still not convinced i was wrong ahaha

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I loooooove the Idea of a Acnologia x Anna ship! Though one thing that always bugged me (and this may be total crack theory here) is that Natsu and Acnologia always looked kinda similar to me. Think Mashima did that on purpose too?

I don’t know tbh, there’s only so many ways you can draw people in a certain style, you feel? People were dead-convinced Brandish was Juvias long lost sister for a while, remember? Or that Serena is Yuri. Or that Acno and Gajeel look alike. Or… you feel me.

But I would absolutely be here for some Acnologia/Natsu parallels!!!! Acno could be like a peek into Natsu’s future if he continues to overdo it, he could be Natsu-gone-wrong in a way, ahh yes that’d be super nice. >B)

If we get Acno’s backstory soon and we see he was similar to Natsu once (*still crosses fingers for the Annalogia crackship to parallel Nalu* ahaha) then I shall sip soe champagne and lean back to watch us all scream in agony.