still never want a daughter


Y'know. I was actually considering not posting these for a while… But, best not to hide about what I spent the most time indulging in for the past months. (especially since this would be the 5th time I’ve done so) I’m. STILL. VERY MUCH in love with Yamcha having a daughter (and the art style of that one OVA). Those Dragon Balls are a gift 💙🌸👍🏽

….Also the first image was another prompt from that exact same unfinished DBZ art meme I gave myself… (Being: “Do you have any OC’s?” and at this point, she counts since it’s always the same child.)

And since people kept asking, and I need to own up to what I’ve done for once: the girl’s name is “Yantan.” She’s a dumpling.
You will refuse to be like other girls by telling yourself that you will not clump all men together with blanket statements like, “all men are jerks,” because you know that you are too smart to believe such a massive generalization - only to be proved wrong every time, just waiting for the one guy who doesn’t make you doubt yourself.

You will find that one guy and you will realize that just because a man isn’t a jerk, doesn’t mean he can’t break your heart. In fact, it only makes it that much more painful when he does.

After suffering heartache you’ll tell yourself that, “all men are jerks,” to avoid feeling such heartache again. Which will be just one of your many mistakes in life and you will come to the sad realization that no matter how strong you are as a woman, you still want a man to love.
—   I Hope I Never Have a Daughter: Reason #7, #8, and #9 - © 2015 Sarah Marie Pardy