still need to watch this tbh

Random thoughts about episode 16
(Might have spoilers. I dunno, I tried to stay clear, but just in case)

What the fck is favaro wearing

Shout out to Bacchus as my most favorite God in the series lmao

El has completely lost it

Ok maybe not too much?¿? I have faith in him

Anyway, about Favaro’s clothes-

iT wAs A fReAkInG dReAm. And what dream. I have feelings.

No but seriously Favaro, wtf man I love you. You made my day

duuuuude, Azazel Kaisar and Favaro brot3 ftw

Cha ri oc e actually as k i n g Kaisar to be f r i e n d s (kinda) he’s the nerd with 0 friends, I can’t

why do the previews have to be non-canon, I need them to be canon!

I adore Homecoming so much and he’s such a pure good boy. Go and watch the movie. It’s amazing! I loved it from beginning to end. (2Redbubble

If you follow me already then you’ll know that when I’m bored (which is all the time tbh) I watch BTS videos and take screenshots and post them bc I don’t have better things to do 

Taetae aka Tae the bae

He was being so rude (as usual) I couldn’t get funny screenshots bc he was winking, biting his lips and sticking out his tongue the whole freaking performance…#somebodycollecthimplz


Park Jimin aka mochi aka pink Jimin

Looks like someone just punched him lol

I mean his hair still looks flawless 

Chim needs to chill down 

Me running away from my problems and responsibilities 

No comment. Still my bias-wrecker tho

Nothing’s wrong with this pic he just looked so cool 

Jimin when he sees someone talking/touching Jungkook

The last one

Jeon Jungkook aka living meme aka international playboy aka fuckboy

...he got a bit too excited while dancing

tbh this is like a normal pic of him

Making those “fuckboy” faces he always do while doing literally anything…

But seriously tho, I think Jungkook stans only watches this “Not today” fancam bc..

I bet that BTS stylists is getting an award soon from armys, or more specifically Kookie’s stans

idc who you are, if you scare my baby again you’re gonna catch these fangs.

raphael’s body language in the deleted scene 


{Reaction} Having baby fever with BTS

Hi! I really love your blog ♡ could you write a BTS reaction to their gf having baby fever, like watching baby videos looking at baby clothes and stuff? Like she acknowledges that the boys -because of their career- can’t have a baby yet but she still keeps daydreaming about it. Thank you so much in advance, and take all the time you need ♡

Disclaimer: I don’t own the gifs/images used.

Min Yoongi/ Suga

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Yoongi: “You’re watching those videos again? Jagi I want to go to bed, turn them off now.” *Salty af because he also wants a child but knows it isn’t a good time at the moment*

Jeon Jungkook

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Jungkook: “Keep wishful thinking like that and I might just have to give it to you.” 

Kim Taehyung/ V

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Taehyung: *As excited as you are tbh*

Kim Namjoon/ Rap Monster

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Namjoon: “Again, Jagi? I feel like you’re trying to hint something here…” 

Jung Hoseok/ J-Hope

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Hoseok: “We already have a child in the house, Jagi.” *Winks, laughs as you throw a pillow at him*

Park Jimin

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Jimin: “You think I don’t want that too?” 

Kim Seokjin/ Jin

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Jin: *Kisses your cheek* “Jagi, you’re so adorable.”
skam season three

here is season three! im posting this link while it is still processing the videos, so they may not work right away, but they should soon! you can watch season one here and season two here

please message me if you have issues with any of the links, or if they stop working, i will fix them! 

you can also message me if you just want to ramble about skam because i love talking about it and i need friends tbh

summer days drifting away to oh oh the summer nights

better known as: a 1 month late AT Ship Week: Fav Squad prompt. WHOOPS. I rlly loved the Stakes arc tho, so Stakes Squad was my choice

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Akashi, Midorima, Kise, Aomine, Nijimura, Himuro, and Imayoshi domestic headcanons with their married!S/O?


  • He gets super giddy whenever he calls out “Honey, I’m home!” because it’s so cliché and he knows it makes you all blushy and he just loves it
  • Will attempt to cook for your anniversary, burn down the kitchen, call the chef to fix something up, get an entirely new kitchen, and be “Happy anniversary, sweetheart” as if he didn’t just replace the entire kitchen
  • Super awkward around kids at first, tries to be cool about it, but he’s actually reading up on a dozen manuals on how to change a single diaper


  • 10/10 will not do any of the cleaning around the house until you nag him or threaten to divorce his ass
  • Still loves to cuddle with you and have sex on the kitchen table 23434 years into the marriage because “we have to keep the flame alive, baby”
  • Although he acts all #cool and #composed around the baby and acts as if it came naturally to him (and you believed him for a little while), until you saw him watching tutorials online on how to get babies to like him


  • CHILL AF HUSBAND, like you’ll tell him to do something around the house, asking for help and he’s like, “oh i did that yesterday, do you need me to do anything else?” aka the true blessing™
  • Will take you out on date nights at least once a week, be the best kind of gentleman who will treat yo ass right 
  • But tbh he still loves pranking you so you’ll end up sitting on a whoopie cushion one too many times during your marriage


  • sex sex sex Like Aomine, he’d still be down to try out new things with you, even when you’re feeling a little insecure about being older and such
  • Always knows when you’re tired, he’s some kind of freaking psychic, and will always bring home your favorite takeout and movies during those days and give you massages and just be the perfect husband
  • Fights with him aren’t as frequent because he tries to be level-headed about it and he somehow always knows the right things to say


  • Surprises you with the best things you can imagine aka lots of makeup samples from his shoots, a puppy, a dinner date at the best restaurants, carpet sex, and lots of kisses (always)
  • He helps you wash the dishes every night and thinks of it as bonding and will always snuggle up to you “why is this so fun to you” “because you’re stuck standing next to me for at least twenty minutes”
  • “kise we are noT MAKING ANOTHER BABY” “but i want—”


  • Diapers are the bane of his existence. Literally, who in the world thought it was a good idea to make these? Why couldn’t they just strap on diapers with suspenders
  • Is actually a really good cook and on the days he’s back early, he’d be more than happy to whip up a good meal 
  • Can’t do laundry for the life of him, too many of your shirts have turned brown from white. “I might’ve spilled coffee beans in there.” “Why did you have coffee beans.” “…………lucky item.”


  • Honest to God, would marry him again over and over because he’s the sweetest husband who’s always taking care of you; the kind of man who would pop by your workplace to drop off lunch or make sure you were taken care of
  • Keeps everything in the house so tidy (aside from the box of memories from teikō days); like the ult neat freaK BECAUSE HE WON’T EVEN LET YOU EAT ON THE COUCH
  • Has your wedding photo as his wallpaper to show off every time he switches on his phone “yes, that’s my wife” with the shyest smiles

“I know a lot of you probably don’t have much use for religion. I didn’t either, for a major portion of my life. I’ll be honest, I wear a collar sometimes, but I still have doubts. Big ones. If anyone tells you they don’t, they’re lying. Because life is mysterious, death more so. And I don’t pretend to have all the answers.”

VIXX: married life

N:  Hakyeon is all about relaxing and kicking back when he’s not in practice or shooting with the band members, and your home is like a sanctuary to the both of you. Days off are like heaven, when he can lay in bed with you all day without a care in the world and gets up early whenever he’s planning something romantic to do. He’s still not exactly done with trying to impress you, so he always outdoes himself with cooking on most weekends, and planning surprises for you when he’s feeling a little daring.

Leo:  he’s become even more of a cuddly cat after having you agree to take his hand in marriage. He’s constantly surprising you at your work and is all about showing you off and letting everyone know you’re his. He sees as you as his inspiration when he’s stuck on writing or composing a new song, and sometimes he’ll randomly crawl in your lap while you’re working or watching TV just bc ‘he needs some sort of ideas to come to him’ and he feels that they always do when he’s close to you.

Ken:  marriage isn’t too different from dating him tbh, he’s still just as crazy and foolish since the day you met. Dates are still spontaneous, seeing as he’ll pretty much take you anywhere and still call it a date. He’s serious about wanting to cook often, and clean around the house since he’s figured out that it’s the one thing to stop you from still being mad at him. He’s been taking better care of himself and his eating habits, and urges you to join him on that gym membership. I think he’d want to try and have children pretty early on, so while never pressuring you, he’d still make it known that he wants it more than anything.

Ravi:  tries his best to be home as often as he can, but he’ll appreciate it when you surprise him in the studio late at night with some food and plenty of kisses. He’s showing you new tracks and lyrics that he’s working on all the time, and will ask for your honest opinion when he’s stuck. It’s fun watching him become more domesticated and wanting to hear your thoughts on everything and putting you at the top of his priorities. I don’t think he’ll want to have children early on, he’d want to settle down with you naturally and over time before taking that big step.

Hongbin:  honestly he can’t even believe that you agreed to marry him, and he’s still in shock to this day. Hongbin wants to go everywhere and anywhere with you, always asking for days off so that he could go on adventures with the love of his life right by his side. He’s become more supportive and open minded, not to mention that he’s so thankful for you and that you’ve helped him with expressing his emotions. Little arguments would ensue every now and then, but that’s only bc he’s too stubborn to let you walk away during a stupid fight.

Hyuk:  wow being married to him would be such an adventure, you’re never bored or sick of being with him, and he’d make sure of that. He’d be teasing and ask what your thoughts on having kids are, just to get a reaction out of you- but it would fire back at him if he’s not really considered it himself. It still feels like you’re two high school lovers who are still very much in that honeymoon phase, and don’t seem to be getting out of it any time soon.

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N.Shippuden Ep.497 Review.




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Kankuro you got some extravagant money? Since we’re big spenders all of a sudden. But I was still happy to see Kankuro 😝

Temari is soooooo me right now. I like this boy, but I stay trying to avoid him smh.

I’m just sitting here thinking, you’re really gonna try and feed Naruto for a year?? 🤔

The way Lee’s still so nice to Gaara even though he almost ruined his career as a shinobi warms my heart tbh 💕

I felt like I was watching Rock Lee’s spin off lmao

Gaara is adorable as fuck, look at his little gourd.

I don’t where either of yall think this money is going to come from but..



Peep Yamato in the background looking at Orichimaru lmaooo. He’s just waiting for him to step outta line.


Wouldn’t a relationship like ShikaTema be nice? As extra as you are sometimes, they still will find their way back to you.

They’re so beautiful 😭😭 (lol @ Ino and Choji)

And then this happen, like okay Kishi you’re trying to make me bawl.

Lee admires Gaara much it’s so fucking cute 😇

Because she got the 

There isn’t nothing like some good dick to help your mood.

Another blessed episode 😍

Monsta X as best friends

Shownu:  the friend who’s always keeping you in line, yet knowing he’s always there to turn up with you and party whenever you’re stressed. He keeps you grounded and self assured so you’ll never feel bad or insecure about yourself, and he’s into deep conversations, bc that’s probably how you became best friends in the first place.

Wonho:  he’s got such an intriguing aura that you couldn’t help but introduce yourself when you first noticed him, and it’s crazy weird how you two got along so quickly and so well. You’re never surprised when people think you’re dating, since your closeness and skinship would be considered being more than friends to some people.

Minhyuk:  your crazy matched his crazy, and he knew from day one that you were meant to know each other and become besties. He’s the one who’s always waking you up at early hours in the morning to go do something fun, and always puts the blame on himself if yall ever got in trouble. This kid always has your back no matter what, and over time he’ll show a side to himself that not a lot of people see.

Kihyun:  the flirty best friend!! Doesn’t even see you like that tbh, it’s just fun making other people jealous when he likes them, and asks to use you as bait when trying to get to know them. You’re like Bonnie and Clyde, always getting yourself into some new hobby that involves a lot of parties and getting in trouble- but you’re inseparable.

Hyungwon:  the type of best friend who doesn’t need to be talking to you 24/7 to know that he’s still your best friend. Shows up out of the blue sometimes and decides to nap on your couch, and sometimes lives at your place as you two binge watch shows and movies together and talk nonstop without ever being bored.

Jooheon:  the best friend goals, everyone loves seeing you two together- or run away bc they know something always happens when yall are involved. It’s always party time with Joo, and he makes the best out of every bad situation. Probably shows his sensitive side only to you, and that’s saying a lot bc it’d take a while for him to open up.

I.M:  being best friends with him means never knowing what’s going to happen, and everything is always spontaneous. He’s a free thinker and likes to do things unexpectedly, and you two have the craziest bets on the silliest things. There’s like a 90% chance of this friendship turning into something more, bc he doesn’t put himself out there with just anyone, and would probably develop deep feelings over time.

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dead chicken jokes are old and unfunny now, pls drop it. don’t send me any more asks about it. it was funny at first to joke about shoma having no fashion sense but it’s gotten to the point where there’s more focus on his costumes than his skating. i honestly don’t care what he wears at worlds, i just want him to skate well. i don’t agree with all his decisions but at least i can recognize he’s his own person and can make his own decisions.

also this twitter thread sums up my feelings about the skating fandom’s recent tendency to treat shoma like a little kid. it’s a good read and i recommend it for everyone. i have personally called myself his “mom” before and i think this has exacerbated the problem, and i will try to avoid this kind of vocabulary in the future. in my case, i feel protective of him because i have literally watched him since he was 12, and have followed his journey for the past 6 years. i am also some years older than him. it may be hard sometimes for me to believe he’s grown up, but the fact is that he is 19 now, a legal adult in most of the world, and should be treated as such. the fact that he looks young is no excuse to still talk about him like he’s 10 (and tbh, even if he WERE 10, that’s still no excuse to be creepy). basically just…stop infantilizing shoma. watch how you speak. remember skaters are actual people and not a collection of tropes to blow out of proportion.

this has been a PSA

ETA: i feel like i need to clarify this, it’s not that calling shoma or other skaters a “bb” or “my child” is terrible on its own, but especially in shoma’s case it feeds into this perception of him as an actual child who doesn’t know what he’s doing and can’t make his own decisions. calling him “smol” and focusing on his height also feeds into it. take the costume thing for example, i thought loco 2 was ugly to the point it was distracting from his program, and since there was a feedback option on his website i decided to send him a polite message to consider keeping the old costume. somehow “dead chicken” got blown so out of proportion that as late as last week i was deleting asks about it from my inbox. like half the periscope comments on shoma’s CDP videos were about his damn costumes. the joke turned from “lol shoma has no fashion sense” to “LOL SHOMA IS DUMB AND CAN’T MAKE DECISIONS”. there’s been a rather alarming shift from appreciating shoma as both a dedicated athlete and dorky guy off-ice to simply talking about him as a “smol confused child”. i’ve seen tweets and posts that go way too far.

i am guilty of starting some of this/unintentionally making it worse. but i feel like this kind of behavior is starting to cross the line and i’m tired of seeing it for the past few months. i am not accusing everyone, i would just like people to examine what they say and do. i will examine and check my own words as well. it should not be that hard to know when you’re just being affectionate and when you cross the line into creepy and offensive.

and ftr, none of us actually know shoma. we don’t get to see inside his head or know what happens in his day-to-day training or why exactly he makes the decisions he does. we can speculate all we want but the fact is that we don’t know him and all we can really see of his personality is from interviews. he can indeed be spacey and a little weird. he’s also extremely mature and self-aware when it comes to many things, including his skating. it’d be really nice if we could focus on the latter point, as well.

Why the Signs Are Problematic

Aries: your mom still does your laundry

Taurus: you’re an awful gardener and kill every plant you touch

Gemini: you read books for fun

Cancer: all of you literally look like you’re 12

Leo: puns

Virgo: you can’t watch scary movies

Libra: you have the absolute worst sense of direction

Scorpio: most likely to hate memes

Sagittarius: you double dip everything and i hate it

Capricorn: pokemon

Aquarius: tbh the dad jokes need to stop

Pisces: still emo