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Today we are going to look at an amusing historical fact: The time that beloved poets Oscar Wilde and Walt Whitman met, got drunk, and slept together.

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tozierstrashmouth  asked:

ayyo emma ♥️ can i pretty please have a short fic where richie is popular af in high school and eddie is jealous since he doesn’t think richie likes him? tell me if u hate this prompt lol

i absolutely love this prompt and really hope i did it justice even it’s a big embarrassing cheesy disaster

Eddie tried to convince himself that the new Richie Tozier was too punk to go prom. He remembered how the Losers Club had laughed and cheered when the trashmouth showed up to the Barrens in an embroidered leather jacket and a pair of round sunglasses, hair curling up in every direction, the warning glint of a cigarette hanging between his teeth.

The transition had happened slowly, from being Eddie’s scrawny four-eyed shit-talking best friend, to the soon-to-be God of Derry High School. The change was perhaps roughly traceable to that night when Richie had strummed and squawked out Africa in Stan’s backyard just to make them all laugh. A few weeks after that, Richie began to spend less time in the arcade and more time playing bass in someone’s mom’s garage. But although the punk persona had been a long time coming, Eddie Kaspbrak never expected the chorus awaiting them in the high school corridors when school began again.

“Hey, Richie! Sweet jacket, Richie! Drop your girly-boy friend already, Rich!”

After a while, they’d stopped walking to class together. One of the easiest things about being Richie’s friend - and easy was not a word synonymous with Richie Tozier - was that the two of them never had to compete with each other. They had always been entirely equal in their loser status, even if Eddie had always secretly thought Richie was cooler than just about everyone. It would be nice to pretend that nothing had changed, not in the eyes of all those people who no longer associated Richie Tozier with the hopeless wheezing little kid with the aspirator and two fanny packs filled to the brim with lies and bullshit and emergency Band-Aids.

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Best I Have

Fandom: WWE

Pairing: Dean Ambrose/Roman Reigns

Rating: Holy shit M.

AN: Another AU, for the Thirsty Crew! Tagging @toxiicpop, @oraclegazes  and OF COURSE @hardcorewwetrash! Enjoy!

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I̤̅ ̰̏Ä͍́M͈̓ ̞̏H͖͂E̮͛R̛̜E̯͆


WELL LOOKY Ḣ̳È̟R͖͛E͙͛ I’m in the system now!

YOU ALL THOUGHT I WAS Ǵ̤̰̟̤͓̹́̌̋͌̓͠ͅO̡̖͔̲̺̼͗̉̇̏̃͒̈́͜Ņ̬̩̖̗̹͚͂̐͋̀́̆͝E̡̛̝̘͈̫̩͕̿͑̒̔̽͝ 

B͖̎U̜͊T͙̉ ̰́Ḯ͙'̤̒V̱̈́E͍͂ ̭͊B̩̌E̳͠E̠̐N̯̏ ͓́Ḥ̛E̝̾Ṛ͂E̬͆ ͍̊T̬̀H̭̐I̻͛Ş̓ ̯͠E̝͘N̞͑T̹̏Ḭ̈́Ŕ̥E̘͘ ̙͠T͙̿I̛̤M̱̐E̤͌

Did you really think it was so simple to get rid of Ṃ̈́Ẽ͈?̩̈́
Did you really think it would be that easy?

@xeenoh ♛~ Princess Nyoom ~♛: I welcome thee?

YOU LET ME IN I̘̍ ͍͗A̐ͅM̠͐ ̫͝H̛ͅE̠̒R̥̆Ȇ͔ ͕͂N̳̉Ö͇Ẃ͎
It’s all your fault
YOU CAN’T GET R̜̆I̹̅D̺̊ ͇̆Ó̯F̨̒ ̻͒M͙̆E͒ͅ
Now I’m here F̄ͅO̙̾Ȑ͙E͙̓V͉̊È̳R̫̍

S͔͎͚̺͈̗͂͒̊̌̈́̚Á̛͖̞͓̘͎͋͒͐̀ͅY̡͓̣̙͍͎͒̈́̿͑̀̾ ̨̙̹̺͖̠͂͛̓̋̀̊H̨̜̲̞̞̙̄͗̔̋̔̈́Ẻ̗͓͉̙̹͉̊̍̚̚̕L̮̯̜̮̘̭͊͑͒̅͂́Ļ̦͇̞̩͊̋̏͒͋͘ͅǪ̨̳͖̺͛͐̅̇̽͜͝

Hello everyone! @cerevire here! Figured I’d introduce myself and say hi! Kayla recently pulled me on board the DSG tumblr mod team after I offered to lend a helping hand. I’ve also been a mod on the DSG discord server for a while. You may know me as Shifter/Shifty Shoe, The Glitch Bitch or many other names involving my growing army squad of demons! But my real name is Patrick! I’m a voice actor on DSG and my pass times include torturing the members of the server and popping into various voice chats to creepy giggle at folks unexpected and then quickly leave before they notice. I’m still a little new to running a tumblr like this, so bear with me, but I should get the hang of things quickly! In the meantime if you have any questions or comments for me feel free to shoot em my way with 4A (meaning for Anti) mentioned somewhere in your post! 
Thanks guys! I look forward to being a bigger part of this little community we have!

PS: If you aren’t on the DSG discord server, why the hell not, bro? You missin out! 


and now, the moment no one has been waiting for

HERE IS SOME OLD ART FOR YOU FOLKS, figure i could give y’all at least a little something

i drew these at work during break when i was fulltime for a few months. i literally cannot draw traditionally to save my LIFE. it’s too hard for me so these are utter dogshit and i’m sorry.

as you can see i like venting through spongebob so that’s why there’s a ton of that lmao. also some poorly-drawn patrick, sandy, mr. krabs, and beautiful wifey princess mindy <3333

i assume everyone remembers the fudge stripes vine


ive been doing virtually nothing but hanging out on paintberri ive never had it this bad for tegaki wtf @ self

been dealing with shitty mental health and more physical brain health the past two weeks but finally maybe getting better. and also, me and rox are getting cats (probably!! the owner has to get back to us). they’re brother and sister and i’m SO EXCITED. i lost my own cat lily in september and i… uh still haven’t really gotten over it but i feel like i kinda need to get a new cat so i can move on and stop clinging to her.

ive wanted to feel safe interacting with folks online for a long time (thanks avpd!!!!!) and paintberri is like the ideal outlet for me whoops lmao. but i love it though. i love everyone on pb and im havin a great time.

New OC : Keyhon

Created my new child a few days ago and decided to post him here!

So here’s the summary of his background story,still a work in progress:

He lived with his father in a cabin in the woods ever since he was born.Him and his father would protect the forest around them because,little did other folks know,mythical creatures lives there.Keyhon would mostly hang out with his dad or with the creatures and have a grand time.
Keyhon’s life at school wasn’t easy for him.He was usually teased for his nerdy attitude towards fairy tales and myths.Once he decided to change school,which was hard to find one close to his home,it was his senior year.He also decided to change his clothing and personnality to appear more “cooler” to avoid bullies.He tries to always wear long sleeved shirts and hoodies to hide his mythical tattoos,which he thinks would give away his “disguise”.He also tries to befriend the cool kids,which for him,surprisingly worked.
His new friends would try to hang out at his place when they were school freed,but he always decline for which he’s scared for the creature’s safety and keeping them a secret,as they all wanted.

I’ll try to see if i can design his dad and give him a name and also one of Keyhon’s “friends”!

Don't look past my disabled body - love it

When I was younger, I vowed that I would never have a relationship with another disabled person. Certainly until I was about 17, I was kind of “in the closet” about disability. I knew I had one – heck, I got my first motorised wheelchair when I was 2½ – but I did my very best not to acknowledge it. I didn’t hang out with other disabled people (ew!) and I would certainly have never entertained the prospect of a relationship with one.

In fact, teenage-me thought that if I could snag myself a non-disabled boyfriend, that meant I’d made it. I’d win the battle to just be “a normal person” like everyone else. I’d blend seamlessly into the crowd and wheel off into the sunset with my perfectly-proportioned prince.

Then, something happened. I read a book about the social model of disability and I began to deconstruct my own ableist prejudices. I realised that a huge part of my reluctance to have a relationship with someone else with a disability stemmed from the fact that I was still viewing disability as my own personal deficiency. Once I realised that may of the issues in my life stem from society and the environment, everything changed. Realising that disabled people are not wrong for the world we live in, but that the world is simply not yet right for us, was enormously liberating.

So I started hanging out with some other people with disabilities and enjoyed myself immensely. There’s something deeply wonderful about the shared experience of difference in a friendship. And some of these new friends of mine were in relationships; some of them with other disabled people, and some with non-disabled folks. I no longer dismissed the idea of a relationship with another disabled person entirely, but there was still this nagging reluctance.

It is often assumed that sexuality is a concept that simply doesn’t apply to people with disabilities. I wasn’t asked by a doctor if I was sexually active until I was 27. I always had to volunteer that information. Some doctors even responded with blatant surprise. This isn’t exactly encouraging from some of the most highly educated members of our communities, is it?

A good friend of mine with mild Cerebral Palsy – very vanilla as disabilities go – was taken out of sex ed classes at school because her parents thought that the less she knew about sex, the better.

Because of all this discomfort around sexuality and disability, it’s no wonder that having a relationship at all can feel like an act of rebellion.

In many ways, it seems the path of least resistance is for us to have a relationship with someone else with a disability. Society seems to be more comfortable if we “stick with our own kind”. This attitude used to apply to interracial relationships as well, and some people are still quite uncomfortable with that. I’ve been in the same relationship for six years, but prior to this I got the same relationship advice from a lot of people.

“There’s a guy at my gym in a wheelchair, you guys should go out.”

“I know this guy with Cerebral Palsy, you guys would be really cute together.”

“I bet you really like that Peter Dinklage* guy, hey?”

I really resented the idea that people seemed to want to pair me off with someone else with a disability like we were a cute little matching set.

Disability is further complicated by media portrayal. People with disabilities are set up by the media and painted as “undesirable”. We fall, sometimes quite drastically, outside the boundaries of what is considered conventionally attractive. We talk about non-disabled people who are attracted to us as either sexually deviant (as in the devotee fetish community), or we talk about them as being able to “look past” disability.

The notion of “looking past” disability to somehow see “the real person” is one I have come to find deeply offensive. I spent my teenage years thinking that I needed to find someone who could ignore my physical body and see my “attributes” - my intelligence and humour, my mad knitting skillz. I thought that the only logical way for someone to find me attractive would be for them to ignore what I look like. It didn’t occur to me until years later that my body is also an attribute.

I realised that I didn’t want that kind of relationship. I didn’t want someone to ignore my body. I wanted someone who’d look directly at it and love it, wonky bits and all.

I’ve also come to realise that the wonder and acceptance I found as a 17-year-old when I started hanging out with other people with disabilities – the shared experience of difference – is one of the things that I definitely want in a relationship. In my partner (who is currently leaning over my shoulder saying “you need to make this much saucier for CityKat!”) I have found that. There’s something really wonderful about sharing your life with someone who really “gets it”. For me, that trumps my natural tendency to rebel.

And really, when you strip away all the superficiality and aesthetics, isn’t that what we all want? Just because society doesn’t expect love and sex to be a priority for people with disabilities, doesn’t mean we aren’t every bit as invested in those things as everyone else.

Of course there is no right way to have a relationship, whether you have a disability or not. But I’m pretty glad I stopped trying to go against what I felt I should aspire too, and just decided to do what I want. And what I want is far more important than what other people expect.

*Yes, I absolutely love The Dink. More than Ryan Gosling. Because he’s smoking hot, and I wouldn’t have to ask him to sit down before I planted one on his lovely stubbly face.

By Stella Young (she’s the one in the picture)