still not 100 percent happy with it

God, this finale is so much more enjoyable the 2nd time around.

Honestly, I appreciate that the showrunners resisted the urge to go dark. I love that they ended on a hopeful note. I love that every character was able to find peace in the end. In this day and age, its downright bold to go for the (conditionally) heartwarming ending.

Things I loved:

- I love the way Captain Flint went full hero in the end to save madi and salvage his partnership with Silver
- I love that, in the end, both Silver and Flint behaved in a way that was consistent with the the way they’ve been characterized from the very start: Silver, for as long as we’ve known him, has been a schemer and Flint has been vengeful.
- I love that Flint found his way back to Thomas
Some will say that it was all too convenient and pat? But idgaf. It was beautiful. And appropriate imo.

- I loved the final scene between flint and silver. I loved that Flint just…laid himself bare. His controlled rage over losing his foothold on the war and his revenge was EVERYTHING
- I love that they gave Madi room to be angry with Silver. Her wrath was short lived (thank god) but it was true to what we know of her as a character. As much as I enjoyed the Flint + Madi friendship, I absolutely fucking hated the way he framed this war to Madi–as a winnable and worthwhile effort–and I hated that she took him at his word. Because he knew better. As a former Navy admiral with in-depth knowledge of British military systems, he had to fucking know better. He had to know on some level that this war was a fucking death march - that it was a completely symbolic, but ultimately fruitless effort. You can’t wrest control of a powerful empire without the help of an equally powerful empire - he knew that. But…as Silver said, we are irrational where we are vulnerable - and heaven knows that this war (and the painful losses that powered it it) is Flint’s chief vulnerability. For Flint, this war wasn’t about power–it was about destruction. Dude “wanted to see the world burn.” Love that Silver called him on this at the end.

- I love that Silver didn’t lie to Madi. I love that he was 100 percent honest with her. I LOVE that he’s been orchestrating this grand cockblock this entire time KNOWING (knowing!!!!!) that he might save madi’s life but still yet lose HER FOREVER. I have said that Silver loves Madi selfishly–and I still think that’s true. BUT in sabotaging this war, he put her life ahead of all else–even his own happiness. Good shit. Otp otp otp otp!!!

- I love that Madi showed up on that cliff in the end. I love, love love that Silver, true to his word, waited for her to understand and forgive him. The final shot of them on the bluffs was fucking breathtaking. Can’t wait to gif it.

I’ll talk about the things I didn’t love later. Tonight I’m happy - gonna bask in that feeling for a while. G'night!

I was disappointed at Comic-Con to find virtually NO Jesus merch. AMC hasn’t released any official Paul Rovia shirts or anything. I got the funko pop and the only two Jesus drawings at all of C2E2 but I was still bummed and so I complained about it to my artist friend @youremyfanart.
She said she could put her Tom Payne drawing on a shirt for me. It came in the mail yesterday and I’m so happy. Thankyou for humoring me and my most recent obsession, side note Mind gamers a movie Tom was in just came out finally and it’s amazing. Beautifully done very interesting , some REALLY good writing, y all should check it out if you like philosophy and human consciousness. All the science in it is 100 percent certifiably real.

BTS reaction to you (as their little sister) dating

Can I have a BTS reaction (If you do them) where you are there little sister and one of the members start dating And if not Bts, got7

Disclaimer: I normally do more gender neutral based works but yolo lmao

Got7 Version here

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Seokjin: How old are they? When did you meet?

Seokjin would be over the moon to be honest that his little sister had found someone who made them happy. He’d want to know every little detail about how you met and what they’re like. 

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Yoongi: You’re not dating them till I meet and approve

I can 100 percent see Yoongi being more overprotective than the other members if he discovered you’re in a relationship with someone. He’d want only the best to ever deserve your heart. 

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Hoseok: Am I allowed to kindly remind them not to hurt you or?

Hoseok would jokingly be overprotective but he would still worry about your heart being broken. Hoseok would smile to himself randomly sometimes if he thought about your relationship, knowing his baby sister had found someone. 

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Namjoon: If you really like each other then i’m all for it

The only clarification Namjoon would need is to know if the pair of you really liked each other. He’d only want you to be in a loving relationship and nothing more. 

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Jimin: You too look really cute together

Heck if anything I could see Jimin being the most jealous that his little sister was in such a cute relationship. Seeing the pair of you together would make Jimin so happy as he watches how adorable you act together. 

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Taehyung would be so proud in a way lmao, he’d want to meet whoever took your heart as soon as he’d hear the news. Taehyung like Jimin would be so happy to see you and your significant other together. 

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Jungkook: As long as you’re happy Y/N

Jungkook probably wouldn’t approve of you being in a relationship straight away, like Yoongi he’d take a little longer to warm up to the idea of you dating a little. Jungkook wouldn’t take long to come around though, seeing how happy you were with your relationship

Saw Moana in... flemish...

So after seeing Moana in English (twice), I took my 5 year old nephew to see it yesterday, and since he only speaks Dutch, we went to see the Flemish version. (In the northern half of Belgium we also speak Dutch, but with a few little changes in pronunciation. Compare it to American and British English. Dutch people understand Flemish people and the other way around, but sometimes there might be a word that baffles the other.)

Anyways, Moana in Flemish. I was afraid I was going to hate it and be very bothered by it, but I actually enjoyed it a lot! The translations aren’t 100 percent correct, but that gives more inspiration in a way. Here are some things I noticed:

  • Tamatoa and Maui fans will be happy to know that in the scene where Moana dresses up as bait, she literally says “I bet you two were best friends” “Yup, until I ripped his leg off.”
  • During “How Far I’ll Go”, it was like I could lip read the English version still. I remember never noticing a movie had been animated for English when it was still 2D, but these lips move so naturally here. I actually wonder if deaf people would be able to lip read from these characters now? Animation is just so good.
  • In the scene where Moana meets Maui and Maui goes “Maui is a hero to all, not a guy girl thing”, the translation bothered me most, I suppose. They made it “Maui is a hero to all mankind. And to animals too. To all!” 
  • When Moana says “I am self-taught”, it was translated to “I am an autodidact”, which makes me bet not a kid has understood what she said. (or Maui, for that matter.)
  • All the songs were subtitled as well. I had never seen that before in the cinema, that they subtitle (in Dutch), the songs that were already Dutch. The rest of the movie wasn’t subtitled.
  • I’m a bit of a Hooked Wayfinder shipper, and there is one line that gave me chills because it’s just… shippery while the English version isn’t. In “How Far I’ll Go”, the line “And it seems like it’s calling out to me: so come find me” is literally: “En het lijkt wel of iemand naar me roept, kom ontdek me.” - which translates to “And it seems like someone’s calling out to me: come and find me” - which gave me shipper feels <3 [Link to the Flemish song]
  • In “we know the way”, they literally sing “We are the wayfinders, we look for islands here across the sea, (owe owe), we never unlearned (ontwennen = basically means that you remain used to something, there is no literal translation for it in English) our home (so they say they always remained use to their home no matter how long they left it), the road to home is well known, the right way. We sail to a new horizon and continue to pass the stories of our ancestors.” - which I really loved as a translation.  
  • “You’re Welcome” literally translates to “Graag gedaan”, which is what he initially says the first time, but singing “Graag gedaan” would be weird, with the G being in it three times. Wouldn’t sound nice. So they made it “Geen Dankje” - which means “No thanks!” (You don’t need to thank me.)
  • In Flemish, Maui’s voice is done by Sean Dhondt - who is a musician from the band Nailpin and has quite a few tattoos himself. {link to song}
  • In Dutch, Maui’s voice is done by Rene van Kooten - who played Gaston in the Dutch Beauty and the Musical (Back when I saw it in 2006). (Which is SOOOO appropriate. To have a cocky-Gaston-like voice doing Maui.) {Link to song}
  • Moana’s voice in Flemish is done by Laura Tesoro, She represented Belgium at the Eurovision festival last year with a kick ass song (and came in 5th or something) - What’s the Pressure - {give it a listen!}

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hiccstrid, failed date

(hapless) romantic

Vikings were not the sort of people who appreciated being snuck up on.

Astrid Hofferson appreciated it even less than the average Viking, and whoever had the bright idea to yank her into a dark alcove as she left the Dragon Academy for the night had apparently forgotten this fact.

Astrid stumbled over her feet, momentarily caught off balance, but regained her bearings quick enough, her temper already starting to smolder. The semi-finals for the dragon racing championship was tomorrow and if the twins thought playing dirty would get her out of the race this year, they had another thing coming.

However, the vicious choke-hold and imminent pummeling she expected didn’t come. Instead, her attacker wound his arms around her waist and pulled her flush against him in an intimate embrace, abruptly making it clear that this wasn’t about sabotage at all. He tilted his head toward hers, clearly angling for a kiss, and her irritation immediately grew into a white hot fury. .

Ugh. Hadn’t that muttonhead Snotlout learned his lesson the last time he tried to corner her for a so-called romantic interlude? That idiot never knew when to stop. Well, if he wanted another black eye, she certainly wouldn’t deny him the pleasure.

Astrid was in motion before his lips could do anything more than brush against hers. She stomped on his foot with her heavy boots and buried her elbow in his stomach after he let go of her, wrenching a satisfyingly familiar groan of pain out of him. She smashed in his nose for good measure with her palm, and then took a step back, shaking out her fist, inordinately pleased with herself.

But as her eyes adjusted to the dimness, she noticed that the shadowy figure in front of her didn’t have Snotlout’s distinctive, muscled bulk and horned helmet perched on his head. He was much leaner and — well, he would be taller, if he wasn’t currently hunched over and hobbling on one leg in pain. Either way, he certainly wasn’t Snotlout and in fact, he looked an awful lot like…

Hiccup?” she asked, flabbergasted. “How — what — ?”

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Harry Potter and The Cursed Child



-Scorpius is a total geek
-Albus is gay af
-Harry isn’t a perfect father
-Ginny is still a bamf
-Draco is trying SO DAMN HARD to be a good dad, especially after his wife died
-James and Lily jr. are adorable rays of sunshine
-Harry loves his kids and his wife and his job and is happy
-Rose is an even more confident version of Hermione.
-Rose is also probably such a protective big sister to Hugo
-The Trolley Witch is crazy af
-Ginny is a fierce mama bear
-Harry is a fierce papa bear
-“How to distract Scorpius from difficult emotional issues. Take him to a library.”
-“Mainly I wanted to be happy.”
-“I’m proud he carries my name.”
-“They were great men with huge flaws, and you know what— those flaws almost made them greater.”
-“My geekness is a-quivering.”
-“I’m Rubeus Hagrid, and I’m going to be your friend whether you like it or not.”
-“People think they know all there is to know about you, but the best bits of you are — have always been — heroic in the really quiet ways.”
-“Keep up, old man.”
“We’re the same age, Draco.”
“I wear it better.”
-“It is exceptionally lonely, being Draco Malfoy.”
-Harry and Albus are basically the same person they are so similar
-Shows that using a time turner –even if your intentions are good– is NEVER AN OKAY IDEA
-Professor McGonagall still takes no one’s shit
-Voldemort had a daughter (with Bellatrix LeStrange, like, what?) and she is as incapable of love as he is
-Everyone was there for Harry as he watched his parents die
-“I asked out Rose Granger-Weasley.”
“And she said no.”
“But I asked her. I planted the acorn. The acorn that will grow into our eventual marriage.”
-Even though Scorpius found a reality where he was admired, he changed it back to normal because he his such a brave and excellent bean
-Scorpius Malfoy in general
-Ron always standing up for his loved ones because Ron
-Harry still blaming himself for everything but Ginny promising that it isn’t his fault
-Harry realizing that he’s made mistakes
-Albus realizing that his dad never wanted any fame, and loves his son no matter what
-Harry and Albus getting past their problems because they love each other
-Albus being proud to be like his father
-Hermione to this day being the real leader of the trio
-Just everything really


BTS as HS Teachers!au - the students love them, other teachers love them, let’s be real, everyone loves them (cue daily shenanigans of beagle line pranking around, namjin a hundred and one percent utterly done and yoongi probably recording in the background.)

Jimin's Wedding

Before I start, I just wanted to say thank you all so so much for 1,400 followers!! It’s honestly mindblowing but I sincerely thank all of you but now onto an actual angel, one half of the Busan line, Park Jimin aka chim aka I am all for the park tummy being a thing I’m all for him being happy and healthy regardless of what he looks like but can I just talk about how adorable the tummy is bc god damn

  • Proposal here
  • Husband!Jimin here
  • Honeymoon here
  • Okay so I have this head canon that I’m like 99.9 percent sure is canon
  • But the head canon is that when Jimin falls in love he falls d e e p
  • So honestly when you say yes to marrying him you’ve just made like his entire life
  • He tends to randomly just kinda look over at you and smile really goofily and it’s kinda ?? can I help you I’m trying to eat a muffin here
  • He’s just like ily thank you for saying yes I’ll be the best husband ever I promise
  • It’s honestly really endearing bc you’ll literally just be sitting there doing nothing and the next thing you know he’s confessing his love for you
  • He helps out as much as he possibly can
  • If you’ll let him help plan it, he’s helping
  • He absolutely loves being able to help bc he gets to watch his wedding slowly be pieced together
  • Jimin makes me think of spring
  • I think for the same reasons as Jin, winter being too cold, summer being too hot and autumn being filled with holidays and events, he would choose a spring wedding
  • It would most likely be in May
  • His best man would obviously be Tae
  • These two are such close friends that when they propose to their loves, it’s really not even a question
  • Tbh Tae isn’t even asked to be the best man
  • Jimin tells him about the proposal and he’s just like sweet what do I do first should I help you find your suit
  • Despite being energetic and basically being a giant 5 year old, Tae would take his job seriously
  • He’s grown up with Jimin, he’s watched him fall in love with you and he’s watched you fall in with him
  • He wants nothing more than to make this a page out of a fairytale book
  • So instead of goofing off like some may think he would, he genuinely dedicates his time to planning whatever Jimin needs help with
  • He helps keep Jimin stress free and excited
  • Jimin can sometimes have a short temper and he’s a pretty emotional person
  • There would be a few times where something went wrong, like they had misheard him when he ordered his suit and sent him a bright blue one
  • It was only a week before the wedding and Jimin was v v close to losing it but Tae just came in and immediately ordered another, this time in black like chim wanted
  • He helps chim calm down bc along with you, he’s the only person who knows how
  • The wedding would be amazing
  • Jimin’s made a few logs on the beach and he always seems so happy to be there back in his hometown on the beaches he probably grew up with so I think he would love to include a beach somehow
  • Reception or ceremony wouldn’t matter but he does point out it’d be difficult for people to dance properly on the sand
  • It would be a lot of red based colors, in a mix of shades
  • Red of course, orange, pink
  • It actually matched the sunset which happened not too shortly after you two exchanged vows and rings
  • You were about to watch the beautiful sunset with your new husband but he was honestly too busy looking at you to pay attention
  • He would like to keep up the tradition of not seeing each other before the wedding but it doesn’t stop him from trying to sneak a few peeks
  • He goes over to the room to give you a water bottle and a lil plate of snacks bc like I said he loves you v v much and wouldn’t mind taking care of you for the rest of his life if you let him
  • When he knocks on the door, he can hear the tears in your voice, hearing that yet another thing had gone wrong and it had been too much for you
  • Traditions were the last thing on his mind in that moment so he kinda just runs in and is just immediately wrapping you up in his arms
  • None of your friends make him leave or whine about you two not seeing each other bc this was more important
  • They leave to give you a bit of privacy since everyone knows Jimin knows you like the back of his hand and can easily calm you down
  • Tbh even just being in his arms calms your heartbeat bc his arms are so strong and tightly wrapped around you and you know that nothing in that moment could hurt you bc Jimin’s there
  • He gives you a second to catch your breath and then his soft lil voice is mumbling sweet nothings to get you back to being happy
  • He doesn’t leave until he’s absolutely 100 percent sure you’re okay that you still want this
  • Amidst his worrying over making your tears stop, he doesn’t even notice what you’re wearing so when he does see you the next time it’s like the first
  • He definitely cries during the vows
  • But to be fair his vows are really sweet and meaningful
  • It’s filled with things only you would understand, comments and jokes that were just between you two
  • The first kiss is honestly one of the sweetest kisses he’s ever given you
  • His kisses are already sweet to begin with but you’re both crying just a lil bit (happy tears of course) and he’s so so gentle and it’s just like wow man
  • Jimin’s wedding would just be emotional for everyone bc they all got to watch you two grow up together, become best friends and then eventually lovers
  • Side note, Jimin’s father does get his dinner, much to Yoongi’s amusement
FitzAida next week...

Okay, so I’m LEGIT worried about Fitz sleeping with Aida next week…Why? Fitz is a TOTAL mess right now…feeling guilty and like a horrible person…here is obsessed Aida comforting him at his lowest point…I just have zero faith in the writers right now…and there has to be a reason why Aida the human version is all lovey dovey about Fitz now…He isn’t thinking clearly and also has his programmed feelings/memories for her…Now, we all know he isn’t a cheater. But I’m sure he feels 100 percent unworthy of Jemma right now…It also seems like writers want to completely even out the Will thing…and Jemma was sleeping with Will…And sure human Aida wants to experience the sex…I don’t know. I just have worst feelings now about this show despite the possible happy FitzSimmons moment coming up. Writers can still throw a creepy curve like Aida is suddenly pregnant after taking advantage of a messed up psychologically Fitz…the boy was shaking when he woke up and remembered his deeds…And he would refer to her as a SHE instead of it all freaking season long with Jemma having to remind him that she is an it…except now she is a she…for real.

That’s because pop, as a musical genre, is most precisely defined by what it isn’t: not country, not rock, and not rap. Swift isn’t any of those, but she isn’t 100 percent pop, either — she’s still too unique, too identifiably herself.
—  EW’s Review of TS 1989. Taylor is her own genre.
I’ve always believed throughout my running career, the true happiness ultimately lies in the journey. It’s about loving what you do, enjoying the ups and the downs and taking things as they come. It’s important to give the best you have, every single race and every single workout, even if that means you still fail. Give 100 percent all the time and eventually results will come, because that’s all you can control.
—  Jordan Hasay
Right now, [queer representation is] important because it’s still not a 100 percent mainstream-accepted thing. So, I feel really proud to take on this role. I’m a villain and I’m powerful and I think it would be really cool if there’s some queer kid sitting at home watching me blow up cars and shit, while knowing that I am who I am in my personal life and that the character is out and happy.
—  Andy Mientus on being cast in WB’s “The Flash”
Talking with Ehrlinger, we were reminded of something Hewlett-Packard discovered several years ago, when it was trying to figure out how to get more women into top management positions. A review of personnel records found that women working at HP applied for a promotion only when they believed they met 100 percent of the qualifications listed for the job. Men were happy to apply when they thought they could meet 60 percent of the job requirements. At HP, and in study after study, the data confirm what we instinctively know. Underqualified and underprepared men don’t think twice about leaning in. Overqualified and overprepared, too many women still hold back. Women feel confident only when they are perfect. Or practically perfect.

The Confidence Gap”, Katty Kay and Claire Shipman

how real is this article? too fucking real.

Making Art and Losing Subscribers.

For those of you curious about how HARD it can be for creators to BOTH make cool shit AND grow their audience simultaneously, I’d like to share with you a comment on my most recent video and my response:

Commenter: “I find it funny with the content of the video that the sensationalist title and thumbnail with "I QUIT” blazened on it is distinctly designed to get everyone to think “Shit, Ashley is quitting!” and click to see why, therefore potentially blowing up view counts. You could have just titled it “I’m re-branding” or “I’m shaking it up!”, but you KNEW you’d get more attention this way, so therefore you’re still playing the YouTube game, Ashley. You sly boots. Plus, what is the re-branding? If there’s not like a complete tonal shift and revamp of the whole channel, this video basically boils down to a sensationalist video whose only purpose was to get views from curious people. It’s a total YouTuber tactic! Video…is…contradiction…can’t compute…..Still, love the content, by the way. I’m not here just to complain, I genuinely love like 95 percent of your stuff"

My Reply: bloop bloop, *deep breath* don’t be so cynical homie. The thumbnail and title were obvs click bait, but did you enjoy the piece? If so, be happy I enticed you and others to click.

ALSO, if you think I’m playing the game, please note that ‘artsy’ shorts like this ALWAYS cause me to lose subs. Before I posted this, I had 104,388 subs ….I have lost over 100 since yesterday, because this vid isn’t a cutesy fun challenge/tag/collab. I posted and made this ANYWAY, for ME, because I wanted to. Not to gain subs. Not to play the game.


If I was really 'playing the game’ I would have never posted this video in the first place.

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Could you do a prompt where you're Scotts sister and you're going out on a date with Stiles but you're nervous and even though Scotts not 100 percent ok with his best friend dating his sister you still need his advice and he gives it and its cute brother/sister bonding ? sorry this is really long my English is not all that good I don't know how to shorten it I love you guys also btw !

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Reluctantly, you knocked on Scott’s door, “Scott, can I talk to you about something?”

He opened the door a second later, a frown on his face, “Shouldn’t you be getting ready for your date?” He asked, somewhat sourly. Scott wasn’t too happy that you and Stiles were dating. It wasn’t yet serious between you two but it was slowly progressing. Though Scott was glad it wasn’t someone like Jackson you were dating, he still had an issue with you dating Stiles.

You sighed, “It’s about that…” He let you in and you sat on his bed, he sat beside you, looking at you curiously, “I’m just so nervous, Scott. I know you don’t want to talk about this stuff and usually I talk to mom about it but… I really like Stiles, like really like him, and I just don’t want to mess it up.”

Scott sighed heavily, looking almost semi uncomfortable that you were having this talk, but he nodded, “You know, Stiles really likes you, too.” He mumbled eventually, “He told me last week.”

“He did?” The smile on your face made Scott smile slightly too. You were just so happy and that was plainly obvious.

“Yeah… You don’t have to be someone else. You can be totally yourself around Stiles, that’s why he likes you. He likes you for you, (y/n). You’re amazing so just be yourself and relax… I know I don’t seem very supportive of it - you and Stiles - but I’m glad that he makes you happy. I know he wouldn’t hurt you.”

You smiled, “Thanks, Scotty.”

He pressed a soft kiss on your forehead, “He might be my best friend but just remind him that if he does hurt you, I’ll kick his ass.”

Taylor finally got out of the house for the night expecting to get her mind off Calvin, but it ends up becoming the total opposite. There he was, right there in the same place she was, playing his gig. Once their eyes locked, Taylor grows shocked and speechless. She hasn’t seen him in 7 years. Will Taylor finally get the courage to talk to him and confront him about what happened 7 years ago so she can finally move on with her life, or will everything take a turn for the worst? 

Word Count- 7625

Meant To Be- Tayvin Series (2/?)

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Wish you were right here, right now

Luke Imagine: He’s worried about you because you haven’t answerd him in a while.

Luke was worried. And that was the understatement of the year. Every second he was gonna swim across the ocean from New York to England if you decided to keep ignoring his phone calls and messages.

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