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about last night

description // Snowbarry - Barry is troubled to have one less member of his Flash team on his side to face Dr. Wells, and he’s desperate to make one Caitlin Snow see reason.

an // Thanks to haelover from this post and inspiring this fic. I thought that expression of ‘about last night’ was always odd to exchange between just-friends. 


The absolute truth: she is a machete and a first aid kit dressed in pencil skirts and an ever-present skeptical brow. She cuts him up with equal parts of her reprimanding and caring words as much as she patches him back up again, and he’ll never stop marveling at all she’s done for him. If it wasn’t for her lending her genius, her skillful hands, he’s sure he’d be grappling for his life now, wondering how he could do all he does without her.

That’s the truth. And even more glaringly obvious is the fact that she has to be on his side for when he faces Wells. He needs her. There is no way around it, no other option to move forward.

To move, to run, to do something. He can’t take it when he announces, ‘I have to go.’ Cisco and the others only nod in realization, and he leaves his cold pizza, half-finished and forgotten.

He follows her at a mad dash, finally releasing energy from the maddening way his foot had been impatiently tapping for a half hour after she had left his house. Like a man possessed, he finds himself at her apartment doorway with his fist at the ready to knock, but he is stricken with the coincidence of finding her on her way out.

‘Barry,’ she glares up at him, looking expectant.

‘I want you on my side,’ he amends his thoughts, knowing that this is as much as a need as it is a want for him because this happens to be a choice for a matter too close to him now, she is his choice.

‘I am always on your side,’ she confirms, smoothing her frown lines, reading how anxious he feels. ‘But…’

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