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Devoid Of Color - Smut

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Author: @dumbass-stilinski
Rating: NSFW 18+
Pairing: Dylan O’Brien/Reader
Words: 4,170
AN: This was an anon request for a Soulmate AU where you didn’t see colors until you met your soulmate. I hope I did this justice because Soulmate AU’s are my FAVORITE. Love ya’ll, let me know what you think!

Title taken from Halsey’s Colors. The Veselka and Space Billiards are real places in NYC. You’re welcome.

If there was anything you wanted more in life, it was to meet your soulmate. As strange as it sounds, meeting your soulmate was a top priority in everyone’s life, because you needed to meet them in order to see color. The world was just a drab mixture of blacks and greys before that. Your mother had explained it to you once when you were small, that color would wash over your vision slowly, dull and drab, but still there. It was only when you got to know them more that the colors would become brighter, streaks of red and blue and yellow lighting up the world in full HD.

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Ok, so I bought this skirt off eBay on a hunch because it was pretty cheap and looked good in the product photos, but now that I got it, I’m not so sure any more. I might still be able to find something that goes with it or modify it or something, but as it is now, not a big fan. 😕


So, this is my first attempt at a standalone smut, so hopefully it’s okay! Let me know what you think!

You sighed as you left work, waving goodbye to your colleagues. Thank God it was the weekend and you wouldn’t be due back in again until Monday. You climbed into your car and sat with your head against the steering wheel. It had been a long week for you, with your boss being more of an asshole than usual and deadlines upon deadlines stacking up against you and any plans for a social life, or even just half an hour of peace without anything work related rudely entering your mind.

You were pulled out of your thought as your phone began to vibrate on the passenger seat next to you. It was your boyfriend of several years. Josh had finally gotten a break from touring, even if only for a couple of weeks, and for that, you were grateful.

“Hi Josh, is everything okay?”

“Hi baby, everything is great, I’ve just got back from hanging out with Jesse and Ashley. Just wondering if you’re hungry?”

You’d already eaten dinner, one of the admin guys had just turned 30 so they had ordered in pizza for the whole office. You’d maybe had a slice or two more than you intended, but fuck it! You had earned it from all the hard work you had been putting in!

“Hmm, I’m not hungry for dinner, but there should be stuff in the house for us to make sundaes if that’s okay?”

Josh quickly agreed, stating that everything would be ready for you coming home. Josh did sound pretty excited on the phone, although you weren’t sure if that was because you were coming home, or because Josh had an excuse to eat ice cream for dinner. Possibly the latter.

The message tone rang out whilst you were driving home, tempting you to check the screen, but you persevered until you had pulled up outside of the house you both shared.

~ The door is open baby, meet me in the kitchen

You grabbed your handbag, locking the Audi and making your way to the front door. Pushing open the front door, you were greeted by the sounds of soft romantic music coming from the kitchen. The kitchen door was closed, but you could see a dim glow coming from under the door. You quickly removed your coat, kicked off your high heeled pumps and dropped your bag in the living room.

When you opened the kitchen door, you were not greeted by the view you were expecting. Instead of Josh sitting by the kitchen table, with two bowls of ice cream, the view was something far different. Stood in front of you, Josh was wearing nothing but a pair of low slung boxers, a tiny apron and a chef’s hat. Displayed on the counter tops behind him were a variety of condiments and sprinkles, including your favourites: maraschino cherries and Nutella.

“Instead of making a sundae, I thought maybe you’d like something else for dessert?” Josh stepped towards you, pulling you in for a passionate kiss, which quickly turned to a full blown make out session.

Just as you began feeling dizzy from the lack of air, Josh moved away from your lips, trailing kisses and little nips down your neck and along your collarbone. You moaned a little at the sensation.

You felt something cold against your skin. Looking down, you watched Josh spray a small line of whipped cream from a can down the opening of your shirt, stopping just at the swell of your breasts, before licking it off of your body, watching you intently.

He slowly unbuttoned your work shirt, sliding it down your shoulders before removing your bra. Josh pinched your nipples just the way you liked it, you could feel him pressing against your hip. Clearly he was enjoying this as much as you were.

“Wait here, I want to try something.” Josh disappeared quickly into the living room while your eyes were trained on his ass. You’d spent many a hometown gig, hiding in the wings at the side of the stage watching that ass as he drummed on top of the crowds.

When Joshua entered the kitchen again, you noticed the black tie in his hands. Your stomach flipped a little. You and Josh had discussed (at length over text and skype) trying being blindfolded, and maybe even having your hands tied behind your back, but you hadn’t expected it to happen so soon.

“Trust me?” Josh asked, checking you were comfortable. You nodded quickly as you began to feel excited. He tied the tie around the back of your head, covering your eyes, before continuing to play with your breasts. At first, you could feel Josh’s skilled hands and fingers teasing, pinching and squeezing gently. Then you could only feel one hand on your left breast, still teasing.

“Do you want some ice cream?” You opened your mouth expecting to be spoon fed by Josh.

You were startled as a cold, wet mouth latched itself onto your breast, sucking gently, his tongue swirling around your nipple. You could feel the excitement pooling between your legs, squeezing your thighs together in the hopes of a little friction.

Josh took a large spoonful of ice cream, feeding it to you, before feeding himself another and working on your other breast, giving it just as much attention.

Just when you were excited enough by the attention Josh was lavishing on you, his mouth began to move down your body, trailing kisses down your stomach. He paused to unzip and remove your skirt.

“I’m so lucky you’re mine,” Josh sighed. He had always been a fan of your legs, whether it be in short skirts, a spare pair of his shorts or just when his face was pressed between them.

He slid his hands into the waistband of your tights. You expected him to peel them down slowly to tease you, just like he usually would. It was obvious Josh would be full of surprises tonight as he gave them a quick yank. You could feel ladders beginning to form in the tights. He pressed one hand against your stomach, holding you still as you began to squirm a little, the other hand bundled up in your tights as he tugged hard against them ripping them down the left side.

Josh’s teeth nipped at your right hip as he grabbed at the remaining tights with his teeth pulling them away and tearing them fully from your body.

You heard a little fumbling, causing you to lift the makeshift blindfold and peek a little. Josh was stood by the counter, can of whipped cream in one hand and a jar of Nutella in the other. He turned around, catching you red handed. He gave you a look which was intended to be firm, but you could tell by the smirk on his face that he was amused by your actions. He took a few steps forward, laying the sweet condiments he held on the countertop next to you.

“No peeking or you get punished. Turn around and move the tie back down.” You complied with Josh’s request, turning around to face the kitchen cupboards and pulling his tie down to once again cover your eyes. You could feel Josh step behind you, his breath on the back of your neck, slowly running his hands up and down your sides-

A sharp stinging sensation swept across your ass. He had just spanked you! His palm rubbed softly against the sore spot, before slapping down firmly once again.

You had to admit you were enjoying this more than you had expected. Josh turned you around again, so you would be facing him. You heard him chuckle a little as he hooked his fingers into the sides of your underwear, ripping them off of you as well. He began to kiss from your mid calf to the inside of your thighs, stopping just before you could get too excited.

You could feel a sticky substance (which you could only assume was the chocolate-hazelnut spread) being smeared up the inside of your thighs before Josh’s tongue slid up slowly. He teased you with his tongue, peppering little bites along the way. Once one thigh had been licked bare again, he moved to the other side, mirroring his movements. He moved away again shortly after, for just a few moments before you heard him again.

“This ice cream is delicious, do you want more?”

Before you could answer, you felt a cold wet kiss directly on your core. You gasped as Josh’s tongue darted out, flicking against your already swollen clit. The ice cold sensation on your heated core, along with Josh’s previous teasing had you almost tipped on the edge already.

You moved one hand to the back of Josh’s head, tangled in his hair holding him firmly against you as he licked and sucked. Your other hand pulled the makeshift blindfold off, you didn’t want to miss this view. You looked down, Josh was happily buried between your legs, pulling away to smile at you quickly, before re-attaching himself, and slipping a finger in between your folds to pump slowly.

You began to grind a little against Josh, only encouraging him as he slipped a second finger inside you and began to pump a little faster.

It didn’t take long before you were seeing stars. Josh pulled away, wiping his mouth and kissing his way back up your body, your legs shaking a little in the aftermath.

“You taste even better than ice cream baby.”

Josh spoon-fed you another mouthful of ice cream, which was now melting in the tub, before launching his lips back on your own. You still held the tie in your hand, and you were about to put it to good use.

“Now it’s your turn.” You pushed Josh away a small distance, maybe just a few inches, before wrapping his tie around his wrists, making sure it wouldn’t hurt him, but would hold tight. You pushed him back until he was sat on the island table in the centre of your cosy kitchen. Giving him one final push, Josh fell back until he was lying fully on the table, with his arms above his head, and his legs dangling off of the edge of the table.

You moved over to the side counters looking at the assortment of toppings before deciding on a few. You took a large spoonful of Nutella, dolloping it directly onto Josh’s smooth chest, spreading it out.

Next, you picked up a bottle of sprinkles, shaking them over the chocolate-hazelnut mess you had made. Finally, you finished off your masterpiece with a little of the whipped cream and a few cherries.

You could see that Josh was beginning to get impatient, straining a little against the tie restraint. You giggled a little, picking up Josh’s phone from the side and snapping the perfect picture. Just a little reminder for later.

You dipped your face down to meet Josh’s lips, kissing him hard before moving back over his chest. You licked wide strips down Josh’s chest, stopping just before the waistband of his boxers. This continued until all the Nutella had been removed. You wanted to tease him just as much as Josh had teased you.

“Baby please, enough teasing!” Josh had lifted his head just enough to see you, grinning at him, your face only inches away from where he wanted you to be.

“I don’t think so… if you keep moaning, maybe I’ll blindfold you as well! Or just tie you up and leave you here?” You smirked as you heard his slight whine in response to you.

You slipped your hands up his thighs, sliding just under his boxers and dragging your nails back down, scratching a little and never quite touching exactly where he wanted you to touch.

You took a mouthful of the peppermint chip ice cream, which had so far remained untouched, swirling it around your mouth until you were sure that your mouth would be chilled enough to give the desired effect.

You slowly pulled Josh’s boxers all the way down his legs, before dropping them to the floor. Pre-cum glazed the tip of his cock, as you leaned towards it and started to suck gently, approving moans slipping from Josh’s open mouth as you began swirling your tongue around gently.

Josh’s fingers ran through your hair, tugging a little harder as you began to take him deeper and deeper, inching your way to base of his cock.

You moved away for the briefest of moments to grab the small packet on the side counter and a clean tea towel, causing Josh to groan at the lack of contact.

“Hold on. It’s my turn to try something new now.” You demanded, you knew Josh liked it when you took charge. You rolled the towel until you would be able to use it to your advantage. Moving round to the top of the table where Josh’s head rested, you motioned for him to lift his head. As he complied, you laid the towel over his eyes, knotting it at the side of his head, allowing him to rest his head comfortably back on the kitchen table.

You moved back down until you were between Josh’s legs once more, trailing your fingertips slowly towards his enlarged cock. You lifted the small packet from earlier, emptying about half of the contents into your mouth before continuing to suck gently.

“Oh my God! Is that… pop rocks?” Josh moaned, recognising the slight popping sensation. “It’s different… not bad though!”

After a couple of minutes, you then shifted your focus a little bit more on your techniques rather than the theatrics, meaning it wasn’t long before Josh was like putty in your hands, moaning your name and bucking his hips.

“If you move your hips once more, I swear I’ll give you a reason to move them!” You tried to sound domineering, though the slight snicker from Josh proved otherwise.

“Yeah, like you would!” He scoffed back. You slapped your palm down hard against the side of his thigh, the stinging sensation moving across your hand as you made contact with his bare skin.

“Try me?” You smirked back, knowing you had the upper hand again. Josh tried to wiggle his hands out of the tie still wrapped around his wrists. You used the moment of distraction to your advantage and took Josh’s member fully into your mouth, hitting the back of your throat as you sheathed your teeth with your lips, and began sucking harder, moaning a little enjoying the effect you had on Josh.

You could feel his legs clench a little around your waist, still dangling off the end of the kitchen table, knowing Josh was edging closer to his climax, you upped your game a little.

You pulled away, grabbing Josh’s hands and pulling him towards you until he was stood upright again, removing his blindfold so he could see you sink down to your knees again and finish him off, maintaining eye contact the whole time.

His hands held you in place by the back of your head while you swallowed the salty liquid which came in thick spurts, making sure not to let a single drop fall from between your lips. Josh sat back upright on the table, stroking his fingers up the outside of your thighs and along your backside before resting at the curve of your spine.

“That was incredible baby. Have you been planning to do that all day?” You giggled, nodding your head in agreement.

“At least in the car on the way home. Once the idea popped into my head, it was hard to get rid of it.” Josh took a spoon of the, now fully melted, ice cream and dribbled it onto your chest. He dipped his head, kitten licking at your chest, swirling his tongue around each nipple in turn, until they were once again stiffened peaks. Josh’s hand trailed back down towards your core, once again, a familiar slickness spreading between your thighs. Josh soon found the source of the wetness, his fingers parting your folds and playing with your clit.

Josh licked his lips, grinning at you, showing the perfect pointed teeth that you loved so much. “Did I really make you this wet baby girl? Did I do this to you?”

Josh slipped a finger inside of you, adding another soon after stretching you a little.

“How do you think you’d like it if I tied you up and fucked you hard against this table? Make it so your legs tremble and you can’t even walk? Make you see stars when I pound into you and make you scream my name?” Josh removed his fingers from you, causing you to whimper at the loss of contact. He pushed you away a little, before walking past you, towards the front door.

Josh returned a few moments later, with your heels from earlier in his hand. “Can you put these on please? It’ll make the height difference a little easier.”

You followed Josh’s request, slipping on your heels on, allowing you to almost see eye to eye with Josh. He turned you around until you were facing away from him, feeling his member pressed hard against your backside.

Josh slipped the tie around your wrists, looping it around several times before tying it tight enough to make sure you can’t wriggle free. Josh pushed you forward gently until your chest was resting on the table, before surprising you with another firm smack to your backside.

Josh rubbed his erection against your core, teasing you, making sure you were even wetter than you had been all night. He rocked his hips back and forth, so, so achingly slow, pausing for just a second at your entrance, before continuing to tease you further.

“Josh… please just fuck me already-” You whined, the desperation in your voice catching you off guard and surprising even you. You noticed you were pushing back against Josh, even grinding a little, hoping he would give up the foreplay.

“Baby, the whole neighbourhood will know my full name by the time I’m finished with you.” Josh smirked, you could hear it in his husky voice. He didn’t wait for you to reply before he pushed into you, causing you moan loudly.

“That’s right baby, I want to hear your sweet moans fill this kitchen.” Josh again slapped his hand against your rear, before pushing into you up to the hilt, filling you completely. Josh began to build up a steady rhythm, working up to a fast pace.

You could feel the tops of your thighs hitting against the table every time Josh thrust into you. Josh’s hands were gripping your hips too, his fingertips squeezing tight against the mounds of skin. He was going to leave bruises on you by the morning for sure. Little reminders of the passion you had shared that night. It wasn’t long before you could feel your climax approaching for the second time tonight.

“Fuck, you’re so tight. You feel so good squeezing around me. I’m almost there baby, just hold on a little longer.” You barely held it together long enough for Josh to finish as you came undone around him, your legs trembling underneath you in the aftermath, just as Josh had promised. He pulled out of you, scooping you up in his arms and carried you to the bedroom you shared, before laying you on the bed.

“That was amazing, how long have you been planning that?” Josh shrugged in response to your question, climbing in besides you and wrapping his arms around you, before answering you.

“I get bored on tour and sometimes my mind wonders, y’know!”

“Well Joshua, can’t wait to see what else you’ve been thinking about on tour!” You smirked, cuddling closer to him as he ran his fingers through your hair.

“Just wait until tomorrow baby…”

so this is a series i’ve wanted to start for a while now, which is a how to wear guide on difficult trends, that people can write into and request specific clothing items or patterns or whatever you’ve seen that you like but can’t figure out how to style!

for this first one, we’re going to be talking about how to wear m-slit maxi skirts!

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J2 Main Panel at NashCon 2017

Oh boy, I don’t think my notes have ever been this long on just one panel alone. Needless to say, my tinhat was firmly in place while watching this and I probably couldn’t remove it even if I tried. Let’s get on with the program!

From what I heard, the boys started the panel about 40 minutes late. That’s a little unusual, isn’t it? Let’s see if we can try to figure that one out, shall we?

(8:21) Protective Jensen strikes! A fan wants Jared to take off his beanie and Jensen stands up for his boy right away.

(13:58) Jared spots a hair on Jensen’s stubble and it turns out to be his… How on Earth could that happen? Was his head there?

Jared: “Let’s not delve into that…” Guys, it’s too late, I’m delving like a madman here! Seriously though, how did that happen? You probably should’ve explained it, because I know for a fact that I’m not the only one drawing conclusions here. ;)

(17:33) Spider webs are apparently found and Jared wonders about that. Jensen grins and asks Jared if he really has to explain it, which drives Jared into blush mode. Hmm, what’s this, guys?

A couple of explanations as offered by the Urban Dictionary. So, uhh, someone blew a load and now Jared’s blushing and the panel is 40 minutes late? Okay okay, let’s all take some deep breaths before jumping to conclusions.

(18:09) A fan asks Jensen what Dean would be doing if Mary hadn’t died. Jensen thinks Dean would still be hunting, but girls instead of monsters. Oh Jared, honey, he said “Dean” and not “Jensen.” I’m sure you have no worries of your man chasing skirts!

(20:59) Jared is having so much fun with the freezing background video and the text and Jensen clearly finds it adorable. Me too, Jensen, me too.

(26:35) This is not erotic at all. Let’s move along quickly.

(27:55) Jensen’s full-body sneeze not only looks like it amuses Jared, he’s kinda starry-eyed by the display as well.

The entire panel was a truckload of fun and the guys seemed very giddy and all-around adorable. It was definitely one of the nicest panels I’ve seen in my tinhatting days. The absence of het questions and voluntary wife mentions (1 per each) was thrilling, as was the amount of show and craft related questions.

It’s hard to believe they supposedly had some difficulties with their fan-encounters between the panels - I read on different sources how the issue of depression was repeatedly brought up to Jared. Give them a break, please.

There were many other moments as well, some of which I’ll list below:

  • At 12:45, Jared looks fleetingly disappointed with how Jensen moved his chair a tiny bit further apart.
  • At 23:30, a fan asks what they’re obsessed with. Jared responds for both of them, saying they’re crazy about music.
  • At 28:08, the chair issue is stealthily fixed. Yay!
  • At 43~ ish mark, Jared starts doing accents. This continues for many minutes and ends with yet another wife story getting exposed as fake. (49:28) Look at this wonderful post

PS: Gold panel review here!

Hiyori’s Invasion of Personal Thoughts

Summary: While fighting a phantom alongside Yato and Yukine, Hiyori accidentally manages to enter their hallucinations that reveal their greatest desires, some of which that catch her off guard.

Hiyori ducked at the last second, and then jumped out of the way.

The phantom wasn’t as big as some of the others that she’d fought, but it was quick with large claws, a scorpion tail, and beady black eyes. In the short time that she had been assisting Yato in his endeavors, Hiyori had quickly learned that even the less threatening phantoms were still deadly in one way or another.

Landing on her feet smoothly, Hiyori poised herself for the next incoming attack when Yato shoved her to the side, narrowly missing the creature’s tail that would have punctured both of them. “Hiyori,” Yato barked, jumping in front of her, “what did I tell you about the tail?”

“I wasn’t about to get stung,” she replied hotly. Taking a running start, she used a low balcony as a step stone and launched herself back at the phantom. Her foot smashed into the creature’s eye and it reared back in anguish.

Yato took the opening in the phantom’s blindspot to slash at its sides with Yukine. He managed to get a few swipes in before the monster adjusted to its new disability. “Bastard,” Yato spat as he limboed beneath one of the claws reaching out to get him.

Hiyori leapt at the claw, effectively using her body weight to snap it shut before it could close around her friend’s body. “Move it,” she panted, hurriedly looping his arm with her own. Yato pushed himself up off the ground and then the two of them were sprinting down the road in an attempt to find a battleground that would give them an advantage.

“Holding up?” Yato laughed through the strain in his voice.

Hiyori rolled her eyes despite the mild stitch in her side. “No more or less than normal.”

“Get ready,” he warned, slowing to a stop in the middle of the sidewalk. “It’s coming and it’s angry now.”

“Must not have liked me stepping on it’s face very much.”

“Probably didn’t like Yukine stabbing at him much either.”

“Hey,” Yukine exclaimed, his face appearing in the metal of the sword. “I can hear you talking about me.”

Yato smiled cheekily at his shinki. “Oh good! I thought you were ignoring me, you were so quiet!”

For a moment, the night seemed silent and calm; the dark aura of the phantom had seemed to disappear when the hair on the back of her neck standing up alerted Hiyori that it had finally caught up. “Yato!”

“I know,” he said. His blue eyes were narrowed and glowing. With Yukine glimmering threateningly in either hand, Yato had suddenly become much more terrifying. “It’s back.”

Hiyori made a three-hundred-sixty degree turn as she scanned the sky for the phantom. “I don’t see it,” she murmured, “but I can sense it.”

“Mhmm,” Yato grumbled. “Hiyori, stand back,” he said, using the sword in his right hand to direct which direction she should flee.

It was in that moment of Yato lowering his guard slightly that the beast surged forward. Hiyori screamed to warn them, but she was much to slow in comparison to the lightening quick phantom. In seconds it had covered fifty feet and was towering over Yato.

“Ah geez.” Yato’s back was to the creature. The phantom hissed, the pincers on its face vibrating violently. Yato barely saved himself from being nipped, but the same moment that he slashed at the phantom’s mouth, the scorpion-like tail whipped around and pierced him in the stomach.

“Yato!” Hiyori heard Yukine chorus with her as Yato’s body convulsed on the ground.

The shinki reverted to his human form and even from the distance Hiyori saw the tears rolling down Yukine’s face. “You bastard!” he screamed at the monster.

Hiyori saw the the tail moving before Yukine did, and she broke out in a run for the two boys. She had to get them out of there. If she could somehow take out the phantom, then get Yato back to Kofuku, she was sure that he could be saved.

Yukine attempted a borderline to drive off the scorpion phantom, but his attempt was weak from his fear and the scorpion tail broke through the defense and nicked the small boy in the cheek with the tip of it’s stinger. Yukine’s face contorted in pain and he screamed as his body fell on top of Yato’s.

Hiyori skidded to a semi-halt as tears flooded her eyes and her legs trembled violently. She wasn’t fast enough? Did she just witness her friends die?

The phantom turned in her direction, giving Hiyori the grounding she needed. Anger poured into her veins. Salt infiltrated her mouth and nose. Her chest burned. With a burst of new energy, Hiyori charged the phantom at full speed. Yato warned her on a regular basis not to go full power against phantoms because if her tail were to be severed then she would die, but at this point she was too clouded by loathing to think straight.

She aimed her kick for the phantom’s only functioning eye, but the beast anticipated her movements and swiped at her with a claw. Hiyori twisted her legs into a split, but the claw managed to graze her thigh, leaving a mark that resembled a mild burn.

She hissed as she alighted on her feet; her leg felt like it was on fire!

To her left was Yato and Yukine; they were pale in the face and shivering to the point that they they were sweating, but they were both alive.

“I’ll get you out of here,” she shouted at their unconscious bodies. “I promise!”

Hiyori whirled around to face the phantom again only to be met with two beady eyes. She left herself vulnerable.

And just like that, a scorpion tail plunged itself into her heart.

The first thing that Hiyori noticed when her eyes fluttered open was that she was not in her own bed.

The blankets were red and plush, much nicer than anything she would ever be able to own. The sheets were silk and the pillows were the softest down she had ever touched. A gold canopy fluttered above her, giving off a royal shine.

The second thing that she noticed was that the burn on her leg was gone and that there wasn’t any pain where the scorpion had stung her. For a moment Hiyori wondered if she was just in the midst of some elaborate dream, but she clearly remembered how real it was when she was fighting the phantom, the pain that had seared up her leg.

Was that what it felt like to be blighted?

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Sf9 When You(an idol) are shipped with them. (Your Bff’s)

Inseong: will giggle and grin or smirk to himself whenever a fan mentions you, thinks you two would make a cute couple himself and occasionally brings it up as a joke like “we should date since we are shipped so much.” 

 Youngbin: The more you two are shipped, the more he will gradually start seeing you as a woman and develop a crush. One day will be like “I don’t mind being shipped together just so you know.”

Jaeyoon: “Her? She’s my ugly raccoon.” But the more you two are shipped, he will start to look at you differently. “Did she get prettier? The raccoon doesn’t look so bad today.”

Rowoon: Will play along and flirt with u just for the ship and fanservice but as soon as you play along as well and hold his hands, his heart will race and start crushing on you. Thinks about it for several sleepless nights. One day will be like “Lets back hug next time what do u think?” 

 Zuho: Literally freaks df out “NO WAY! She’s not my type!!” But the more you two are shipped, he might start subconsciously eyeing u like hawk when other guys are around, and get more shy around u when u look extra pretty etc., but still try to deny his feelings while teasing u and nagging even further. “That skirt is so small, all the boys are looking!“ 

 Dawon: Lowkey smirks and like it so much, more than he should. Acts like a boyfriend yelling your name playfully across the music stage and cheering for u in front of fans and telling everyone on tv that your his girlfriend. 

Hwiyoung: Shy shy shy shy baby. “ah~no~.” Whenever someone mentions you, he goes shy. Doesnt mind how everyone thinks you two should date, but doesnt really say anything really to make his feelings clear. However when you two are together, he will be more manly and protective. 

Taeyang: Likes you for a while now before the ship but now has a reason to flirt with u even more in public even tho u punch him every single time he hugs u. You get annoyed playfully but somehow isn’t suprised because he’s so greasy and thinks its just for show until one day he actually asks u out on a date and ull be like oh shit ur really serious.

 Chani: Literally avoids whenever anyone talks about it or awkwardly gets shooked and replies with a small smile whenever someone mentions your name. Doesn’t want to make the friendship awkward unless he sees you make a move first.

WIP sketch for Elane Haven

No black because I don’t shade pencil drawings. The pose is a bit forced, but I hope to improve in the actual picture, and I like the constrast of wielding light and shadows at once.

I’m really into Elane using glass knives/daggers/swords etc. She could use them as prisms and she would use weapons which are her very own and which the magnetrons around her can’t control. It’s boon for the wife of the future house lord. Bons: Maybe there are made of diamond glass. Diamond glass would be an interesting weapon material, as it is not brittle, but still very hard and sharpe.

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I just finished playing Ace Attorney:Apollo Justice yesterday,but this is still a Vocaloid doodle blog 8´D

Basically just Fukase as Trucy Wright and Rin as Apollo Justice -3-  (I didn´t bother with changing the clothing much since Fukase is originally wearing a skirt and Rin is wearing shorts,so…)

Maybe I´ll draw the other characters…if I get bored again someday 8D

pretty easy being a pirate when one half of you is a trained sword fighter, and the other half has absolute control of the ocean

been discussing this idea with @lapisofficial and i finally decided to draw this beautiful fusion!! :)

{and yes this IS my final design for moonstone}

Mitsuhide drabble (Smut)

This little self-indulgent drabble is here thanks to @small-and-nerdy 

Haha you pointed out the prompts and I couldn’t fight the thirst so I had to write something. 


# 4 “You know I love you, right? I have every intention of fucking you like I don’t.”

# 9 “No, no. Leave your clothes on.”


Based on a real event story. 

NSFW, NC - 17

It is under the cut. 

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— the crimson killer (M)

Genre: Smut ➝ Vampire AU

Pairing: Jung Hoseok x Kim Taehyung x Reader.

Plot: This is the era of The Crimson Killers.

Warnings: Graphic depictions of blood and gore, character death, sexual content, Daddy kinks, queefing.

Notes: This story is set and written in 1950′s America, but the language is, in my head, spoken in English. But, of course, that is up to your own interpretation. Welcome to the Merlot Murders series and introducing: The Crimson Killers.

♡ I want to thank @bunnyart-blog for the insanely beautiful artwork inspired by this story. I love it so much and I feel awful for never promoting this on my blog. Thank you so much!

The swinging tune of The Coasters sang out into the streets of the city as he made his next move, boots crunching on the gravel and his lips puckered to a whistle, singing the tune back into his ears. It had been a long, long time since he’d come back to this place, and hell he wasn’t planning on returning any sooner than he just had.

He had things to do, places to be, things to eat. The life of an immortal gives you these chances and possibilities that the mortal cannot have; superhuman speed, the power of reading someone else’s mind, sharp fangs that could tear the throat of another being who stood in his path. All these nightmares came in the package of being a vampire, and Taehyung had just come to accept it.

“Smile more,” his friend said from beside him. “You look like you want to kill someone.”

“Funny you should say that,” Taehyung mocked, “but you know, I’m a vampire, and killing people is kind of part of the package.”

Hoseok nodded once, understanding. “Right. You’re not as old as me, the youth has yet to learn.”

“The youth,” Taehyung replied, “is learning. I’m just hungry.”

“Well,” Hoseok began, swinging an arm around his old, old friend’s shoulders, “that’s why you’re comin’ with me. You’re lucky I even got you the job- you’re gonna get free food, good money and the love from the waitresses.”

Taehyung sighed, following his friend as they walked into the driveway of the large diner, swerving in and out of pastel coloured cars parked in a messy fashion in the parking lot.

“That’s not going to help me,” he explained. “Human food just grosses me out sometimes. I mean, all that grease. It’s not my style.”

“I know,” Hoseok commented with a grin. “Pretty girlies with skirts are your style. But don’t worry- Maria works here and she tastes divine.”

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How long have the two of you been stranded here? Only the emergency lights are still on in this tiny, cramped elevator, but the air conditioning is out and the air is stifling enough that your suit jackets are on the floor and you have to fan yourselves for any semblance of airflow. A trickle of sweat slides down your chest, beneath your undershirt and his eyes follow it unwittingly, unable to look away, his own forehead beading with sweat. “Jagi, with the lights out and everything, do you think the cameras are offline?”
With your pencil skirt shoved up around your hips, your leg wraps tightly around his hip, the other resting on his shoulder as the force of his movements pushes you against the wall of the elevator. Your toes curl when his powerful thrusts hit spots inside you that make your vision explode into white. Security will get in here soon, so you have to be quick. But you’re not really worrying - you can already feel your orgasm rushing up on you so quickly, making your core clench even tighter around him, pulling deep groans from the back of your boyfriend’s throat.

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EXO Reaction Masterlist

EXO Reactions To…

Another Guy Flirting With You

Coming Home To Find You Asleep On Your Desk Studying For Exams

Introducing You To The Other Members

Kris and Luhan Meeting At CNY Rehearsal

You Coming Home Late and Tipsy From A Night Out With Your Girlfriends

Being Scared of Disappointing You

You Carrying A Totoro Plushie Around

You Being The Big Spoon

You Frequently Licking Your Lips And Having A Habit Of Hugging Them From Behind And Biting Their Neck

Seeing An Old Picture Of You And You Were Big With Spots/Acne

When You Do Something Unintentionally Sexy

Losing Their Short Girlfriend In A Crowd And Then Finding Her

Having To Hide Love Bites/Scratches On Their Back And Then Getting Found Out

You Teasing Them At The Movies

When Their Parents Told Them It’s Time To Have Children

Their Kids Getting Bad Grades And Not Caring

You Putting Your Anime/Videogame Posters In Their Room

You [Badly] Singing/Dancing To Their Songs

Learning Tagalog

Walking In On You Cheating On Them

Comforting You When One Of Your Family Members Died

You Rickrolling Them

Dating A Noona

Their Rich Girlfriend Trying To Buy Things For Them

Their Favorite Artist Making A Comeback

You Being Sick And Not Resting 

You Fangirling Over An Anime Boy And Getting Jealous

Walking In On You Changing

Their Kid Coming Up To Them Saying ‘Mommy Is A Meanie’

Changing Baby Diapers

Having A Younger Girlfriend

Their Girlfriend Binge Eating

Another Member Asking To Marry Them

You Sleeping In Only Their Shirts And Underwear

Your Skirt Flying Up A Lot While Out On A Walk

Their Girlfriend Being A Vet With Lots Of Scratches And Such From Animals

You Comforting Them

You Harmonizing With Them On A Slow Song

Comforting Each Other

You Cutting Off Your Hair

Playing The Pokey Stick Game With Their Crush On Running Man

The Princes At Disneyland Flirting With Their Girlfriend

After Making Love

Being Away And Thus Unable To Take Care Of Their Pregnant Wife

Finding Out You Still Work With And Are Close To Your Ex

Finding Out You Were A Fan From The Start

Their Girlfriend Wanting To Watch Action Movies Rather Than Chick Flicks

Finding Out Your Heartbreaker Reputation 

Meeting You

Getting Mugged, Then Recognized

Receiving Something That Belonged To Your Ex

You Being/Speaking German

Realizing They Love Their Close Friend That They Had Rejected

Their Girlfriend Flinching/Falling To The Floor While Play-Fighting

You Dropping Hints At Doing It Again Then Coming Home To A Special Surprise

You Getting Into Battle Royale

You Fangirling Over Seventeen

Their GF Having Bad Knees And Being In Pain

You Slapping Them After A Fight

Moving In With Their Girlfriend To Find She Still Has A Box Of Her Ex’s Things

Coming Home To Find You Asleep Wearing Lingerie

Finding Out You’re An American Celebrity

Meeting DO’s 13 Year Old Sister

Seeing Their Girlfriend in Jay Park’s Mommae MV

Finding Out Their Crush Is Dating Seulgi From Red Velvet

Their GF Kicking Ass

Being On “Superman Is Back”

Their GF Wearing Make-Up To Bed

Meeting Their Girlfriend’s Parents

Seeing Their GF Dressed Up For The First Time

Their First Time With You

Making A Romantic Dinner For Their GF

Their Girlfriend being Close To A BTS Member

Seeing Their Girlfriend Do Gwiyomi Song On TV

Collaborating With Their Girlfriend’s Girl Group

Watching Mean Girls With Their GF

Watching Their GF’s Drama To See Her Death Scene

Meeting A Serbian Girl

Learning Their Foreign Girlfriend Was Actually Fluent In Korean/Chinese And Didn’t Tell Them

Finding Out Their Girlfriend Is Under Legal Age

Their Girlfriend Initiating A Tickle Fight

Their Girlfriend Have A Fear Of The Dark

Having A Language Barrier With Their Girlfriend

Proposing At Disneyland

Discovering You’re A Masochist

Their GF Killing Rapping Rap God

You Knowing Cantonese

Finding Out Their GF Is A Vigilante With Arrow

Getting Jealous Of Their GF’s American Friend

Their Kid Crying As They Leave For Tour

Accidently Slapping Your Butt

Seeing Your Old Self-Harm Scars - Slightly Triggering? Possibly?

Their Girlfriend’s Pregnancy Being A Scare

Their Girlfriend Being From Lithuania

Their S/O Agreeing To Foster A Newborn, Without Their Knowledge

Their Crush Blurting That She Likes Them

You Doing Aerial Skills While They Sing

You Finding Them Cheating On You

Rejecting Your Drunken Advances

Their Girlfriend Liking Horror Movies But Hiding From Them

Their Girlfriend’s Ex Wanting Her Back

Their GF Screaming Instead of Singing A High Note In A Song

Their GF Getting Down And Dirty In The Kitchen

Seeing Their VS Angel Girlfriend In A Show

See You Again By Charlie Puth

You Watching Magic Mike XXL

You Being A Pole Dancer And Doing A Trick

Having A Tall GF

Meeting Your Two Fathers

Realizing They Are In Love With You

Learning Their Wife Is Pregnant

Their GF Asking To Share A Shower

Liking The Same Girl - Wolf AU

You Dancing Along To Sexy Back

You Singing Hello By Adele

Their GF Telling Them She’s Pregnant

Losing You Then Finding You

You Having A Miscarriage

You Not Being Able To Sleep Without A Stuffed Toy

Accidentally Letting It Slip That They Have A Secret Girlfriend

You Having A Sadistic Side

Their Girlfriend Being Confused About Her Sexuality

Their Girlfriend Being Awkward With Intimacy/Asexual

Their Girlfriend Having Bad Back Pain From Dancing/Gymnastics

Meeting A Young Girl

Their Seemingly Dominant Girlfriend Being Submissive In Bed

You Speaking In English With Kris While They Listen

What They Sound Like During Sex

Getting Grilled By Their Girlfriend’s Friends

Their Girlfriend Surprising Them By Baking A Cake

You Being The Main Vocalist Of A Girl Group That Beats EXO

You Being In A Group That Makes Music Similar To The 1975

Their Girlfriend Having An Eating Disorder - Triggering

Based On Hotline Bling by Drake 

Their Girlfriend Not Wanting To Share A Bed After A Misunderstanding

Their Girlfriend Getting An Undercut

Meeting Xiumin’s 12 Year Old Sister

You Trying to Dance To Dancing King

DO’s Friend’s Sister Staying With Them At The Dorm

You Walking In On Them Masturbating

You Having A Heart Shaped Birthmark On Your Hip

BTS Reaction Masterlist

GOT7 Reaction Masterlist

Satoko Miyahara, Grand Prix Final 2015 (Short Program)

This is a fantastically dramatic red and black look, with ruffles and ruffled cuffs! I’m a fan.

Also check out that skirt in motion. Amazing.

One thing I really appreciate about Satoko is how easy it is to find great stills of her mid-motion. Part of why her costumes look so good is because they’re suited to her form and because she always brings the right attitude when it comes to wearing them. So basically I’m saying, it’s not just good photography, it’s Satoko making it easy for the photographers.

That, and it really is just a flattering, great look that connects perfectly to the theme of her program.

Grade: A

Palau’s Bio

Name: The Republic of Palau

Human Name: Malahi Ngotel

Age: 22

Gender: Female

DOB: October 1st

Hair Color: Dark Brown

Eye Color: Dark Brown

Height: 5'2"/157 cm

Official Languages: Palauan and English

Unofficial Languages: Japanese, Spanish, Sonsorolese, and Tobian

Appearance: Palau’s hair ends mid-torso, is dark brown, and slightly messy; her eyes are also dark brown. She has sampaguita flowers in her hair, symbolizing her sisterhood with Philippines. She is normally found wearing a white shawl over a white cotton blouse, and a long striped skirt. She carries a paper fan that was given to her by Japan when she was under his rule, along with a bracelet that she wears on her left wrist. A slightly curled strand of hair from her bangs is her erogenous zone, which represents her main island, Koror.

Personality: Palau is a very shy and quiet girl, due to her limited contact with anyone during her childhood. However, with family or friends around, she tends to be rather sociable to strangers. She respects honest, loyal, and generous people, and goes out of her way to avoid people who aren’t. Palau is very relaxed and believes in taking each day as it comes. She loves gossip, though she’d probably never say anything bad about someone herself.

Interests: Swimming, singing, helping others, watching American films, and walking along her beaches as the sun sets.

Pet: Tuu the Palauan Fruit Dove. He loves to be flattered, and is very eccentric. His favorite fruit to eat is the banana.

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anonymous asked:

another ENTP here, the specific style thing is too accurate. I always wear either shirts (usually with a little black bowtie) and black jeans or low cut t-shirts in like reds and purples with black leggings, black knee high converse and a black and white scarf thing or just jeans and a t shirt if I'm feeling lazy. I also have jackets galore to go with any outfit. not normally a fan of dresses or skirts but I kinda want one atm. Ok this isn't very specific but still style

I go through style phases too. I got addicted to this show, SKAM, and I have a whole set of clothes that go with the vibe I get from that show. I have my carefree-black-girl clothes, business/prime minister of the world clothes, I’ve got my sports-punk clothes, mcr-phase clothes; it goes on…