still needs a decent name

whats wrong? cat got your throat?

to be honest steggy shippers are the biggest demons in the entire marvel fanbase and their determination to seek out people that ship stevebucky just to anonymously tell them that “Bucky means less to Steve than Steve means to Bucky, and Steve doesn’t care about Bucky as much as he cares about Peggy, and also Bucky isn’t even the person closest to Steve and also Steve’s story and choices throughout aren’t anything to do with Bucky and even though Steve has chosen Bucky every time he’s had a choice including Bucky, he basically just tolerates him” is unbearably annoying and also homophobic because they’re solely doing it to upset lgbt fans who see themselves in the characters, and who also are just living their lives and aren’t at all behaving in this antagonistic way to the straights. and tbh u can interact with this post so i can block u bc I’d rather block every damn steggie on this blue hellscape than give any of them the chance to chat their shit in my inbox again

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Just watched What's My Name and uh, I have a couple of notes: You cannot convince me that these three are not in a poly relationship, there is absolutely no way they are not. Harry. I forgot it was the video to a Disney Channel movie. Harry. She's holding his hook!!!! The looks Uma and Harry exchange. Were they even trying to keep it rated G? I need that movie now!!!!

aaaaahaha ♥♥♥ yes i’m in love with all three of them i’m so glad i’m not alone haha. i already made tons of screenshots and i’m gonna make posts and gush (is that the right word?) about them so much ♥ (and i’m seriously considering learning how to make gifs..)

i mean i’m a little bummed because in the movie they’re gonna stick to just harry and uma, but honestly gil is so in love with both of them :}


Fave daiya trio