeling guide him and it seemed he did good by the way she got even wetter and moaned underneath his mouth. But she pulled him away once she was close to reaching her peak, pulling him up by his hair and looking at him with wide eyes.
He crawled up her body, hovering over her before leaning down and pressing a kiss to her lips, making her taste herself on him.
“You’re so good, Harry.” she whimpered once they parted, wonder evident in her voice.
He grinned at her, before kissing her again and reveling in the way she reacted to it, her back arching and a quiet moan vibrating against his lips.
“I-I don’t have a condom.” he suddenly realized, his eyes widening.
“I don’t either.” she sighed and Harry already closed his eyes in frustration, his head dropping to her chest in defeat.
“But I’m on the pill and clean, I promise.” she told him, making him lift his face to look at her.
“I’m clean too but… is that really safe? I mean-”
“It is. Just pull out.” she told him and Harry nodded.
“Are you sure?” he asked her one more time.

“100 percent.” she answered in an instant.
Harry took ahold of him and lined him up with her entrance, rubbing his tip over her slit a few times to gather her wetness before he slipped it inside, watching with wonder how her eyes rolled back in pleasure. He pushed in then, slowly but forcefully until he was completely inside of her, his balls pressed against her ass.
She pulled him even deeper with her heels digging into the small of his back, making him hover over her.
“You’re so big.” she whimpered, moaning when he thrusted the tiniest bit.
“And you’re so goddamn tight.” he told her and began to pull out slowly until only the tip of him was inside her before thrusting back in to the hilt and making her scream in pure pleasure.
Harry took it slow and made sure she was able to feel every inch of him inside of her, filling her up. He loved the feel of her warm and slick walls around him, how they clamped down on him once she got close and got even tighter.
He rubbed her clit then, making sure to make her cum as hard as possible. With his hips snapping against hers, his relentless circles against her bundle of nerves and his encouragements to let go she came. And she came hard. She trashed around, moaning into the air, her eyes rolling back and her pussy squeezing Harry’s cock. He followed soon after, pulling out in the last second, pumping his cock in his fist and groaning loudly when cum spurted from his tip and landen on Y/N’s body, painting her tummy with thick and hot streaks.
Once he milked himself for everything he got Y/N dipped her fingers into his cum and licked it off, cleaning her whole tummy like that while Harry watched with wide eyes.
“Goddamn.” he whispered what made her giggle.

He pressed a kiss to her lips before he dropped to the mattress beside her, his mind not seeming to comprehend what just happened.
“Where the hell did you learn to fuck like that?” she asked him after a moment, making him choke on air.
“I haven’t- I mean I told you I never did this before.”
“Then you’re a natural.” she stated.
He didn’t say anything, the blush creeping up his neck towards his cheeks.
“Seriously.” she said and turned onto her stomach to look at him.
“That was the best sex I ever had.” she told him and stroked his flushed cheek.
“Wasn’t exactly making love, eh?” he giggled after a moment.
“No. Not really.” she grinned back and leaned down to press her lips against his.
“We’ll do that during round two.”
And just like that everything was how it was supposed to be.


Hey! Sorry, I know it’s been a while since I posted a one-shot! Believe me when I say I have a lot of stuff in the works… school has just been kicking my ass.

This is for this prompt, requested by @legendarylangst.

So Lance and Keith are neighbors - their bedrooms share a wall - (apartments) anyway, Lance gets sick - like rlly sick - so he stays home and tries to sleep it off, but in his sleep he moans ans groans because even in his sleep he’s in pain. and Keith thinks he’s getting off,, and bangs on the wall ans then when it doesnt stop he goes to the door and pounds on the door until Lance answers while in a blanket

Hope you guys enjoy!

Lance hated being sick.

Not that he’d ever admit that he was, but he despised it all the same. It wasn’t even the symptoms that bothered him the most, even though those sucked. It was the feeling of not being able to do anything. There was nothing Lance hated more than being useless.

Still, despite his protests, Hunk had decided that Lance couldn’t possibly go into work that day. The guy was usually a big pushover, except when it came to his friends’ health. Then all bets were off.

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Theo Raeken

Why does he look so damn hot in this gif? Like he’s getting head?

Summary- The reader is a hunter who’s had a crush on Theo for a while and takes him to her place to torture him with pleasure.

Idk if that make sense but I just got the idea from the gif lol.

In honor of teen wolf sunday.

Warning- Daddykink!Theo Sub!Theo(Begin half) Sub!Reader, Dom!Theo., Blowjobs, chocking, bitting, unprotected sex. That’s all I could think of

Word Count-2,553

Theo pulled on the zip ties groaning at the tightness around his wrist. He had been captured by an unknown hunter, Theo was in his truck hesitant on calling Scott from what he had discovered when he was at the clinic a spider that disappeared into thin air. When he was in his truck a flashlight came into his view, he thought it was the sheriffs department but it turned out to be a hunter by it’s lonesome who shot a dart into neck knocking him out.

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FFXV x KH Headcanons That I Have But Probably Won’t Doodle Part 4

Part 1 | Part 2 | Part 3

  • You know how sometimes in FFXV when you’re out in the woods next to animals that won’t attack you, you end up hitting one by accident while you’re fending off MTs?
        • AN ANAK CALF
    • He uses a Megalixir on it… Gladio is ready to End Him for wasting that on a stupid-looking giraffe cow!!!!
    • (Ignis: “Prompto, Noctis, go distract Sora while I take some of the mother’s meat to cook for dinner. I’ve come up with a new recipe, and the secret ingredient is ATTEMPTED INFANTICIDE.”)
  • While we’re talking about Sora and killing things– he doesn’t like to kill bugs. That puts him at odds with Noct and Prom on multiple occasions. Those two are the embodiment of those Internet memes depicting people burning their houses down to kill a single crazy-looking insect. Meanwhile Sora is over there feeling guilty about accidentally stepping on a snail
    • A talking cricket capable of reading and writing lived in Sora’s hoodie for like two years okay HE HAS A SOFT SPOT
    • Yes Sora is that guy to catch a spider and let it outside
    • Yes Gladio has killed bugs that Sora wanted to save while he scrambled around trying to find a paper towel… because yeah. He doesn’t want to touch that creepy crawly with his bare hands, even if his motives are Pure
  • Sora is able to see Gentiana and Carbuncle without the use of a camera
    • Cue the bros using Sora’s Actual Sixth Sense to their advantage by having him guide them to make silly poses with the invisible deities
      • Noctis can’t believe Gentiana plays along. What a good sport.
    • Sora checking his phone during one of Carbuncle’s visits and beginning to giggle uncontrollably
      • Noct: “How tf did he get your number”
  • Since Sora is a couple of years younger than everyone else (I headcanon him as 17/18 when he first comes to Eos), Ignis and Gladio are Very Protective of him
    • Honestly it’s like Sora has four big brothers
      • Gladio is floored by the fact that Sora is more or less a self-taught swordsman
        • He still helps train Sora because technique is important
          • He swells up with So Much Pride when he catches Sora using a move he’d taught him during training on an MT
        • Gladio is so excited to take Sora to try his first meal of Cup Noodles
          • Sora ends up being a bit of a purist; he doesn’t like meat or veggies– just ramen and broth.
      • Ignis is baffled by nearly everything Sora does and how nonchalantly he does it
        • This kid can jump nine feet in the air and even executes a fussy little flip when he does it wtf
          • Oh, well. At least Sora can pick those fruit over there by jumping and reaching so no one has to climb the tree and risk a broken neck
            • (Noctis: “I didn’t break my neck, Specs– I sprained my wrist!!”
            • Ignis: “Which wouldn’t have happened if you’d been more careful.”)
        • Sora is dared (hmm by whom?? I wonder…….) to prank Ignis by putting a rogue ingredient into the stew one night.
          • He and his cohorts (you know who they are) watch Ignis do a taste-test nonchalantly 
            • Who am I kidding they are totally obvious as they try to stop themselves from laughing
              • Dunno why you’re laughing, though, boys– that’s your dinner you’re sabotaging
          • Ignis is obviously disgusted by what he tastes. He stands there for a moment… and then he fumbles around in his pack for new ingredients
          • You bet your ass Ignis salvages the stew. In fact, it actually tastes better than before?? “I’ve come up with a new recipe, and the secret ingredient is ATTEMPTED SABOTAGE.”
            • Don’t ask Sora what the rogue ingredient was, Ignis. He’s not from around here and wouldn’t really know a Lieden pepper from a Duscaean potato
              • Prompto caves and tells him
        • The next day… how strange… it seems that Ignis only made enough dinner for himself and Gladio to enjoy… looks like it’s time for Toast for the Culinary Saboteurs
          • Ignis drags it out for a bit before giving the boys their share.
      • Noctis reminds Sora of Riku a lot.
        • Yes, by that I mean he tries to have a cool exterior but is actually a Giant Goober
        • Noct fishing while sitting at the end of the pier with Sora, long after the other bros have lost interest and wandered elsewhere
          • Long talks about friends and hopes for the future
          • Noctis feeling a little guilty because Sora seems so… comfortable with the burden of protecting not just one world, but a whole bunch.
            • Meanwhile, Noctis is reluctant to accept a king’s responsibility. He never asked for this. He just wants to be… normal.
              • Sora eventually admitting to having doubts about why the Keyblade stayed with him, and quietly wishing for the day to come that the worlds won’t need a single Keyblade master.
                • Turns out the two of them have more in common than Noct first thought.
          • Noctis trying to reel in the DEMON FISH from the VR game and Sora is in such a panic and so desperate to help that he PUNCHES THE MONSTER FISH IN THE FACE and BREAKS EVERY KNUCKLE IN HIS RIGHT HAND
      • Prompto and Sora are BEST FRIENDS and honestly IT HAPPENS SO FAST
        • Prom gives Sora some photography lessons and lets him loose in Galdin Quay
          • He ends up with a memory card full of cat photos of various angles and degrees of blurriness
        • Somehow a local reporter overhears Sora talking with Prompto about his intention to take a photo with every single Kenny Crow statue in Lucis and ends up having a little article published about him. Just seems like one of those slice-of-life stories that the media would eat up
          • They use one of Prompto’s photos of Sora and Kenny for the newspaper!!! It’s on like the 85th page nestled into a corner, but he’s!!! Officially!! A published photographer!!!
          • In the long night, there are several instances that find Prom and Sora on a hunt near a Crow’s Nest they never had a chance to visit during their road trip. Taking a photo is a matter of obligation at this point
            • Prompto scrolling through the Caw, Kids! It’s Sora Crow! folder and tearing up as he starts from the first photo and scrolls forward. By year seven of the long night, Sora’s smile as he stands under Kenny’s wing doesn’t reach his eyes
  • Starscourge!Sora headcanons that aren’t completely miserable??? Look at them, hanging out above the angst cut????
    • It eventually gets to the point that Sora’s left eye glows in the dark like a nightlight
      • Prompto finds himself using the glow of Sora’s fuckin’ daemon eye to try and read the map after his flashlight’s battery dies
        • omfg
        • It’s just so absurd that the two of them burst out laughing
        • It’s the first time either of them had laughed in a while. It felt… nice…
        • Gladio pressing a hand over Sora’s eye when they’re trying to sneak up on a daemon because it will give them away
        • Prompto’s response is to give Sora an eyepatch he swiped from the clinic for their next hunt
          • Sora: “I always wanted to be a pirate as a kid. Who says dreams don’t come true, even in this horrific post-apocalyptic hellscape”
          • Also Sora: “Srsly Gladio I can see better in the dark with this eye maybe don’t”

Head into the misery dojo if you dare under the cut

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