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More Silly Sportarobbie Headcanons
  • They like to touch-foreheads™
  • It’s something they do to show affection to one another
  • Sportacus is the one who started it
  • He’d just close his eyes and gently press his forehead to Robbie’s
  • Robbie initiated brushing their noses together in responce sometimes
  • They are disgusting really
  • Robbie’d just be on a bench reading a book
  • And Sportacus will flip-flippity over and gently press his forehead to Robbie’s
  • And Robbie will brush their noses together
  • And Sportacus will flip-flippity away
  • And it’s disgusting
  • And it’s the best
  • It’s their form of affectionate kissing ❤


When Sherlock was transported from the endless Mind Palace staircase back into consciousness for a third time, there wasn’t a sudden brightness of surgical light or the worried voice of John to dominate his perception, and his senses were informing him of a different surrounding.

Sight: remained to be assessed. Smell: of plastic – nasal oxygen cannula. Touch: odd, mostly numb, but something, something warm and soft in contact with his left hand.

He forced his heavy eyelids open and felt a surge of adrenaline tightening his chest. It helped clear the fuzziness in his mind.

He hadn’t been in the proximity of her face since their intimacy in the heat of Karachi, and he’d dared not hope to be presented with that privilege again. Not even when, consequent of a turn of fate, he did chance upon her elegant form, her steps light and swift ahead of him in the Montenegrin streets. Compelled by a momentary weakness, he'd followed her and found out where she lived. But not even then, at his lowest ebb, towards the end of The Fall, did he break his resolve and ring her doorbell.

Yet here she was, The Woman, in London where she shouldn’t be. By his side. She was never one to let anything draw to a close with a grand finale directed by someone else, and of course this time it was her who flew across the world, when the news broke that the Consulting Detective was found in Magnussen’s office, on the verge of becoming past tense.

Her makeup was flawless, without the merest hint of any smudge. But there was a single, small, semi-dried water spot on the bed sheet beside his forearm, he observed.

“..and The Woman will cry..” Ah. So she did. And the current level of morphine meant for his bullet wound was no longer sufficient to alleviate the ache in his chest.

Seconds of locked gaze and maintained silence, and her expression shifted as she briefly glanced down – at her small hand gently holding his. For a moment he thought she was going to retract it, but instead of moving her hand, she spoke evenly, “Look how much your pulse rate’s just accelerated. Heart still going strong, I see.”

Her smirk didn’t reach her eyes.

No mention was made of what had transpired in Karachi, or what paths they’d each been treading through since.

No comment was given regarding the implication of the slight change in her slender figure, or the inconspicuous mark on her ring finger.

No answer was offered explaining her trip across the Atlantic Ocean, no excuse crafted for the rose and card. No reassurance was stated, no promise sworn. Nor any sign that either of them intended to meet again.

Now wasn’t the time.

“Do calm yourself, dear. Mrs Watson will be expecting to see a heavily sedated patient when she slips in to request your discretion. Which reminds me, the window route is no longer under CCTV surveillance, and I estimate will remain in its current state for another 11 hours, give or take. You’re welcome.” Her parting words rolled off her tongue with the nonchalance of someone remarking upon the serenity of the night, as she stood from the edge of his hospital bed, and he wondered just how much she knew. About Mary. About Magnussen.

She quirked an eyebrow as she gave him a final, pointed look before turning to leave.

Be careful and stay alive, will you?

He pursed his lips, not breaking their piercing eye contact.

And you.



So I was watching the latest episode of Powerless and something caught my attention. So this episode dealt with Van McFuckface trying to become Robin (which coincidentally is the plot of the only issue that he actually exists in) and one of the scientists dudes said something along the lines of “You do know that two Robins supposedly died on the job, right?”

We know for sure that one of them is Jason because he’s always the dead one but I got to wondering which of the other boys was the other dead Robin. Technically all of them have died at some point. Dick’s death was faked but he’s still dead in the public eye for a while. Tim disappeared recently but is believed to be dead by the public. Damian actually died and was murdered fairly publicly. 

Now hear me out here, Dick and Tim were no longer Robins when they died so technically speaking Damian is the only other Robin besides Jason that died ‘on the job.’ 

What does this mean? Damian exists/existed as Robin in the universe that Powerless has set up. It also means my desire for Damian to step in and take over Van McFuckface’s job for an episode or two is very much possible. 

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May I personally thank your "gay white dude" anon for asking you to grace us with James? Whether one is attracted to guys or not can anyone really deny that Mehcad is a sight to please the eye? I mean I'm ace but still...he is an eye-candy, especially those gifs he is smiling

I mean.

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Prompt: Reluctant Secret Verse. The first time baby is sick.

“He thinks I’m an idiot,” she grumbled, eyes still on the door the doctor had just slipped out of as Robin chuckled softly and came to stand beside her.

He pressed a kiss to her temple. “You’re not an idiot,” he assured, “just a mother rightly worried for her poorly little girl.”

Her expression softened as she turned to look at a - finally - sleeping Scarlett resting in the crook of his arm and close to his chest. Her cheeks were still red, nose sore and her sleep was a little restless with her high temperature. Regina’s heart ached for her. “I wish I could just take it from her, be the sick one instead.”

“I know, sweetheart.”

“I just feel so terrible, she’s too tiny!”

He pressed another kiss to her temple before slipping his arm around her shoulders and pulling her into his side, smiling at the way she gently stroked their daughter’s face. “She’ll be okay, Regina. You heard the doctor,” he squeezed her a little tighter against him, “it’s normal.”

“I know that,” she wrapped her free arm around him, eyes still on their sleeping girl, “in my rational mind I know that but, when I heard her struggling to breathe through her nose I just-”

“Did exactly the same thing I would have,” she tilted her face up towards his own, her eyes wet at the memory of that morning, of thinking that Scarlett was about to stop breathing completely, “you shouldn’t feel embarrassed for reacting the way you did, there’s absolutely no shame in it.”

She nodded, still doubting herself but soothed by his words at the very least. With a heavy sigh, she gave the smallest of smiles before leaning onto her tip toes and pressing a kiss to his lips.

“And how is our little superstar doing?”

They broke apart and turned to find their usual Doctor, Rose Bell, stepping into the room with a warm smile.

“A little under the weather, right? Well, not worry,” the blonde assured them both, “we’ll have her fixed up and ready for home in no time, okay Mom and Dad?”

And as they both nodded, Regina relaxing in his hold and finding more confidence now that someone was taking them seriously, Robin smiled and cast his eyes down to the girl in his arms, endlessly gratefully to have them both in his life.

Send me a prompt for one of my existing AUs
A pair of glasses held together by tape, a missing phone, a small, mean, dog

I asked @girlneedsadonut to give me a number from this post and she wanted the small, mean, dog so here it is. I might write more when I don’t feel like thinking too much about what I’m gonna write.

Stacie woke up to someone knocking loudly at her door. She frowned, squinting at the clock on her nightstand and groaning when she realized it was only 9 pm. She turned on the light, putting on her glasses, throwing on a hoodie and dragging her feet to the door, her eyes still half closed.

She pulled open the door, her glare immediately turning to confusion when she saw who was on the other side. “Aubrey?”

“I need your help.” Aubrey bit her lip nervously and took a step forward, stopping when Stacie didn’t move to let her in and nodding at the door.

“Sorry.” Stacie mumbled, opening the door wider and gesturing inside. “What’s wrong?”

Aubrey noticed the state of Stacie’s bed and tilted her head. “Were you sleeping?”

“I was tired after my finals.” Stacie shrugged and smiled. “I’m awake now, how can I help you?”

“Right.” Aubrey looked down. “I need you to help me break into the Treble’s house.”

“What?” Stacie exclaimed loudly. “Why?”

“Fucking Bumper stole my phone, I need to get it back. It has those…” Aubrey looked down blushing. “Those pictures you sent me last week.”

“Oh…” Stacie frowned in thought, trying to remember which pictures Aubrey meant, her eyes widening when she remembered what they were. “Oh! Yeah, we need that back.” Stacie nodded. “So what’s the plan?”

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what is going on lol…. i spoke with a crow who had been lingering around n came back even after i (thought i) banished it. aftr some things, i manage to get rid of it for real this time. thats when i found out it’s a part of a creature that had been watching me from outside my barriers (huge dark blob? kind of gooey looking with a lot of red eyes all over it) + the crow wasnt the same one but it was remade after i destroyed the old ones :/ it even tried to impersonate ma guanyin to gain my trust which almost worked

blob went away, but i still feel another pair of eyes on me. not in the mood 2 deal with this

on a better note i finally contacted a javanese-chinese dragon that have been trying to talk w me for quite some time now. it speaks with a javanese accent…. cute….. g seems to like it

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I think it def is mostly Mitch just being so mesmerized by the mixture of his height and baby face. and Mitch is ust like, hanging off of Monte like “you’re so big wow” and Monte’s just like “yeah…yeah i know.” and Mitch is still just big eyes at him. and when Carlo sits down Mitch is like rubbing at his shoulders like “wow wowowow.” I think Carlo is mostly just confused because he can’t tell if Mithc is flirting with him or just very very enamored by his height in a non sexual way.

some unlucky kiddos :’)

Sean and Wiishu was the reason for the death of my copy of Photoshop ‘cause of how cute these beans are! My brushes and layout was horridly messed up ∑(゚ロ゚〃) i was really nervous about posting it, but i hope you like it!

@therealjacksepticeye @wiishu ٩(♡ε♡ )۶