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Spending NYE with Harry would include...
  • him waking you up really early because “how can you miss the last morning of the year?” even though it isn’t that early and “Harry, please, it’s not like it isn’t like the others” being muttered grumply against his biceps because you were just fine sleeping peacefully until he decided to be a little shit.
  • eating whatever you can get your hands on easily because you’d prefer to sleep more and you’re not even hungry anyway
  • spend the day going grocery shopping (him putting you in a shopping car as if you were a damn kid but still laughing because you’d forgotten how funny it was)
  • (At the end you buy more thing that what you went for in the first place, but it doesn’t matter because now you have more baking supplies and he ‘used to be a baker, haven’t I told you, babe?’ and you can’t complain when you get to taste his famous triple chocolate brownies or his exquisite macarons ‘pink, I want them pink!’)
  • Anne told you that she had everything under control, that she only wanted you to be on time (because, let’s face it, when Harry is involved it is almost completely impossible to help yourself and you always get too carried on when it’s time to leave, resulting in the both of you earning a well-deserved reputation for always being late)
  • You try, really try not to give on his beautiful green eyes and those stupid tattoos still wet from the shower he just had… but you know him, and he knows you, and he knows that you won’t resist him nor you want to
  • So you end up messing the bed (’don’t worry, i’ll change the sheets so you can fix your makeup’) and moaning each other’s names like they were the most soul-touching prayer, with such adoration that lust and love were combined and you couldn’t see when either of them were.
  • when you’re both coming from your highs, he grabs your waist ‘no, not yet. Let me cuddle you a little”
  • ‘But Harry…!’
  • ‘My mom won’t get angry at you, I promise. Just don’t let go of me’ he said, sounding already sleepy. You sighed, nodding.
  • ‘If she says something, I’m gonna tell her that her son is a pain in the ass’
  • ‘You wouldn’t dare talking to her like that!‘
  • ‘It’s still true, tho’
  • And he would frown and said ‘you’re not nice, darling’
  • ‘Move, please, we can keep cuddling once we’re back from dinner’
  • like I said… you’re not nice’
  • but he’ll let go of you, kissing your temple as you find your way to his neck, letting small kisses there that don’t match what you’re lips said
  • and after being teased about coming late (’Again. Seriously, why are you always late? You don’t even live that far!’) Harry would smirk and blame you, giving you a look behind his parents eyes that would make Gemma roll her eyes in a playfully disgusted way
  • You’d talk to his family already feeling comfortable around them, as you are with your own family
  • they would ask you about school, your work, your parents, your plans for the next year… and harry would look proud about every single answer you give, because he ‘can’t believe my girl is that perfect, how did i get this lucky?
  • And once the clock marks a new beggining, he would grab your waist and close his lips against yours, with a touch that feels like a butterfly’s.
  • ‘Let’s hope that I can stand you another year’
  • ‘Harry!’ you’d punch him in his chest, frowning.
  • ‘I was just kidding! Just kidding, darling! Now, kiss me again, yeah?’

hatsunemikufan108  asked:

( feel free to ignore me if im bugging you ) Do you still make jewelry? If you do, how much would a small pendant cost? As in like.. The gem on Farz's pendant, just smaller. It's 1000% okay if this is a no, I'm just curious since i admire your jewelry :3c

You mean like thisss?

[ smug chortling ]

Nah, I don’t make jewellery any more though. I just assembled this one myself after buying the pendant online. 

All my paints and clay and shit are all boxed up and put away -flips hair- that chapter of my life is over.

No One Else

for swedishmeatballarmin SweetheartAnatoly x reader fluff thanks for being the 700th follower you rock girl xoxo sorry it took awhile!!

“For the love of God, man, the point!! Do you understand the concept of an open player?? Pass to the point!,” you yelled at the Islanders game on your TV as you looked up from where you were cutting vegetables in your kitchen, grumbling that this team would be the death of you.

You felt a familiar pair of rough hands grab your waist from behind and you felt yourself relaxing at the touch even though you continued to chop with ferocity.

“Shhh принцесса, it is just a game,” Anatoly chuckled into your ear as he planted a kiss on your cheek.

You sighed. “It still makes me mad knowing how much these придурки get paid to play and yet they play like shit!”

Anatoly grinned and cupped your face upward; you couldn’t help but smile at him beaming at you. “I’ll buy you new team and you can coach them all however you want, da?”

You let out a genuine laugh and placed the knife down to wrap your arms around his neck, bringing your lips to meet yours as he tightened his grip around your waist.

You had been dating Anatoly for a few months now and anyone who looked at the two of you could tell how absolutely smitten you both were. He may have been tough on the outside, but there was an underlying sweetness there that captivated you. You knew he would do anything for you. Whenever you stopped by the garage to see him – even if his men or brother were around he’d croon out “Привет, красавица” and pull you into his lap while you played with his hair as he worked on whatever paperwork he had to read over that day. You’d usually go for a walk and despite the odd looks from some of his men, he never let go of your hand first. You knew he was proud that you were his, and you loved that he wasn’t afraid to show it. It was the same when outside of work; constant compliments and kisses over every inch of your skin. He made you laugh and he made you want to believe in yourself. You would never tire of hearing him say “I love you,” in either Russian or English and you would never tire of saying it.

You both broke apart only when hearing Vladimir’s exaggerated noise of disgust, the two of you flipping him off in unison. “Save that shit for when I leave and focus on the food, I’m hungry,” Vladimir huffed out irritably from your couch, a glass of vodka in one hand.

“Keep up that tone and I’m not feeding you,” you shot back tauntingly as Vladimir made a face at you.

“It probably won’t even be edible,” he said with a wicked smirk.

The smirk vanished when you whipped a well-aimed clementine orange off your counter at his spiky blond head, earning an approving clap from his brother and a glare from Vladimir. “She attacks me and you clap for her? What the hell, Tolya?!” Vladimir snarled.

Anatoly merely shrugged and looked at you proudly. “You know better than to piss her off.”

You smiled sweetly and went over to a sulking Vladimir, kissing the top of his head gently. “I’m sorry I hurt you, little one. You are the reason I’m cooking, anyways.” Vladimir grunted in acknowledgment and you smiled – you two fought a lot, but you knew that he did at least like you and would kill anyone who tried to harm Tolya’s girl.

After getting tired of hearing Vladimir bitch about American food (even though he mostly ate Chinese takeout) you had finally lost it and yelled that the brothers would be joining you on Sunday for real Russian cuisine at your place and there would be no questions about it. Vladimir had looked at you skeptically – you were only half Russian from your mother’s side and Irish on the other. But, you insisted fiercely, your mama had taught you a kickass family recipe for Borscht and if he didn’t want to try it, he didn’t have to come. And while he had grudgingly agreed (you knew Tolya would be there without question), you knew how Vladimir really did miss the sentimental food from his old home – but you knew he was too stubborn to ever admit it freely. And it helped knowing that Tolya had told you in secret how excited Vladimir really was for this dinner – you really did want to make it nice for both of them.

So there you were, putting the finishing touches on your Borscht. You had also picked up a really nice loaf of rye bread, made your favorite garlic-rich pelmeni dumplings, Olivier salad and, as a surprise for later, Apple sharlotka (a recipe from your beloved grandmother). The boys only really knew about the Borscht, but that changed when Vladimir’s head snapped around from the couch like he had whiplash. “What do you have there?” He asked hopefully.

You couldn’t suppress a grin. “Pelmeni, why, does someone like?”

Vladimir’s jaw actually dropped and he raced up from the couch to tear the plate out of your hands with a hurried, “I’ll help you with that,” quickly placing it on the table and staring at it lovingly.

You tried to suppress your giggles as Tolya muttered, “Those were always his favorite. Good call Ангел.” Tolya grabbed the bread and salad while you ladled out generous portions of Borscht into bowls, humming as you dolloped sour cream in it. Putting your waitressing skills to use, you easily balanced three bowls and set them down in front of your boyfriend, his brother and your own place.

“Alright, my loves, enjoy,” you said happily, staring in amusement as Vladimir lunged at those pelmeni. “Damn, Volodya,” you said teasingly.

Vladimir looked up at you intensely as he swallowed. Before you could shimmy away, he had grabbed your face and planted a huge kiss on your cheek. “I know I tease the shit out of you, but that stops,” he said earnestly with a smile. “As long as you keep cooking like this.” You wiped at your cheek but also smiled. Anatoly beamed at you, grabbing your hand and placing his lips to kiss your knuckles and sending butterflies through your stomach. “This is perfect. We can make Sunday our family day,” he said, looking directly at you.

Your heart skipped a beat as he included you as part of his family now – solidifying your importance in his life and in his future. You didn’t know what to say, but the look on his face as he gazed at your tender expression seemed to say he understood what that meant to you.

“Oh!” You said suddenly, standing up from the table to run to your room to grab dessert. You came back triumphantly as the boys looked on inquisitively. “I know it’s early on, but I needed to show Blondie over here just how good I really can-” “SHARLOTKA?! MOTHERFUCKING SHARLOTKA?!” He yelled out like a very mature kid on Christmas.
You grinned. “I guess the teasing is over forever.”
Vladimir shook his head incredulously spooning Borscht into his mouth with ravenous delight. “I take anything mean I ever said back, just let me have that dessert!” Tolya laughed and stood up to grab the dessert from you, placing it lightly on the table before pulling you into an intense kiss. “я люблю тебя. спасибо, любовь моя,” he murmured thickly and you were surprised to see his eyes looking rather wet. You kissed him gently.“я тоже тебя люблю.”

Vladimir looked up this time not to make fun, but almost thoughtfully. “You need to marry this woman, Tolya. No other one in New York can cook like this.”

Tolya looked at you in the kind of way that made you melt. He tucked a strand of loose hair behind your ear. “There’s no other woman in the world like this.”

-Hey, beautiful
- I love you. Thank you, my love.
-I love you too.

Christy’s little guide to gain more confidence in the every day life
  • Music. Most people who are not that comfortable being out in public, tend to feel better when listening to music. It creates this kind of protective bobble around you. Plus if you listen to positive music it can maybe help on the stress when being out among strangers and not feeling good about yourself.
        -Also, if you are going into a store and have to buy something keep one      of the earplugs in your ear. This helps you to still be a bit in that bobble      even though you have to face a stranger. And trust me, if you just              know what to do and have money to buy your shit most cashiers                doesn’t care that you are half listening to music.   

  • Go and eat in public. This is a thing that is hard for a lot of people who don’t have that much confidence, especially if it is like a big sandwich or a burger from McDonald. However it is really important that you eat when you are hungry and don’t wait to you are home if you are out, if you are about to die. You just need to start out slow. If you are one of those people who won’t eat anything, then try your best and start out with some fruit or something, and then later try and work your way up from there.
    One the other hand, if you are one of those who are limited because they can only eat really healthy when being among others, then you need to try and step out from your zone sometimes. It’ll help in the long run. Take baby-steps and maybe try and eat some pasta you bought or a little candy bar. But remember, if you are really not comfortable then don’t, okay.
  • You walk outside and suddenly someone bumps into you. You apologize, but the idiot still starts to yell at you. This is where most people with low confidence would bow their head and take it in. Don’t. If you said sorry and that person isn’t satisfied with that, they do not deserve that you listen to them yell. If you can, then politely tell them to stop. If you can’t do that, then when you walk away, look back and give them a death glare. It doesn’t matter if they see it or not, but most the times it can give kind of a little satisfaction to know that you didn’t completely let them win. (Of course, if the person looks like someone who can kick you into the next dimension, then it’s probably best to just let it slip..Safety first!) 

  • You have heard this before, and now you’ll hear it again. Try and stand in front of your mirror and say something nice about yourself. If it is hard, and make some kind of a joke like “holy hell I look fab today” and then make a silly face. As long as you can make yourself laugh, you are in the right direction. Practice this, even though it might seem stupid. At some point it will be more and more easy to make those little comments to yourself “ey there sexy, you should really get some pants on now” or something like that. Make yourself laugh, and remember that you are a first class star, even when you stand in you pajamas with morning hair.

  • Remember what your friends have told you. It can be hard to see what is good about yourself, but I’m 1078% sure that you - at some point - have had at least one friend who said something nice about you. Remember this. And if you have a bad memory and then write it down. There is nothing wrong with this, trust me. It doesn’t matter if you believe what they said or not, the important part is that you have a piece of paper (or maybe a mobile note) where you can see what the people you love things about you. You can even bring it with you, if you are going somewhere and you are afraid that your confidence will break. It is for your own good, and I’m sure your friends would appreciate it a lot.    

Life Lately:

I’ve been quite busy for some time now but all is well. I already moved in to our new place here in the city. Currently, I’m missing the familiarity and comfortability that the provincial life brings, since everything is new from the place to the people surrounding me. It’s hard to take it in all at once but I’m working on it, I really am. To be honest, I’m still hesitant when it comes to things that involves going outside. The stories about the streets in Manila scared the life out of me so I make up excuses not to go outside. Paranoid, I know. I still went out though because I have to buy food.

Incidentally, college is around the corner and I’m very much nervous about it. I can’t handle my emotions well sometimes, you see. Plus, you could hear me murmur the words “Get your shit together” or “Fake it ’til you make it.”  When shit happens though, I awkwardly laugh and a parenthesised cursed word follows at the end lol. I hope I would do well enough or yet more than enough.

Wish me luck!

I really like Iron Bull and Leliana not really liking each other. Just these two spies jabbing at each other in passing until the Inquisition ends or one of them leaves. In my fic Bull is used to Leliana’s glare, he even jokes at her sometimes, but he generally leaves her to her distrust of him. He thinks it’s valid and he thinks it’s smart, especially before he leaves the Qun. After, well, I like my Bull with a bit of fear, so maybe he thinks its still valid because what if he goes mad? For me, this is pretty deep down, though.

Leliana just doesn’t buy him.  Like, you told us you were a qunari spy and now you got half of Skyhold either dicked down or at your tavern table being chummy or both? Keep that sus shit over there. I don’t think she appreciated the whole little qunari fake-assassination if Bull goes Tal-Vashoth, either.

Also I really think if the redhead comment ever got back to Leliana that didn’t help at all.

you’re telling me that dan howell doesn’t care about his fans? dan howell will try to connect to public wifi even though that’s hella dangerous for your personal data when his wifi’s being shit, he will buy a wifi extender so that the incident doesn’t repeat itself the next week, he’ll say things like “i can’t believe an hour has passed already”, he’ll try to motivate the hell out of you because you’re a special fucking flower, too, he will educate himself when he’s wrong, he tries to set a good example while still not putting his opinions on a pedestal and answers our sometimes silly questions, thanks us for hanging out with him - he bloody cares so much, okay? and i’m very grateful to have him