still need work on backgrounds


I shouldn’t be doing this :3c but meh, also have two versions too ‘cuz idk if I should adapt the colors for Laz, Pidge is Peri already, so no prob at all, except that now I’m picturing Peri saying “my name is Lapis, I’m SO emo” with a trash pile-made Lapis

my submission for the INKO+ zine <3

anonymous asked:

Hi!!! I've been a fan of the great comet (and you) for a while now. And i was wondering if you could draw a Dolokhov/Nick Choksi?

you have really good timing, because i’ve never drawn dolokhov before today and had just finished drawing him when i saw this ask!, but i don’t know what to draw for the background - suggestions are welcome!


After reading the HorrorTale comic I had a need to try drawing this guy, and this is the result!

And damn am I happy with this :D like his face turned out soo damn good and his hand didn’t turn out that bad either! and this time I succeeded in cleaning the sketch up so well like look how clean this shit is! don’t think I have ever succeeded in cleaning up a sketch this well when I have drawn in my sketchbook! The only thing I am not so happy about is his other arm, as I wanted it to be in his pocket but just couldn’t get it right so I changed it so it just flops down beside him <:

Also I wouldn’t shake his hand if I were you~

i drew the ever so beautiful @sshizuku with psyduck because she complimented camilla’s doodle with skitty and it made me really happy, so i wanted to return the favour.

thank you for your patience and i hope you love it! 💕


Have some gifs I made while doing the heart in Briarthorn and a screenie of my new Reaper, Erisdea! I’m totally in love with her color scheme.◝( ♡ᴗ♡ )◜


The Hobo Miraculous Holder no one asked for is here!

Her Name is Sheela and when transformed she’s called Reindear. I swear the name was the worst part to think of.

Her miraculous is one earring which resembles a horn, after the transformation the horn turns white and brown carvings in the form of antlers appear on each side. When the transformation wears off, each branch of the antler starts to turn white.

Kell recharges with kisses mushrooms and he’s really broody, though he’s got a heart of gold.

I still need to work on Sheelas personality and background but here are some things which i wanna go for:
-she travels a lot (since that’s what caribous do cha ching~*)
-her default expression looks rather bored and dull.
-I want her to have a problem with expressing her feelings since one of the symbolic meanings of the caribou is sensitivity and that’s what she’s gonna earn while transformed, then she can slowly grow as a person
-that being said, Sheela will be rather blunt and while her face often remains in the default position, the things she says can come across as rude or insensitive
-she’s honest to the core
-she LOVES walking barefood and her feet can handle almost every temperature, but she has a spare pair of boots at home
-the sarcasm is strong with this one

and that’s it for now, I guess!
@sorarts Ideas and suggestions are highly appreciated  ´v`)/

Another attempt at drawing with Anime Campaign’s most anime protagonistic-y character, Sylvester Ashling (and Dr. Beefton)!  I absolutely love Anime Campaign and it makes Ramadan pass quicker. In terms of my art, I wasn’t sure if the Doctor had actual hands or hooves… I chose the latter because I find that more hilarious (I picture Dr. Beefton clumsily balancing a scalpel in one hoove as he attempts to perform surgery). Overall, I am glad with the way it turned out, but I feel my art still needs more improvement (particularly in detailing and background work).

That DB post reminds me of one of my favorite stories:

“It was in Germany, in August 1967, that Perry (Watkins) was summoned to the U.S. Army Ninety-seventh General Hospital in Frankfurt and given his draft physical. In the course of filling out the forms, right after checking no to the questions about drugs or alcohol, Perry checked yes to the question about homosexual tendencies.

Watkins would later be asked to recall what happened next, and no one would ever step forward to challenge his recollections. The Army psychiatrist wanted to know precisely which sexual acts Watkins performed with men.

‘Oral and anal sex,’ Perry answered evenly.

'I can’t accept that answer,’ the psychiatrist said.

Watkins rephrased it. 'I like to suck dick and get fucked in the ass,’ he said.

'Do you ever date women?’ the psychiatrist asked.

Perry thought it was strange that when he talked about having sex with men the doctor wanted to know about precise acts but when he talked about sex with women he referred to it as 'dating.’ The psychiatrist, a lieutenant colonel, pressed further, trying to dissuade Watkins from his admission – to no avail.

Perry was sent to another psychiatrist, with no explanation on the accompanying paperwork as to why he was there. But Perry took a number-two pencil and wrote in big block letters in the space provided, "I’m here because I checked 'homosexual tendencies.’”

'Why did you do that?’ asked the second psychiatrist.

'Because it’s the truth.’

'Do you want to go in the Army?’

'I don’t object to going in the Army,’ Watkins said. He was not trying to get out of the draft; he was simply telling the truth.

'Do you want to go to Vietnam?’ the psychiatrist asked.

'I wouldn’t object to going to Vietnam.’

'Why did you check the box?’

'Because it was the truth.’“

Randy Shiltz relaying Perry Watkins’s story in his book, Conduct Unbecoming: Gays & Lesbians in the U.S. Military