still no omg i love community feeling though

Despite the fact that the dust has more or less settled, I’m still getting wisps of what all was said and levied against me a few weeks ago over on everyone’s favorite hate account. As such, I’m still processing everything.

I think what still gets me the most (though it’s hard to pick a winner, given all of the baseless shit that was said) is the fact that so many people in the pagan!tumblr “community” seem to think that if you don’t feel something, that your actions are somehow rendered null and void (f’ex: omg you don’t feel love in your worship, therefore you suck).

I get that maybe your (generalized, though aimed at the people saying this stuff) brain works fine, or maybe you feel morally superior and that’s where this comes from or something like that, but I honestly am so tired of seeing the age old “feelings trump all” bullshit. I’m tired of seeing those who have aspergers or certain PDs being labeled as monsters because they “lack empathy”. I’m tired of seeing people be raked over coals because they don’t feel strongly about whatever is going on. I’m tired of seeing feelings being held up as the pinnacle of goodness.

From my perspective, feelings are secondary to actions. Feelings and thoughts, when not acted upon, hurt no one and effect no one outside of the person feeling or thinking the thing. Actions do a lot more, mean a lot more. Particularly if you’re choosing to do what is right, or what you think is right, even when your feelings aren’t in it to win it.

People who have issues with connecting with emotions, or processing emotions the same ways as NTs aren’t inherently bad. People need to really stop with the whole “if you don’t feel a particular way, you’re doing it wrong” because there is little to nothing to back that statement up, and it hurts people in the process.

Not that anyone that submits asks to said hate account gives a fuck about not hurting people. But even so, there it is.